Candle lights lit the spaces isolated from the ground.


From a distant hall, meat is torn with the female elf's terminator, and the sound of bones being crushed echoes.

The man who had seen the sight up close until earlier was finally overwhelmed and vomited on the spot.

The man with the feathers on the robe that was next door calls out.

"Is that the third 'horse' today? I can't keep up with the elves these days... hey, you okay?"

A tremendous stench pounded his nose and the man threw up again.

After punching all the contents of your stomach, say it with a squeezing voice.

"... No more, I'm no more..."

"I know how you feel, but a little patience later. That's what Lord Guislan would have said."

"Dream on. You have to come out. An elf who's turned into a mess of meat has been grudging me..."

"It's a corpse. You're used to seeing it. How many people in the Imperial Army think they've been turned into chunks of meat in the war against Zenan?"

"That's war. It's a war, so I had no choice... I had no choice. But this is..."

A man who was saying in tears on his eyeballs turned a stiff face and raised his head.

At some point there was a man in a robe with a hood at the depth of his eyes. I have a vial with red liquid.

"Elf. Next elf yet? It's an elf, elf."

I said it in a terribly creepy voice as if the voices of a man and a woman were mixed together.

"Lord Guislan. It would be the third one on the current one already. If you do this any more, you may not be able to stand it."

"What. I can't stand it. What do you mean you can't stand it?"

"Yes, no, I was wondering if it would interfere with the manufacture of the terminal Shizuku..."

"Obstacles. For the manufacture of Shizuku. No problem. Keep working."

The person in the robe didn't even know his gender. I just know you name it 'Gislan'.

Anything says he's from that magical power, the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

Other than that, the men here were not informed of anything.

"Gi, Gislan, I can't take it anymore! Oh, how can you be so cruel!?

"Elf. Elf. Extermination of the elves. Who wanted it"

They are the end of the anti-elfists who were secretly assembled inside the Imperial Army.

Those who possess that idea are present not only in this Mirdiana army, but also in a number of military departments everywhere.

100 years since the alliance between the Empire of Elberia and the Kingdom of Zefte Aria was formed. Even now, those who discriminate against the elves continue to follow.

It was not very, but convincing, for them, who did not make good the numerous system of elf preferences, starting with the ban on enslavement of elves, when the Marshal, who had been commander-in-chief of Mildiana territory in the earlier battle against the Xenan Dragon King, was killed and Lyudio Lambert, the half-elf, was appreciated as his successor.

Whatever it is, we have to get rid of that half-elf.

It would be even more delightful if we could finally destroy the elves that are spreading within the Empire.

Though this man, who made a weak noise, also had such an idea.


"An elf in that chamber. The next one."

Gislan pointed to one of the huts on the left and right side of the hallway.

Among them was an elf boy who wasn't even old enough. I'm leaning against the wall, shaking and crying as I call my mother.

"Help me... Mom... Mom ah!

Seeing that look, the man who no longer has anything to spit out shakes his head.

"Oh, I... I can't do this anymore"

"Shizuku. It's an elf. Come on."

"Gi, Gislan! I'm almost there."

What the fuck.

The man's head bounced off with a crushing sound.

The skull and brains splash from the ceiling to the floor, also on the face of the man who was staring at it.


"Can you do it? You are."

The man who has so far managed to remain calm about the incredible events that have taken place in front of him says in a panic.

"So, you can do it! Yes, I can. I'll bring them in now."

The man brought a boy in chains.

It was a thin, long-eared, typically pureblooded elf of lines. Are you still young and, by the looks of it, around 10 years old or something? He seems to have a clear understanding of what happened on this occasion and is terribly frightened.

He walked on the spot again and again, but at last he went in as if he had lost his hips. Pull the chain as the man hurried, but the elf boy shook his head desperately and complained in tears.

"Yes, no...... please help me, I will do anything......!

The boy pleads. The man looked at it and gave a slightly confused look. Maybe he still had a little bit of conscience to blame and do too.

But a voice sounding down his belly hurries him.

"Shizuku. Take it. Come on. Come on."

"But Lord Gislan. He's just a kid...... you can't miss it"

"There are no children or adults in the ingredients. Early."

When the man asked about it with a bitter look on his face, he silently pulled the boy away.

"Yes, no, no, don't! Stop it!!

The boy's resistance was too helpless. He is slowly drawn away and comes to the hall to untie the chain. The boy crawled desperately and tried to escape, but he gets caught lightly.

Why don't you run and try to escape? The answer was simple. His tendons on both legs are cut deep. Though it is not disconnected, it is not already in a decent condition to walk.

The elf boy continued to resist, but could not have fought the power of a large adult in such a state, and was thrust into the magic formation. His body was smudged with the blood and organs of the elves.

"Ha, help... help..."

There was a green chunk of meat in front of me.

It's nearly 5 meters and has a terrible stench. It shivers when it hits.

The green body surface trembled, opening a huge monocular eye like as many as one adult head from the middle of it.

My jaw opened shortly after. Blood and guts creep into countless sharp random pile teeth.

Its mouth instantly approached - an elf boy's interrupter echoed in the vast basement hall.


Once again, the man who saw the sight up close couldn't help but remember the chill.

No matter how much hate elves you say, they didn't have enough anomaly to tolerate such a tragic killing of a child.

Eventually, a red Shizuku drips out of the monster's huge eyes in front of the trembling man.

Guislan tucked the Shizuku in a vial.

"I can't face the goddess. Shizukuishi. Shizukuishi is enough."

The sorcerer whining to himself felt something more inexperienceable than madness.

"Oh, goddess... my dear goddess... to the path of truth. Me. Lead, please…"

The magician in the robe looked at the vial and continued to speak to someone who was not here with cloudy eyes.