Granden, capital of the western territories of the Elberian Empire.

The girl was in one of the large mansions, a short distance from the city square.

"Hey, Mother! What kind of story are you gonna tell me today?

"Oh, Charlotte is still alive and well today. Are you going to keep me up late at night again?"

Hold the girl with beautiful blue hair and gently stroke her head.

Recently, Charlotte, who had just turned 7, was bright and healthy anyway.

It makes me very loving about a girl who pushes her whole body and expresses her affection.

"But I've already told you some very interesting stories that I know."

The time is already night.

Think with your little neck tilted as only the moonlight and candles illuminate the indoors.

"I don't know what to do. The story of the 'Divine Sword', supposedly handed down only to the Imperial family of the Elberian Empire, the story of the legendary brave man who fought the Dragon God King (Ryujinoo), who lives in the kingdom of the Xenan dragon more than a thousand years ago, or the guide of the Great Goddess of Genesis, Orphelia."

"I've got it all!"

"Oh, yeah? I've almost talked about everything from the brave legend of the brave to the gods' legend... and I wonder if there's anything interesting to talk about."

When I was thinking with my eyes closed for a while, I opened my mouth.

"... right. Let's talk about demons today."

"Seriously? Are you talking about the devil tribe?

"Yeah, yeah. It is the demon god who is said to be at the apex among all demons. We worship the seven-pillar demon god of the highest power among them as the" royal family, "and call him the" Demon King. "

"I don't know...?

"When you count about God, you don't count as' carrots', you count as' scissors'. Even demons are part of a fine god. Everybody's scared, though."

Charlotte looks up at her mother as she shouts "ooh".

"Do you have the power of Saiko? Stronger than your father?

"... hehe. I'd love to hold that guy's shoulder, but I don't want him fighting the demon gods alone."

"Mmm, your father is stronger at all..."

The girl who also loves her father gets a full face.

I said, puffing the cheek.

"Regardless of which is stronger, they have a very powerful power. Especially the Seven Pillar Demons known as the Royal Family."


"For example, Mamon, the demon god of Flaming Hell, followed every warcraft and ravaged all his enemies. After they fought, there was no grass left."


"For example, Leviathan, the demon god who supposedly unites all the dead, has attacked this Granden by following a good number of dead people. The humans have been killed without any exchanging. Those who have died, everything has been under 'her'."

"What? But you don't have one like that in Granden, do you?

"It was hundreds of years ago. At the time, the empire, which was close to the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, managed to leave the army of the dead with the help of the demonic conductors of that country"


"Of all those powerful demons, supposedly the strongest is Demon King Lucifer. Absolute uniqueness that can also follow the high demons as a subordinate. Heritage tells us that the angels who raided on thousands of scales, and the brave men sent by the Empire, have all been hunted by Lucifer's hands."

"Mmmm... are you a lousy one?

"Maybe if we just looked at what happened. But that's also different if you ask me if there's been any damage to this country right now because of Lucifer. I don't know. It's a mystery."

"I wish my father had tattooed me."

"Already. Is it the influence of that guy who thinks about solving anything by force that way?

While Charlotte looks pathetic, she still learns swordsmanship to follow her father's back as a holy knight.

Lately, I bumped the soldiers with wooden swords who had snuck their faces in the military practice area and encouraged them to arch.

It's like a joke, but this girl has the power of God. He has the power that deserves to be called "The Angel of God."

"It is assumed that Lucifer had more of a friend than a subordinate of his belly... That is Satan the Demon King, one of the pillars of the royal family."


"He was a demon with no less powerful power than Lucifer, and he kept supporting Tenebrae as Lucifer's right arm for many years."


"Such a mighty demon has neglected to disappear into the border one day. It's been over a thousand years."

"Huh...? Why?"

My beloved daughter asks intrigued as she puffs her blue eyes.

"I don't know why. It doesn't say anything about going through any literature, and now that time has passed, few people will ever know about it."

"Mm, I wonder if you ran away from home"

"Ugh. Maybe you could be cute if that's why. Nonetheless, Tenebrae has lost a great presence called Satan. Does Charlotte know what happened to the remaining demons?"

I couldn't help but pluck the challenge, and the adorable girl roared out of her face, yeah.

But you surrendered right away, and I bury my bluff and head in my mother's chest.

I caressed that head with a bitter smile.

"Such a Tenebrae demonic kingdom used to determine the way the country was in the 'council system' of demons called royalty."

"Was it because of the rabbit?

"Yes. Simply put, majority vote. For example, suppose you decide if you want meat or fish for dinner tomorrow night, right? It's Charlotte, that guy and my three who decide."

"I like meat!

"Oh? But that guy and I like fish. Wow. We're going to have a two-on-one majority. Poor Charlotte can only eat fish in the first place without eating meat."

"Mmmm!! My mother's messing with me ~!"

"Ugh. This is like a council system. But now that Satan's gone, there's only a six-pillar demon. What happens if three to three opinions come out and asserting falls apart?

Charlotte breaks her finger with a question mark on her face and thinks hard.

It was the mountains that wanted to indulge in that adorable look, but it was time to go to bed.

"- Come on, that's it for today. Next time."

"Er!? Oh no, I want to be more beautiful!!

"Derme! Go to sleep now!

Embrace the wasted girl and, no, fall asleep in bed.

Charlotte screamed happily and hugged her favorite mother.

Kiss that little forehead, and then gently stroke the girl's back and pound her ass.

Then Charlotte, who was as healthy as she was, fell asleep, letting Funya relax (and maybe) her face.

I sneered as I watched my beloved daughter's sleeping face with gentle eyes, resting in an easy and adorable sleep.

"- Satan, the demon god of destruction and slaughter, huh? I wonder what's going on now."

No one knows the truth anymore.

"Have you just abandoned your country and fled... or are you already dead"

I mocked myself.

"That's not true, is it? Must be alive somewhere. - Maybe, not so far away..."

General Claude Duras was called a great hero in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King.

Its wife, Nastasha Duras, kept staring at Charlotte's sleeping face as she turned her thoughts to the old events.