First thing in the morning, all the privileged students, except Liz, were gathered in the Supreme Commander's Office.

We are finally given the official date of the visit of the Queen of Elves by the Dean.

Instead of solidifying in the same place for all of us, we acted in two groups.

I'm with Rocha and Shaura. Keith and Julian are on the other side.

We will be heading to the place indicated as soon as possible. Because there is no longer a respite for time. The Queen's visit had been decided after noon.

"Not at all. Lieutenant General Lambert is sudden, isn't he? If I were to call it in so soon, I wouldn't have fooled around at night yesterday."

"I won't have a choice. It's confidential. In the first place, you'd always be up late at night."

"That's ~, I comfort myself because Rocha's sleeping face is so cute that I'm just going to look at her... whoops"

Rocha's tail slapped Shaura's flank.

"Don't be such a jerk."

"Ooh... Rocca's love hurts..."

Is the pain worse than I thought, Shaura groaned while keeping her flank down. Your face looks happy though.

"Speaking of which, Rocha and Shaura are staying in the dorm, too, right? You're using the same room for that statement?

"It's none of your business."

"Oh, yeah. For once, this guy is the rest of the escort. In case something happens, I use it to get away."

"Such a disposable way to say it ~! Woohoo, but if you can put your body up for Rocha and disperse it might not be bad either! Rocha, live to my minute......! Live strong......!

"Uh-huh, of course. I can't let your death go to waste, maybe."

When I was watching the same interaction, I got to where I wanted to be.

There are many people and elves just a little in front of the barracks.

There's only so much national traffic with Zefte Aria. There have been stories about the disappearance of elves, and the number of elves on the boulder appears to be small in itself, but there are a lot of people going around as if humans don't care about such things.

Such a fold, a wagon with two white horses connected slowly headed this way.

Intuitive. Queen of Elves. There is no doubt about this terribly high quality magic power of high purity.

I swallowed your sawdust and saliva. I can tell even if I don't see him. How much pleasure would you get if you inhaled this magic at all.

"You're a student at a military school, right?

One of the three elves held back by the wagon asked.

The command of this occasion is entrusted to the most prestigious Rocha. She responded immediately.

"Mm-hmm. 'What's in' is not a problem?


"Is it? Then follow me."

Rocha invited a carriage of carriages in a way she was used to and headed somewhere.

I've been renting this place for a few days.

On the face of it, it is decided to be a regular traveler and full, but in fact it seems to have been prepared as a resting place for the queen.

Even with their eyes on the carriage, the commuters quickly move on as if they had lost interest.

Open the door to the inn and we'll be in position to block the carriage from the subtle sight of the surroundings.

Still, I checked the area carefully before an elf escort woman reached into the carriage.

"… Your Majesty. Please, my hand."

We grabbed that hand and were surprised to see the elf slowly descending from the carriage.

"It's been 100 years since I've visited Mirdiana. It's the same, this city."

The elf, with all his dark green hair cut with his shoulders, could only be described as a girl.

Would the looking age be 14 or 5 at most? He's also short and looks younger than Liz I've seen.

The complexion is white as snow. Wrapping that luxurious body is an ordinary dress worn by a common woman, but I don't feel like I've hidden out the noble atmosphere that drifts from her.

Behind its adorable appearance was a terrible impression of a side that seemed to contain some worries.

Called the Queen, Elf looked at Rocha and Shaura in turn, and at me for the last time. Golden eyes as beautiful as gold stare at me.

"Heh heh, you have a lot of unusual students"

The queen grinned and then quickly walked into the inn.

"Hmm? You mean Shaura, who's changed?

"I lost my sight, didn't I? I've been staring at you the whole time. That's right, Elf Queen."

A delightful chaura leads to the inn after seeing Rocha and the lovely Elf Queen with an expression that does not fall on her heart.

I stopped on the spot for a moment. [M] But Rocha rushed after her with a glimpse of her face.

"The concubine's name is Aynlana Kilfiniska. She is the queen of the present kingdom of Zephte Aria. You can call yourselves"

Five people, including myself, are packed in one of the rooms. They say it's the biggest room, but only for this number of people.

Two of the escorts had been turned to security outside, with only one remaining male elf holding back beside the queen.

"I'll see you first. The rest is Rocha Callwright. He's the last royal family left in Rugal to be a fox beast."

"Hmm. Already the Beast King at that age?... like when the lion's" King of Beasts "passed away?

"... um. It's the beginning of the battle between Chiaro and my Rugal."

"Right. No, I'm sorry. I heard the news at last, but I can't believe it.... is there a lion king who would die if he killed him? He was a king of goodness. I just want to heal the wrath of the Spirit (Mita) with a concubine prayer, but will it work?

"It is unnecessary. Because the souls of our Beasts are not so well-behaved that they are cured by prayer. All it takes to heal and quell the spirits of his Lord is the flesh of the barbarians."

Rocha's atmosphere seemed calm itself, but she is pregnant with a quiet rage.

Seeing the atmosphere that kept her from saying whether or not, His Majesty Aynlana closed his lid.

"Then let's just keep praying that the battle between you and the kingdoms of Rugal and Chiaro Diruna ends as soon as possible"

"Thank you. Whatever the outcome of the war, I've never been able to get it over with."

And Rocha is amazing. If you deal with the royal family of the first encounter elves, the average person would be driven by tremendous tension.

Her qualities as king may also be in the strength of her liver.

"Next, then. This white one says Shaura. He's a slave to the rest of the guard, a werewolf beast. I was born white. Hmm. Well, that's the place."

"Hey, Rocha!? Whatever it takes is not too appropriate!? Even I was a former nobleman. No!

"I know my concubine. Shaura and I did. Thou shalt be of the Brannage family."

Shaura, who moved the wolf's ears pinched, stares at the queen of the elves with a slight eye.

The queen kept the cup of tea in one hand.

"I was born white. Only the Brannage family are called the so-called 'people of the White Wolf'. I remember the concubine discussing it with the people of the house before. It was hundreds of years ago. He was a proud 'royal'"

"Oh, uh..."

"As I said earlier, I hadn't heard the story of the royal family of beasts dying in succession. And if it were, it would be the White Wolf Brannage who would bear the king's name in that situation. The fox is at the bottom of the right to inherit the throne. You can't be king without a wolf."

"That, Your Majesty. There are so many things about it... you know."

"Good. I'm not saying I can't if I don't want to talk to you. It'll be a long time if you ask me more."

"Yes... sorry"

Shaura, who didn't break his arrogance to that dean Ludio either, is using a salute. I can see my body is full of tension, too.

I saw something interesting about this. I thought it was exactly the same personality as Rocha and it doesn't work no matter what she sees, but she doesn't.

Chaura was nervous. This is pretty good.

"Well, what's left..."

Her Majesty's eyes stare at me.

Uh-huh, don't be nervous about this for sure. It makes me feel as if I'm being watched closely to the contents as well as the appearance.

"Oh, I'm Theodore."

Quiet back.

I wonder why.

Should I say something else? But unlike Rocha and Chaura, I can't talk about the family.

"Hey, you."

Shaura poked at my flank, not my elbow. [M] Ouch.

"Say something more...! In front of the queen!?

"Even if they say so"

"Theo is amazing. In the military school entrance exam, he won the lead on all the swordsmanship, physical arts, and magic items! It's... uh, it's just as good as some hundred years ago."

"Brave man, brave man! Brave Lena!

"Oh yeah! It's been a feat since the brave! It is a boulder. As the rest of my friends, I have the strength I deserve!


What's awkward is that Her Majesty has been staring at me all this time, pretending to listen to me in silence.

Bad. I'm getting nervous. Easy, me. I'm the demon king, demon king. Why don't you just be grand?

"Theodore and I did."

"Oh, hey, what is it?"

"Aren't you noble?"

"No. Civilians or common people… just like people everywhere."

"Ugh! If there were so many like you, the Empire would have been an interesting place."

Until then Her Majesty the Queen, with a cool face, broke her face (is cancer).

Do you even say how to laugh the way it looks?

"You're a privileged student too, aren't you?

"Yes, for once"

"Right or right. Now, come a little closer."

"Heh, Your Majesty! Suddenly what?"

"You shut up."

Her Majesty the Queen invites me even if I am embarrassed by the elf of the escort, who cares not at all.

Follow adults forward. On his knees to match the height of his gaze, he took the form of looking up at Her Majesty only a little.

She put her hand gently on my cheek and stroked it slowly.

I feel killer from next door and behind. Next door is the escort. Behind me would be from Chaura. Especially from behind her, there are signs of a mixed mix of awesome jealousy.

"What's so unusual about blue hair?

"... well, is that right? I'm not sure."

"Those with blue hair are rare in the elves, but I have never seen anyone with bright, beautiful shades so far"

Her Majesty caresses my hair. [M]

You're embarrassed, this is... I often stroke the hair of my loving wives. [M]

But I think I've been told before that blue hair is rare. A quote scattered around by Lumiel and Lena, even though I just made the right decision.

"And the lines are thin. You don't look like you're any better at physics than the Beasts."

"He and Rocha have only fought once! Because if I fight, I'll definitely slit your neck artery!

"Don't hold it in your roots forever, Shawler. Theo is strong. If you're serious, you're the one who's gonna kill me.

Her Majesty has still touched my body with a bump and a grunting chaurat and a rocka to flatter it.

"Hmm, very well done."


"No, no, it's about this one.... Well, the foreground has grown longer, but it's time to get down to business. Are these the only three people who serve as escorts to the concubine?

"No, the other two will be waiting somewhere else - And one is a dragon clan."

"That's comforting. Okay, I'll take care of you this time. Thanks again."

That said Her Majesty the Queen gently took her hands off my body.

"- That's why I'm holding a meeting with Dean Ludio in the Office of the Chief Commander of the Mildiana Territorial Army."

"I understand."

Rocha, who threw a troublesome explanation at me early while retaining command, was yawning heavily with her back on the wall.

As soon as this story is over, Her Majesty Queen Aynlana needs to be on the ground.

The city of Mirdiana is huge, so it will only take two hours to get from the inn near this barracks to the military. It's actually more when you think about people moving around.

But they haven't asked me anything about what I'm going to do after the talks. Or you didn't tell me when you asked.

I don't think so, but I guess I have some idea because I'm talking about that dean.

That's why we took Her Majesty the Queen and headed for Dean Ludio.