In a completely dark dorm room, I closed my eyelids while falling asleep in bed.

That's when the door gets knocked.

"Go ahead."

Saying so, the person who knocked did not open the door but slipped through and broke into the room.

I'm going to dive over the bed with that momentum.


"Lucifer! Ha ha, Lucifer... woohoo, I can smell the Demon King! Oh, this makes me sick..."

Lena, calm down.

"Long time no see, Lucifer. Well. I am returning now. Would you like to have dinner? Do you want to take a bath? Of course it's me, isn't it? Fine, I'll calm down my aunt Lucifer!

"Wait, you're the one who's dawning..."

I immediately placed a light junction in the room. Soundproofing is fine now.

Lena appeared as if she was relieved. The beautiful girl who keeps her perfect maid looks down at me with her cheeks red.

I hugged him for now.

"Well done. Thanks for your hard work. Was there anything dangerous?

"There isn't. The Wife of the Demon King, I will try to do it magnificently on any mission."

"Well, that's fine. So, how'd it go? Any leads?

"... it'll be a little long story."

Lena fell asleep next to me on a small bed. When I give her an arm pillow, she snuggles up happy.

And I listened to the reports that would come from her.

"... well. There's something like that in the High Magic Court."

"Yes, Lucifer, as you instructed, I reserved it just to watch... but I foolishly think it would have been okay to destroy everything"

"No, I can't do that. It'll be two dances 500 years ago. This time we have to figure it all out. There's a lot going on with me. Hang out a little bit."

"Yes, of course you are! Don't whisper softly in your ears."

"Stop saying things that make you feel weird at a time like this. Look, I'll talk to you."

I told her everything that happened when Lena was conducting an external investigation.

"That's it."

"... Lucifer. It's hard to say, but it's dangerous. Please don't imitate that."

"I can't do that. I already mounted commitments with Ludio Lambert and the privileged students. There's no way we're going down there."

"What would it be like to keep a promise like that? If anything happens to you, I will."

"Lena. Are you underestimating me?

"I'm afraid Lucifer is very weak right now. That's enough to make even my powers fold. Let's not get involved in this kind of incident anymore and go back to Tenebrae, shall we?

"That's because you're strong out of common sense for an ex-human. Whether it's this body or all the privileged students, there's no way to get behind."

"But... please forgive me for being truly rude. If you're going to be more selfish than that, I'm going to cage Lucifer now."

"Wait a minute. All of a sudden, what are you saying?"

Lena leaks a laugh like she's always won.

"I'm not locked in this room - it keeps attacking me. And I give in, and I carry my dry Lucifer back to Tenebrae."

"I'm not weak enough to make you give in."

"Are you sure? Even if you are strong at first, you can easily portray Lucifer in your head, who is painfully reminded and tearful of your helplessness over time. Shall we try it?"

"500 years ago, but you're going to say it back."

"It's an extremely disrespectful act as a maid of honor, but that has made me feel kind of very happy. Now Lucifer has no strength, no strength, no strength, no energy... no lust for me."

Knock... this guy. You're wondering if I'm weak right now.

I'm even more scared than anyone else about the disappearance. Because my eyes are already full of it. He glances at me with his dark purple eyes glittering and rolling eyes at desire.

As it is, even I will likely disappear neglectfully during successive elf disappearances in the alley.

"... it's okay, Lena. I won't force you either."

"Are you sure?

"Absolutely. And you, too, see, you'll be curious. The whole case."

"Personally, I don't care. Rather than that, I'm more concerned about what your subdued Lucifer will look like. I've never seen your face like that before."

"Lena, don't worry too much, okay? When I get back to Tenebrae, I'm gonna do the right thing for you, okay?

"Oops!? Yes, I'll take anything! So here's Lucifer."

... If this happens, I'll give it up.

"Well, well. You're not so sure of yourself?

"? What does that mean?

"Can you accompany your weakened husband and protect him from danger?"

"... Huh!

"That's totally lamentable. I don't remember marrying such a weak wife, do I?

"That's not true!! Lucifer, if the danger is imminent, I will do my utmost to protect you!! Are you sure, Lucifer? I am the Third Lady of the Most Powerful Demon King! Of the mightiest demon king! Third Lady!! Whatever danger is imminent, I'll cut it and throw it away to show you!

"Then go with me. Beautifully defend yourself!

"Yes, I did!

All right, simple personality saved me.

Now, we're going to do the operation...

"But you're going to cage your hands, right?


"Heh heh, I'm not going to do anything wrong. I'm just going to do what you did to me 500 years ago."

"Wait, Lena."

"Ring with a good voice, will you? Ah... ha."

Lena pressured me.

- On this day, I lost all kinds of dignity.

"... what have you done, Theo? Are you okay?"

"What, that face. You look like a girl who was raped by a thug."

"No... hey,"

The next morning, I was visiting a massive physical exercise with other classes.

The beast daughters who were willing to kill me look blatantly sorry.

Even if you want to compete, you don't have to stand on your feet properly...... It could take a little longer to recover.

"I thought I could play a game with you because of you. Don't be so sorry. You're gonna cure it properly, aren't you?

"There's no tension in halving a man with such a fluffy face. Stay with me, you useless bastard."


"Mmm, indigestion! Hey, whoever you want, give me the rest of them! I'm gonna fuck you up!

As Rocha ran screaming, everyone who was gathered in the exercise ran away screaming and scattering spider children.

When Chaura joined him there, he even escaped to the instructor who was a referee. I wonder how many people have sacrificed their lives in the short time between enrollment and now.

But pity doesn't make me laugh. The most pitiful thing right now is undoubtedly myself.

Damn, Lena... add or subtract a little... I thought you were gonna die, really.

That said, the information she brought me was meaningful.

"It is possible that Ensign Lattis Mayrdia is the mastermind of the case"

I didn't know the name, but I kind of remembered hearing it was that elf who showed me how arrogant he was at the entrance exam reception.

But I couldn't feel any particular strong magic or anything from her. There's no chance you're disguising yourself like me, but can you do that to a woman who has fainted against me twice and stopped moving?

"She was moved underground in the building by a special magic formation carved into the High Magic Court. There are several elves imprisoned in the basement, and in the back hall..."

Now I know how to make Shizuku in the end.

How dare you? Well, I just have to say it's something I've thought about.

A strange creature of green. That's what ate the elves and said they shed red tears.

That monster that was sitting on top of the magic formation was probably a 'demon-guided creature (a bump anyway)'. All things synthesized and produced by multiple organisms, which have been studied for a long time by the magical power, the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, are called by that name.

I've never had a direct battle with that country, but the memory of the Empire taking on us demons and putting them into action will come back. It would be hundreds of years ago, long before 500.

Surely this is information that cannot be made public.

Not just because the elves were massacred.

If you find out that "Elf itself" is going to be an extremely powerful magic amplifier material, it's not something you know where to start. I can say that Lieutenant General Imperial Army was right at the time when he supposedly erased all traces.

'The Ensign seemed to have multiple collaborators. She was just covering her whole body with a hood and a robe, and she had a very creepy voice - like a mixture of a man and a woman - talking in that voice. And they were called "Gislan" by those around them. "

A mixed voice between a man and a woman. This also matches the information on that material I saw in the Great Library.

The name Guislan is first ear but very interesting.

In some cases, there is also the possibility that the person named Guislan is identical to the mastermind of the incident 500 years ago.

... but that weak elf? I don't believe it.

'And she broke into the military when she saw fit. I tried to attack Master Liz, so I forced him to pass out. I don't know how much Lucifer wants to help your alumni, but please forgive me for acting so selfish. "

I hear Liz was doing some digging in the military library.

I asked Lattice about an elf named Ensign Miriam who disappeared, and you think that happened?

I am concerned about Miriam's strange words and behavior that Lattice spoke of. Was that really Miriam's statement? Or did Lattice, the mastermind of the case, just properly speak his mind?

In any case, Lattice is an important reference person. Looks like Liz summoned someone from the military to explain everything, so the story would be telling Dean Ludio as well.

If Lattice is behind this, there won't be any more Elf disappearances, and all you have to do later is formally investigate the High Magic Court.

... but I think we're talking too well.

'Just from what I witnessed, Ensign Lattice's spirit seemed to be completely disintegrating. The words and actions were unnatural and repeated self-inflicted... things have been strange since I was underground.'

What would happen if Lattice wasn't the mastermind?

Behavior is unnatural if someone was manipulating you.

Although it is possible that a lesser degree of magician could have used even an unfamiliar brainwashing ceremony to destroy his spirit.

I wish I could go for a direct look, but I can feel you acting any more prominently on the boulder. No one can know about Lena's existence as a source of information.

Besides, by now, Ensign would be in good condition and under house arrest. We may not even be able to talk.

If there's anything important to talk about, we should get a call from the dean and there's nothing we can do about it as it stands.

By the way, it's possible to get into the High Magic Court and smash every facility.

Lena would make it easy for me to execute, and I could do it alone if I tried a little bit.

Assuming there are other people besides Gislan who are heavily involved in the case, will there also be a need to do so?

But we can't do it now. At worst, we have to capture or kill the mastermind of the case. Never let the mastermind escape.

Dean Ludio said the mastermind always moves to get the Elf Queen. I'm pretty sure he would say that.

In any case, we have already worked out a single operation that envisages the worst. Later we just wait for the Queen to come.

I looked up into the sky. [M]

1 cloud connection, beautiful blue sky is spread.

Will there be white wings in the land again?