Agrea, capital of the Elberian Empire.

In the corner of that big city, just north of Mirdiana in the South, there is a luxurious (shabby) facility for senate meetings.

It set up multiple magical junctions and laid down a security system that could not even hurt senators who had no fighting power no matter who attacked them.

There were roughly less than 20 senators gathered there.

All of them are famous patterned men headed by the Duke's house.

They were at the long table, showing a uniformly grumpy appearance.

Never mind that, Imperial Army Mildiana territorial commander-in-chief Lyudio Lambert opened his mouth.

"Uh, thank you so much for coming to our busy place this time."

"What do you mean, Lieutenant General Lambert? The Senate meeting should be announced at the latest a month in advance. I'm off track to summon it in just 7 days. Just keep that long ear to yourself."

A lowly laugh rises, but Ludio said with a cool face.

"I'm sorry. But this time, as per the letter, it will be an urgent meeting. Please forgive me."

"Well, that thing about Mirdiana territory being attacked by monsters"?

"Dear Left, as most of you already know, let me explain how this happened."

About half a month after the Heavenly Devil raided Mirdiana territory.

Ludio gathered only the most senior senators in the empire for an urgent meeting.

Originally, the Emperor and the Prime Minister of the Elberian Empire would also participate in this occasion, but the Emperor is absent due to the fact that he is not in good health and is not in an urgent meeting.

And when Ludio finished talking about the backdrop to the disappearance of the elves that was happening in the Empire, the wilderness flew quickly.

"Looks like that demon and his assault caused a lot of victims, huh? The Mirdiana army has fallen to the ground."

One elf woman sitting in her seat opened her mouth as the word must have continued.

"Absolutely right. The Mirdiana army was completely useless. Because there are many who despise the elves like you. There is nothing more to it than the result of the anti-elfists' judgment."

The nobles speak out against what Queen Einlana Kilfiniska of the Kingdom of Zefte Aria said.

"Do you despise the elves? We're already in an alliance."

"Even so. We pride ourselves on giving the Elf the title, giving the Elf the rank of officer, abolishing the Elf's slavery - an endless blessing for the Elf."

Aynlana's eyes, staring at the aristocrats with a smiling grin, are as cold as ice.

She reads into the mind of the person in front of her. Many of the aristocrats know that in a way that is like a trait transmitted only to the royal family of elves.

But her, it's no longer in the realm of authenticity. You have a clear understanding of what the person is thinking.

"You're so privileged. But because of it, your rebellion continues. We can't afford to lose our alliance as it is."

The senators raged at the ear suspicious remarks.

"Become, what to say!? Without even knowing how much we conceded to the elves!!

"Said it was a rebellion!? Say stupid! This obvious system of preferences is an insult to our human pride! This Elberian Empire belongs to us and not to you!!

Should it be time to stop?

The deepest part of the conference room when Ludio tried to open his mouth. said a long man who did not sit in a chair but stood with his back on the wall.

"I'll be damned."

Everyone turns to you for the majestic words that echo at the bottom of their bellies.

The senators said orally.

"General Claude Duras......!

"The Great Hero of War......!

The man, called Claude, wore black armor, which was also a testament to the Elberian Imperial Army.

Binocular on blonde hair. He is less than 30 years old and has a neat face as if he had made the sculpture human as it was.

However, its face, which had not yet lost its youth, was close to faceless and filled with an atmosphere that was difficult to approach.

He turned his sharp eyes to Einlana.

"Her Majesty Queen Einlana Kilfiniska. This agenda is not about pursuing the issue of discrimination. Extra remarks are an obstacle to the meeting. Be very careful."

"... right. Excuse me."

"Lieutenant General Lambert. Restart explaining your history."


Ludio responded immediately.

Everyone in the Senate was stunningly dyeing their complexion when they finished explaining all the outlines of the case.

"- In the basement of the High Magic Court, I discovered a strange creature with a green body surface. Only two survived. As I explained earlier, this creature was creating a terminal Shizuku."

"Such a thing in the High Magic Court......!?

"I can't believe it! Let me see that creature!

"I can't. He is nearly 5 meters long. How am I supposed to get you to this point? Even though it's a dangerous monster."

It showed upset in such a way that everyone in the Senate couldn't believe it.

It won't even be possible. Most of those here probably don't even know about the Mira blood tide incident. That case has been hidden and weathered so far.

"It has also become the biggest factor in case weathering," Einlana adds.

"The concubine also saw the creature up close after the incident. I'm not interested in humans, but I've shown you a move to take them and eat them the moment you see an elf, a concubine. Nothing happened because I couldn't move from the top of the magic team."

"What the hell is that creature!? You can't even think of a normal creature!

"That's more of a question for a concubine. But if the speculation is correct, it would probably be a demonic creature made in his magical power, the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. Living only to drain the Shizukuishi of the end, that figure is truly a biological weapon itself."

"Demonic creatures...! Those creatures have not been introduced in the Empire..."

When one of the senators shrugged, Ludio nodded as well.

"Yes. Demonic conductors have not been imported into the Empire for at least the last 300 years. Moreover, various inhumane acts have been carried out in the process of manufacturing the array. His national relations with the country are no longer faded, and it is the text that has morphed, but 300 years ago you made it clear that His Majesty the Emperor of Time forbids imports."

"So you're saying that such organisms were secretly brought in? Is there a record of imports of demonic conductors with the same characteristics in the past?

"After I was assigned to the military, I examined various literature from the past. Naturally, we also have a list of 'officially' traded demonic conductors with the magical powers in the past, but none of them existed with such characteristics"

Ludio goes on and on.

"Sgt. Miriam Stasis in the case was possessed by Gislan, who is seen as the mastermind of this one, but she could not confirm her connection to the magical powers herself. But this case of elf disappearance is happening outside of Mirdiana. That means that there may be other territories where his demon-inducing organisms are kept secretly."

"Oh, such an idiot!!

"Are you telling me that there are still people who are deeply connected to the magical powers!? When and where is that disappearance happening? Look it up thoroughly!

"Of course I'm going to let you do that, but it's expected to take a lot of time"

Einlana makes a bad push.

"Right now, your country is preparing to support the Kingdom of Rugal. It is heard that the two great armies of the North and the East will do so in total. I don't think we can do a decent investigation for a while."

Immediately the senators answer.

"The Beasts' opponents are also the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna again...... If this matter is also relevant to his country, let's go further into Rugal."

"The investigation of the Empire originally intervened in the battle between the two countries as soon as possible and promptly took control of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. Later, why don't we also look up that gislan and the other stuff?

"Um, that's right. Especially this time with two large armies of northern and eastern marshals. Even if you are exhausted in the war against Zenan, you should be able to do it as soon as you are ready to defeat Chiaro."

Will we end up talking about war? Aynlana put her arms together and sighed with that said expression.

The reason why the Elberian Empire puts its shoulders in the Kingdom of Rugal is in fact deeply intertwined with rights, although it lists the great nickname - the protection of the abused beast man.

The senators' interest has shifted from the disappearance of the elves, which is no longer over, to the next battle as soon as possible.

Rather than that, it is contraindicated about the scandal of the High Magic Court. It's not something I found out what would happen to my neck if I accidentally said something.

So sensitive and impenetrable about that institution. Without the permission not only of the military but also of the Senate, and of the Emperor, it is unacceptable to attempt to come into contact with its confidentiality for any reason whatsoever.

Even if it was the commander-in-chief of the military.

That's when General Claude Duras, who was listening in silence, said.

"Lieutenant General Lambert. I want to ask you a few questions."

"Ha. Whatever."

"Can you say that this case of Elf disappearance is closed?"

"Perhaps. It's no surprise that another year of thinking about the same thing comes out, but given the current situation, the reason why his magical powers send magicians to the Empire with the same powers as Guislan is faint. So you can think of nothing for a while."

What does your lord think about the High Magic Court?

"… We need to ask His Majesty as soon as possible and stop the internal corruption as soon as possible. It's only personal."

LUDIO gets a little barometric pressure against someone less than half his age.

There were five heroes, including myself, in the battle against the Xenan dragon kingdom earlier.

The savior of the battle, the youngest of them all but not allowing others to follow them, slashing them to the front line alone, without a single defeat, and without a scratch or scratch against the numerous mighty dragon tribes and dragon men.

And only one chosen one can wave the 'Divine Sword (Shinken)' supposedly made by Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Creation.

The man thus called the great hero, that was General Claude Duras, the man.

It is the Duke and the class is an unusual general at that age. If I had only gotten a little older, I would undoubtedly have been in the position of Marshal.

He is undoubtedly the most powerful figure Ludio has ever known.

I'm not talking about fierce warriors. Even Ludio can't help but tremble at the sharpness of his eyes, which is no longer comparable to the god of war.

That wasn't just Ludio, of course.

There is no way anyone on this occasion can not remember the fear with Claude's eyes in front of them.

Everyone is afraid of what he says, which should be nothing more than a young creation, making themselves stiff.

"Let me ask you one last time. Has anyone conspired with a man named Guislan on this occasion?"

At once, the scene went all the way.

Claude doesn't break his faceless expression and stares at Ludio.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Mildiana Territory, while nervous, turns a blind eye to the Queen of Elves.

I slowly shook my head to the side after I saw her clapping her shoulders.

"I'm not saying I can totally deny it, but they don't think I'm here"

"Right. That's all from me."

That's all I told you, Claude shut his mouth again.

Subsequent meetings of the House of Lords were solemnly proceeded and closed.

Senate conference hall in Teito Agrea.

The man stood on the doorstep of a venue that was no longer popular.

He noticed this one and said without even laughing at his friend, who hasn't faced each other in a long time.

"Ludio, we're going to continue what we couldn't talk about in the Senate meeting."

"… is there anything you can do about that urgency, Claude? Sometimes you have enough time to make fun of it."

"It's a waste of time. I can't stay here too long, either, as the Commander-in-Chief of the West."

Outside of public places, we call each other by name, not surname.

Ludio and Claude were friends of the old knowledge. I would even call him a comrade and best friend.

Seeing those two, the current queen of the elves laughed.

"I heard you were Ludio's best friend, but you're really sturdy. Why don't you take a little apprenticeship of this great hero, too?

"I at least want to be loving. But even he hates me."

With a bitter smile, Ludio decided to get down to business.

"The story of Gislan and those behind him,"

"That's right. In light of the facts you've told me, it goes without saying that even if there were collaborators inside the Imperial Army, it would not be possible to commit the crime alone with Guislan. In the first place, how far did you reveal yourself on that spot? Is there something you haven't said yet?

Aynlana watches what happens without pinching her mouth.

- 100 years ago, when the alliance between the Empire of Elberia and the Kingdom of Zefte Aria was concluded.

On the face of it, there were events that had not been announced at all.

It was' to destroy all records concerning the Mira bloodtide incident in both the Empire of Elberia and the Kingdom of Zephthearia '.

As of 100 years ago, most didn't even know it existed. Why did it take more concealment than was necessary in the case?

The signing of the alliance between the Empire and Zephte Aria leads to the reconciliation of man and elf.

Because in order to bring the relationship between the two a little closer and make them dear neighbors, we had to avoid doing anything but publicly knowing the fact that 'a ritual using an elf can create a nanica with an extremely precise magic amplification effect'.

When I first heard this story, Ludio was angry.

Because I couldn't even figure out who the mastermind was, and if I could cover up the incident itself, I couldn't get rid of the possibility that someone would do the same thing again.

And even without seeking to do so, it became a reality in the hands of some who had wished it had been their concern. LUDIO tells it.

"Something called 'Goddess' is involved in the case,"

"What is that? Is that some kind of metaphor?

"I don't know. So I refrained from speaking on the occasion of the Senate meeting. You can't mess up the brain miso of an old man with nothing but his own personal desires."

"... to Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska, I have no idea with the goddess"

"I don't know. 500 years ago, no matter how much I looked up, I didn't know anything, and if you think I finally caught the tail of the mastermind this time, it's like my tail was cut as-is"

"So where did you get the information about the goddess, Ludio?"

"It's the word Gislan used to say every now and again that his spirit was about to collapse. He said he was adamant about the goddess. … and"

Ludio continued.

"It is also the information brought to me by reliable students from our military school who worked hard to elucidate this disappearance. Especially if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been in the world by now."

"Who's that?"

"This year, the boy who just completed his enrollment in military school. His name is Theodore. It's a delicacy that instantly unraveled the special exams I was only imposing on privileged students with all three kinds of entrance exams at a military school."

"He's a very good man. The concubine is not that familiar with the history of the Imperial military school, but it made me feel like I would see Gislan talking to the Ayako, who supposedly has the skills alongside the brave 500 years ago. There would never have been anyone in history who would have lined up with me."

Aynlana says he was more than 500 years old brave.

"As I said. It helped me to have him."

"Who is that man? If you had so much skill, wouldn't it have been at a glance before school?"

"According to the investigation, apparently the western realm of the Empire - and coming from the Granden you guard,?

Claude frowned toward Ludio, who said sarcastically.

"Don't be ridiculous. If there were such a person, it would necessarily be a rumor. I can't be in the ears of the military."

"It would be. No, not at all, all I can say is a strange boy. Besides, he was saying funny things." How can I be a brave man? 'and "

"... that you're a brave man?

"Yes. The last brave man who made it to the annihilation of the Tenebrae demons from this empire was Lena 500 years ago. After all, she didn't come back. And there's nothing like war being waged from Tenebrae - and now there's no one to even know that many times a brave man has been sent to his country, and that every single one of them has never been able to return"

Lyudio went on to tell me with pleasure.

"Besides, he also said: I was wondering if there was any resentment toward the Demons. Naturally, the reaction of the other students was faint, and when he found out about it, he looked rather disappointed. It was as if it were natural for humans to resent the Demons."

"Ugh! Then it's as if you've been placed under house arrest somewhere before, and that's the first time you've been out lately and learned about reality. Really funny."

Aynlana laughs funny again, too.

"... Tenebrae Demon Nation"

So groaning, Claude looks out over the far west.

"Claude, don't you know anything about his country?

"Oh. It was also decades ago that there was a skirmish near the border. I haven't been in such a situation since. Surely this is what I've been thinking. I wonder if those who have been called demon kings who deserve the highest of all demons are still alive and disciplined their families with strong power of control."

"I also have only the knowledge I have gained in the literature about the Demons. That was hundreds of years ago, too, at best. Demon King - It is also said that the top demons existed long before this Elberian Empire was founded. It's a long story."

"This disappearance, or the possibility that the Demons are involved, cannot be discarded."

Ludio did not deny it. I couldn't do it more than that.

The Tenebrae Demonic Nation is a great nation with an area equal to this empire, where most demons live.

And there are seven pillars of existence called the Demon King at its apex, and they have a very powerful power - the information that comes out no matter how much literature you fish for is to that extent.

I don't even know what feelings they have for other species. Apparently some demon gods have particularly vicious ideas, but they don't know anything about the details.

"I don't think you have to worry too much about the Demons."

It was Aynlana who accidentally said that.

"Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska. Is that what you said on any grounds?

"Hmm... grounds. Nothing in particular. A concubine."

It was a rhetoric that made it contain, but the blonde general made no further mention of it.

"You can't fool the strength of Her Majesty's inquiry. Let's hope we're hitting it this time. Given the current situation in the Empire, we can't afford to be more alert to demons who don't even know how to live now."

The two officers and the queen of the elves were then to be dissolved after some conversation.