By the time I got to the emergency room, Liz had already regained consciousness.

Sitting on the bed, does she have a headache, facing Her Majesty Queen Aynlana as she rubs her fingers between her eyebrows?

"Why is my mother coming out now?

"Ludio alone is not going to make this case solved. My concubine came in directly."

"Heh. Where?

"It's the High Magic Court. There's something in there. A concubine came because it is a sanctuary that even the military cannot reach for a detour. After we solve the case, we decide to return you to Zephte Aria."

"... ahhh. I'm with you."

"Naturally. Just think about your stupid daughter like she's suddenly gone without letting you know anything."

Liz...... I thought you called me Liesemelia.

Somehow I was guessing. But I really don't look like a princess watching how Liz usually does.

By the way, there was an eyeglass elf sitting in the bed next to Liz discussing it with the escorts as they lay still.

"Whoa, Theo, it's too late to go back."

"I'm sorry. Does Liz look okay now?

"... from what I've seen. What was that, just now? It was like you changed Liz and the stranger."

"It was obviously insane. I wonder what it was. Not necessarily again, and we have to be careful."

That's when Liz noticed me.

I can swim my gaze like I said they saw something that wasn't convenient.

"Hey, Liz. Are you feeling okay now?

"Oh, uh, yeah! It's okay! I mean, blah, blah. I don't remember anything at all about what happened, did I do something?

"No, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. You're not the one who did it."


"Nothing. Is there anything worse than that?

"Maybe a little headache"

When Liz laughed bitterly, a voice was called from behind her.

"Who are you listening to!? This one is indisputable, and the Princess of the kingdom of Zephte Aria will reveal you, Liesemelia!

He was the elf man in the escort.

Liz says uncomfortably when she sees it.

"I'm Liz now -! I don't know a woman with such a long name! Teo-kun, don't worry about that."

"Liesemelia, thou shalt make"

"Mother, shut up. It doesn't matter if you don't care about me anyway."

Parent-child friendship seems sinister.

... Parents and children?

I don't know that because I'm a demon.

Demon gods can also be children in reproductive acts, but they are basically like 'phenomena' that are suddenly born on the spot one day.

The body and the spirit are distinctly different from other organisms because everything emerges in an already completed state. It may not even be the kind of thing that fits into the biosphere in the first place.

Most things in the Demon Nation usually have children, so it's not that I don't know the meaning of parent-child in itself... unfortunately, in my position, I'm lacking in interacting with that kind of normal Demon Nation. That's why I didn't really understand what a parent is.

I married my wife while I was a demon, but I didn't make any children. Besides, I've never been raised by anyone. I was already a complete demon from the day I was born. [M]

How can it be the pattern that divided the same blood, but this is also conflicting? I wish we were friends. Is it something that won't be so easy? It's a little interesting.

When I was thinking about it, I felt like the air in the room had changed all the time. There was a thin rash in the room.

Are you here? I think so, but slowly get out of Liz's bed.

Changes came unexpectedly as Liz and Her Majesty Queen Aynlana were about to argue again.

When Her Majesty's body bounces so tightly, it drifts with disappointment.

Liz, who had made it current, gave her a bewildered look as to whether she could not understand the sudden events that had happened to her mother.

The escorts and Rocha and Chaura also notice strange. At that time.

"... Shizuku is missing"

says Her Majesty the Queen with her head.

Shizukuishi calling for the white wings.

"Or, Mother......!?

Tension ran on everyone who was there.

"- But this noble vessel is enough to call for white wings. To the place where the goddess descends."

"Mother, hey stop joking...... HI!

Her Majesty Queen Aynlana grabbed both shoulders of Liz.

And its body emits strong light.

After the dazzling light had disappeared, only the elves who were on the spot had neglected to disappear.

"Oh, hey, what happened!?

"I don't know the rest. Theo, what about you?"

"A compulsory metastatic procedure ceremony to all the elves present in this setting. Prohibition was used. Well, I guess it's about as planned. We're going to have a little fun."

"... what do you mean?

I didn't answer Rocha's question, and I put my hand on the door of the room and then I said,

"Rocha, Shaura. You must go to Dean Ludio."

"Aren't you looking for Liz and the others!?

"That's my 'we' job. I want you to do what the dean tells you to do."

"Theo. How far do you know...?

"Come on? But I'm excited. It's been a long time since I've felt this way."

I felt like Rocha had been asking me something ever since, but I immediately followed the military.

I walked away from the hustle and bustle of the vast city and found a place where no one was looking and walked in there.

I called my beloved wife's name whimpering with a feeling that it was going to be interesting.

"Lena. Come out."


I can be hugged by her who emerged from behind.

Then do as you're told.

"You're going on a date, right? I'm just calculating the date course! First."

"... I'll do whatever it takes when the case is cleared. I asked for it."

"Whatever you say. In front of your help, any man is as good as Chile. As a wife, it's natural to guide my husband, but I dare only pray that Lucifer doesn't blow up this city by mistake."

"Let's try to be careful at best"

That could happen if you get too excited.

While I grin, I am surrounded by a forced metastasis ceremony knitted by Lena's mighty magic.

Perhaps magic equal to the prohibition used by Gislan, who 'possessed' Her Majesty the Queen.

Usually it's a natural substitute for being alert, but there shouldn't be enough room in the High Magic Court today to perceive and deal with this ban.

The dean may suspect me of a boulder, but it's also to save the city. I need you to take a big look at it.

Now, what's in the basement hall to go and do? I look forward to it now.

- The case is finally loaded.

I made it so important. The last act will have to be flashy.

Hey, do it with Gislan. How much will you not enjoy me?