"How many days has it been since I've been back in Mirdiana?"

'Did I just say it's been half a month? Lumiel, I thought I'd be obsessed with you for about a year. "

"... I wouldn't do that in an empire to a boulder."

Dangerous, it seemed like it was going to happen, but I held it back with reason.

When Lumiel was satisfied there, he went back to Tenebrae.

I told him I wanted him to keep me informed of this if there was anything other royalty would come to visit. Sometimes they come suddenly, like Belzebub.

I walked around the city for a while and thought, but I figured buildings that were being destroyed and so forth stood out.

I can't even consider how many days it will take to repair it to get back to that neat city.

And when I got to military school, there was little sign of contention there.

It reminds me that while we were dealing with the giant demon, there was a succession of high-ranking surgical activations from around here.

Was it the last time a ban was unleashed that could reach magic? The array would definitely belong to Dean Ludio.

Something hugged me when I was walking around thinking about it, running at an incredible speed.


"Wow, Rocha!? What's the matter?"

"There's nothing wrong with you or these things! You're safe! You lived a lot! Are you hurt?

"Yeah, I'm fine. I wonder if you worried about me."

"Naturally! You know... you've been taken by the horrible. Honestly, I didn't think he was alive..."

My beloved wife also seemed like a monster or something to Rocha. It's just a little different from her usual atmosphere.

I don't know if I can do it. Because you would have figured it out just by looking at it that it was clearly different from the other celestial demons.

"Oh, you're alive."

"Shaura seems fine, too, above all."

"Not naturally. Those mutts, they're not our enemies. - More than that!

Shaura came stuffed.

"What happened after that with that pretty girl!? I guess I've done something nasty anyway because it's about you porn demon!? I don't know if you're an angel or an angel, but let me know more about what it was like!

"You're the porn demon, asshole!

As usual, Rocha's tail struck Shaura in the head and she fell more and more.

This exchange is funny to watch, but I'm a little worried that Shaura's neck bones are going to be okay. The contents of my head. Maybe it's too late.


Now he was hugged from the other side.

"Hey, Liz. How are you?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine! How was Theo-kun? Didn't the guy who took you do anything?

"That's what I'm hearing right now, too! What do you think? Confess!

Got a lot going on, yeah.

Maybe it's still a very exciting story for them, so don't tell me.

"Theodore? Are you all right?"

I turned to you and there was Keith and Julian.

You'll be fine if you hang out with a woman as soon as you get back.

"Well, maybe that too... didn't matter?

"It's gonna be okay."

"How the hell did he get back when he took me away? I thought they killed him or ate him."

That's hard to explain.

I haven't really thought about how to tell Dean Ludio, but let's just properly deceive him.

"There's a bit of a lot going on. Then I'll go to the dean."

When I say that, everyone follows me. [M] Except for Liz, who softly left me.

"I'll be there soon, too, so I'm not waiting! Let's date as a celebration we'll be back soon! Now hang out till the end, right?!

That's what she said, waving her hand around.

I knew you were cute, Liz. As much as I want to take it home. Yeah.

"Teo-kun, you're home safe. Good, good."

"That's more than anything."

Hearing news from his daughter in the military guest room, Aynlana says in a very uninteresting manner. Even though I said it was normal for it to happen.

"Now, let's say that Theodore's safe and sound, and the concubine returns to Zephte Aria. Oh, it's Liesemelia. I'll send a reward to Theodore soon, so ask me what's good for you."

"Huh? Aren't you going to let me go home, too?

"Want to come home with me?

"I'm going to pretend to do that, accidentally bump my mother out, and then run away at full speed. I think I can handle half a day or so."

"Damn it, that's why Akane lost the game."

I can read it in my daughter's heart. It tells me clearly that you don't want to go home.

"A reward. I wonder what I'd like. My date... maybe that won't please you."

"I didn't know you'd start thinking about color tricks at that age. The concubine is frightened and can't say anything."

"You don't have to tell me - Mm-hmm. Then I'll kiss you thoughtfully. Teo-kun won't hate me because he's avoiding me a little bit, but I'll send him a glance. Look at the gap and hit it."

"The coming elves are going to be nothing but beasts with no shame... I'm worried ahead"

"Elves are weirdly stubborn and don't try to lean on men, so you can't even get married until you're almost 500, like your mother."

"... that there was just no man worthy of a concubine"

"Good for you, there's a gentle elf to pick up an older aunt"

"You really want to die, don't you?

"I'm joking, I'm joking."

Liz laughed and then said, looking a little serious.

"I came to the empire because I don't like being in Zephte Aria, but now I'm a little different"


"The elf disappearance ended up being solved by Teo-kun forcefully opening a breakthrough and at the end of the day by Ryu-kun...... But I wonder if that's really all. I need to find out more."

"If you want to live with ease, don't. You're gonna die."

"I'm not the kind of woman who pulls back with such threatening complaints. Well, it's like there's no clue that I'm going to look into it. What about your mother? Don't you have any information? You didn't even tell me about Mira's blood tide case, so I'm not expecting it."

"I'm finally done with the event. I should not let you know. That's what I was thinking. Even if I just remember now, the cold runs. My mother was eaten to death right in front of me."

Liz the boulder also looked a little breathtaking.

But I couldn't possibly not tell you more than the same thing happened to me again.

"Perhaps our aim is the murder of the royal family of elves. You know that, don't you?

"Yeah. Lew finally told me after that, too."

"... that's probably why too. Liesemelia, listen to me for a moment."

"Mm-hmm. Go ahead."

Liz, who usually comes to tears, was also turned to her mother's serious eyes to correct her residence.

And finish what I want to tell you.

"... does Lew know that?

"We had an argument the other day before heading to the Imperial City. first came to the conclusion that there would be no doubt"

"If that's what happens, how did your mother get away from Zephte Aria? If I suck, the country will..."

"My concubine is also old. I'm not as powerful as I used to be. We couldn't let him die here after adding to our country and the state of the Empire. Therefore, the concubine came here with a mind that did not mind dying from the beginning. Ludio and you alone are alive."

"Wait, wait. So, maybe the mastermind behind Gislan was after that from the beginning?

"The concubine thinks: 500 years ago it was just a test drive. I wonder if this would have been my destiny."

"Surely, my mother and I are the only legitimate royalty of Zefte Aria anymore... wonderful opportunity, was it"

"I guess everything was exactly what the mastermind assumed. If things had been well carried, Mirdiana would have been devastated, her concubine and you would have died, and Ludio would have been doomed to disappear from the army, no matter what his life or death. - But the assumption has also recently become drastically insane by a man who has appeared flustered with every horsebone."

"Haha...... If thoughts worked and the Elves' royalty died, Zephte Aria herself would have been terrible."

"Mm-hmm. The rich nature of Zefte Aria comes from" Without royalty, it would be rotten. "It's a troublesome story to say that something that doesn't interfere with anything is natural."

"If royalty dies, to be exact, right? If you still have royal blood, you'll be fine."

"For once, yeah. In this situation, it is not convenient for the concubine and you to be in one place. It was all because you missed your relaxation in the Empire. But the mastermind had already realized who you were. Without the unexpected element of Theodore, the land would have been completely destroyed by now and our country would have rotted away"

Liz says in a way that she can't usually imagine.

"What if Teo-kun wasn't here? I don't really want to think about it. If you do poorly, Lew, me and my mother are all dead, and Zephte Aria is no longer..."

"Liesemelia. If you mean to remain in the Empire in the future, be prepared. Whenever and wherever you are killed no more is strange. It is also possible that tomorrow morning its head and body will be severed and fussy - even if you hear this, are you going to stay in the empire?

"I got a little tremor running... well, it's okay. Besides, me and your mother should stay away, right?

"I'm talking about assuming it kills me at the same time. Zefte Aria's army doesn't extend to the entire Imperial Army, but at least we can count on it more than Mildiana's corrupt army"

"Well, I guess so. I guess I can trust Theo-kun more than that. I really want you to protect me like a princess and a knight."

"... I know how you feel, but you shouldn't be too distracted"

"Why not? Good boy. She's cute, she's cool, she's strong. Kind...... I'm a little unsure if it is"

"It is only when you realize why they say so that you have acquired your qualities as the princess of Zephte Aria. If you want to stay in the Empire, you can spend more time with that man. But never go deeper."

"Deep down, you mean Teo-kun wouldn't be from the Granden?

"That's it. Don't ask him anything anymore. Watch what happens on top of that. Come back to Zefte Aria immediately if your instincts tell you something is wrong. I don't mind throwing everything away when I do."

"... Yes, sir. I get it. When I remember my liver."

Aynlana got anxious but didn't show up on her face wondering if this girl was really going to be okay.

And turn your gaze to the far western lands.

He gave thought to the Tenebrae demonic kingdom, where the demons lived and are still dominated by the monstrous kings of power.

Chapter 1 FIN