Seeing Lumiel, who suddenly appeared, it was Shaura who spoke first.

"Oh? Unlike the others, he's not a cute celestial devil! It's a shame to kill you, but at least I'll do the todme."

Even soon it was Rocha who held Shaura's hand disappointingly when she tried to go and tailor the angel girl.

"What, Rocha? What's wrong?

"... don't go"

"What, maybe jealousy? I'd love that! Whatever. Together."

"We're going to die. I can't win any more."

Rocha pretended to be faceless, but said as she blued her face and drowned her cold sweat.

Even Shaura hardens to the unusual appearance.

You have a good idea, Rocha. A boulder is only a king. It is also a testament to a strong man to be able to identify differences in strength with his opponent.

She doesn't seem to have the usual grip, and she's not there to actually have the fierceness to give in to anyone.

If Rocha doesn't stop, Shaura will either be torn to pieces by now or blown away without a trace.

If you look forward, Julian, who was back in person, just looks at Lumiel as he sits on the spot.

His eyes went through fright and it was no exaggeration to say he was no longer giving up.

Move and they'll kill you. I guess I can't do anything with that in mind.

But only Keith was different.

He says to Lumiel as he rises up feeling tired.

"Oh, you are... angel, are you?

Nothing is different from the other celestial demons except their poor looks.

From her red eyes, which are obviously intelligent, there is an atmosphere that seems to make sense.

... Not good.

The spear Lumiel is holding is Gran Guignol.

It's usually a choker worn around her neck, but that reality is powerful enough to make it a thousand changes (Seiken Pembanka) and easily penetrate an advanced junctional formula.

Keith's neck will be splashed if she breaks her mood at all. Even if I take refuge now, we die together. [M] I could play it if I just died once, but that's not a big deal.

Why is Lumiel here in the first place?

I told her to sit on the throne as hard as I did... no, I'm responsible for being the last one and wandering around in front of her half crying and making promises like 'I'll be home soon' or something stupid.

You'll have to take responsibility here as a husband. I slowly walked forward. [M]

Lumiel was staring at me laughing as if he hadn't heard Keith's words or something, but he looked back.

I could see that frozen bearer of magic walking from behind me.

"Well, I thought I'd just destroy the magic formations deployed over that..."

It didn't look like it moved on Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert.

But I understand. It has been conveyed in his hands that he remembers a tension stronger than ever before.

"You look like a true angel, unlike the angels who flocked there until now, but what's the purpose?

Following the words of Dean Ludio, Lumiel replied for the first time.

"You're the one who drove 'those kids' crazy?

"Tenjin, you're talking about. No, it's not. You can't use a summoning ceremony like that on me in the first place. But I can if I destroy it."

"Yes. So let me try?


Not just Lumiel, but everyone on the spot turned their gaze to Dean Ludio.

The magic emanating from his body turns into something explosive.

Apparently, the permanent chant has already been chanted, and soon the surgery activated and the magic formation unfolded from the arm the dean pointed at the sky. A mass of magic, condensed like an ice spear, was released into the sky.

The spear flies fast to the other magic formation and wears it.

Moments, the magic formations that were glowing bright red were shattered and scattered.

It was an extremely powerful surgical destruction. Probably something that can reach magic. It must have taken a lot of time to get ready.

"You're strong. Are you sure it's a half elf?

"I didn't know you were going to give me that word from an angel... I'll try to live longer."

"Babies who haven't lived in 100 years don't live long."

The mad angel of the senses laughed all the time because he lived surrounded by a long-lived demon clan, turning the spear in his hand into a whip and waving it gently. The ground is crushed.

"Fighting you sounds like fun."

"Just kidding."

Not good.

As soon as Lumiel's red eyes sparkle, I wrap around the wind speedo ceremony and kick the spot to pieces, slapping my sword towards Lumiel.

She naturally took it and tried to say something when she saw my imminent face. I say it without letting it.

"Lumiel, hit me as hard as you can."


Comma Less than a second later, I was' lightly 'slapped on the cheek with her empty left hand, broken neck bone, and my body was blown up more than a few meters and crashed into the building wall.



As the privileged students were worried, Lumiel brought Grand Guignol back into the shape of a choker and then, in an instant, he came up to me and hugged me.

"... I kind of found a cute kid, so the battle will be another opportunity for you. Bullshit, half-elf general?

Lumiel shrugged and held me, flying in the wind. He took me far west with the same momentum. [M]

"Hey, Rin. Are you okay?"

"... ku... gu..."

In the hills far from Mirdiana, I was knee-pillowed by Lumiel.

Will it be a few dozen minutes since I arrived?

The neck bone is completely broken. Then the tympanic membrane was torn, and the skull and brain were damaged.

I told him to hit him as hard as he could, but obviously it was just a light hit and this is it.

The human body at all is truly fragile.

Still, I made a strong body for people who were given the power of God - as much as the so-called god angels. That's why I was able to win even against the privileged students who are God's angels.

Even those who go far beyond such normal human beings are only less than small animals for Lumiel. So strong is this angel's power. No, all the angels have this power in the first place...

You couldn't have rammed her on that spot. This was the quickest way to stop the fight, but I didn't expect to die once this was easy either.

It took a while to repair my body. I can't talk because my vocal cords don't function well.

It might not have been strange if he had been beaten to the full extent of his body to a fine piece of wood.

I don't want to thank Lumiel for allowing me to drive at his discretion.

"Tell me to hit him as hard as I can. It's this. Rin is overconfident in human power, idiot."

When she said in a shuddered voice, there was someone approaching from afar faster than the speed of sound.

Lumiel looks at me and prevents a blow by the sword that was unleashed at the same time that he jumped at me with only one finger.

"What? Don't interrupt me, ex-brainer.

"Lucifer, what disrespect!!

It was Lena, a maid with silver hair, who was there.

I really think it was a blow that was unleashed with the intention of killing Lumiel, but the angel of the day doesn't even show a bare gesture that I cared about at all.

"At the heart of it - I can't believe I'm not by Rin's side. I'm not disqualified as a wife."


"Ya, stop... Ro, Lumiel... Gu... Lena, take my life and act differently..."

"Ru, Lucifer! Don't push me!

"Oh, hey! Don't touch Rin!?

I wonder if Lena forcefully took my body, and Lumiel takes it back.

The moment the cockroach sounded, the two beloved wives raised their voices "Ah".

The neck bone that was about to be repaired was broken again.

"Also, I'm sorry about your thighs, Lucifer!

"It's true, you stupid bitch! Because of this - Rin is recovering!

"Isn't it because you pulled your neck, Lumiel!

"Because I was trying to take it away from you!

This... this, you stupid bitch.

I wanted to throw up evil by accident, but I felt better.

Eventually, for a while, as Lumiel and Lena stared at each other, they became wings waiting quietly for their bodies to heal.

When I coughed with Lumiel lying on my knees, I asked him with a majestic voice as the Demon King.

"... and Lena. Liz and Aynlana were safe, right?

"Ha. I took care of all the celestial demons that approached them. No scratches."

"Right. Helpful.... the devils were after that mother and daughter."

"What? What? What do you mean? Explain that to me too!

I told Lumiel to understand the upside of it.

She lays down her red eyes and becomes an imaginary face.

"You had that happen 500 years ago."

"521 years of empire, to be exact... about 20 years after Lena's army attacked Tenebrae."

"I didn't know that had happened in the Empire since I lost to Lucifer. I can't believe you're thinking about it now."

"That's not all, is it? The angels are surrounded by powerful surgical bonds. I can't forgive you for forcing me to summon that, I'm easily dead because I've been forced to take such a creepy form and I've lost my reason and weakened my powers... If I had a killer in front of me right now, I'd tear him apart."

After Lena attacked, the Demons continued to monitor the Empire for some time, but immediately withdrew, deciding there was no threat.

It was only a few years after the Mira blood tide incident.

But it's a massive procedure. Normally, the aftermath reaches those who are far away... but unfortunately, I can't remember much of it back then.

Is it because I was obsessed with marrying my new wife? All I could think about then was Lena.

But I can name that man if I say the one who is good at magic sensing - the one who is best at it among the demons.

It's not weird that he knows something.

"Maybe Belzebub was sensing the surgical ceremony to which the demon was summoned at the time of Mira's blood tide incident"


Suddenly Lumiel shouted.

What is it? My beloved wife. Please, don't raise your voice now. The tympanic membrane that is about to regenerate will pass away again......

"Yeah, yeah, it's Belzebub! I came here because he said so." Forbidden art is used in the Empire. "

"Belzebub did that to you?

"Yes! So I literally flew in thinking that Rin might be in danger! Eh! Dah! Rin, praise and praise!

"... oh well done"

That old man... could definitely have done it 500 years ago that he could have detected it this time.

That said, the manoeuvres were activated in the Eastern realm of the Empire at the time.

If you don't think it's going to do direct damage to Tenebrae, maybe it's not going to let you know on purpose.

But Belzebub looks mild looking like an old man, but the fruit of it is extremely vicious.

Enter the belligerents among the royals. Most of all, it's a little better than the rest of us who have nothing but to fight because there's a whimsical and relaxing part to it.

I've been playing Lumiel this time, maybe because I was in the mood to work flashly with the Empire again.

"Master Lucifer. How about now? Are you going to come back?"

"Uhm... let's still go back to Mirdiana once"

"Er!? Why!? Go back to Tenebrae and fuck me!

"It's the mountains I want to do that, but I have something to worry about"

It was Lena who reacted sensitively to the words.

"Shall I be the 'Goddess'?


"What? What? Orphelia, what's your story?

Lumiel is under the authority of Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Creation.

That said, he hasn't worshipped that face himself.

I didn't know what was going on. I explained to her only the part she needed.

"... so someone was manipulating that unsure asshole. You mean that's the goddess?

"Probably. That guy named Gislan was on the verge of breaking his mind until I intervened. No matter how strong Mildiana's anti-elf doctrine is, there's no way we can rely on someone like that to do anything we can."

"Speaking of which, you said it when Gislan was possessed by Ensign Lattis." The goddess is not Orphelia, "he said."

In this continent, there is not a single goddess's name, other than Orphelia, the great goddess of creation.

The gods, who empower the various races except our demons, are not far from the Orphelia of what each name is.

Besides, when I glimpse Gislan's memory, I only care for a moment what a glimpse of a woman looks like.

It was certainly also like the Virgin and seemed divine in a way.

But I was undoubtedly a normal person - it seems.

That's why I feel threatened.

The fact that not only human beings, but gods and so on, could have caused the outbreak of the celestial demon that emanated from the series of Mira's blood tides.

Who the hell is that woman? Perhaps it was a memorable figure from 500 years ago in Gislan, but it is fully possible that he still lives somehow. Because even that gislan survived 500 years of eternal months.

Moreover, the angels who have sacrificed themselves in this case are extremely resistant to magic that outweighs the Demons as well.

That's why there's no way I can summon you with a simple summoning ceremony or anything. Therefore, it is the end-stage Shizuku made from elves.

I've thought about it before, but I can't possibly think of a place where I could handle such an advanced technique on someone about Gislan. You can definitely see that woman involved.

"It's okay, if you do what I say, everything will work out"

That's what I did say.

And I guess Gislan accomplished what he was taught to do.

And again this time, the angels were insane, and summoned to the earth, a phrase that made their appearance to be alien.

Its purpose seems to be the thorough destruction of the surroundings and the killing of the queen of the elves.

And I can think of this. Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert was held hostage with a hero in the battle between the Empire and the Xenan Dragon kingdom that took place a few years ago.

I just saw him possess such a tremendous strength that he couldn't bottom-up. I can assure you that there are no human beings, not even elves, who can carry out such advanced surgical destruction.

I was wondering, therefore, if the mastermind of this case wanted to rule out the existence of that man as well.

After as many as 500 years, it is highly likely that one of the reasons I let Mira's blood tide case be recreated again is so.

In fact, Lyudio, who was cornered to the point where he couldn't move as an army if the case were going on as it were, would also have sacrificed again, or would have forced the case to be solved until he had abandoned all his status and honor.

Ahead lies the mayhem of the Empire and the clash with Zefte Aria. The impact it will have on neighbouring countries will be enormous, and it is no longer difficult (or difficult) to imagine so much damage as it is difficult to even imagine.

- I can feel some strong intent.

This time humans and elves have been targeted, but the next time the demons themselves are exposed to the threat, nothing is strange.

So I can't go back to Tenebrae and have quiet days here. Even for the peace (Amnesty) and pride that will become the tablet stone of the Demon Clan.

"Rin looks difficult."

"... I'm sorry, Lumiel. I still have a reason to stay in the Empire. Love each other only when it's over."

"Mmm, you can't say no if you say so with that face"

Lumiel stroked my head with a knee pillow.

"It's really just now - I was going to take Rin back and offend him so bad"

"Damn... you're no better than me, you are"

"Who did it that way? You have no choice, I'll allow you to be in the empire just a little longer. By the way, are you feeling all right now?

"Oh. I've just managed to repair it.... Hey, what are you doing"

"The First Lady, abandoned for a month, is hungry for love! Be honest and get attacked!

Seeing the sight, Lena sighed.

"Damn, this shameless angel"

You say that, Lena.

The best trauma I've had since I came to this country was the night you attacked me, okay?

- With that in mind, he would exchange it to Lumiel for a while, but he would still love it.