"What's the matter? No one's coming?

Rocha said in a loud, fluttering voice in the early morning physical practice arena.

He was waiting for his next opponent to pretend to rock his tail as he sat on the dozens of students who were falling over trying to fold.


"Oh, me, I saw it. The last time a demon came, he kicked his head off...!

"You can't win that..."

No one challenged the fox daughter, who no longer only seemed full of gaps.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Shaura was equally provoking the students.

"Is there anyone else? A man would bust you, and a girl would adore you. What do you say? You there. Why don't you do something nice with me?

"Hih... I'm fine...!

The female student, who was so desperate to speak, escaped like a rabbit.

I can't help it.

Because by the side of Shaura, the students who had stopped moving, after all, had fallen in the mountains.

"You don't have any tension..."

Shaura says sighingly looking at her own nails.

I no longer have a body of class. It was just a ravage.

I secretly follow the scene. [M]

An hour later, after the exercise of physical surgery, the exercise of swordsmanship awaited.

A red-haired young man shouted as he leaned against a tree beside him and watched the students' practical exercises.

"Next opponent yet!?

No one will fight him anymore, not even those who are good at swordsmanship.

"Count Lermit's house... wow"

"He was chosen by Holy Flame and he's a family heir. I don't think we live in the same world."

"I was fighting on the front line during the monster riots before... I can't"

Everyone decided they couldn't beat him and didn't try.

If it was Keith's personality, he'd probably nominate one opponent after another and bring it into the game until the last one, but he'd shake his hand with a wooden knife in his seat and squeal.

"... to practice, don't"

Not only physical surgery, but swordsmanship is also influenced by outstanding delicacies.

No, I'm not talking about dimensions like I'm taking.

Now perhaps magic too. With that in mind, I headed to the practice area where the magic exercises were taking place.

It is situated in a section a little far from the practice area of physical and swordsmanship, where the boundaries are stretched so that it can withstand witchcraft practices.

Still unfamiliar students had a hard time typing magic into the human form.

Says the boy who blurred his dark hair watching them like that.

"Too much time spent chanting magic. Too much to target.... hey, the guy with the underdeveloped surgery there now, knock the way you build a magic formation in your head with another sitting"

Julian had become the instructor himself, not the instructor's imitation......

Apparently, the usual magic instructor was badly injured by an earlier Tenjin raid, and he hasn't been able to return yet.

You think he was specifically entrusted with the faculty seat until then? It seems to be Dean Ludio's decision.

"Julian is cute but scary..."

"Hey, you look like a girl... I wonder if that's cute too"

"Shit, you can't beat me if I'm physical. I'm confident."

"I can't beat swordsmanship."

The opinions of the female and male students were beautifully divided.

The former seems to like and positively capture the boy's appearance, whether good or bad, which leaves him young at some point, but the latter is still sorely regrettable.

I'm pretty sure ordinary boys students like them would win if they actually did swordsmanship or body surgery. That's normal.

Conversely, there's no way they can beat that dragon boy, no matter how he scratches his feet if he's practicing witchcraft. That was also normal again.

As I watched the sight, a girl suddenly sneaked up from behind me and turned her arm around my neck.

"Hey, I'm a ghost instructor, I'm..."

"... Liz. What happened to class?"

"I don't have to leave because I'm still allowed to rest. You can skip all you want ~"

Damn this elf.

Rest permits, by the way, were given to firmly nourish the effects of the Celestial Raid because it was unclear how far she would be involved in her white wing phobia.

It's something I would have grown up in my dorm room without going outside.

"You know, Theo. Let's date, date!

"Even if I look like this, I'm in class for once. Unlike you."

"Uh, you can skip that... I mean, class? Of what?"

When I told her that, Liz made a weird voice, "Ho ho."

"Lyudio Seiko did that."

"Well, it was definitely something I wanted to check because I was curious, too. I guess this is a more serious problem than I thought."

This is the end of the site confirmation.

All you have to do is report to the president of the day.

"Is Liz coming?

"Well, there's nothing else to do and it's fine. Look, let's hold hands!

I headed to the military commander-in-chief's office, holding hands with Liz.

"- So what Dean Ludio and the other instructors were afraid of, I guess, is becoming a reality."

When I sat alongside Liz on the couch in the Commander-in-Chief's office, I said, the lieutenant general of the half elf who was sitting face to face.

"That's a little troublesome, even if it's within our expectations."

The long purple hair, long ears, and a face that is as neat as a sign of pulling the blood muscles of an elf feel a little out of mind and exhale.

"I've been in the dean's seat for a long time, but this is the first time I've experienced six special privileged students like you."

"Looks like there hasn't even been one privileged student here lately."

"Yes. There were people with eyes there, but there was no such thing as a mediocre area. There are no late bloomers, but that's mostly what makes the difference at first sight."

In the dark, the vast majority of students will have been branded incompetent.

I was instructed by Dean Lyudio to watch the course of the special students' practical exercises.

That is also to say about the effect of the protruding delicacy on the surrounding area. I wish there had been a good impact, but it was actually what I wanted you to find out.

Needless to say, the result.

Other students are no longer in the mood to fight against privileged students.

By the way, the students who had fallen like mountains beside Rocha and Chaura were because they forcefully nominated them to bog them down.

The same goes for Keith's opponent. Obviously it was easier than the Beasts' daughters, but the results are as if they were the same. Perhaps even with Keith meditating on the swordsmanship of his eyes, there will be no other student except me who can defeat him.

"His Royal Highness Liesemelia. What do you think?

"Liz is fine."

"Your Highness."

"... ha. Hmm, no? Obviously, we're all giving up. I'm the only one who hasn't been in that fight, so they don't think of me as anything in particular, but if I put the other privileged students in front of me, they're all giving up. We often talk about how you can't beat such a monster in your class."

Liz said as she tilted her cup of tea.

While I wonder what happened to the rest permit, that also matches the impression I've seen. In short, something like 'the presence of a privileged student has adversely affected the vast majority of other students'?

Not only that, but privileged students themselves are not blessed with opportunities for growth because of the absence of other tenacious beings. The dean looks afraid of this one, one way or the other.

"There used to be some students who were so tenacious that they would never give up even if they obviously had a difference in strength..."

"Ooh, I'm out. Old Age Ancient Statements"

"It's a fact. Your Highness, Liesemelia, will find out soon enough. How cruel it is to grow older."

"I don't want to know. too vivid."

Half elves that only look very early 20s also seem to have all sorts of distress.

I mean, long lives, but I don't think I'm young or old enough for 200 or any of the lives I can crush there, but I guess that's because I'm a demon.

Well, I don't care about that now.

"So, Dean. What are you gonna do with this investigation? Is there a solution?

"Yeah. I already made up my mind because I knew the results - anyway, should I call the other privileged students before I announce"

As soon as Dean Ludio summoned them, the privileged students gathered.