I turned the page in the dark room of the Great Library.

"Elf's brigade-sized army forcefully broke through its southern junction and headed directly to Eastern territory. The commander was Major General Fercian Sagrem.

At present in the Oriental Territory, the brigade broke up into 1,500 men, marching one unit into Oriental territory, while the other allegedly gathered information from the inhabitants of nearby villages and cities while moving away from the imperial capital to surround Oriental territory.

Major General Sagrem had a very cautious personality and kept in touch with one unit without being indispensable every day.

While exchanging information in detail, the Major General finally entered Balzac territory and dispatched a liaison soldier where Mila Balzac's mansion was now.

At this point I can see Major General Sagrem was spying on Mila Balzac as someone extremely close to the truth.

After the return of the liaison officer, Major General Sagrem supposedly confirmed each other's safety surrounded the Mira Balzac mansion and allegedly broke inside, headed by Major General '.

Guess what? How come there's a questionable shape there?

"It was not long after that that the communication from Major General Fercian Sagrem was interrupted.

All 1,500 elves, including Major General Fercian Sagrem himself, had disappeared neglectfully when the liaison sent by Major General's troops entered Balzac territory again with information in one unit.

There were no signs of any strife there, and the Elves were the only ones disappearing with weapons and carriages, portable food, money, etc. in the possession of military personnel.

(Special note: Following the convergence of the incident, reports have been raised that "Prohibition (Kinjitsu)", equivalent to more than the sixth staircase, may have been used from near Balzac territory in the Higher Magic Court of the Imperial Northern Territory on the same day. Investigation required) '

Prohibition. It is an amazing technique with power over witchcraft.

Sorcery exists only up to the 13th floor, and anything more is clearly distinguished as forbidden. The designation for height of power and difficulty also changes from "rank" to "staircase".

I have heard from Lena that the High Magic Court, which is set up in various parts of the Empire, houses a magic guide (Mayugu) that boasts a special surgical sensing capability that can be immediately perceived if the equivalent of this prohibition is exercised.

"Major General Sagrem was a mighty man who could give his name to martial arts. He was also an extremely aggressive user of the surgical formula equivalent to the prohibition level. Due to the properties of the elves, their strength would have been very high because of the difficulty of handling ordinary aggressive surgical formulas.

The commander of one unit went to the Imperial capital at the same time greatly confused by the fact that the Major General had just made himself disappear, including his men, and demanded that His Majesty the Emperor send troops.

The matter of the breakthrough of the southern border crossing had already reached His Majesty's ear. It would seem unavoidable to receive a gate advance if it were meant to be, but a joint investigation was conducted after an imperial army was dispatched urgently to fear that there could be a full-scale all-out war between the two countries if we stimulated Zephte Aria any further.

A total of 3,000 brigades were dispatched from the Imperial Army and a mixed army of humans and elves by a total of 4,500 headed for Balzac territory. It should be noted that the commander of the Imperial Army was Lieutenant General Gustave Ritter, who boasted the alias of the most powerful magician of the day.

But when he tried to break into Balzac territory, there were successive missing persons from the elf army. As one elf after another disappeared, those who came here and finally witnessed the moment the elf disappeared appeared.

Summarizing the stories of multiple witnesses of the Imperial Army, the elves had disappeared shortly after they blinked when they were exchanging information during the break. It was also hard to believe to say that the elf that was walking in front of him disappeared out of sight without any foretaste.

Strangely enough, they say all of these phenomena happened in separate places at the same time on the same day.

(Special note: After the incident converged, a report was made by the aforementioned High Magic Court that there were still signs of a ban being activated near Balzac territory at the same time on the same day. Investigation required) '

And he that was beside him vanished instantly? Probably due to a compulsory metastatic procedure.

We do not know the area of Balzac territory, etc., but it is possible that a considerable extensive forced transfer has taken place.

The metastatic procedure is very difficult. Because mere use on one person involves enough magic release to amount to a ban, there is a danger that those sensitive to magic will be perceived even from a distance.

Lena is also a user of the metastatic formula, but she forbids its use within the Empire except in emergencies. By the way, my magic right now probably doesn't even allow me to transfer one of my own.

Extensive surgical formula. Besides, it doesn't involve humans, it only metastasizes elves. It's an approximately incredible phenomenon, but if a guest from that magical power is involved, it's not unlikely.

It is likely that I was the bearer of the monstrous magic out of common sense because it is a troublesome technique to exercise even when I remain a demon god.

'In the end, Elf said he didn't stay as anyone.

Only a brigade of 3,000 men, consisting of the formation of the Imperial Army, infiltrated Mila Balzac territory. Lieutenant General Ritter went to the Balzac Mansion, aware of the danger, determined that a speedy resolution was essential.

Says only a few servants were in the mansion and a adorable looking toddler who was not even about seven or eight years old. But the young girl who made Lieutenant General Ritter current said this in a terribly grown-up tone.

"I am Mila Balzac. What happened to the elves? That's not enough. More ready '.

Although it was an incredible sight to behold, Lieutenant General Ritter, who had some interaction with Mila Balzac when she was younger, concludes that Mila Balzac herself is based on the appearance of the young girl and what she said and how she seemingly rationally lives in madness. Immediately detained her and all her servants.

Even after the detention, Mira showed herself obsessed with the elves and kept screaming unintelligible words, "What's wrong with the terminal Shizuku," "Hasn't it arrived yet," etc. "

Given his imperial history, Mira should have reached the age of 50. So that's what kept the toddler looking like?

Given the situation when I first spoke of the terminal Shizukuishi, even if I said I was young, I'd be 20 years old or there at best. Will you even say that you have grown young as a result of what you have said many times since then?

However, I feel strongly uncomfortable with the situation and what I said. If it's not the wind that cared about how he was restrained, he just keeps saying that he hasn't returned to his young appearance and continues to seek the Shizuku of the end.

"The difficulty of hearing the circumstances from Mila Balzac herself, who only states what makes no sense after numerous interrogations and torture, was extreme.

But as mentioned above, the servants understood their place and calmly brought all the information they knew to the army.

Apparently the disappearance of the original elf was the work of bandits and mercenaries hired by Mira.

That the successive disappearances of the elf army were all due to some suspicious technique.

Where are the missing elves?

Having obtained so much information that his hands could get out of his throat, the Imperial Army immediately opened an investigation.

However, Lieutenant General Gustave Ritter is later imprisoned for his deep self-blame for making a terrible mistake at this point.

That is only because the act of the Imperial Army later became a factor in the worst catastrophe for the Empire of Elberia and the Kingdom of Zephte Aria: the Great Occurrence of the Tenma. "

A pale record of investigation greets the good.

"The Imperial Army conducted a thorough investigation into Balzac territory, as well as flying a decree to the Kingdom of Zephte Aria.

The troops led by Lieutenant General Ritter then reached the ancient castle on the eastern edge of Balzac territory. The ancient castle was built when the Empire of Elberia was founded, but now there is no Lord and it is as ruined as ever.

Apparently, the missing elf is in the land. Sure, it was a vast lot of land, but it wasn't the kind of place where you could keep as many as 3,000 elves.

A half-heartedly but desolate old castle was examined and a hidden staircase leading to the basement was discovered.

At the end of the long staircase was the great hall. The chandelier was suspended from the ceiling, and the deepest wall said it had a large painting that seemed to be an angel woman.

The hall was filled with an awesome stench that poked his nose.

There were complicated magic formations all over the floor, which seemed to have activated some sort of surgical ceremony, but the rare archmage and coveted Lieutenant General Ritter also said they had no idea what the hell the magic formations were drawn for.

He said there was an unidentified 'green meat mass' scattered over such a magic formation. Lieutenant General Ritter said it was as if a good amount of bile had been deposited (usually) to face off.

Out of the meat mass came something like a giant fang or a shard of bone like crushed, but the details are unknown.

And to the left and right of the Great Hall there were several chambers, from which some rotten or white-boned remains were found. Reports have been made that they are likely to be elves due to their physical characteristics.

But even if you fish all the barns, you don't get as many as 3,000 elves.

No one could have guessed at that point what the hell happened in this place '

Unknown purpose magic formation. Spooky chunks of meat deposited over the magic formation. Elves who were incarcerated in jails.

Given the information I've gathered so far, it's likely that "Shizuku of the End" was built here.

It's probably by some sort of ritual that nothing happens just because you killed a ton of elves, because it's already been proven by Mila Balzac's hands.

"An imperial decree rewarded the kingdom of Zephte Aria with information. We have also requested that the pattern of Mira Balzac be transported immediately to Zefte Aria.

If this demand was not swallowed, the use of force was also unavoidable. The kingdom of Zefte Aria seemed already ready under the war.

But it will be a long time before this information enters the ears of His Majesty the Emperor of the Empire.

Because a series of ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - 'ends in the tragic murder of Mila Balzac, who was imprisoned in an imperial stronghold as time goes by.

... the page is forcefully torn.

It's just a simple record and the book isn't that thick, but the rest of the page was torn and unreadable.

Was there such a description from here forward that it would no longer even be revealed to military officers?

Then I checked for a while to see if some sort of cipher or something was hidden, but I couldn't find anything unnatural.

Totally a good place to keep it.

What was Lieutenant General Gustave Ritter's lapse? A ritual act that was performed in an abandoned ancient castle. And what is the Heavenly Devil...

Inevitably, I decided to return the book to the bookcase and hurriedly leave the library to return to Dean Ludio.