"This is it. Her Majesty Queen Aynlana Kilfiniska. All the way, welcome, my Elberian Emperor."

"You can count on it. Ludio, let's get down to business."

Queen Aynlana blocked the dean's greeting when she entered the General Command's office set at the meeting place.

I did not hesitate to sit down on the pre-prepared couch and cheeked on my elbow. I think I'm just going to see the couch on the throne.

"Yes, I did. Then let me get to the point, too. Your Majesty, please return to Zefte Aria now."

"I can't. If the concubine doesn't intervene directly, you and the Empire will be useless."

"I'm saying it's dangerous. The opponent cannot deny that he was the one who intervened in that Mira blood tide case. It's going to be another catastrophe like that."

President Ludio changes from his usual soft-minded attitude and says it with a serious eye.

But the queen of the elves raised her mouth all the time.

"You really don't talk, Ludio. Isn't that like saying from the beginning that we're not going to solve this disappearance and that we're going to call in those filthy white wings?"

"That's what I meant to say. Whatever they do now, they'll show up again. In this land of Mirdiana."

"The concubine came to prevent it"

"I can't. Welcome home now."

"Neither you nor the Imperial Army are finished with a word of incompetence. If you do, there will be no concubines."

"I apologize for your disrespect. Some of that incompetence includes you, Her Majesty Queen Aynlana."

"... what?

Her Majesty Queen Aynlana and Dean Ludio stare at each other in a state of one-touch immediacy.

The queen's escorts also come to a bewildered face in the way that the dean doesn't know if he can handle it or not.

"You have no mercy for either. The lieutenant general won't be able to complain if he's lost his neck later."

"... I don't know what else is going on, but from what I've heard, it feels like there's no respite for a moment."

"It's more about water than talks."

The Beast Daughters whisper to each other in a whisper.

Of course it sounds like the eary elves, but now I guess I don't mind watching the heavy towns exchange in front of me. I won't bother to stare at this one.

"I understand the situation with my concubine. Is the enemy already parasitic inside the Imperial Army? My concubine knows about the elf persecutors."

"You know very well. I've come to a point where I can no longer help being a half-elf."

"It would be quick to talk. Bring all that elf persecutors here. If it's in the eyes of a concubine, it won't go away, so if it's connected to the mastermind, we can open up the status quo immediately."

"Your Majesty. Your head spins fast. But it's stubborn, it's a lump of pride, and therefore it lacks flexibility."

"Be specific."

"It means that such a phase is already over. I'm not talking about the identity of the mastermind already. The Heavenly Devil will surely be summoned."

Dean Ludio assures me.

Somewhat shredded his temper, sinking deeply into the couch the body that Her Majesty the Queen was at the forefront of.

She exhaled and then shrugged.

"... my concubine has been with you for a long time. We've had many exchanges in letters, and I'm confident that we'll meet in person. You crazy bastard."

"Ho ho. What made you so sure?

"Ludio, are you going to die?

Everyone around me bothered.

"Why do you think so?

"I'm trying to solve this case with that life. I am assuming that we can only deal with it by doing so, more than we can move the regular army. That's why the concubine came to stop it."

Frequent silence.

Then Dean Ludio laughed all the time.

"There were times when I did think that. But..."

The dean said after staring at Rocha and Shaura, and me in turn.

"Do you say fortunate in unhappiness? I have many strong trump cards right now. I'm not going to solve it until I'm dead."

"Ho? So much for trusting these privileged students, huh?

"There is unfortunately only one person whose roots are serious and behaving correctly, but the strength itself is certain. They are better than any of the students I have ever seen. So much so that it's not a dimension that requires one or two heads. So I was just going to bet a little bit."

"Hmm? A bet. It's..."

Con, con, con.

That's when the door to the room suddenly knocked.

The Queen's visit is top secret. But you must have paid in advance.

Everyone understood the situation, solidifying on the spot before slight tension and incomprehensible events.

Con, con, con.

Quietly recurring knock sound.

"Who is it? I can't get my hands off you right now. Later if you need me."

says Dean Ludio.

No reply.

Con, con, con.

An unusual atmosphere surrounds the area.

Rocha and Shaura, who are holding back by the door, were also uplifting their whole bodies so that whatever happened could happen with vigilance.

Con, con, con.

Likewise, I scratched my pompous cheeks as I kept my back on the wall opposite the Roccas.

And in a very natural motion, I grabbed the door knob and let it open lightly.

"And, Theo!?

"Become!? What the hell are you doing?

Standing in front of the door as the beast daughters marveled was an elf woman with glasses.

Did you say Lattice by name?

As she pales her face, she opens her mouth and desperately seeks help.

Behind her stood Liz, an elf girl with long dark green hair.

Tighten the Lattice with wings and raise a sharp knife around its neck.

Everyone was surprised to see the sight.

Shizuku is missing.

Liz muttered so in the mixed voice of a man and a woman that looked nothing like her usual beautiful voice color, forcing Lattice into the room.

I can see Rocha and Shaura thinking of themselves as suspicious people all the time, confused by the actions of their far diagonal counterparts who don't even think of them.

"Liz. What's the joke? Release Ensign Mayrdia now."

The dean has not moved, but Her Majesty the Queen wrinkles between her eyebrows to watch what happens.

The escorts tried to come forward, but Her Majesty held it back with one hand.

"There is no unclean earth in the foot of the Reiki goddess. The white wing swept it away already. But there's not enough Shizuku."

It's clearly not how Liz does it all the time.

I was getting a report from Lena. Similar words and behavior to the Lattice the other day.

When I saw it straight away, I knew who Liz was. [M]

"If it's not enough, we can make it up to you with quality."

Moments later, Liz releases the Lattice in captivity, then stares at Her Majesty Queen Aynlana and takes her distance at once.

Ever since then? Sooner than Rocha was reacting, I move on to action.

In an instant I approach behind Liz, twisting her hand up and dropping that knife to the ground. I just kicked it backwards and Rocha got it.

Wield Liz's ears twisting her hands and feed her flat hands.

When she spasmodically cramped her body, she lost her strength disappointingly. I support her body as it is. [M]

"Phew. Now it's okay. No injuries to Her Majesty or everyone?

Check on everyone. Everyone seemed fine just being shy. Ensign Lattis cried softly for too much fear, but that didn't matter.

"It was brilliant, Theodore"

"Damn, if it's the Queen's escort, we have to act faster."

I saw the elves accompanying Her Majesty as escorts.

They seem impudent, but Her Majesty the Queen says.

"No, I can't even do it. The elf girl (stomach) is Liesemelia Kilfiniska. My concubine's daughter."

Rocha and Shaura were equally surprised, but I nodded, 'I knew it'.

"For now, this is the best way to keep the elves quiet when they get rammed. Elves have good ears, but that's where they're weak, too. You should also remember Rocha and Shaura."

"... how do you even know that?"

"Hobbies, huh? I could have left it to Rocha, but I could have killed him half."

"Worst case scenario, I was going to stop you with your neck strapped. Let me know sooner what's important."

"Ha ha, sorry for this. Liz... No, it's what Her Royal Highness Liesemelia wanted to hide."

Cheerfully laughing Dean Ludio.

In contrast, Her Majesty Queen Aynlana was faceless, but shows a bare gesture worrying about her daughter.

"It's all right, Your Majesty. I just put him in a mild state of shock, so he wakes up right away. No sequelae."

"... well. Thank you, Theodore."

"You just need some help. Can you get Liz to the E.R.?

After Rocha and Shaura stare at each other, they nod and hold her.

"My concubine wants to be present."

"Yeah. I was wondering if Her Majesty should take some time off, too. I can't help but get tired of this in the middle of a serious discussion."

"... sorry"

And left me and Dean Ludio behind, and everyone walked out of the room once.

That's exactly what I was trying to do.

I tell Dean Ludio that I can no longer hear the footsteps.

"The dean sucks. I think he's a hell of a villain."

"Suddenly I can't hide the confusion of being cursed, but what the hell is wrong with you?

"The dean said he would use the queen as bait, but that's not all, is it? Liz was going to use it for bait from the start, right?

"… Are you sure you have prospects for everything? My spine got a little cold."

"I'll tell you at the beginning, it's gonna be catastrophic."

"Yes, that's why I wanted to wish Her Majesty home, but it's no longer too late."

He's an easy-going dean, as if he were a public tale.

Damn, how far is this half-elf?

There is only so much emotional theory among the Demons, and yet rationalist, to count. A man who doesn't want to turn to his enemies if he can. You're welcome if you're just gonna hit me from the front with everything you can.

"Well, Theodore. This is no longer the last time. Let me entrust you with all the rest of the information I know."

"Roger.... I have a few things to say to you too"

After that discussion with the dean.

"- Theodore. Now get to the High Magic Court."

"No, I'm going to the emergency room."

"What have you been up to this period? You know you don't have time to do that, right?

"It's okay. I'll try to cut everything the dean asked me to do. Whatever hands you use."

"Are you sure you want to believe that word?

"Of course. I wouldn't sacrifice them. Most."

I said after a while. [M]

"I don't know what happens to elves with other people, though."

That's all I told him, and I headed to the emergency room where Liz was transported.