Forced metastases.

I only knew the story. I thought it happened. Liz realized in an instant that she had been transferred from the emergency room to a place like this basement.

I was falling in so that Aynlana could bring to her body.

Shake my mother's body, which is smaller than mine.

Tension gently on Aynlana's cheek, whose consciousness is blurred.

When the crisp sound sounded, the current queen of the elves blinked.

"... Liese, Merliah? Where are we?"

"I don't know. My mother must have brought you here."

"My concubine...? Come on."

Aynlana moaned with her fingers between her eyebrows as if she had been attacked by an intense headache.

Liz takes a peek at what's going on around her as she supports her luxurious body.

The elves, who I believe were being brought as escorts to my mother, and Ensign Lattis, who was on the spot, were all falling into the spot.

Liz has no idea how Aynlana came to visit Mirdiana land in the first place.

When I woke up in the emergency room, I heard the revelations, but all of a sudden I was distracted.

Besides, just before that, they said they took Ensign Lattis hostage and entered the Commander-in-Chief's office, so I couldn't figure out how.

At that time, there was a sound of someone walking over from the depths of the basement hall.

On guard, it was the creeper who came.


I don't know its face because I weave black robes on my luxurious body and wear a hood deep in my eyes.

Liz instantly used the power of the 'eye'.

Power transmitted only to the royal family of the kingdom of Zefte Aria. Liz was able to use that ability to see the truth to some extent, albeit still immature.

(Female...... right? Plus, elves)

All I could tell was that she was an elf woman.

And behind her were several soldiers of the Elberian Imperial Army. There are even those wearing military uniforms stamped with officers' crests.

Their faces were well known. The anti-elfists.

Shizukuishi's all set.

A creepy voice echoes underground, like a mix of men's and women's voices.

"Lord Guislan. Now you can finally eradicate the elves."

"Eradicate. Ri. All the wise men of the woods, if they become the last Shizukuishi."

"Bring in the Heavenly Demons and drive the Elves away. There is no harm done to humans. Are you sure about this, too?

To the conversation that goes on in front of her, Liz said with a face like she saw something incredible.

"Oh, you know, great people. You seriously believe what that dubious guy says?

"The Elberian Empire is our human thing. There can't be any room for you elves. I didn't know it would lead to an alliance… I still don't believe it."

"I'm the one who can't believe it. Are you all responsible for the disappearance of the elves that's happened?

No one answered the words.

But everyone on the spot is laughing. With madly pregnant eyes.

Aynlana opened her mouth when Liz was desperate to think of a way out of this current situation.

"Has the interior of the Imperial Army rotted so far? There were also some misprospects for concubines. I didn't know there was even room for discussion anymore."

"Shut up!! Originally, the monkeys in the woods had no alliance! Besides, isn't the cause right now in front of you? This is a hell of an opportunity!

It was none other than the Emperor of Time and Einlana who entered into an alliance between the Empire and the Kingdom of Zefte Aria 100 years ago.

That's when the Empire side allowed the Elves maximum concession.

Make the elves who have worked enough merit recognise them as nobles and officers, forbid the elves to be enslaved, and impose little tax on imports from the kingdom of Zephte Aria.

Those were the conditions that were the lord offered by the elves. Anyway, he explored forms of coexistence with humans without any discriminatory feelings towards the elves that spread to the Empire.

Since the emperor of time was also worried about the treatment of the elves, which were evil within the empire, those conditions take the form of swallowing almost entirely.

After the signing of the alliance, 100 years of the month gradually turned the relationship between man and the elves into a good one. Aynlana did feel that way.

However, there are a number of people who still have discriminatory feelings about elves.

Conservative aristocrats and military personnel had a strong tendency to do so, discriminating little in the shadow of the improved status of the elves.

Such adversity and the particular excellence of the elves gained the rank of nobility, and a few years ago dissatisfaction exploded when Lyudio Lambert, a half-elf, was finally appointed commander-in-chief of the imperial army's southern territories.

It was from that period that the anti-elfists gained momentum.

"Treating an elf who is also known as the sage of the forest as a monkey is a laugh. So, what do you say you are, not human beings, when that monkey takes the Commander-in-Chief's seat? A dog if it's less than a monkey."

"Ki, you!!

"Or my mother! What are you provoking...!

"I don't even think about concubines as much as dew to make them feel at ease. Anyone on this scene can burn them all down. Assuming you've worked disrespect for the current queen of your allies."

Explosive magic emanates from Aynlana's body.

Liz, who was close with that tremendous power, could not move.

Only one person showed no reaction while the anti-elfists were also upset. The person with the robe's feathers squeaks blush.

"Queen. Of the wise men of the woods. It may reach the forbidden technique. Great power. Shizuku deserves it."

"Gui, Lord Gislan! That elf is dangerous! Immediately..."

"I won't let you!

When a high temperature flame erupted from Aynlana's hand, which had just risen, she - collapsed on the spot.

"My mother... ah..."

Liz, who immediately tried to help out, can also be slapped on the spot.

Moments, my body cramped due to the sumptuousness in front of me. I get a groan when I feel uncomfortable scratching the contents of my head in a mess.

"Oh, oh... here it is. This power. If you're an elf, you can never fight it! The boulder is Lord Guislan."

"Wonderful! Let's quickly turn these people into terminal Shizuku!

When the anti-elfists burst into joy, they sneered.

One boy appeared in front of them as everyone who was on the spot looked around slightly.

"Heh. You're doing something funny. What kind of technique is that? Tell me, too."

A blue-haired boy said in a cheerful voice that didn't look right on the spot.

His eyes are nailed by someone called Gislan in a robe.

"And, Theo... kun..."

Liz turns to Theodore, even as her face sticks to the floor.

He looked at this one with his shining eyes like those emeralds only for a moment, but right in front of him as if he had lost interest.

"Who are you!?

"Oh no, military man. I need you to remember about the names of the students who made it through the military school entrance exam with great grades."

"And I'm a man named Theodore! That I got the same grade as that brave guy 500 years ago......!

"Ko, is that what this kid is!? But a lot of people are passive. I don't know how you got in here, but cut it and throw it away -"

The screaming officer's head disappeared.

Soon the thunder glows at the fingertips of Theodore's right hand, which was protruding.

A high-end thunderbolt ceremony that didn't even require chanting pierced the officer's head in an instant.

A body without a head fell to the floor with a stiff throat.

Seeing the overly dismal end of an officer class soldier, his men are frightened as they uniformly confuse their heads.

"What, what... what..."

"I'm sorry. The only thing I'm interested in is wearing that hood there, 'sister'. I don't want it later."

You felt an instinctive sense of crisis. A flame erupted from the bodies of the anti-elfists who screamed and tried to escape.

A level of advanced industry-inflammatory formula approaching a ban that does not require any preliminary motion.

He was a man who should never turn to his enemies. By the time I thought so, their bodies had already disappeared without even leaving ashes.

Only one remaining anti-elfist soldier screamed and knelt on the spot.

"Ha, help me! Please! I... I was just being fucked by them!


"Hey, I'll do anything! So help me! Please!!

"Are you willing to atone for the crime of attacking Her Majesty the Queen of Elves?

"Also, of course! Do anything, anything!! What should I do!? Tell me!!

Theodore said gently when he saw a soldier with his head on a cold cobblestone desperately pleading.

"You can die."

A soldier's body was blown away by a storm, and a sound hit a wall far beyond it.

All the powerful military men who have survived the fierce battle against the Xenan Dragon King died in just seconds.

Ending an absolute and too unilateral ravage, the blue-haired boy says sarcastically.

"Disrespect for Her Majesty deserves to die. Oh, my God."

Theodore, laughing with his nose, looked again at the person in the hood.

"Come on. We've got a lot to talk about, and shall we talk about it slowly? Start by introducing yourself. I say Theodore. [M] Nice to meet you, Gislan?


It was the moment when two inexperienced people met (like this) in a dim hallway.