Ludio and Liz continued to question each other in front of Lattice, who is being held in a cell in the basement of the military.

"- Ensign Miriam Stasis, is it? From what I've seen, I didn't see anything unusual."

"Yeah. I've talked to him a couple of times, but he was like a bright, funny sister,"

"I just had a few reports from other students when she was enrolled in military school that 'Miriam is whining funny solitaire'. In the end, there was nothing in the record that would have been considered problematic, either in academia or in the military."

"How was Ensign Lattis?

"You were a normal aristocratic young lady. She is an aristocrat from Zefte Aria, but has not taken any particularly noticeable action. It won't even be on the record."

Ludio is less interested in those who have nowhere to protrude.

That doesn't seem to change for them graduates either.

"You know, Lew. Ensign Miriam is 18, isn't he? I just graduated this year and I'm a colleague of Ensign Lattis."

"Yeah. Is that it?

Liz said what she was thinking that day, just before Lattice attacked her in the library.

"Ensign Miriam wasn't originally from Mirdiana, he came this far to enroll in military school three years ago. But since then, the disappearance of the elves began to occur in Mildiana."

"... Indeed, disappearances, which were the Lord being discovered in this land, have begun to occur three years ago. It wasn't until a long time ago that I discovered it publicly."

"I wonder if it's possible that Ensign Miriam committed the crime. Or a joint crime with Ensign Lattice."

"It is true that Ensign Mayrdia was injured by Ensign Stasis's attack. It may be impossible to consider it an accomplice."

"So what about it being Ensign Lattice's do-it-yourself to keep himself from being suspected?

"Considering what you said and did when you were raided, I can't say enough that you didn't..."

"Mm-hmm! Something's hooking me up."

When Liz began to think with her head in her arms, the elf she was incarcerated in wandered tightly.

"... is this...?

"Ah, Ensign Lattis!

"Mr. Liz......? Ugh... there he is... oh, that, me, why are you doing this"

Lattice hit him hard all over his body. The pain doesn't seem to be pulling.

But more than that, I'm probably stunned because I'm being held in a rope with a sealing ceremony while I'm sitting in a chair.

"Are you awake, Ensign Mayrdia?"

"His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert!? Oh, you know, how could I be like this!?

"Don't you remember anything"

"Ki, do you remember... Wow, I don't remember being done like this"

"When was your last memory?

With a sharp eye on Ludio, Lattice says mostly.

"Uh... um... Miriam... oh, no, I was having a drink at the liquor store with Ensign Stasis... that...?

Look at Lattice tilting her neck, Liz says.

"Is that so long ago!? Last night, I was a little scared!?

"Huh!? Yes, what the hell are you talking about?

"Lew, Lew, isn't this kid, the actor talented or something? Seriously, if you're saying this, it's bad."

"Ya, actor!? Talent!? Wah, I know exactly what you're talking about."

"No, you won't be sorry."

Ludio flaunts his shoulder.

Lattice's reaction is no longer any different from her usual.

Besides, she's been interviewed by Ludio once, but she doesn't seem to remember that either.

Okay, that day. What the hell was that thing in front of me?

What the hell are you doing with your vain eyes and little answers?

At that time, a simple surgical sabotage was carried out to make sure that no brainwashing or anything else had been done, just in case. Still, she had no reaction whatsoever.

That would mean that she was undoubtedly moving of her own free will at that time.

The fact and the appearance of an age-appropriate girl now mundane in front of me were too far apart.

If Lattice is behind this, why did you tell her Miriam attacked you? If that's true, it would have been nice if we had kidnapped Miriam without saying anything.

You don't even have to imitate it to hurt your own body.

Isn't this as if - you're giving the military information on the mastermind?

And words and deeds that are causing some sort of anomaly in the spirit that supposedly lasts since Miriam's childhood.

The behavior of whining about words that don't make sense without any foretaste at one point, even though they usually don't show up as such in the yawn.

In contrast, Lattice showed no such signs. At least until recently.

If we consider the situation so far by adding them, we can draw such conclusions. "The contents have been replaced" by Miriam and Lattice.

"Ensign Mayrdia. You are the most important reference for the disappearance of Elves."

"What, why..."

"If you don't remember, stay there until you remember. I'll leave the rest to the others. I'm coming, Liz."

"Oh, hey, hey! You're breaking up here!?

"My lieutenant general!? Oh, wait, me, what the hell...? Where's Ensign Stasis?

Lattice's words echoing from the rear were no longer in his ears, but he took Liz and followed the dungeon.

He then urges Liz, who can complain scatterly, not to leave the school dorm, and reaches the Supreme Commander's Office.

Shortly after, an elf envoy appeared in the room.

"Really? Your Majesty has done something sudden."

"As I am, I don't care to withdraw. But please also understand how Your Majesty feels."

"I know. Just reward the queen for losing blood and potentially exposing her to the serious shame of life on the spot. This is my last warning to her."

"... and say?

Ludio sighed and then shrugged.

"After 500 years of months, you will descend again - the creatures of the white wings"