"You will be asked to study domestically at the Grand Territorial Military Academy in Western Territory for some time."

Everyone was eating at the sudden remarks.

I'm also a little surprised by the boulder.

"The reason is well... it's an annual event. His military school and my school have had a lot of interaction for a long time. Therefore, we employ an exchange study abroad system, where several people are allowed to travel from both schools each year to study at a different military school for about a month. It's a little early in the day."

I'm sure it's an annual event, but Dean Lyudio doesn't say, 'Please go somewhere for once because of you guys'.

"There are many people who deal in sorcery in my Mildiana, but swordsmanship and physical skill flourish in military schools in Granden. Sorcery is much lower than this one, but it's far above our school, especially when it comes to swordsmanship."

"What's the point of going to me?

Julian says it doesn't seem funny.

Sure, even this Mirdiana magic lecture is only less than a game for him, but it wouldn't have been even less level.

"Well, don't say that. Besides, there is a village near the border between the Western Territory and the Imperial Capital where you lived, right? Why don't you just stop by?"

"... hmm"

It felt a little lost, but Julian answered honestly.

"If you don't have any particular requests, use the carriage to get you to the Granden. Depending on the situation, is it about half a month a way? The same goes for enjoying life abroad, but it wouldn't be a bad story to travel as a little distraction."

"Hmm. There's no one else in Mirdiana who can do the rest of his opponents with physical surgery anymore, except Theo. I hope there's a strong guy over there."

"But it's an exchange study abroad system, isn't it? Aren't the good students coming this way?

"I can't say that's generally true. Sure, we'll be chosen from the best students, but it's not compulsory in the first place, so in lonely years, no one goes from one side to the other."

Then why are we forced to do it?

"Because it seemed interesting. You had the opportunity to discuss it with General Duras the other day. It's been a tough time, but we agreed to do it the same way before."

Dean Ludio grins with a grin.

Yes, Granden has a general called the Great Hero.

Then it's not a bad story for me. I'd like to see the person's face once.

"I'm interested in the Granden, too. I'm also concerned about His Excellency Admiral Duras."

"Speaking of which, do you think Keith ever had General Duras put on an archery? How was he?"

"Even as a child, I felt a tremendous force. But instead of a wooden sword, there was only one stick in your hand... and you couldn't even wave an attack."

"Were you pressured by pressure"

"It did happen, too, but the moment this one waved the wooden sword, His Excellency had already stuck a stick in my body. No matter how many times you try it, the results will remain the same. I couldn't chase him with my eyes, so it depended on the illusion that time stopped and I realized it would have happened."

"Keith, how old are you?

Keith said with his hand on his chin as I spoke.

"Was it just after the war with Zenan? It was about five years ago, so don't talk about when I was 11."

"Well, that sounds interesting."

Keith's strength is well known.

It could be inferred from his remarks that he had hardly ever lost to an opponent his age from a very young age. I guess that's also natural because I gained power as an angel of God when I was young.

Not to mention how many children, but the strength that kept half a dozen soldiers from attacking Keith at all. I want to make sure with this eye for once.

And he's the man you call a great hero until you put aside this half-elf general in front of you.

If you mean it, how much power do you have?

"Hey, Ludio. If it's compulsory, that's fine because I'm going to enjoy the journey. When are you leaving?

"Even tomorrow. Get your stuff ready by the end of the day."

"... Honestly, this belly black elf"

"Did you say something? His Royal Highness Liesemelia."

He said, "Let's get him ready for a little bit! Let me go down the road to Granden and see if there are reputable shops and spectacular spots along the way."

"This is not a game, Your Highness."

Liz tongued a little blatantly when she smiled and said pizzly.

"Are we leaving tomorrow? We can get dressed, but we have to get food ready."

"What about the money? It's a school event, so I guess you're gonna get it out, right?

"Of course that is. However, it will be the minimum necessary. Anyway, my school was repaired and my expenses were scratched."

"Well, we have to get ready soon. Hey, there's the dragon clan. You go with the buyout, too."

"Ha. Damn it. No, you guys make your own decisions. I can eat anything."

Keith opened his mouth immediately, though he seemed troublesome.

"If it's a one-way half-month, the quantity won't be stupid. Julian, help me too."

"... oh, already. All right, all right. Ha, this would still be better left in Mirdiana..."

Julian sighed as she scratched her head.

"Well, I'll take Theo, won't I?

"I don't know what happened all of a sudden, Liz. It's always the case that you don't have any context."

Said Liz, who suddenly grabbed my arm.

"I'll leave the food to those four, and we'll buy herbs and stuff like that. There may be something on the road."

"Well, maybe that makes sense."

"Right? Well, it wasn't Teo-kun and me. 'Cause I'm gonna go buy it out! Everyone else is welcome to prepare the food!

"Mm-hmm. Cheung. So you don't mind if we meet in the square in the evening?

"Rika-yi! Let's go, Theo!

The two of us were forced to go out and buy out by everyone who would no longer even try to get my opinion.

In the end, the buyout was to be taken to various places in front of Liz after all -

night. In my dorm room I told Lena the situation.

"I see... such a thing"

"Mm-hmm. I'm also concerned about General Duras, but it could be a good opportunity to find out about the anomalies in the temples of the Western territories that Asmo has informed us about"

I was telling Lena what I heard from Asmo during yesterday.

This kind of investigation can also be considered appropriate for Lena, who specializes in secrecy.

"I'm going to keep standing up from the Heavenly Demon raid ahead, can you ask me to investigate?

"Yes. I'll take care of it. However, Lucifer's protection will be weak..."

"Don't worry.... In the first place, there is General Claude Duras in that land. It's hard to imagine anyone going out of their way."

When I say it with a view outside by a window that only the moonlight illuminates, a warm feeling touches my back.


"… we heard that the journey is half a month one way"

"Oh. But what's wrong with that?

I can't feel the soft double hills.

She has embraced me even harder thinking about it.

Woohoo, this elasticity becomes a habit... I can't stop saying a word that feels great before or from behind.

"It's half a month. Half a month!

"Oh...? So what's wrong with that?

"Master Lucifer. Do you know what it takes for a human to live!?

What the hell kind of question is this?

I say something that came to my mind scratching my cheeks unexpectedly.

"First of all, it's a meal. This is a big premise."

"Yes, what's next?

"Sleep. Demons like me can move without sleep for a few years or so, but humans will die if they keep moving for at most 10 days"

"Exactly. Next please."

... next time?

Is there anything else for humans?

It's been over a month since I borrowed my human figure, but I don't think there's anything else I need.

"Clothing…. And you live...? It's a polar theory, but this has to be it."

Moments, my body is flipped around and made into a shape that faces Lena directly from the front.

The maid girl screamed as she sparkled her dark purple eyes.

"The most important thing. That is a passionate love that is poured all over you from the one you love!!

"Oh... oh? But there are people in the world who live alone."

"Once you know love, it's what makes you chest jump to its comfortable and sweet emotions! Very important especially for newlyweds like us!!

"Wait, Lena, what is the definition of newlyweds in you? The ceremony should have been done 500 years ago..."

"It's only 500 years! Aren't you still a freshly married love couple! It's been 1,000 years since I finished the ceremony, and I can't help but tire out with Lumiel, but we are so happy to have done it!

I don't even remember Lumiel getting tired...... feeling paralyzed?

"That's it, Lucifer! Half a month... half a month! Me and Lucifer can't be alone because we're with other elephants! This is a wild thing!

"Well, that's true,"

"Asmo would be nice, wouldn't you? She has enough skill to satisfy Lucifer in an instant. But I don't have that power. No, Lucifer, no!

It takes the form of accepting Lena screaming like that as she approached her eyes.

"Wow, okay, relax, Lena. I mean, what do you want to do?"

"Hold me. Now."

Direct ball.

Think about it, I feel Lena has been more aggressive since she came to the Empire.

I thought it was because we were inevitably alone, but today... have you already given Asmo any advice?

"If you won't listen to me, I will temporarily return to the brave to crusade the wicked demon king to a cage of hands!

Hey, which one's the bad guy?

Well, it's a pleasure to have a loving wife, after Asmo sucked me off the hook last night.

The evil idea blew up and made it spiritually easier, but at the same time, here's the thing - I'm a little short on what's coming in.

Besides, this guy had a terrible time before. I remember my ankles stopped standing the next morning.

"... ok, fine. However, an already arranged carriage will be here early tomorrow morning. It won't be much longer."

"Of course I understand. It's okay, Lucifer. Even if you don't move anything, I will lead you gently… gently."

I had a hard time because of that before...

I can't let this serious, gentle but slightly color-loving beloved wife take the lead today.

I slowly mouthed Lena after combing her long silver hair.

Keep pushing it down to the bed.

I'll let you do what I want today, Lena.