Between kings of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom. On its throne sat an angel unlike any demonic kingdom.

He sits on his elbow and puffs his legs together. My eyes were half dead.

"Master Lumiel. Open your mouth."

"... ahhh"

A maid serving the palace stabs a more dull fruit in the fruit pick and carries it to the mouth of an angel.

Lumiel, who would eat like that if he did, stared in the direction of not being there and sighed.

I am not a king in the first place. I don't know about politics, and I don't know about diplomatic issues. It's not the kind of vessel the king serves, but that didn't matter.

The biggest problem with hitting the throne is that I don't have anything to do even when I'm sitting on the throne.

It's been over a month since Lucifer traveled to the Empire. When the hell will I be back?

He said he'd be home in a few days to a few years or something. For Lumiel, an angel but also a demon, it's really just a trivial time. That's what goes on as soon as I get confused... that's what I thought.

"Master Lumiel. Your mouth is half open."


"Master Lumiel. You look very sloppy and unproductive."


"Master Lumiel. If your husband sees you as you are, he will soon give you his love."

"That's it - this isn't what's happening because Rin isn't here! Rin Baker!!

Suddenly an exasperated lumiel screamed as she pulled both cheeks of the maid.

"Rumi Hefuma. Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy. Yes (Master Lumiel. Stop hitting me eight)"

"If it's just Rin, then why are you even going to the Empire?!! It's about Rin, so you must be adorable every night...! If you want to take me, take me! This, ridiculous ridiculous idiot!!

Lumiel screams as he slaps the maid's head hard with a doddle.

The maid was left expressionless.

"Master Lumiel. No matter how many times you hit me in the head, your husband won't come home."

"What! You say you're okay without Rin!?

"I'm not fine. I want you to come back soon."

The maid says as she looks at the angel slapping herself in the head a hundred times.

"Lumiel, your amulet is tired."

"Treat me like a child!?

"The brain points out that the child, the spirit, the child, the body are slightly immature."

"That's not true! I mean, I don't want you to tell me!!

As he caught the little maid's collar and rocked it violently, his shuddered voice echoed.

"Heh heh... I wonder what happened because Lucifer's magic has disappeared, and the angel sits on the throne."

"... Belzebub?

Lumiel releases the maid before welcoming the guest.

It was an old gray-haired man who was called Belzebub. His face is engraved with a number of wrinkles, and his blood color is poor and he wraps his robe around his small body.

The thin body, however, was full of a disastrous atmosphere. I guess that's what the enormous amount of magic and harshness that overflows from your whole body looks like.

He is the one pillar of those who bear the name of the Demon King, as is Lucifer.

In ancient times he was a demon without shame in the name of the royal family who used numerous magic and turned every battlefield into a wilderness.

"My Tenebrae demonic kingdom has fallen to earth."

"If you're just here to say you don't like it, go home. I'm in a really bad mood right now."

"Heh heh, well it's not that frustrating. You should be honest with your grandfather."

"You're about the same age as Rin."

Belzebub is the old man himself because of his appearance, but the magic and temper emanating from his body was off track.

If there is just a human being on this occasion, it is not strange that he is touching the moment he sees that old demon god.

Not as extreme as Lucifer, who remains in the form of a demon god, but this demon god, Belzebub, is also a threat to man itself.

"Lucifer went to the Empire, didn't he?

"That's right. That's not why I'm sitting on the throne. So now I am king. Lie down."

"In a king like this, the country will perish."

"What the hell!?

Belzebub said to Lumiel, who tried to grab it again by the maid who said it was a blur.

"Prohibition was used in the Empire"

"Prohibition? That's not it. Right now - Rin doesn't have that power. So, Lena?

"But it's not. That girl's got a heavy load to deal with."

"... what do you mean? You're an ex-brainer, aren't you? You were the strongest in the empire. There was an arm of sorcery. You could have handled the forbidden art beyond the realm of witchcraft... well, he seems to be better at swordsmanship than that one."

"Strange magic has been used successively in the Empire for the past few years. I'm pretty sure it required a lot of sacrifice from my surgical sensing."

Belzebub is one of seven pillars supporting the Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

Its power is extremely powerful. Though swordsmanship and somatology are inferior, they are no less powerful than Lucifer, who gave all his strength when it comes to the handling of magic.

I can't even pretend it's just Grandpa's bullshit.

"It's an extremely large surgical ceremony. Quite a few of the forbidden techniques… Could it reach the 13th staircase? Is it" further up "again?"

"! You're lying, right? It's not like humans can use that."

"It's just an inexhaustible technique for humans to gather hundreds. But it's actually being used. I'm not interested in what that means. Heh heh heh heh."

"Can't I see ahead with your chili eye?

"The black beard wraps the whole thing up. I have no idea what's going to happen. It's funny."

"You're useless! But in short, Rin's in danger, right? Then I have to go. I don't know if it's forbidden, but you just have to smash it all. Because I'm the best at that!

Rising from the throne, Lumiel, unlike just now, was showing tremendous motivation.

As he put his pure white wings on and built up his strength - he jumped at once and instantly flew outside the palace.

The leftover maid tells me it's pompous.

"Don't be shy because your husband doesn't even know where to put you... Are you sure, Mr. Belzebub? Even releasing such a beast into the wild."

"Heh heh. It might be more interesting."

"It doesn't seem strange to ram flashly and screw up the empire,"

"Not then... hehe. It would be interesting to have a full-scale war with his country for the first time in a long time."

Instead of asking for it to happen, Belzebub caught the corner of his mouth.