"I don't know. I guess that's it all."

Approximately half a month and a little after the southern Mirdiana lands of the Elberian Empire were raided by the Heavenly Demons.

While we at the military school took classes at school, we were often driven outside to help remove debris and repair buildings throughout the city.

The traces of the demons' outbursts are still intense, but little by little work is being done to restore them to their original situation.

Looking at the surrounding conditions, I could see Rocha running lightly lifting large debris near the construction site.

The fox beast man girl continues the removal work in a crisp motion.

"Miss Rocha. I'm always sorry."

"Good, good. When we're in trouble, we're each other. Plus school classes are boring and boring. If we don't do this much exercise, we're running out of stuff."

"Rocha is great.... can you pass that word on to the white werewolf girl who's skipping over there?

Seen, a wolf girl with bright white hair and skin was speaking to a girl who was also a student at military school.

He talks gently and turns his hand around his hips. I've been dictating to you. Plus, they seem pretty ridden.

Well, Chaura's cute and she's beautiful, so maybe she can't help it.


"Rocha? Nah...... woohoo!?


Rocha's flying knee kick plunged into Shaura's face, and his wolf daughter blew away with that momentum and crashed from her head into a pile of rubble.

Girl students who have ever been spoken to by Shaura walk away with a shittiness.

"This doorknob really can't help it! Skip the job and talk to the woman!

"Whoa... Ugh, Rocha's had no mercy today from the start. Nice."

Shaura walks towards Rocha, paying off all the debris shards from her body.

"You've been dictating cute girls for a reason, and you're ruined. Rocha, take responsibility and let me hold you?

"Don't let anything spooky go of you. Look, there 'll still be debris left. Let's get back to work."

"Yes!? I don't want your hands getting dirty!

"Don't be selfish. Or do you want to go back to school? You've been lecturing on magic all day. Hell, yeah?

"... kuh. I know. You can do it, you can do it."

Shaura threw up a scattered evil state but went back to work.

As Rocha says, classes at military schools are now back on track.

It seems to be a magic lecture all day long. Probably doing that to increase manpower for repair work all over the city.

Whatever students are good at witchcraft, to assign a little bit of work to beasts like the Roccas and students who are only interested in swordsmanship and physical arts.

I'm supposed to make decisions at the free will of my students for once, but I can also say I'm poking that psychology well because from those who aren't interested in lecturing on magic, it won't be anything but hell.

Sometimes residents work together to cook it out, and that's pretty tasty too, so some people might want to eat it.

Of course I help repair it.

There's nothing more painful than sitting around listening to low-level magic classes as adults. That would be better if it was working this way outside.

That said.

- Boring.

Everything is boring.

I feel like I've caught a little fire in my battle with those celestial demons.

I'm also concerned about the identity of "Goddess," but I'm not going to be able to get involved with each other as I continue my school life.

Do you still want me to ask Dean Ludio to treat you like a soldier? For me, that ancient book was like the exam he put out.

The same thing was happening in real life and it wasn't nearly there, but I can't help but be a soldier now.

That said, the battle against the Xenan Dragon King is over.

The next battle is said to be against the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, headed by a mixed unit with the Kingdom of Rugal.

Those two countries are a little thoughtful. Can you feel a little discouraged to go ahead and fight for yourself? No, but this physical pain - the destructive impulse isn't going to heal me very well.

Unless a fight or something more exciting happens.

If I had thought about that with blurring, I would have already met up when the sunset was dazzling to my eyes.

After all, I just helped with the laziness of the reconstruction work. Is today over? It's like this every day though.

Speaking of fun these days, I'm only about to love Lena when I get back to the dorm.

Her body never gets tired of holding her as much as it takes. Makes me forget the time.

... but that's not like when I was in Tenebrae and I was spending time with Lumiel.

I'm in the empire because of this. Sometimes other women might want to hold me.

It's a good idea to dictate Liz and cage her hands after we're alone.

It's not a bad idea to invite Rocha to commit a forcible crime. Maybe she'll join us when Shaura gets in the way.

Well, I like the relationship with them a lot, so I can feel it breaking.

It's really weird. If it's a forceful obedience ritual, there won't be a crack in the relationship, but if you do it even once, the relationship you've built with them will change from the ground up.

That brave fox girl stares at me with a mellow look. That big, man-hating werewolf girl pushes her body against me and seduces me.

It's all a great sight - but it would be more fun to force things into than to do something that simple.

Black emotions swirl in me. Coming to this country was also a seizure that originally began with a destructive impulse.

A series of incidents around the terminal Shizukuishi became boring, and the battle against the Heavenly Devil was interesting there. But that doesn't satisfy me.

I went back to my dorm thinking about that stuffily.

... so I return to you.

How about this, 'Asmo' laughs at me for this. Isn't it similar to her to think so much about sexual things because she can't hold up her destructive impulse?

Asmo - Asmodeus is the royal family of one of the seven pillars that support Tenebrae, making him the demon of lust. You look no different than a human girl, but the power you have in those days is amazing.

The woman I've spent the longest time with but my beloved wives. When it comes to what I spend time doing, I get obsessed for years or so with not having to bother explaining it.

At one point I seriously thought I'd marry you as my wife, but I decided there was a lot going on and I didn't have to talk about it.

Speaking of which, the last 10 or 20 years...... or 30, no 31, 2 years? I haven't seen you around that much anyway.

If I'm in front of you, I'm going to offend you. The power of her charm is just awesome to be beside her.

If she kills those around her just because I'm the body of a demon god, she attracts those around her just because she is.

When I unlocked my room and went inside, remembering such a beautiful demon god girl.

"Thank you for waiting, my lord!

There was an Asmo in front of me.

What's the joke? Have you finally lost your mind in your spare time, me?

But the girl with these long peachy hair and red eyes is definitely Asmo -.

"Ha ha! My you! My you!!

"Whew!? Ah, Asmo..."

All of a sudden, Asmo hugs me and stares at me with glossy eyes as I press that busty breast against my chest plate.

"Kusu. It's lovely, my lord. Though you are the supreme figure of the demon god, so is my human figure. This is so cute. Lovely. I want to hug you. I want to push it down. Ha, ha!

"Asmo, wait. Calm down."

"Come on, my you! My dear you! It's been a long time since I've greeted you."

"Become, stay, stay."

Asmo's lips sucked on my mouth.

That's not a easy thing to say, say hello, etc., although I was obviously excited about it -.

When I realized it, I was obsessed with her lips.

An hour later.

Her lips slowly moved away from me as I built the silver bridge.

As soon as I was about to crush the spot, I could be supported by Asmo.

The clothes that exposed her to accentuate her large breasts gave up the role of fabric and lured my face into its soft breasts.

Lena's got big breasts, but Asmo's pretty much the same or more.

Long boots in a short, pure white skirt on the lower body. The duplicity of lewdness (nasty) and cuteness is so wonderful.

For a while now, I became the feather to be indulged in the mood of my dreams, surrounded by the softness of her abundant body to taste for the first time in a long time.