Late at night, Liz was in the military dossier room.

Feeling better, she stares at a bunch of materials.

The dossier, entitled 'List of missing persons', sets out the gender, age and background of the missing persons in the elves to the extent that they can be ascertained.

I've traveled to this room several times before and have been following the materials.

Ludio told me not to get involved, but I can't say that either. Because a few of the missing people knew Liz.

Besides, Theodore overhears me about Shizuku at the end. There would certainly have been a similar disappearance of elves to this one a long time ago.

It's just a thought, but I thought if I left it like this, it would be a big deal.

Liz then draws attention to the name of the one who is written at the end of the dossier.

Name: "Miriam Stasis"

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Background: Oriental from the Elberian Empire. aristocratic and Viscount, enrolled three years ago in the Immediate Military School of the Territory of Mildiana. Class attitude, grades are average and do not stand out. After graduation, he takes the position of Ensign of the Imperial Army.

Notes: Though it was a bright and active personality, it is assumed that a milder mental disorder was seen than in childhood. He was also weak from a physical point of view. From before school, it was pointed out that I sometimes coughed up and couldn't move. However, it does not appear problematic because the medicine recovered immediately.

Disappearance report: There have been reports of him disappearing while accompanied by Ensign Lattis Mayrdia, an alumni of a military school and a colleague in the military. Ensign Mayrdia is injured and is expected to be investigated as soon as his condition recovers due to severe mental shock.

Speaking of Ensign Lattice, she is an elf woman who was embarrassed (but) by Lyudio and bowed her head over and over again in tears. Knowledgeable, but not particularly close.

And I also know about Ensign Miriam. This is what I often saw walking side by side with Ensign Lattis in the city of Mirdiana.

We had dined together a few times, but it seemed like a normal woman with nothing particularly unusual.

I felt indescribable chest pain at the fact that someone I knew had happened to be missing.

It just makes it harder to watch any more. That's what I thought, when I tried to close the material and put it back on the shelf.

(Elves but nobles from the Empire? Ryu-kun is similar, but it may be rare)

Before Liz even realized it herself, she was searching in the dossier room for materials containing detailed biographical information on anyone more than a lieutenant.

Something was hooked in my head.

(There was. Ensign Miriam's Inventory)

When he tried to open that page, Liz screamed as suddenly the door to the materials room opened with a loud bang.

Because I was focused on my work, I had no idea that someone was close because I had even abandoned my boasting hearing role.

"Wow!?... et al., Ensign Lattis? What are you doing?


There was an elf woman with glasses there. I don't know where I'm looking because I haven't set my sights.

"At least knock. You surprised me."

"... sorry, sorry"

"Mm, sort of, fine. Uh, well, can I talk to you for a second now?


"Yeah. Uh, I hope you're not offended about Ensign Miriam."

I thought I'd react to something, but it doesn't even tickle me. It was like not being here.

I was just about to keep talking, and suddenly Latis opens his mouth.

"Miriam. Miriam's. What would you like to know about Miriam?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, where was she until she enrolled in military school?"

"It's Oriental territory. of the territory. With one daughter. of the Stasis family. I had a father, a mother, a sister and a sister, and it was always a fun and busy family."

"Yes, what. So, it's just a little hard to ask... it says she had mental disorders from an early age, you know what?

Lattice stares at Liz as she leans against the wall of the room.

Waiting patiently, Lattice said slowly.

"No. It was good. Mentally. She's a normal woman. Nothing."

"Oh, really? But that's what the military dossier says."


Liz couldn't react to anything too sudden.

Lattice slammed her head against the wall.

"Hey, hey, what's up!? Are you okay!?"

"There was a statement. In the materials?"

Gun! Gun!

Slap your head against the wall as you continue to stand, rubbing your head around the wall where your own blood seeps in.

Liz didn't want to stand up when she saw acts that went beyond comprehension.

"It was heartbreaking"


Lattice continues.

"He said it was filthy. This land. That it's not normal. Mourn that you don't deserve a goddess."

"... Goddess?

"I'm a goddess. Don't you know? venerable beings. A beautiful light that is merciful, extends the hand of love to those who descend, and envelops them warmly"

"Uh, is that about the goddess of creation - the 'Orphelia sama' revealed in the Lord God of the Elberian Empire?

"No. Orphelia? No. With the goddess of creation, etc. It's sad."

Liz keeps asking Lattice the question carefully in front of her, who can only assume she is no longer insane.

"Ensign Miriam believed in other gods, I wonder"

"Other? The goddess is only his supreme. There can be no other god. It's just a bluff. Stupid."


Liz sees the presence in front of her with that special eye, even though she almost cries without knowing why.

... It's just an elf. Nothing is unnatural. It just seems the same person as Ensign Lattis, whom Liz himself knows well.

That's why this situation was unusual. Why does she continue to commit self-harm while saying this? I didn't know what that meant.

"Shizuku is missing"

Lattice's voice was sometime as unpleasant as a mix of men's and women's voices.

"... Huh?

"Shizuku calling the white wing of purification. Not enough."

That said, Lattice slowly approached me. Liz lags behind when she sees him walk over in an irresistible foothold.

I was even cornered by Don and the wall behind me. Lattice doesn't stop walking.

That's when her hand grew all the way...


Lattice's entire body slammed against the wall with a dull striking sound. The impact takes off her glasses, while her body collapses into the floor like a threaded puppet.

Liz approached Lattice with a bright blue face and watched how it was.

Alive. When Liz confirmed that was all, she immediately left the room and called for help out loud.