I saw a long-lasting hallway with a hood in my eyes.

The whole body covered in robes is luxurious and vague in appearance and gender. But that's a normal story, and even from me, where the power of the demon god resides, I knew it was a woman at a glance.

And I'm not human. This feeling belongs to the elves.

That hood is getting in the way.

I put a light wind speedy ceremony on the hood she was wearing and forced her to roll up.

Inside the hood was the elf face of a beautiful woman with long ears.

She stares at me in a vain atmosphere rather than a faceless one. It's like you're not here.

"... mi, Ensign Miriam?

It was Liz who squealed like that.

Miriam. Was it indeed the elf of a woman who attacked Ensign Lattis and disappeared?

"Ugh, shh. Why did you...?

"Liz. She's definitely Miriam, but she's not Miriam."

"Huh? Huh? What do you mean...?

"The 'contents' are different - rather, it feels like something else is possessed inside Miriam."

Then, for the first time, Elf, called Miriam, opened his mouth.

"I... Ensign Miriam Stasis. of the Imperial Army Southern Territories."

The mixed voice of a man and a woman is badly deaf.

"I know that. What I want to know is not about Miriam. Gislan, it's about you."

"... you are. What are you? Who is it? What do you know? How. Me."

"Looks like you're out of your mind after all. I can't help it. Because you're the killer of the Mira bloodbath that supposedly happened 500 years ago."

That's when the eyeglassed elf lying beside Liz woke up.

I looked around with a blurry look and looked at the elf with the robe's feathers for a little bit.

"Mi, Miriam!? Are you all right?

But Ensign Miriam does not answer. She stared at me without even trying to see what her best friend looked like.

"Gislan. You're just a human being. I am probably from the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, famous as that magical power. He should have been quite a renowned magician in that country. Your technique is forbidden beyond the realm of witchcraft. Few people can use it easily."


"Gi, gislan? Huh? She's Miriam, so..."

"Ensign Lattis. Theo, listen to me."

I don't really want anyone else to ask me from here on out, but, well, I can't help it.

"And you abandoned your body for some reason and succeeded in the technique of making your soul (kompaku) possess other bodies. And I don't know how long it's been, but I guess I've been lurking in other people's bodies and living. But others' bodies belong to others. You couldn't stand the load and gradually wore out your spirit."

I go on.

"At that time, 'someone found' you with a rare talent. Someone noticed your talent. [M] I don't even know if that refers to your goddess."

Gislan still doesn't make it slight.

There's no way I'm completely unconscious. I'm probably just watching this one carefully.

"I guess that person told you." Use the elves to create the Shizuku of the end, "he said.

"The goddess is all I have."

That's all I say in a creepy voice.

"Yeah. That's why you came to the Empire. Perhaps listen to Mila Balzac, who possessed many elf slaves in search of beauty. That's the beginning of Mira's blood tide case."

"The goddess is all I have."

"Yes, it's all for the goddess. If you feed an elf to a demonic conductor with the magic amplification function that was being studied in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a drop of red tears will flow from its eyes. It's called the Shizukuishi of the End."

"The goddess is all I have."

"And using the terminal Shizukuishi for a massive ban...... no, we're already over that area. This is magic. The magic amplification effect of Shizukuishi at the end is probably advantageous in various situations. Using it in a summoning ceremony, you forced an angel to summon from the ceiling. It's the identity of the demons who supposedly attacked humans and elves."

That's what I say, but I see a technique strewn out in the hallway.

It seems to be a genealogy of the heyday technique, which is an extremely powerful technique that probably acts only on elves.

No matter how powerful the elves on this scene with just one Guislan will be powerless in an instant. Dean Ludio, the level might change the story.

This is probably also the reason why 3,000 elves were turned into terminal Shizuku 500 years ago without being able to do anything.

I just have a few questions left.

"The goddess is all about me..."

The power of 'this' is strong. I also know very well that the surgery ceremony is actually activated and wielding its tremendous power.

But that's all.

I'm sure he had great talent as a human being, but he doesn't end up being a demon like us.

I don't feel so different compared to the queen of elves held by my daughter.

It is not normal for "this degree of existence" to break through the elves' magic resistance and twist them forcefully.

And all the more so if it's a technique that can force you to summon the angels supposedly living in the canopy. There's no way I can knit that advanced.

The angels have extremely powerful magic resistance. Overwhelming resistance to elves and dragons alike. At least I don't know the phrase that summoned them together, the technique of directing them to attack only humans and elves.

Some people in Tenebrae have the same qualities as me if only by magic.

Even they wouldn't know how to manipulate angels freely.

If so, I would definitely like to determine the sincerity of the procedure.

"Hey, Gislan. What is the source of your elves' free manipulation?

"... the goddess is all I have"

"Don't talk about it. Shall we go back a little 'sane'?

I rush off the spot, blinking before Gislan without giving it a whirl.

If the spirit is about to collapse, the reaction is dull. Is the contents still just human?

With that in mind, I eagled her head off.

"Wait, wait... don't kill Miriam, come on..."

Lattice, lying on the ground, comes up with a plea.

Nevertheless, I activated the procedure.

Dark magic overflows from the arms that grabbed her head into the soul of Gislan, which entered Miriam's body.

This is a technique that forcefully restores cloudy spirits and memories to their original state. The Hypnotic Ceremony can also be used to brainwash an opponent or disarm it.

Gislan groaned, draining a tremendous amount of magic from an oblivion ceremony about the same level as Prohibition.

Moments, just a few of the memories that were in Gislan flow into me.

- An old aristocratic woman laughing invincibly.

- The first creepy monster with a green body surface.

- A man staring at this one with a hostile look. My body pierces the blade he was holding.

- Red glow. Impossible magic overflows from the body pierced by the blade, and a disastrous magic formation appears in the sky, from which those with white wings -

I see. Is this Mira's fragmented memory of the blood tide incident?

The first old woman will probably be Mila Balzac. And the next creature that emerged was a demonic creature about the terminal Shizukuishi.

The next memory comes from when Gislan was possessed by Mira.

And when her body died, the procedure was activated. This is probably what concerns the activation conditions of the subpoena ceremony.

When I was so convinced, only one more strange sight was engraved in my brain.

- There was a young woman. I'm in reflexes and I don't see that face very well, but she says in a soft voice.

'Let's do a purification. Clean up everything in this world. A world full of light is ours alone'

He sounded very serene and like a Virgin. Gislan knelt (knelt first) on the spot and drowned his head. Again from that overhead, I hear a gentle voice.

"It's okay, if you do what I say, everything will work out"

'Oh, oh... goddess, oh... goddess. Everything belongs to you. This is for you. "

'Let's do a purification. Hey, Gislan?

My hand was paid off at the same time that I heard the words to the end.

The one who did the body of the elf woman in front of him said in a voice that was so clear that it could not be compared to earlier.

"What have you... done to me"

"I was going crazy. I repaired your spirit. That's when the memories of 500 years ago came in. I knew the truth about Mira's bloodtide incident, how to build the Shizuku of the end, and how to summon the Heavenly Demon. But I saw something I couldn't figure out."

Continue staring at Gislan as he strips away his hostility.

"At the end I saw a woman with a very strange atmosphere. Who the hell is that?

"How dare you...!!

"That felt mysterious. He was as if he had made the Virgin of the Holy Kingdom his present."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Don't you talk about her!!

"Is she what you call a goddess? That's funny, why don't you let me know more?

Magic erupted from Gislan's body. Immediately released at me. [M]

Flames, thunder and darkness. The magic clouds, shaped as if they were intricate, vanished on the spot trying to pierce me.

"Hey, why, why doesn't it work...!

"If you really want to kill me, use a compound technique more than a ban. Well, I guess I can't. You can't stand to use any more of these other procedures with that body, can you?


The technique of twisting down the elf that Gislan is activating should be putting a strong load on Miriam's body.

That's supposed to be hard, but there's no way you can handle a technique that can kill me even more.

Gislan saw Her Majesty Queen Aynlana. I know you're going to possess her body, but I won't let you do that either.

I threw a magically knitted knife at Gislan's chest for a moment. It disappears the moment it pierces deep into her body and creates a wound. A lot of blood overflowed.

"Mi, Miriam......!!

"Now, I don't want you guys to see what's going to happen, so will you sleep a little?"

I snapped my fingers on the spot. [M]

A tremendous wave of magic overflows from behind me, instantly enveloping Liz, Her Majesty the Queen and Lattice.

Even though they were weak because of Gislan's procedure, they lost their minds in an instant and stopped moving.

"Thank you, Lena"

"About what? It's a waste of time."

"Will you keep an eye on them so that no harm is done to them?"

"As you say."

Lena, a maid of honor clothes who showed up, let her bow gracefully.

You were right to accompany her, who had disappeared beforehand.

Regardless of Lattice and Liz, it is impossible with my magic now to put her to sleep until Her Majesty Queen Aynlana.

"You... who are you...!

"Well, okay. You can tell me."

I laughed when I realized that someone had not seen the place from far away through magic.

"I... No, my name is Lucifer. One of the seven pillar demon gods supporting the Tenebrae demonic kingdom. Is it easier to understand when you say Demon King?

"Tenebrae...... ma, demon tribe...... so!!

"This is what happens now because of the reason. It's pretty fun to keep pretending to be human, Gislan and I do. I've migrated numerous human and elf bodies, and you know how this feels?

"Heh... I'm kidding!!

Again, a number of aggressive surgical formulas are released.

They were all bounced in front of me.

"Don't push it, Gislan. I told you your body couldn't stand it as it was."

"A demon glimpse into the figure of my supreme goddess, etc...!!

"I can't help what I see. I don't care about such things now. Do you want me to answer my question?"

"... Grr! Khuuu!!

Gislan looked up to heaven with his teeth crooked. But nothing happens.

"A floating life form that doesn't have an entity (fu I want to blame it). That's you now, isn't it? I put up a simple procedure so that no other body could escape. You'll never get out of here again."

I have a grudge. The body of an elf staring at me with eyes.

Still young. Slightly older than Liz, his body is so luxurious that he is a soldier but as an elf can be said to be a child.

But if my guess is correct, that body is no longer...

"We've been kidnapping elves within the Empire for several years, gradually expanding in size. And three years ago you came to this land of Mirdiana. Use that Miriam Stasis body."


"And one by one, I gathered the elves and turned them into terminal Shizuku. Show me the exorcist creature and his killer, too. He's in the back, isn't he?

Turn around behind the vigilant gislan. I wouldn't have figured out how someone with only as much reflex nerve as a normal human being.

whispered in that ear.

"Come on, let me show you around"

Guislan, with his teeth crouched, headed to the great hall in the back as he was pushed back by me.

What was there was an ugly, huge monster.

It was like a green potato worm enlarged body, with a large first on the tip and one or two huge mouths below it, such as humans, that could be swallowed easily.

There are creatures sitting on top of the magic formations that I don't think have occurred in such a natural world.

They don't try to move off the spot just to raise a creepy groan. No, I guess I can't move, to be exact.

Being unable to move from the top of the magic formation, just seeking the flesh of an elf. Is this the identity of the monster that appeared in Rocha's gazebo?

These are undoubtedly artificially constructed demonic conductors.

The main use is to circulate the magic power of the predatory opponent rapidly in the body and explode and amplify the stored magic power. Eventually, a concentrated mass of magic becomes a drop of red tears. That's who Shizuku is at the end.

If you build a number of end-of-life Shizuku from the body of an elf that originally possesses high purity magic, you will be able to gain immense magic.

Just two in the hall.

There were several barns from the basement hall until they came to this hall, but the contents were all empty.

Probably no more surviving elves.

"... cum. Kukukukukukukuku"

"What's wrong?

Gislan said in a spooky voice as he inadvertently began to laugh.

"Whatever you are, you can no longer stop summoning the White Wings. This is destiny."

"Right. The conditions for activation of the art of calling the demon are already predicted."

I let go of my arm from Gislan and faced him directly in the front.

"That Miriam and his elf body... it's not long now, is it?

"How do you know that?"

"Mira, an elderly woman lord, rejuvenated using her terminal Shizuku. Because it was human. But not if the elves use it." Its body, which swallowed the blood of hundreds of its compatriots all together, "is eroded by strong magic and no longer knows tomorrow, right?

Shizuku at the end that it rejuvenated humans.

But an elf is a completely different body from a human being. Even if it worked effectively on humans, so did elves.

And terminal Shizuku is like a dramatic drug that must eventually become a baby and die if humans also continue to ingest it.

"Elf's abduction began when Miriam hasn't even attended military school yet. In other words, you had already possessed that body since she was a child, taking in a number of terminal Shizuku in her body. Miriam was probably sick because her body was rejecting the repeated ingestion of a mass of magic."

It was just a guess when it comes to the side effects when the elves drank it, but given the behavior of this guy named Guislan, it makes sense.

Gislan is clearly in a hurry.

"The activation condition for the Tendemon Summoning Ceremony is the death of the terminal Shizuku drinker. That's why you acted bold. Miriam to Lattice. Lattice to Liesemelia. Liesemelia to Aynlana. There are also those who, if they continue to stand, become possessed, will always reach their existence. By causing him to kill his own body, which drank the final Shizuku, he summoned the Heavenly Demon. That's the path you drew."

I was aware of that around Liz being possessed.

Involve her and also use the mother as the ingredient for the terminal Shizuku. And Ludio Lambert, who took a heavy look at the situation, set out to come on board.

Did you think that you might be able to use that man as an ingredient, or did you try to kill him using the Heavenly Demon?

No matter how that half elf moves, Miriam's body has already reached its limit.

If they kill you on the spot, that's fine. Even if that man notices the truth and tries to strip himself from Miriam's body, Miriam's body quickly runs out and the procedure activates.

"... yes. The purification of the white wings cannot be stopped. Even more so if you are a demon god. The blows of the White Wings that fly in soon enough easily penetrate the body of the Demon Clan. You will die again, poor demon."

"That's fine."


"I have come to this country in my spare time: the disappearance of an elf 500 years ago and the arrival of a celestial demon. None of that is merely boring to me. Let me enjoy myself at best."

I pierced Miriam with my right arm - Gislan's chest, choking his heart off.

The moment Gislan glances at his face, frightened by a moment of events, he grips the heart in his hand.


"You can no longer transfer souls to other bodies. Stupid sorcerer."

I crushed the heart I was holding.

At that moment, something like a pale beard slipped out of her body.

I entangle it in my hand.

"This is who you are. 500 years of eternal travel can be crushed here and now. Spread it clean."

The soul of Gislan screams the end of the demon when he sears for it in an industry-flammation ceremony. A being close to a phantom melted like a bubble on the spot and disappeared. And Miriam dies again.

Exactly as if it had signaled it, a vast amount of magic filled the scene and went up far into the sky through the ceiling.

It's explosive magic. This is no longer even beyond the prohibition.

The tremendous shock began the collapse of the High Magic Court. That seems to extend to the whole building.

Now 'The Crystal That Was Sealing That Man's Power' would have been shattered and scattered as well. No matter how much array used a stubborn sealing formula, it can't withstand this overwhelming runoff of magic.

Instantly bounce off the collapsing stone by placing a simple junction.

I don't have to do this, but I have to keep all the monsters in front of me alive. To solve everything, for others to know the truth 500 years ago and today.

"Lena, keep all the elves out."


"You just have to throw out the other elves appropriately, but never leave Liz and Aynlana's side. Eliminate whoever harms them."

I'll take care of it.

After confirming that Lena had used the forced transfer ceremony on the elves, I also jumped out of the building at once enclosing my own body with a wind speedy ceremony.