Returning to Dean Ludio's room, he saw an unexpected sight.

"Oh, isn't that Theo? Did Lieutenant General Lambert call you, too?

"Rocha? And everyone... what the hell is wrong with you?

Everyone in the privileged class was gathered except Liz.

"I was suddenly summoned after class. Unlike you, I didn't do anything."

"Me, too."

"I don't want anything else, do I?

"I didn't do anything either... Huh, that's a painful space. At least with Liz, the air would taste a little better."

And then Dean Ludio was staring at me with his cheekstick on his desk.

Shit, this. What am I supposed to do?

In the meantime, I'll throw the president's crest back in my nostalgia. [M] "Thank you for your hard work," murmured the dean who received it.

"How was it, Theodore? It would have contained the information you wanted to know."

"It was hilarious on the way. I can't read it from now on. Is that the dean?

"No, I'm serious. It was written before I was born. It's real. And when I first viewed it, it was already unreadable."

I go on while everyone else has a decent face.

"How far does the dean know about that case?

"At least you know more than that simple record. Including, of course, information on the parts that have been torn."

"What's your source?

"... let me just say one thing before that. I have not gathered any privileged students here. In the near future, we're going to be holding some confidential talks to get VIP protection."

"VIP protection?

I hear the Elf Queen is coming.

Julian answers my questions.

Will the present queen of Zephte Aria come?

"Yes, His Majesty Aynlana Kilfiniska, the current queen of the kingdom of Zefte Aria, is visiting this Mildiana territorial army. I disagreed, for reasons such as the lack of clarity."

I sigh at Dr. Ludio's attitude. [M]

"Dean, are you serious? I don't know if it's the Queen, but it's not weird to be" Shizuku of the End "when you come to this country."

"We have had many exchanges of letters about our visit for nearly six months now. Your Majesty has one thought. It's dangerous or whatever. Let me investigate."

"There could be a hell of a monster involved in this case. If you're sure it was on the record, it's probably something you can't fathom no matter how good the elves are at fighting."

"Yeah, I guess so. And I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen herself knows that. Because she's involved in that case again. Now you know who the source is, right?

Is the current queen of elves also about 500 years old?

If you're one of the few living witnesses, it's worth listening to.

But I don't think I have time for that because I'm coming to solve the disappearance.

"Her Majesty left the King's Capital of Zephte Aria a long time ago, and now he is thought to be in an accomodation town near the border. I'm very excited for you to get sick as soon as possible and go straight back to the capital."

"Even a dragon would surprise you to come home, wouldn't it? Why don't you put that little pussy over there?

"Don't say that. Shall I swallow him whole from the head?!?

"Why don't you try? Because I'll rip your stomach and come out for you. You just have to expose your filthy organs and die."

"Okay, you guys"

Keith praised the exchange between Shaura and Julian.

Usually I thought Rocha was about to stop, but she was thinking with her hands on her chin as if she hadn't heard such a conversation or something.

Eventually I open my mouth.

"It's Lieutenant General Lambert. Assuming the queen of the elves came to the land, is it easy for someone to understand?

"... Do you know anything about the High Magic Court?

To the dean's words, Rocha and Shaura looked at each other.

"I didn't expect to be returned with questions.... I remember you were sent on a tour the other day, but that's all. I don't know what it's like."

"Me too. It was just a boring place to display magic tools."

"Well, I guess so. Keith, Julian, how are you?"

Keith and Julian nodded.

"Ha! The High Magic Court is a research institute for magic guidance technology set up in all parts of the Empire! Especially in the central district of the city of Mirdiana, where the High Magic Court is so large as to compete for one or two sites in the Empire."

"I know you, too. I actually went there before I got into school, but there were quite a few staff who seemed to be quite brilliant just because the boulders said it was an academic city or a magic city. I've heard about the High Magic Institute, but also about how it manages magic."

"Exactly. The High Magic Court has the ability to sense the forbidden equivalent of witchcraft used within a certain compartment. For example, if a ban were used here now, the High Magic Court would immediately be able to detect it."

I decided to make it up to you.

"The identity of the prohibition written in the dossier is probably a compulsory metastatic procedure ceremony. And that's a pretty broad spectrum of powerful stuff. With such a thing in this city, the High Magic Court can find out where to use it immediately and know where to transfer it."

The dean nodded.

"As he says, you can't possibly use that stuff all over the city.... normally."

"... Hmm? Don't feel right for sure. So, what's the connection between the High Magic Court and the Elf Queen?

"Yes, I wouldn't do it if I were normal. But I am sure. The enemy said he would always move when he found out the Elf Queen was coming. Then what should we do? Let's say the answer. I'm going to use her as bait."

Everyone but me gave a startling look at the dean's outrageous remarks.

"Ji, use the queen for bait!? Are you serious about that?

"Is that a statement on sanity? I don't think you're joking."

"On the boulder, I can't endorse that operation either! Too far off track to grab the thread to solve a case!

"... you're crazy, you"

"Ha ha! They say that a lot. But what do you think, Theodore?"

Everyone at the privilege will look at me.

I said as I conceived.

"I guess I agree with Julian. I think President Ludio is out of his mind."

"Oh? So you don't agree?

"No, no, I can do whatever I want if I'm funny. But is Dean Ludio okay? I can't believe you're using the queen as bait."

"I think you have to be more helpful than just saying you're going to step in and not ask me if I'm going to stop you scattered."

"Like, the idea. I can ride. I don't know about everyone else though. But do you even know that the Elf Queen is coming?

"We're giving information in advance to the anti-elf officers in the military. with the body that confidentiality has been leaked unintentionally."

"You've done something thoughtful. But you can't even reach the Elf Queen on a boulder, can you? You know as well as security is robust, right?

"I'll definitely be on it. It will be in the form of having to ride. Her Majesty has strong doubts about the interior of the Imperial Army, so it will always follow."

Keith was the one who threw the question at the word of the dean I'm sure of.

"His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert. Does the mastermind include the Imperial Army?"

"Yeah. I don't know if you're from this region originally, but there are more anti-elf soldiers out there than you can imagine. And they can't seem to bear the fact that a half elf like me succeeded His Excellency the Marshal, who fought ambitiously and was scattered in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King earlier"


Keith, who is going out of line.

I guess this is why Dean Ludio can't do a lot of research.

"Well, what do you think? Will you help me? It doesn't have to be for me, though. I don't care if it's because I feel sorry for the elves I've been exposed to, or because I can't watch the queen of the elves fall into the wrong hands."

"Dean. If I told you more about 'Mira', would everyone be more cooperative?

"That's right... It's a story I don't really want you to know, but how can you not talk more than ask for help? So can you guys hang out with the old story for a while? Don't talk to me after this."

After that, Dean Ludio talks about Mira's blood tide incident.

The same thing was told in the brief record I read, and every one of the privileged students looked serious and listened to it.

"- Well, that's why Mira was murdered, but I don't even know about this. Did the army run wild or did the elves, who had spared the damage again, act ahead to avenge it? No matter how much I look into it, I don't know who the killer is or why. So far, any questions?

Is everyone full of information to swallow, and no one to raise their hands.

"Well, let's continue. Information at the time is organized. There are numerous things that have unclear anterior and posterior relationships - before and after the Mira massacre, that is, creatures with white wings that dance through the sky, almost as much as time. This is the identity of those called the Celestial Demons mentioned earlier and is the underlying cause of white-winged phobia, which is said to develop only in humans and elves"

"Who the hell is the Heavenly Devil?

"Unknown. But you're told that it was an alien monster that resembled an angel so badly that it was only imprisoned by an impulse to destroy. The Great Army of the Heavenly Demons broke out near the eastern realm of the Empire, scattered and vandalized the scene… part of it flew to the kingdom of Zephte Aria, the kingdom of the Elves, without any attention to man"

"Did you only aim inside the empire and the elves? There is no telling in my Kingdom of Rugal that such a monster has appeared. If you're talking about a monster that eats only elves, you must have told Theo."

"Hmm? I only eat elves, is that it? That's your first ear. At least the demons that emerged were attacking humans."

Geographically speaking, if the heavenly demons occurred in the eastern realm of the Empire, the kingdom of Rugal, where the beasts live, is closer than Zephte Aria, further south of the southern realm.

If you were just trapped in a destructive impulse and losing your reason, the damage should rather focus on the Empire and the nearby Rugals. But in fact, many celestial demons went out of their way to target the distant Zefte Aria.

What's the point of that behavior?

Was it a habit that just happens to favor humans and elves? So why not go and attack the beasts with half human blood in them?

Or was it your habit to attack the elves with a strong preference? Then the point goes. But the problem with this case lies in the greater part. It is.

"... Dean Ludio. Does it fit with the perception that the distinction between angels and demons is vague?

"There is only a 'testimony' that you look terribly like an angel. but on the contrary, I hear a lot of people argued that they were just very similar and totally separate."

"Can I say a polar theory? I, Nanica, the angel, was forced by someone's hand to summon" the angel itself, "and it was just as the summoner thought it was targeting the elf. I mean, I'm interpreting angels as being manipulated by someone."

"Theodore. Keep that statement on this occasion only. If you speak like that outside, you'll be sentenced to the worst possible penalty."

"Is that you, after all? There is no way that an angel can be manipulated by the secular or otherwise, because it is a sacred and absolute use of the Great Goddess who supposedly created the Empire. Do you think it's appropriate to insult him?

"As you can guess. If a hard-headed person listens, he'll harden with his mouth open.... like Keith now,"

When I looked at Keith, he was really stiff with his mouth open. It usually ruins a tight, tough face.

"And, Theodore. What a punishment you are...! As you yourself say, angels are the great goddess of creation!? I can tolerate statements that denigrate the existence of the Holy One, which will judge evil and never yield to evil!

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

Yeah... I have an angel close to me who gave in to the wicked. In my First Lady. I'm called Lumiel. What would Keith look like if I put her in front of me?

That said, Lumiel was not manipulated by me or insane, although it was Fallen Heaven. It's not much of an interesting story for me to compare to something like that.

The angels who came into Tenebrae were annihilated with the exception of Lumiel.

Of course, there can only be those who have attacked. I also heard about them while I was spending a long time with Lumiel, but many of them weren't in the battle for the extermination of Tenebrae.

That was the first and last time an angel ended up in Tenebrae. Since then, Lumiel has been with me for a long time, so I don't know how my former companions have spent their lives.

Thinking of it that way, I think the devil is an angel after all. They boast such strong magic resistance that they are not manipulated by a concurrent procedure, but if, for example, they were summoned using the terminal Shizuku, which can be called the beginning of all......

"Now, the attacked kingdom of Zephte Aria was ready under battle, happy or unhappy. Though it was attacked in a completely unintentional way, it was everyone who could fight it that stood up to the demons and made so many sacrifices that they succeeded in annihilating them."

"So it didn't go exactly the way you thought it would go with the mastermind?

"Perhaps. Because the identity of the mastermind remains even more unclear."

"What? Are we still unresolved after all?

"That's right. We don't know who did this kind of imitation with what purpose in this case. We've thoroughly investigated the most important person, a guest of the magical powers, but we haven't been able to solve the mystery in the end."

Rocha snorted boringly.

"Well, it doesn't matter what the Chiaro barbarians do."

"Right. They're savages. Because they're not just beasts, they're just people who don't have the gift of magic to take even their compatriots and worry about killing them."

I keep asking.

"Dean, how do you explain that the page of the book I saw was broken?

"... the continuation of that book seemed to say how to manufacture the terminal Shizuku. And the truth about the storm that supposedly happened in the Oriental Territory."

"If the Lieutenant General's story is true, it's ruin no matter what you think of the place where the Shizuku was built at the end. When they say how to make it... all I can say is that I must have done something with magic."

"You can't tell me anything more about Shizuku at the end. I also don't know how to manufacture it completely. Because of the storm."

"I wonder what that means because of the storm? I thought you were a metaphor for the devil."

"We did have a big storm. Locally, something tremendously destructive destroyed everything. Artificially."

"No way."

So I think. [M] I wonder why there was a big storm.

"The existence of the terminal Shizukuishi, the way it was made, and the evidence to hide the arrival of the Heavenly Devil, is that it? Besides, it was' done by an imperial army subject '"

"As I said. And that happened around the ruins of the matter - that is, near Balzac territory. In that part of the world, reconstruction has progressed as if it had never been abandoned before, and now there's a small town."

"Please wait a moment, Lieutenant General Lambert. Even though there was a big storm, does that mean it even destroyed a room that was deep underground?

"Think the other way around. They uprooted and destroyed the surrounding area by causing something to be called a 'big storm' to destroy evidence of what was underground. By doing so, he decided to weather the Mira Blood Tide Incident, which begins with Elf's disappearance. And in later years, few people found out about this"

"And is it okay to realize that it was Lieutenant General Gustave Ritter who caused that storm and the mess?

"Yeah, I guess he got there. To the truth of how to manufacture the Shizukuishi of the end and the arrival of the Heavenly Demon. As a result, he prevented the truth from being made public even by destroying his own territory. I don't know how far the entire Imperial Army was involved at the time."

When Dean Ludio finished saying it, no one said anything for a while.

"That's the rough whole story of Mira's blood tide case. And that tragedy is about to happen again. Let me say it again. I need your help."

"Heh, Lieutenant General Lambert has a bad personality, too. Even if you want to say no more than you've heard so far, you can't possibly say no."

"I like elf girls with bad personality, but I still don't like guys no matter how many elves"

"I'm sorry. Regardless of the other privileged students, you are outsiders... so far."

Rocha laughs when she sees the dean weirdly strengthening her last word butt.

"If I say no here, I may not only put the rest of my life in danger, but also return my help to my country as a blister. Come on, we'll work together as hard as we can. But the rest of you can't die in this land, so if you really feel like you're in danger, you're gonna run away?

"Just like Rocha. Because I am her escort and a slave. You can't trade your life for that, can you?

"I know that there. I'm not trying to make you do anything that dangerous."

Julian said after the beast daughters had given their acceptance.

"So it sounds like you're saying that we from the Empire want to stay disposable if we die of horror?

"Hey, I know exactly what you mean, Julian. Of course it is. Throw yourself on the front line and lead us to a solution by putting everything down. If you die there, you will be the vessel that you were until then."

"Ha. Funny. Fine, I'll give you a ride."

The dean seems to know exactly how to handle Julian.

"Well, Keith. What are you gonna do? Of all the people in this room, you are the only one from the Imperial aristocracy. Can I take that into account?

"... I have something to protect. You can't die in this place."

"Do you want to come down then"

"I'll take it. I take over the Holy Flame and the Lermit family is the man. I don't mean to be a dog dead unnecessarily. Besides, I don't know if it is Shizukuishi in the end, but there are people who build such a thing and make it bad. You can't refuse to forgive me! It is a presence that comes to the task through the whole body and spirit!

"I thought you'd say that."

Keith with a strong sense of justice wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut if he were asked to talk like this.

"Now everyone on this scene is going to participate, right? But it's Lieutenant General Lambert. What's Liz going to do? Why didn't you just call him in the first place?"

"I had my own idea. By the way, I haven't let her know anything about this visit to the Queen. Please don't ever divulge it because of you."

"Do you do it without Liz? Ha... that's boring."

Afterwards, we were taught about the location of the Elf Queen and the placement of security guards.