Early the next morning.

With a few parchments and old books, I was passed inside the Commander-in-Chief's Office of the Imperial Army Southern Mirdiana Army.

Tea is available at the table, and I sit on the couch after paying for it.

Across the table sat Lyudio Lambert, who also became commander-in-chief of the Southern Territory and dean of the Mildiana Territory Direct Military School.

He enjoys the fragrance gracefully with a cup of tea in his hand.

Dean Ludio said with some regret.

"No, but it's a pleasure for my beloved student to come all the way to see me... there's no hua"

"If it's true, I wanted to bring everyone in, but this is the time. And I just wanted to talk to Dean Ludio a little bit."

"Hmm, that would be fine. But you've been put this far a lot. I didn't know you were going through this room when you were suspended... and our military's sense of crisis management might have fallen to the ground."

"Maybe. Shouldn't we be a little more vigilant? Yes, this."

I handed President Ludio the parchment I had in my hand.

"Reflections, is it"

"Yeah. No, because I had an assault shack early in school, too. I thought I had to apologize to the dean once."

"... I didn't think you were aware of that, and most importantly, the content of this sentence is even more diagonal. Surprise will come through."

President Ludio gently threw his eyes through the parchment and threw it away on the table.

"Full text, written in ancient letters, isn't it? Did you show this to the guards?

"Of course. Mildiana Army soldiers could read this much, and I showed them, and they let me through with a bitter face."

"... Was the elf on duty today? You must have hurt your pride. Quite a few of the elves have been able to read ancient scripts, and it's not a good idea to read even young people in particular."

"No one is more useless than incompetent with high pride, so I guess we should re-educate"

I said with a teacup in my hand and enjoying the fragrance.

"Let's consider it. But the content of this sentence is really terrible. What would you have done if someone could read it?"

The text did not contain a reflection sentence or anything else, but made it hard to write about the incompetence of the military department at the end, starting with criticism of the military school.

"Then the suspension period may have been extended or you might have been expelled. Well, even if someone could read it, I wasn't worried because I thought they weren't guarding it in the first place."

"Oh man, you're a very troubled child. So, what brings you so far to see me?

I handed President Ludio one of the books I had brought in advance.

He tips his neck carefully, surprised, but blurted out of the book.

"It's a book in the library that only privileged students can get into."

"Oh, this is unusual. Books written in ancient script are rarely seen."

I already knew exactly what such a statement was at a time when I only flushed the contents of the book behind my back and read it.

I'll be frank with you. [M]

"I wrote that book, Dean Ludio, didn't I?

"Why did you think that?

"Just one confirmation before that. Do you have any idea what's written in that book?


Dean Ludio, who keeps silence.

At first glance, he looks faceless but has a slightly loose corner of his mouth. It's his kind of reaction.

Let's take another breath here.

"This book itself seems hundreds of years old. But there's a contradiction in this text that was written hundreds of years ago."


"'The fool and the wise become incompatible.' That as it is, man and elf are incompatible. But, you know, there's something wrong after that."

I conveyed the key part of the sentence. [M]

"'Melting it, or Yumema Blur. But the fool admits no fault. Never learn from the end-of-life path of bridging the divide between people and the wild. I'm referring to the reconciliation of a person who abused the terminal Shizuku in context with an elf."

"... Hmm?

"This author is alarmed by a man who abused the elf, the terminal Shizukuishi. But then there's reconciliation - i.e. denying the alliance between man and elf. This is a contradiction."

"What does that mean?

"The end of the reconciliation between man and the beast man was a tragic one. As much as the Roccas' fatherland is still at war today, right? There can be no reconciliation between different races. Yet humans have become allies with elves without learning about it. It's really melting."

And I add one last thing.

"It was 100 years ago that the alliance between man and elf was established. If there was a tragedy nearly 500 years ago that was written in this book, there is no idea that humans and elves would form an alliance in that period. In other words, this book was written after an alliance between the two countries was formed. And how could a book like that have been in a library where only special students would go out of their way?"

"Knock...... hahahaha!!

Dean Ludio suddenly laughed.

It was the way I expected it from me. [M]

"No, I thought you were a pretty good student... brilliant, Theodore. They did."

"I knew the dean had written it. That mean personality is seeping out. It's a bad sentence, this."

"Yeah, that's right. Heh, no, that's delightful. - I've been dean of this school for the past few decades... Theodore, I've never seen a better student than you."

"I'm not the only one who came to the conclusion. Julian was the first person to enter the library in the first place, and I wouldn't have considered it if Rocha and the others hadn't told me about the gag, and I didn't know what the book intended to tell me if Liz didn't show white wing phobia, because I doubt Keith would have thought this far on his own if he hadn't told me about Liz's symptoms and the storm. I guess I owe it to everyone."

"But it is a conclusion that can never be reached unless you can read the ancient letters. Well, it's not a bad idea to live long."

"By the way, how did you make this book?

The book is so brittle that if it's mellow and poorly handled, it's likely to tear even quickly.

It really seems like a substitute from hundreds of years ago.

"It's easy. I put on" The Art of Corrosion ". This is a result of a composite procedure… Well, it's interesting, so I'll give it to you as an exam question next time."

"I think I can still solve that exam. It's a combination of deep-water and hybrid, isn't it? The book was dampened by the technique of water to promote a change of form by the technique of darkness - in this case faster corrosion. I don't care about the other pages, so I'm crushing them properly and I can't read them."

"As a godchild, there were no other students who had 'no interesting look'. Theodore, you've already crossed student boundaries. What do you think? As long as you're good, we can hire you in now as an official military officer on an exceptional basis."

"I'm not interested in talking about that right now. All I want to know is if what's written in that book is true."

"... everything is true. No lies, no lies, no lies at all."

"Are you also going to say that it's true that you're denying the alliance between humans and elves from the ground up?

"Yes. I think so, even considering my position as an elf but an Imperial Army officer. He said humans and elves should never have interacted."

"Half an elf says that, doesn't it? Well, I don't care because I'm not familiar with history enough to dispute the dean's ideas."

"It's quite refreshing to be cut off so quickly."

"How could you have done such a roundabout? I'm glad Julian and I happened to find it this time, but I don't think anyone would have even taken the book if we did anything wrong."

The dean of the half elf shook his head sideways there.

"Shall I solve the misunderstanding first? It was a long time ago that I made this book. It has nothing to do with the disappearances that are taking place in this city right now. I just made a story about a tragic incident in the past."

"What's the reason?

"This was a kind of 'exam'. Can I say something special, which I have only imposed on special students since I took the dean's seat? In the end, you were the only one who went on to solve the problem for decades. And happy or unhappy, you're the one who showed up after the tragedy of 500 years ago."

President Ludio turned his gaze to me as if he would miss it.

Put the teacup down and I'll stare at you with a sincere look.

"If it was meant to be, I planned to assure those who broke through this exam that they would soon be military personnel even under the same conditions I offered earlier. I also thought those who were enthusiastic and knowledgeable enough to solve this exam would always eat up to this condition... things are different now"

"Is it because of Elf's disappearance?

"Yeah. Before you say no, not as a soldier, but only as a personal favor - I need your help solving this case. If you can get on board, you can disclose all the information I know."

"It's not noble, and there's no one who can vouch for his identity. You think it's okay with me?

"... in a way, you might be able to guess what I'm thinking."

"I mean, as a personal favor that I can't ask for as a soldier, I want you to challenge me to solve the case after I've eliminated any military intervention. Whatever the means, I guess."

The dean didn't say anything, but he won't deny it. Is it impossible because 'yes' is something you can never say more than you don't know if I will take it on?

"I wonder if the dean already knows the full story of the incident, such as the killer's eye-catcher or the location of the elf. On top of that, there's only one way to solve it where we can't serve as an army."

"No more surprises, but it's a brilliant deduction"

"What happens if I leave you like this"

When asked carefully, he said in a convincing tone.

"This Mirdiana territory will undoubtedly perish. And the alliance with the kingdom of Zefte Aria broke into a war. There's gonna be a lot of dead people."

Even if the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army Southern Mirdiana Army, Lt. Gen. Ludio Lambert, uses his power and power, he will never be able to help.

And perhaps even a plea of help for the emperor and his environs, as well as a request for cooperation for the military forces of other territories.

My mouth rose naturally. [M]

"That sounds interesting. You can take it."

"Let me be frank with you. You could die, right?

"You're a terrible teacher trying to ask students to do that. Of course I don't mind. I think it would be more enjoyable to have that kind of stimulation."

"... let's trust you, Theodore. I'd like to entrust this to you on top of that."

Dean Ludio removed the crest casted (chuckled) with special metal from his nostalgia.

With its intricate and refined crest engraved, it is at first glance a delicacy far superior to the emblem of magic and silver that bears witness to the privileged student.

A sign that you are a lieutenant general of the Imperial Army?

"Take this to the 'Second Warehouse', where only the officers of the Great Library can enter"

"... that's a lot of plain name room."

"On the surface. If you go inside, you'll see, that's the special space. There is only one book in the bookcase in that room with the ancient letters' Mira 'on the back cover. Read that. There's information there that you might want to know about this case."

"But I think you'd be suspicious if I took something like this."

"Look for an elf woman named Nia, the secretary. She's the only woman elf in the Great Library who can tell right away. Present the crest and tell the Second Warehouse only."

You mean you have people you can trust?

"Copy that. I think we should go now."

"Of course. Just fine, so I'll take your suspension as a continuation until this case is over."

"If you don't have to take that boring class, I've never been over it. Then let's go."

I just got up off the couch and left the room immediately.

"Mira"? I know it's common as a human woman's name, but now I wonder what it says.

For the first time in a long time, I took a trip to the Grand Library of Mirdiana.