"Pfft, it's true that you're the only one with human power right now. That's how I lose my ankles... the cute human boy himself."

Asmo shoved my face into her own chest, delighted.

I was sucked into my mind...... it was awful and sleepy because of it.

Asmo lifted me up and put me to bed. It presses on top of it.

"I've sucked off my unproductive libido. Can you still afford to enjoy the delusion of attacking another woman?

"... I can't"

"No matter how much you keep the human figure, the contents are demon gods. The strength of desire is not so easy to contain. Something that makes me extra cluttered even if I care about my time every night, even if I interact with my loving wife. I suggest you immerse yourself in every act of desire for a few days, okay?

"I can't do that more than live as a human being... But after too much time, this is what happens. Trouble..."

I manage to speak in tone as a demon god, but just open my mouth and I'm full...

But the feeling that I was just stuffy about the array was completely gone. Maybe this is what a sage's mood is about.

"It would be inconvenient to spend time as a human being, wouldn't it? I wish I could cage my hands if there was a woman I liked. There's no woman who's not happy that you love her."

"I don't condone women who have been hostile... but I don't do anything to advance from myself and attack helpless women. If you don't, I've decided."

"... you're still drawing on your thoughts from when 'Lucifer the Earlier' was a survivor. Disciplined person. But it's also very fascinating to me."

"But this is how the tag of reason is going to come off. It's my bad habit.... Asmo, get out of there"

Freed from the demonic girl who obeys adults, I sat down in bed.

I don't really want to remember when my predecessor Lucifer was around. As it turned out, I ended up annihilating the arr, and the demon outburst calmed down.

Until then, however, I had also left myself to the urge to do as much as I could with the atrocities. There was a time when I was just abusing people and laughing and laughing and being happy.

With that in mind, I said in a powerless voice.

"Asmo, thank you. Thanks to you I was distracted."

"No, I'm the one who appreciates it. It's been a long time since I've had a full taste of my energy. If we can, it's best to love each other for another night or two, half a month or a month or a year or more."

"In this body it dries in the first day. Give me a break."

"Just kissing is enough. I can't help it.... Sounds like you should teach Lena some more fascinating moves. If she can suck your temper away, she'll feel better."

"Have you met Lena yet? I thought it would be a good idea when I was already home."

"Yes, I made contact with her while you were working on the city's reconstruction. I just wanted to borrow you for a little while."

"... you're going to mess with me later."

"I guess you should do that. What, you're gonna spend the night with that kid, too?

Asmo, who has put his head on my shoulder, says funny.

Where I want to be swallowed up by this atmosphere, it was salvation that I don't really feel that way right now.

"See you soon. - Do, Asmo. Why are you in this Mirdiana land?

That's what I wanted to hear earlier.

If she were her usual girlfriend, she would be sitting on the throne of her own luxurious (shabby) palace and enjoying the flavours of the superb fruit that fruits around the palace and spending it elegantly.

"You know my family visits the Empire occasionally, don't you?

"Oh. Sometimes you'll miss the human flavor.... for once, you haven't fucked too much, have you?

"Of course, I'm following your instructions."

Asmo is also a demon god who conducts lust.

Her subordination consists of such people as Incubus and Sacubus, known as the Succubus.

I forbade the demons from eating people since I destroyed my predecessor Lucifer.

But I don't forbid it when it comes to succubus. For it is the vigour of men, not the body itself, that the horny devils eat.

Most importantly, if you suck up too much energy, you will naturally die, but it is also told by Asmo to be strictly cautious.

Even though it puts a limit on the frequency of coming to the Empire because it is difficult to become familiar with human flavors.

"I heard from the family." There's been a series of stinking events in the western realm of the Empire. "

"The West? Be specific."

"Do you remember how many temples there are in western territory?

"Whatever. That being said, it's more than 500 years old."

The western realm of the Empire lies ahead of the nose of our Tenebrae demonic nation and eyes.

Whether the Empire sends brave men or our demons attack the Empire, it is a battleground that is first placed in the midst of battle (but not exclusively).

Among other things, the fortified city of Granden, which awaits after breaking through several fortifications, is also the capital of the West and a vital place for defence.

Fall this fortified city and it will be a great battle for the Demonic side.

And our demons have been sent several brave men for nearly a thousand years, but they have attacked the Granden several times in retaliation.

Since it is a so-called act of show, if you let Granden fall, that will put an end to the war. The Empire will not bother sending additional troops because if we lose that fortified city too, we will have to turn to the defense of the Empire.

It was a Granden hit by many wars, but the measures taken against the demons of humans were not made of outwitting fools either.

They deploy famous magicians to temples in various parts of the West to distract us by activating a technique that depletes the boundaries and magic of powerful antiseptic techniques when demons attack the Granden.

"You said Belfe made you struggle with the remote surgical ceremony from the temple. His family were hardly resistant to magic, mainly goblins and orcs."

Belfe is one of the seven pillars that support Tenebrae. Officially, it's called Belphegor.

He is a belligerent demon king who has no talent for witchcraft but uses overwhelming swordsmanship to do all he can with atrocities. Among royalty, I would say hardliners.

"I miss you. He was the fool who went out to the battlefield to retaliate for sending the brave men, and ended up returning without falling for the Granden."

"He was unbeaten by swordsmen and beast opponents, but in terms of magic... oh, I'm sorry. I missed it and accidentally broke my lower back of the story. Keep up the business."

"Yes, there have been reports of successive deaths in temples all over the West."

"Did you die a strange way?

"It's more about annihilation than change."

Asmo continued in a pale tone.

"Not just the clergy, but the faithful and everything. Everyone on the spot was murdered. There are already 3 such incidents. The number of victims is 100. That's bullshit."

"Is there credibility (because of Shinpi) of the information?

"You think my subordinate heard it from the priest of the Church who is being cordial? That kind of incident started about a month ago. It's about the same time you came to the Empire."

"... I see. I didn't know that had happened."

"I've already heard the details of the case you led me to solve from Lumiel back in Tenebrae. That color-loving angel flies to talk to you every time, so it was hard to fix the trajectory."

"That's the kind of woman he is... forgive him"

"Well, it's usually fun for me to talk, and I don't hate her."

Asmo in front of me is the same thing for the first time in color love, but this one is still better because he has good restraint.

"So it wasn't about the emergency (kiku), but I thought it would be better to keep it in your ear for once. … well, the primary purpose was your energy after all."

"... oh, thank you. I'm just worried about that thing in the West for sure, but I'm just a student at a military school right now. It's hard to find out what's going on directly."

"I may investigate instead, but it is that great hero and deceitful General Claude Duras who guards the West.... I only saw that for a moment when I came to this land of Mirdiana, but my gaze returned from him at about the same time. Though I suppressed the power of charm, I might have been caught in the thought that I was a demon. It was a breeze..."

"I didn't think it would be a good idea to be able to distinguish you from a normal human woman, even if you were a demon god, but the power of the empire could really be an insult."

Asmo is moderate among the royals.

I don't hate fighting in itself, but I don't like it either. There's more fun to it than that. That's her cliché.

And it doesn't mean I'm not good at fighting. Show so much strength that you can't get your hands on it once you get serious.

... I can't leave you wandering around in the empire too much. It's no surprise that one whole city is devastated if you let your power run wild with some kind of bounce.

"So I have a little difficulty moving. I thought I'd go back to Tenebrae once and for all to gather information from my family."

"That would be better. He kept me well informed this time."

When I stroke Asmo's head, she hugs me after the cat rings in a sweet voice.

"My dear, please return to Tenebrae as soon as possible. It's already in the ears of the other royals that you're here."

"'Goddess' and find them first."

"Already. Inconvenient."

So he whined and Asmo gently kissed my cheek, then let go of his body and instantly transformed into a bat figure.

'So, my dear you. Lena will be back soon, and I'll be free. Have a good night.'

"Uh-huh. You're a master, too."

She blinked her black wings and somehow slipped through the walls of the room and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Think in the room left alone.

Will the disturbing incident in Western territory have anything to do with the Shizuku incident at the end of earlier days?

First of all, it is impossible that all the men of the temple will be killed.

Some of the priests who guard the temple are so strong that they have no teeth in their ranks.

The especially strong are powerful enough not to be inferior to our alumni 'privileged students.

There's no way we can all be killed by bandits, night thieves, etc...

There is ample chance that some great force is moving. I wouldn't have gone beyond caution.