Lena runs through the city of Mirdiana in the wind.

It knocked all the structures of an academic city that boasted vast areas over a few days into its head.

I don't feel tired or anything about my body, which has already become a demon god. It was something that people could never do.

After continuing such an investigation, Lena felt one discomfort.

(There's nowhere like you can keep a missing elf locked up)

Having considered it an artificial task from the beginning, Lena has looked up from corner to corner of Mildiana's numerous aristocratic mansions.

As well as hidden rooms and emergency evacuation corridors, they also looked up all the hidden rooms in the basement.

Her surgical formula not only prevents her own presence from being recognized, but it is also possible to transmit objects. Moreover, mortal man aside, it is impossible for even elves and dragon tribes to perceive her in that state.

The first thing I suspected at first was kidnapping by nobility.

Elf women were particularly beautiful and worthy as slaves. However, although slavery is the only thing that continues in the present empire, it is not only allowed to enslave the elves and if we break this, we will be punished with severe punishment.

It is said that the empire swallowed this clause presented by the elf side during the alliance between the Empire and the Kingdom of Zephte Aria 100 years ago.

I also feel like a really different country from the empire I lived in.

But still, it seems that there were quite a few who wanted an elf slave. Heavy punishment was imposed on any of those discovered, and the nobles were even stripped of their titles and suffered the worry of falling?

Whatever the punishment, it is human sexuality that wants to get its hands on the beautiful. As a result, I washed all the noble mansions and separate mansions of more than the Count, which would be able to grip some rubbing, etc., but I did not find one elf slave.

And it came to pass that the number of missing elves was too high. What kind of facility could hide so many elves?

No matter how wealthy the grand nobleman's mansion is, he can't hide hundreds of elves. Even if it is possible, no one can prepare food, beverages, etc. to keep them alive without suspicion.

Moreover, I was looking into it and found out that the investigation of the noble mansion had already been carried out independently by the military. I heard such stories in several mansions.

In view of the above, the theory of massive elf abduction by the nobility had to be denied.

It's also unclear how he accomplished the Elf's abduction in the first place. Using mercenaries and rogues will definitely leak the story somewhere. Such information is promptly sent to the military, and the cause should soon be investigated.

Next, then, are the multiple offender theories, which are also lacking in persuasion.

It does appear that this Mirdiana is not the only one whose elves have disappeared.

In this day and age, the discovery was only delayed because it would not cause much noise where one or two people disappeared, and it was only in the last year or two that the issue of the missing elves has gradually begun to be rumored throughout the Empire, he said.

Especially these days there have been too many missing persons in this Mirdiana, so much so that no more days will we hear rumors of disappearances all over the city.

If the abduction of elves is being carried out simultaneously and repeatedly everywhere, I do not see why the number of victims in Mildiana has skyrocketed recently.

- I'm sure I feel some intention, but there's no physical evidence anywhere. The disappeared disappeared one day neglected and left no trace.

As a result of these conditions, Lena stood at the entrance to a certain building.

High Magic Court located in the central district of Mirdiana.

The entrance to the standing white building, as if it were a temple, is supported by numerous cylinders. It was a pretty old building and I knew it already existed since Lena was in military school in the Empire.

A High Magic Court is an institution that specializes in magic guidance research. It is a facility that brings together those with a high amount of magic and those with profound magic, and is used for a variety of applications related to magic, from the creation of a book of magic to the discovery of new forms of magic, and besides this Mirdiana there are similar facilities in several places.

It is a sanctuary where the state directly controls it, while much of it has not been revealed because inside information is also military confidential.

Even ordinary people can get into some of them during the day, but all they get there is a tiny bit of information. It is more effective to use the library if you want to gain knowledge of witchcraft.

The word Lucifer told me: 'Elves are the Shizuku of the end'.

"Shizukuishi of the End".

He had never heard of it, not even himself, and decided it was a possible covert word about witchcraft.

Because someone said 'as a result of the use of the terminal Shizuku', a terrible heavenly punishment - specifically that word that the wings of frenzy had descended.

What that means is that someone used the terminal Shizukuishi as some sort of surgical catalyst, and "summoned the wings of frenzy".

There is no speculation, but Lena thought this was the most powerful possibility at the moment.

The idea of reward or heavenly punishment for killing an elf was unthinkable. God doesn't move about that.

And this would crush the possibility that a large number of elves still remain imprisoned somewhere.

The creature used as a ritual catalyst most of the time disappears from the world without a trace or dies immediately. As a result, you may save yourself the hassle of keeping a large number of elves that you have deliberately carried.

And there could also be magic involved in the puzzling disappearance of a series of elves.

Disappeared neglectfully. If you also used a metastatic formula, it would explain. In fact, Lena herself came from Tenebrae to near the border of the Empire, using a metastatic formula with Lucifer.

However, there is also a problem with the metastatic procedure. That is in that the difficulty is terribly high, and if you use it, you can instantly guess if you are good at magic sensing.

The former point was particularly problematic. Today Lucifer uses the human body and everything from the quality of magic to quantity is greatly weakened, so he cannot handle the metastatic formula. It's so advanced.

It is strictly forbidden to use it within the Empire because even Lena will have to consume the corresponding magic and it will really leave traces.

If the killer is a metastatic user, he won't even leave a trace of it. It suggests that the weakened Lucifer originally suggested that there could be a better surgeon than himself who is now more capable of fighting and more powerful than he is.

I don't really want to admit it, but I can't stop wondering if there are such amazing users.

Lena has a creed not to abandon the worst possibility. And he also had his own idea that it was closer to the truth than what he didn't want to admit.

I should have stopped the investigation at this point, but I want to return Lucifer to Tenebrae immediately before carefully watching what happens to the Empire.

... but unfortunately my beloved husband has such a vicious habit of being so strongly attracted to such unknown and dangerous things.

Whatever the imminent threat, I can't help but worry if I know that if he takes it seriously, it will all be over.

Take him away forcefully, even now, who has become luxurious, and leave him in a safe place to be filled with the desire to monopolize everything from what to what he takes care of all around him. If I can do it, I want to live in perpetuity.

(... woohoo, I miss Lucifer)

That's where I get upset.

No, no, no, no. What am I thinking during my assignment?

Now I need to focus on what's in front of me. And find something brilliant that will lead us to the truth and get praise. Patience nature and cheeks loosening.

Lena walked into the High Magic Court with an untidy face.

And I immediately feel uncomfortable. I felt a trace of magic coming from the entire stone floor. But that doesn't make any special difference.

I put my hand on the floor and looked it up and found that some sort of procedure was constantly activated. It had reached the entire interior of the High Magic Court.

It's really a tiny amount of magic. But then we can see that advanced surgical ceremonies are unfolding.

(... peculiar (and dull) surgical formula. Is it around 12th floor)

A idiosyncratic formula is part of a sorcery that does not pass through the seven major attributes and does not have an offensive nature.

Much of it is remarkably difficult to meet and the amount of magic required is also out of digits, so if you are a concurrent surgeon, you will not bother to learn. Because no matter how much I understand the procedure, I can never handle it myself, and I can't even destroy it.

The metastatic formula that Lena can use is one of these idiosyncratic formulas. And this surgical ceremony, which spread across the floor, also seemed close to it.

(Not activated by a human opponent? Though I'm also a half demon god, that seems more likely than just being human in origin. That means…)

When Lena flashes the proposed surgical activation, she immediately shifts her gaze to you because she feels some sign from the entrance.

There was one woman standing there.

(Elf? Like I saw somewhere...... oh, is that the receptionist who just fell over when Lucifer stared at me)

An elf woman with glasses walked out and stepped on the floor with an inorganic look on her face.

Moments later, the floor glowed and the elf woman disappeared without a trace.

(Disappeared. It still doesn't seem wrong to see it as a form of metastatic procedure. But why is she at such a time...?

Lena switched the thought.

I have to tail him first. If we follow the magic formation of this entire floor, there is also the possibility of bringing it closer to the truth.

Put your hands on the floor to learn more about the procedure. We analyzed that there were limiting activation conditions and poured our own magic into the floor.

And Lena disappeared from the spot again in an instant.