The large library, located in the central district of Mirdiana, boasted an incomparable size to the library that was located at the military school.

As a general rule, it is forbidden to take out common people. If you are a nobleman or a soldier, you can only borrow books for a certain period of time if you follow prescribed procedures.

I hear there was a book from that Julian that looked interesting, and I'd like to take a moment to look at it next time I have time.

I looked around the counter at the reception and was able to quickly find out what an elf woman looked like. She's probably Nia.

She and I looked at each other in an elf-natured position.

The moment I showed her the crest, her face, which was close to her faceless expression, stained with a slightly stunning colour.

"To the Second Warehouse"

"... Yes, I did. This way, please."

Nia didn't even look suspicious, but invited me into the counter and took me straight to the back.

She has always been silent as she walked down the dim hallway.

Eventually we get to the front of the room that says second warehouse, Nia says.

"The door of this door has only a key hole, but it can never be opened without a crest."

"Heh, that's an interesting trick. Is it to keep someone from inadvertently stepping in?

"That's the place."

I put President Ludio's crest on the door knob. [M]

Then the door opens with a noise.

The smell of mildew started to smell slightly.

We can't go anywhere from here.

Copy that.

"It is strictly forbidden to take books out, but before then, please be careful not to inadvertently touch the book. Because it's a warehouse that also stores so-called forbidden books that the intolerant of magic will go mad at the moment they see the contents."

"I'd love to read it if I had the time, but now's not the time."

"... you've only ever been admitted by that Lieutenant General Lambert. Your liver is resting."

"It's often said. I'll let you in."

"Please let me know when you return as I return to work normally. Now if you'll excuse me."

Drop Nia off and I'll go inside.

The book held here was so special that I could just see that the second warehouse was just pre-built.

Something far more dangerous than the one in that room that only the privileged students put in is arranged narrowly.

This feeling of wonder and consciousness being brought to the book in the fudge eye. It can also be described as a characteristic that was the lord of a dangerous book of magic.

Naturally, it's nothing if you try it on me, but this isn't a substitute for a regular person to see, and this isn't a place where a regular person can be.

It was obvious that most books had some sort of saying. Maybe even Julian-level sorcery users could just read a book that's blackening in that area and be 'swallowed'.

Woohoo, that's funny. I'd like to read it all if I had time. I don't want to leave the room until I've read it all.

Driven by such curiosity, I had a natural eye for the book on the deepest shelf.

Its back cover only says' Mira '. I don't have anything else to do with it, so I guess that's what the dean said.

I took it right in my hand.

This book itself does not seem to be a particularly dangerous thing unlike other magic books or anything else stored here.

Open the contents. Here's what it said.

"A Brief Investigation Record on Mira's Blood Tide (Chishio) Case"

Mira's blood tide incident. That's the first word I've ever seen.

All texts are written in ancient letters.

Quickly, I decided to read its contents.

"The beginning of the matter is considered to be about 521 years old in the history of the Empire.

In the eastern corner of the Erberian Empire at the time there was a territory owned by the Duke of Balzac.

The lord's name is Mira. The age at that time was approximately 46 years old. After losing her husband young, she inherited that enormous fortune and was held back by luxury games and sluts (at last). I don't have time to list stories that honor her beauty when she was young, and I don't even know how many men I had a relationship with.

On the other hand, the taxes imposed on the inhabitants were supposedly too numerous and rigorous. Some were even executed for late payment of taxes.

The people of Balzac territory were in distress, with little or no one else to hold opinions on her, who had the high status of Duke's house and also had a name in the House of Lords.

Mira is supposedly the owner of a very greedy personality and had no eyes for anything beautiful among them. He surrounded the beautiful looking women as slaves, not just jewellery, paintings, etc.

Testimony remains that she showed so much obsession, especially to Elf's female slave, that she was buying and letting her samurai, no matter how expensive she liked it.

It is assumed that slaves were often treated for sexual purposes, but the details are unknown.

However, several former servants have given statements that Mira has come to mourn her old appearance at a certain point in time. Apparently the frustration was directed at the slaves of the elves who remained beautiful as they grew older.

At the time, rumors that were circulating in parts of the empire said, 'Drink Elf's blood and you'll be rejuvenated', and Mira supposedly practiced it. I was not tired of just drinking the blood of the elves, but had acted off numerous regular tracks, such as eating meat, taking a bath of blood, and using eyeballs with a treasure ball-like glow as a catalyst for sorcery.

No matter how many such acts were repeated, Mira was never rejuvenated. She eventually killed all the slaves of the elves, and sucking the blood of all of them made no difference '

Is it the same rumor Lena used to say that if you drink Elf's blood, you will be rejuvenated?

But I still shouldn't have said it or got any effect. Normally, it should end here. Because there's no way a normal human being can overcome old age.

'At one point, Mira invited one guest in. The man, who covered his whole body with a hood and a robe, could not even distinguish between men and women, and his voice was a different voice than he could hear, as if it were a combination of a man and a woman's voice.

Mira spent an entire day discussing it with that suspicious guest. After the guest left, she said: As long as there is "Shizukuishi of the End," I can be rejuvenated, he said.

The servants could not understand the meaning of it as one. Mira said the guest is a great magician from his magical powers and knows how to manufacture the Shizuku of the end. If you mouth that, you can rejuvenate.

Everyone doubted their ears. But the guest was invited to the mansion again after a while, and brought the shizuku in kind at its end. That was the red liquid put in the vial. Mira half-heartedly included it in her mouth. And they say something incredible happened.

The wrinkles disappeared from the woman's face after the fortieth road, and her skin regained its luster, making her look like the beautiful Lady Mila Balzac herself on the day of her presence. '

...... stupid. I just took a sip and you said you were young? Bad nature for a bedtime speech.

That said, this is enough for that dean to bother to show me. I don't think a lie is written.

Is Shizukuishi such an amazing substitute for power in the end?

"Mira shivered with joy when she saw the phenomenon. I guess that's natural too, because years of thought have finally come true. But the Guest says the effect won't last long. If we don't get the terminal Shizuku on a regular basis, the body will grow old again, he said.

Mira immediately said she wanted to buy a terminal Shizuku. But the guests didn't shake their heads vertically. The generation of the terminal Shizukuishi is extremely difficult, so it seems that there is no further compatibility.

To the lady who stuffed up what the method of generating it was, the guest said. "It's an elf. Prepare the elves'.

She expressed dismay at the words. Elf's flesh and so on. I screamed to stop trying to delude him.

But the guest said, "That shouldn't happen. Prepare the elves again. If we do this, we can make an elf a terminal Shizuku." '

The story goes on.

"Coincidentally, during that period, Elf's merchant squad was staying in the Oriental Territory. The goods they handled were of very good quality and traded at high prices.

The relationship between the Empire and the Elves was not good, but it is also certain that there were the Elves who would go to the Empire for these commercial purposes.

And those elves, who were circling Oriental territory on a scale of 2-30, disappeared neglectfully. It is an event near a small village on Balzac territory.

The merchants left behind commercial tools, carriages, etc., disappearing as if they had even encountered divine concealment.

(Note: We were to conduct an interview with the residents, but there was not a single human being living in the village only with a large number of spoiled corpses believed to belong to the residents. See attached attachment)

Details are unknown, as it was only after everything had ended that the matter became public. At this point there were no signs of any noise yet.

Has the elf disappeared and man died?

It would not be possible that he was killed with a mouth seal. With the power of the Duke's house, it's as easy as crushing one small village.

"Later, over the years, rumors of the disappearance of the elves gradually began to spread. The situation in the Empire was extremely deteriorating, and it did not leave the range of rumours that the high number of bandits, bandits, etc., also affected it, or that it had fallen on the ferocious blade of such a man.

(Note: It is assumed that at this point there were already more than 200 missing elves)

But there's a decision fight going on here. It is 525 years of experience in the Empire. A total of 121 elves sent to the Imperial capital by the then kingdom of Zephte Aria disappeared as they arrived on their way home from their sight with His Majesty the Emperor.

In addition to diplomacy, they had also been entrusted with the investigation of the disappearance of the elves, which was taking place mainly in the Oriental Territory, so a letter was sent to Her Majesty the Emperor from the Queen of the Kingdom of Zephte Aria, who was enraged to hear the matter, asking for an explanation and a speedy resolution of the case.

I had to say that the investigation was carried out shortly afterwards but the results were unknown.

In return, a brigade-sized army of more than 3,000 people was dispatched by the Kingdom of Zefte Aria without notice, thus plunging them into a state of imminent extreme danger between the two countries, the Empire of Elberia and the Kingdom of Zefte Aria '.

Is this the army of the elves that came out of what Rocha calls the gaga?

It would be from here that there would be a really big problem.