Lumiel reached over Mirdiana territory.

There were countless white-wing monsters there.

"... angel, right"

Though it was good that he flew joyfully and bravely, Lumiel ate a little.

How come the former brethren flew to Mirdiana?

And why are they attacking humans and elves?

An elf running late just below is about to be pierced by the spear of the demon.

After wondering what to do, Lumiel attached his finger to the black chalker he wore on his neck.

"Long time no see, 'Grand Guillaume'"

At the same time that Lumiel's words were muttered, Choker changed his appearance in an instant and became a black sword.

With that in one hand Lumiel lands with a storm.

I bounced back the spear of the demon who was about to attack the elf. The shock alone shatters a spear with divine power.

"Hey, are you insane?

He who kept the human form slightly, but grew its white wings, was alien.

It's not what my old compatriots looked like. I asked him to make sure there was no reason left.


I have stretched out that arm to Lumiel with a roar that I don't think makes sense.

Fallen angels instantly wave their swords and slay alien angels.

"There's no reason and it's weak. But I do feel divine...... It seems to have something to do with Belzebub's technique."

Lumiel turned around. For now, I tried to ask the elf who was about to be attacked if he knew anything.

The elves had fled so far away.

"Hey......! I helped you because of this! annoying!"

The demons surrounded Lumiel, who spat evil.

Everyone had madness in their eyes. Instead of being insane anymore, even appearance is disastrous.

"Hey, you guys. I don't know what's going on, but I'm a demon now. If you're going to attack me, be ready for life first."

Attacks by swords, spears and tentacles simultaneously approached Lumiel.

Bring them away instantly. The weapon known as Grand Guignol, which Lumiel had in his hands, had changed form to a giant whip.

The demon who was on the spot was torn apart, one by one, involving a building that was nearby.

All of the tens of Heavenly Demons are dusted and the surrounding buildings are destroyed without trace.

Lumiel screamed as the smoke soon stood up.

"Listen to me till the end!

When he forgot me in anger and poked Don and the ground with his feet, once again, the demons gathered together.

Lumiel made blue muscles on his forehead.

"Uh, yeah, you're gonna do it with me? You're going to do whatever it takes, aren't you? Then I won't help you if you beg for your life later."

Lumiel jumped up into the air.

Explosive magic erupts from her body.

It instantly created a surgical ceremony, causing a huge explosion around it.

The demon, which should have been close to a hundred, had disappeared without a trace.

Lumiel speaks out in a voice that doesn't make him feel fatigued or anything like that after using a superior ban.

"If you're complaining, tell the Great Goddess of Genesis after you die, Burqa!!

Her words just sounded empty and in the sky.

There are no more celestial demons around.

At this time, Lumiel, who was not particularly conscious, naturally had no such consciousness, save the area that was about to be destroyed by delayed dispatch of military forces without a minute.

"Ha... already - where's Rin? I'm in here. I am."

At that time, Lumiel's intuition worked perfectly.

I can feel only a few signs of my beloved Demon King.

"Mmm, over there! Wait, Rin! Don't think you can just leave the First Lady alone for over a month? I'll definitely catch you and fuck you up -!!

Lumiel flew in that direction screaming something very unlikely to be an ex-angel.

"Lieutenant General Lambert!!

Nia, an elf woman who is usually the secretary of the Great Library of Mildiana, rushed over to the half-elf.

Ludio Lambert stands up in front of the main entrance to the military.

When he arrived nearby, Nia was breathtaking to feel a tremendous amount of magic engulfing the freezing atmosphere from his body.

(This is... much stronger than the magic I felt when I fought Zenan...!!

Nia is a veteran. At that time, the rank falls on the Lieutenant Colonel.

Injured in her earlier battle with the Xenan Dragon King, she left her military service and now lives quietly as a clerk.

In fact, however, there was still interaction through the exchange of detailed contacts with Ludio.

Earlier today, he relinquished his clerkship and, as he did at the time, was in command of those in the military.

All of a sudden, he disciplined them without control, managed to intercept the demons to protect the civilians, looked at the gaps and rushed to Ludio.

Ludio was whispering something.

I have no idea what language it is. But that's probably chanting. I kept doing that with a whispering voice.

The frozen magic in his body increases over time.

A sealing ceremony should always be activated in the High Magic Court to prohibit the exercise of more than a ban, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work at all for him right now.

The original LUDIO has the strength to be exercised without even chanting the prohibition.

What the hell is that manoeuvre that he takes so long to chant?

Even though I was right in front of me like this, I kept closing my eyelids and chanting as if I hadn't noticed it, but those eyes slowly opened and turned to me. I can see you're silently telling me to let you know what's going on, and I'll report back to you right away.

"Currently, the Tendemon raid is concentrated in the Central District. Next, we are engaged in the South and the West, respectively, but dozens of sacrifices have already been made. Only the Oriental District is barely caught up in the war, so the residents...... HI!?

Soon, dozens of celestial demons were flying in trying to surround Near and Ludio.

Nia was Ludio's right-handed presence at the time she was a sarge. Naturally, I know about the Heavenly Devils' inheritance.

But when I confront him like this, I can't stop shivering. I almost stopped breathing just thinking about getting eaten and killed by killer white-wing monsters.

"La, Lambert Chiju..."

My tongue doesn't turn well.

I needed at least five military personnel specializing in witchcraft even to defeat one. It's nearly a hundred troops that surround us now.

Let's do this. Nia is struck by despair. I will die like this, Lieutenant General...

They flew in as the celestial demons showed each other.

Nia burst into tears with so much fear that she sat down on the spot.

I squatted with my head in my arms imagining the moment when the monsters would split me apart.

- That was a sudden event.

I remembered the intense cold as if I was in the middle of extreme cold, and I was ready to die - but nothing happens.

Nia opened her eyes softly, holding both arms, to check the surrounding conditions.

Everything in the military was frozen.

The ice protruding from the earth was like a thick spear, piercing the body of the demon and freezing it as it was.

All of the hundreds of celestial demons are skewered into ice that penetrates their strong magic resistance, freezing their entire bodies.

Ludio standing in front of me was faceless. I've also stopped chanting that I kept whispering in a whisper at some point.

he said.

"Go on."

"... is... eh...?

Ludio stared at this one as if nothing had happened.

Again different from the usual serene expression. He had a truly icy look that didn't make me remember any emotions.

Nia stood up hastily, perceiving the meaning of the word, and resumed her description of the situation in the military and the city.

Shut up and listen to Ludio and snort. And.

Pah! And slapped his hands.

Moments, the ice cubes that were flying innumerably from the earth and the celestial demons that were frozen pierced by it were instantly scattered.

Fall around Lt. Gen. Ludio Lambert as the pieces of ice sparkle.

"Well, it's getting late, but from now on, I'm going to be in command, too. If you're still willing to fight, follow me."

The procedure he used was forbidden. I don't know the stairs. But perhaps a procedure that is very close to what is even higher than the prohibition.

Treat it without any chanting or preliminary motion, and show no sign of it via intent at all.

Then what the hell was that earlier chant...

Ludio walked out without even giving me a glimpse (the best) here.

Seeing that distant hindsight, Nia continued later, albeit with a dismal look on her face.

(... this is the hero. This is Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert. a man who grew up in a bioassault ceremony while drawing the blood of an elf and climbed up to an officer)

The empire's most powerful magician who slaughtered numerous dragon tribes in the former Great War.

Genius enough to be called alongside that great hero to be told that he even changed the terrain with magic beyond numerous forbidden techniques.

Nia, once again, deeply chewed up the feat of a man who could be called the anomaly.