When I jumped out of the High Magic Court collapsing with the wind, a different sight caught my eye.

White-winged objects were flying all over the city.

The human being, the one whose head is the only animal… it is undoubtedly the same as the figure of an angel. If that's all.

Among the things that were flying through the air and attacking those on the ground and the elves one after the other were just giant faces, and even aliens like those who had produced bright white tentacles from the animal's torso.

They were only growing white wings, and they were no longer the kind of people who could be called angels.

It's too far from what an angel looks like for me to know. You can no longer call it a monster.

So much for being a celestial demon. Maybe it's odd to say. But only divinity is overflowing from that body. I could not feel the power of darkness as the Demons possessed.

Those guys make more than a few hundred herds and they're ramming around like crazy.

Some were wielding arms and legs, while others were hunting using magically braided weapons.

In the meantime, a tremendous flame overshadowed the demons. Maybe 10th floor if converted to witchcraft.

Looking in that direction, a red-haired young man is waving his great sword and slashing and dumping the celestial demons one after the other, while spraying a flame up from the tip of his sword.

It's Keith. And what he's got is the Holy Sword. And it's pretty good. Perhaps I'm aiding Keith in increasing his magic.

Lightning struck right beside him, scorching out the surrounding demons.

If you look at you, the brunette boy is unleashing magic one after the other as he exudes magic from all over his body.

Thunder strikes, explosions, icing - Julian and Keith stand on their backs shooting continuously without having time to take a break from magic about 8th floor.

"These guys have magic resistance, they're crazy. They can't get a scratch from some sorcery on the seventh floor."

"The skin is also as hard as a rock bed! We're gonna be numbered like this."

"The military should already be moving, too. I don't know how useful a soldier can be, but until then, don't step on it. Um..."

Quite reliable.

That's what I thought, an arrow tip, one of the celestial demons was about to strike at the residents who had missed their escape.

I go into the momentum of the storm, and I just use my magic in the palm of my hand to braid a pitch-black sword and stick it in the head of an unnoticed demon.

I stood down on the ground, and then I said to the woman who was shuddering out of her hips.

"Are you hurt?

"Ha, ha...!

"If you don't want to die, don't leave me."

Point your finger at the flying celestial demon and activate the magic formation. Instantly detonates and disperses the body of the demon.

The 8th floor magic comes through means less than a junior angel.

To the extent that it won't even be a leisure time for me, but to the extent of a concurrent soldier, it's like a toothless level.

If you look up into the sky, the demons continue to be summoned from one unfolding magic formation to another.

'Magic', which also goes beyond the prohibition. I don't have the power to destroy that technique right now.

If it's just the people around us, we can protect them, but other than that, they're tough. I could see the inhabitants who were running to the present and fleeing were skewered by a spear waved by the demon.

Slash and discard one flying celestial demon after another. White wings scatter from the white wings and pile up around them.

A body of this magnitude can be defeated with a sword made of my magic.

The sacramental ceremony exerts immense power over the Demonic Nation. Conversely, the oblivion ceremony, which manipulates the darkness, is also sacred - mortally wounded by the likes of angels and angels.

These two rituals are like natural enemies to each other. I didn't know the experience would come alive here when the Lumiels attacked us 1,000 years ago.


Keith was running over when I saw him.

He slashes and throws away the attacking demons one after the other, but the colour of fatigue floats early on in his face.

"Keith, are you okay?

"Oh, no problem to this extent!

"As reliable as I can be. I need you to help me evacuate the people behind me."


At that time, one after the other appeared those in black military uniforms.

I finally got backup. I hope it adds up a little, but now I wonder what happens.


When the fox-eared girl soaked her long golden hair and unleashed a strong kick, the face of the demon was smashed and scattered.


A blow by the White Wolf girl's nails slashes and rips the Heavenly Devil's neck, from which blood erupts.

"You don't have a chili, this is it"

"Phew. It's too hard. My nails are ruined."

Shaura's nails were sharp and pointy enough to be distinctly different from normal times.

When the Beasts are serious, parts of their bodies can be enlarged, hardened and specialized in hunting for prey as if they had made ancestral returns.

"Is this the Heavenly Devil? The disaster that struck the Empire 500 years ago - surely if all this hits, the damage will be immense."

"My angel image is ruined. I thought you were a beautiful girl with white wings."

Saying so, Shaura jumps straight back and slashes and rips that neck muscle by sticking it to the body of the demon she was after.

A white-winged monster with a goat head and a tiger-like lower body fell and lay low.

"Such a monster is a good place to scam, not at all"

"... there have already been several casualties among the Imperial Army soldiers. I don't know much about witchcraft, but the low-ranking ones don't seem to work at all."

"Looks like it. What do we do, Rocha? Just us. Run away? Lieutenant General Lambert said you could run if your life was spared."

"What the hell, Shaura? Are you scared? Then I don't mind running. We'll keep fighting for the rest of it. It's been a long time since I've rolled."

Seeing your lord's fierce grin, Shaura clapped her shoulders.

"I make myself a slave to Rocha and an escort. There's no way I'm gonna leave you and run away."

"The boulder is under the rest of your men. I'll give you a little compliment later."

"Honestly!? Then we have to stick around and kill all these monsters."

"These days all the weak ones were just getting bored with their opponents. Let's just say it's been a long time since we've had a death fight!

The beast daughters, laughing invincibly at each other, stood upright against the demons that attacked them one after the other.

Even they are given God's protection to the tough beast man's body.

The blow by its fists and legs easily penetrated the tenacious body of the demon.

"All the soldiers there! Your attacks don't make sense. Engage in evacuation guidance for the people, but good!

"Become, and yet..."

A celestial demon flew in front of a man wrapped in the armor of the Elberian Imperial Army who tried to say something.

The mouth of an overly huge head grown from a body that is only as large as a human adult is opened.

Rocha instantly jumped off the spot and punched the face of the celestial demon. The impact smashes your face and splashes your brain plasma.

"Hih, hih..."

"Run quickly. Otherwise, it's your turn to do this by those creatures."

Looking at the military man fleeing, Rocha smashed the neck of a sneaky celestial demon behind his back with a sharp tail blow.

"I don't know if he's an angel from heaven or just another monster, but I still like this city a lot. I won't let you like me any more."

Rocha shrugged so much, and the white-wing monsters in her eyes jumped at ease.

"Liesemelia. Wake up, don't wake up...!

"Hmm...? Ah, hey, what..."

Liz was held by her mother if she noticed.

Looking around, I found myself in a private house in the city of Mirdiana. But the roof has collapsed and the building is half-destructed.

And Liz made that body jump when she saw the white-wing monsters rushing through the sky at high speeds.


"It's okay, Liesemelia. I have a concubine. I won't let you serve me."

That being said, cold sweat was seeping out of Aynlana's forehead.

One of the few things my mother taught me about the old days was white wing phobia.

But why do you have such symptoms in Einlana? He didn't tell me anything about how he inherited the symptoms again.

"Hih... Hah, ha... Oh, come on...!

"You have stronger symptoms than a concubine. I didn't really want to use it, but I had to."

Dark magic erupted from Aynlana's hand.

When I could stroke my head slowly with that hand, I felt my wonder and fear eased.

"Mother, this is a euphemism...?

"That's right. If we use a technique that uses the power of darkness on an organism, it affects the body of that person. Good stuff and bad stuff. This procedure obscures the memory in the other person's brain. Not to be complete, but fear would have faded, too?

"Ugh, yeah... I'm still scared, but..."

"It's only temporary, but it shouldn't be so disturbing as to freak out"

Liz looked out into the sky.

Those monsters flying with white wings look like they can't be called angels at all.

"My concubine became white-winged phobic because those who called me the Heavenly Devil attacked me and threatened me with death."

"The one called the incident 500 years ago?

"Uhm. At that time, the Heavenly Devils, after their rampage in the Empire, launched a simultaneous raid on Zephte Aria. Fortunately, we were in a state of immediacy with the Empire at the time, so we were able to respond immediately, but there were still a handful of victims."

"Oh, yeah... how did the devils get the elves..."

At that time, the devils, who until then had been indifferent, had all stared at the mother and daughter of the elf.

Tremors run into unified movements as if they were being manipulated by something.

Einlana rushes to activate the surgical ceremony. Even if she is an elf who doesn't like aggressive manoeuvres, she has enormous magic powers and can be easily handled with forbidden techniques.

However, just moments before it was activated, more than 20 Heavenly Demons' Blades approached.

Until then, Liz, held by her mother, gets stuck trying to shelter Aynlana in reverse.

When the spears burst out simultaneously in pursuit of Liz's body, suddenly the celestial demons' bodies were cut into thin pieces.

The 'space', bathed in the blood of the celestial demons, takes the shape of one woman in a shake as she is distracted by too many moments of events.

She was an impressive girl with long silver hair wearing maid clothes. Am I as old as myself?

She held the sword used by the Imperial Army soldiers on both hands and slashed off all 20 demon bodies at such a speed that they could not be followed with her eyes.

Stunned by that fact, the maid's girl looks back to Liz and Aynlana.

"Are you hurt?"

"Oh, uh, yeah......!

"What the hell are you..."

"It's just a passing maid of honor"

White wings danced through the universe. Dozens of celestial demons were staring at us again if they noticed.

When the attacks of those with swords, spears, and those using alien bodies as weapons loomed in unison, there was a terrible explosion.

Magic was used. Besides, that was something far higher than Theodore and Julian's manoeuvres once glimpsed in the entrance exam.

The body of a silver-haired maid is overflowing with magic that has strayed from its normal orbit.

I was stunned to learn that she used a terribly powerful surgical formula without any preliminary motion.

Several celestial demons, caught in that explosion but still managed to survive, strike simultaneously, but as they blinked, hundreds of slaughters were carried out and the celestial demons were dusted into wood ends.

Black magic is overflowing from her sword. Probably using an obituary technique. One blade spill while slashing and discarding just a few celestial demons. It's supposed to be just a sword used by soldiers.

The maid has turned her dark purple eyes without disturbing one breath.

"I will protect you. Never leave this place."

"But there's something a concubine can do,"

"Nothing. I don't want to stop you if you want to go out there and be killed by the demons... but my Lord has given you my life to put your safety first."

"Or, Mother. You should leave this to this guy...!

"Ku......! At least if you can figure out what Ludio is up to......!

"Then don't worry."

The maid girl turned her face toward the army with a sword in her hands.

"He should already be ready for a battle. And at the same time, my Lord said, there are ways to bring this case to an end."

"Ludio guy... what the hell are you going to do"

Liz felt familiar to the silver-haired girl in front of her.

The day of the entrance exam for witchcraft. When I first spoke to Theodore, she came through the old inn entrance...

At that time, the maid looked in the western direction as surprised.

I don't expect her to look like that, with little expression on her face until now, and both Liz and Aynlana shudder.

And the maid girl shrugged.

"... why are you headed for this land, that no-good angel"