"Liz, are you awake?

The sunset lights Liz's face slightly.

She opened her eyelids only slightly, looking blurred.

"How are you feeling?


"If I can talk, I'll be fine."

"Come on... Theo-kun's mean... Ugh, I've got a head..."

Liz's complexion is still not good, and I'm sure she's not feeling well.

"How's your memory? Do you remember what happened?

"... Mm-hmm, that's embarrassing... I didn't mean to show you that"

Liz scratching her head as if it was a bad bat. Apparently, I have a solid memory.

"The Keiths are here to pay their respects, too. And what's in this basket is the sympathetic fruit that Rocha just left behind."

"Oh my God, I have to thank you tomorrow. I wonder if everyone's scared of me."

"I was trying to worry you. I was surprised when I first saw it."

"I'm sorry...... you ruined your date. Let's try the day again, shall we?

"I don't remember doing that."

"After that, I was going to take Theo-kun out all over the city for a good thing he was suspended and bring him into an unpopular place to do things! I have plans."

"Rocha and Shaura are probably, but Liz is a real mess. If you said that, I'd attack you, wouldn't I?

"I'd rather wait for that -. Why don't you attack me when I'm asleep? Whatever, I'll pretend I slept with you now, so I'll attack you? There you go."

Liz scrolls the futon with judgment as she falls asleep and appeals.

... White thighs peeking through short skirts are poisonous to the eyes.

I skinned the fruit with a knife for now, cut it easy to eat, and then stuck it in Liz's mouth.

"Mochi!? Hey... Ngu"

"If you can tap so lightly, you don't seem worried. I was hoping to talk to you for a moment. Important story."

"Come on. I don't like that kind of nori... well, I could hang out with Theo as a thank you for seeing him."

"How long has Liz been a white-wing phobic?

"... I know, it"

"Keith and Julian taught me. The doctor in the infirmary didn't seem to be very familiar with it."

"That's right. Few people suffer themselves. Rather, you knew those two very well. I'm really smart. Boulder Special Students"

Liz wakes up and sits in bed answering that doesn't seem very funny.

"This was born. I don't know why, but I really can't have a bird with 'white' wings"

"I feel like I see the white bird itself there, but have you ever been okay?

"Oh, yeah, if you're as far away as you can go, just don't look at it... it was a real surprise today, so I turned my head white."

Born? Turns out she's not experiencing being scared of white birds herself.

Then what about this?

"Is there someone or elf in Liz's body or someone he knows who has the same symptoms?

"Mm, a few of them. Zephte Aria is more than the Empire, this symptom. So did my mother."

"Rude story, how old is your mother? Elves are a long-lived species, so be a little concerned."

"It's 500 grandmothers in a little bit. You look young, but hey. Oh, don't tell me this for once, will you?

A 500-year-old elf?

I remember the life expectancy of a normal elf was about 200 years.

That said, it seems that her mother's age is about the same age as what was written in that book or that the original incident of the gaga occurred.

"Liz, if I may, can I speak directly to that mother?

Liz, who was swallowing the white water she poured into the cup, sprayed in abundance.

"Buffoo... hey, man, I can't! Absolutely not!"


"Hey, whatever! Beth, that's all right. I don't know about my mother!

"If you're nearby, I thought you'd like to talk to me."

"I'm sorry, I'm in Zefte Aria - What more than that, Theo-kun!? Keeping this young and attractive elf in front of you, I wonder which way you care about your nearly 500 year old aunt!?

Lena's about that age, so I don't think anything about it, but, well, it doesn't seem realistic to see her.

Is this about the limit that Liz can ask?

Just one last thing.

"Your mother is from Zephte Aria, isn't she?


"Have you ever been to the Empire?

"? Hmm, sounds like I heard you've definitely been here before..."

"It was 100 years ago that the alliance between the Empire and the Elves was formed, wasn't it? Before that?

"Yeah, I don't know the details, but then I guess. Before I became an alliance, all I liked was the elves that came to the empire. I wonder if that conservative aunt's coming."

I remember Lena saying it too. That old humans and elves didn't get along very well. I guess there was only one person who liked it or something.

Liz's testimony is somewhat uncertain in itself, but the harvest is sufficient.

Her mother never came to the Empire before forming an alliance. That's all I should have known.

I mean, this is what happens.

The angel or a very similar Nanica, after appearing in the eastern realm of the Empire, purposefully headed for the kingdom of Zephte Aria in a distant land.

"Oh well. Well, it's time to call the infirmary teacher and get some rest."

"Oh, hey, Theo......!

I left the room. [M]