"So, why are we here?

"I don't even know if you ask me. Lieutenant General Lambert, I'm sure you have some thoughts."

"... I knew that the military had unleashed some sort of magic trick, but how could it be here?"

In the midst of a mess near the High Magic Court, dragon boys and red-haired youths had such exchanges while keeping their backs on the building walls.

Ludio told me one thing. I told him to keep an eye on the High Magic Court.

But the High Magic Court is closed. Are you on temporary leave, or I don't even see an official.

This shouldn't do anything, even if a ban is used, but what is that half-elf lieutenant general thinking? Julian says it doesn't seem funny.

"You said you'd take care not to die on those beasts. Besides, he's dying on me, so I was wondering what the hell he's gonna do... nothing's gonna happen after a few hours of watching here. The pinch."

"It would be best to have nothing. If anything happens to Her Majesty the Queen, who should have already visited by now, we won't be talking about national traffic issues"

"Don't come. I'm telling you, you deserve it. If it's an escort in the first place, let me do it."

"... go before His Majesty the Queen. His Excellency the Lieutenant General's character is in doubt."

"Oh, my God."

Silver eyes stare at Keith, but he doesn't leave his eyes meditating and benevolent and slight.

The seriousness of it cut her temper, and Julian asked about something.

"Hey, I've been wondering about that earlier, but what's that silly, big sword?

Keith's hand held a sword large enough to reach from the ground to his chest. It seems like you can poke your sword tip to the ground and move into action as soon as you need something.

"Mm-hmm. Say this is the Holy Sword," Ville Geeza. "It's our family heirloom that Dwarf's famous master made us build. Once gripped, you can dramatically enhance the magic of the owner to unleash a tremendous amount of magic."

"I see. An essential weapon for a demon swordsman."

"The name means' fangs of fire 'in the ancient Dwarves, but as the name suggests, it is a substitute specializing in industrial flame art ceremonies. I'm good at handling flames, but I'm not good at other procedures. Because it is, it also has this holy sword to maximize the effect of a good surgical formula. Well, I've hardly ever wavered before."

"You're talented. You're struggling."

Keith groans at Julian's relentless words.

But shortly afterwards, the dragon boy continued.

"I only have magic talent. Besides, he handles it a little better than any other dragon clan. I can't smash a human with my bare hands like you guys, or wield a sword and slap him."

"Sure, you're small, but depending on your workout, you'll be able to get into things quickly, like body surgery and swordsmanship"

"It's no use, you know"

The boy continues with a sigh of abstinence.

"I don't have the strength anyway. No matter how hard you try, you won't improve your muscle strength or strength. The dragon is turning into a human. It's the harm."

"What do you mean?

"The pureblooded dragon clan shows its true worth by becoming what it really is. But when the Dragons leave the land of Zenan, they can't keep looking like dragons for long. That's why I'm turning into a human being. It doesn't matter how hard you try in your first appearance."

"... it might make sense, though. It wouldn't hurt to just remember the skill, would it?

"Fine, nothing. It's our job as magicians to unleash magic from a distance. You can't beat a real guy if you're forced to close up. If that's about it, you'd better maximize your 'specialty' to the limit, wouldn't you? Same reason you said that earlier."

"You mean you'll find your way to magic?"

"Yes, yes. Those beasts are the same, aren't they? Those guys are desperate to excel in physical surgery. Each of the privileged students is not good at it.... Well, there's only one weird guy mixed up, but that's an exception."

I realized you meant Theodore, and Keith made a tannic surface.

"I wonder what his power is."

"I don't know. It's not all about swordsmanship, physics, and witchcraft. I'm also familiar with ancient languages. Honestly, I don't know what that means. I wonder if it's a monster or something."

"I made out with Theodore, but it was like I couldn't stand my teeth. I've been guided by a lot of swordsmen and swordsmen... and I've been told if anyone was stronger than him."

"I could see Lieutenant General Lambert up there on the boulder with his witchcraft skills.... but from that spare moment, that's suspicious too."

"I don't know that anyone who has just enrolled in military school is better than His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert, who was called that five heroes... but I don't want to believe him"

"Honestly, that was my first time."


"I learned my senses when I was crazy about death and devoted my life to witchcraft, but it wouldn't even end up at this guy's feet, at the entrance exam. It's just an intuition, though.... Don't tell him, okay?

I didn't think it was a confident boy line, but Keith nodded.

I thought the same thing through my archery with Theodore. I wonder what this man can't win where he did it.

Who is that impenetrable man? Wasn't it really the rebirth or something of a brave man who was 500 years ago? When I was thinking about that.

I ran scared all over my body.

Seeing, Julian reacts in the same way and immediately turns his gaze to the High Magic Court.

Moments later, I could see that red magic, like blood, pierced heaven with explosive momentum.

"... what are you doing?"

"It's nothing but white-winged monsters and white-winged monsters. We're finally here."

He was a dragon boy pretending to be able to afford it, but his expression was hard.

Keith clenched the pattern of the Holy Sword Ville Geeza and stuck his sword tip to the cobblestone as if to inspire himself.

Hard A magical power gushes out of the holy sword that pierces it easily, enveloping Keith's entire body.

A huge, intricately tattooed magic formation appears over the sky.

And when I put it away for a little while.

Out of the magic formation, monsters with white wings popped up on their backs in unison.