I woke up with the noise of a rough knock.

What...? Haven't the sunrise just begun? What can I do for you at this hour?

That's what I thought, and when I looked next door, the girl with the silver hair was asleep with her maid clothes messed up.

You look happy. I don't want to wake you up if I can.

"Theo? Are you there? Over here. Open up!

"... Roca?

Why is that fox girl in the men's dorm?

I coughed and then went back to my usual human condition - and talked to Rocha.

"What's the matter, Rocha?"

"They're ready for the carriage. Hurry up."

"At this hour? Totally steep..."

When I looked back at Lena, she was already awake.

... No, are you awake or what is this? I am relaxed.

My neck keeps falling back, though it makes me jump a little, but back off again... yeah, this is cute.

It's rare for a serious Lena, but the fact is, we slept just now. Sleepy won't help either.

"Lena, I'm sorry, can you just disappear?"

"... hehe"

She scratched off the spot all the time, holding her yawn down with her hands.

All right, now you'll be fine.

"Theo, hurry up!

"Okay, okay. I mean, why are we in such a hurry?"

When I opened the door even as I was slightly shuddered, a fox daughter with her golden ears pinned up looked up at me.

"What? Sleep deprived? He's got a tight face, huh?

"Oh, oh, well, hey... you can't sleep mixed with anticipation and insecurity"

Of course it is a big lie.

And that's when Rocha slipped past me and came into the room.

He's really concerned about his surroundings, and he's sobbing his nose.

"What's the matter, Rocha?"

"... Theo. I've been wondering about the rest of it for a long time, but I haven't had a chance to say it. At this point, I'd like to ask."

She looks back and says to me.

"You, aren't you bringing a woman into the dorm?


It was a little rough.

But I immediately strayed from my gaze with insignificant motion before scratching my head.

"I wonder what you're talking about. I'm always alone."

"Ho? Are you sure about this? Tell me about it. I won't let anyone else rip me apart."

"Well, in the first place, why did you think that?

Rocha approached me quickly, snarling her nose before saying.

"Nah, I always smell good from you. Something specific about a young woman... smells like a man would never do."

"Kee, it's not your fault?

"Do you still smell that? Besides, it always smells the same. Isn't it true you keep the same woman in your room like every night?

Come on, sharp.

I thought one day they might ask me these things, but I was expecting Liz to hear them first.

That's why I accidentally mouth it because I didn't have the answers ready in case Rocha asked first.

Rocha stared at me with a suspicious look, making her ears tingle.

"Besides. Sometimes it's not just the smell of a woman... it's the smell of a man having sex with a woman"

I feel my heart pierced with arrows.

"And even now! Shaura said you must be a colorful pervert, but it might not be a mistake."

"Oh, I don't know about that"

"Where is she? Let me see. You're the woman to be attracted to. You must be a good woman."

"... as you can see, no one but us?

Rocha makes the most of her hearing and sense of smell to explore her surroundings, but she can't seem to find Lena.

I can't help it. Instead of her appearance, she is a user of a covert formula that can erase everything from signs and smells. I can't help but the leftover incense when it touches my body, but that's probably the flaw.

So even the five senses can't be found by sensitive beasts and elves.

"Mmmm. I thought I could find a woman if I visited her this early in the morning... now you let her go before the rest came to this room!?

"I didn't. I didn't."

I think I'm right in front of you. [M]

I don't know how much you look like a human being when you disappear completely, because you can't even find me.

"Mmm......! Boring. Hey, Shaura. Can't find him?


When I looked back, at some point there was a werewolf girl staring at me from outside the door of the room.

I thought it was weird that Rocha was coming alone, but she was sneaking along, too.

"That's crazy, there's definitely got to be a woman. Maybe you let him get away with something like a forced metastasis ceremony."

"You can't do that. In the first place, I can't use a technique that advanced."

"No! I can't find him! I have no choice but to give up."

Rocha yawned after saying it like it was boring.

"Nevertheless, I wonder if you guys came early in the morning just to do this on purpose"

"There's that, too, but it's true that the carriage is ready. It's western territory on the way. It's a waste of time if you act fast."

"I'm going to wake up Liz. That red one and the little dragon, you wake them up."

"It's a sudden story. I'd like to finish my breakfast."

"There is a small village not so far from Mirdiana. We should eat together by the time we get in the carriage and get moving and give the horses a break."

I wonder what these two are so full of feeling like traveling a moment earlier than breakfast.

Well, I'm fine because I'm not hungry, but around Julian, they're going to complain...

With that in mind, I just made up my mind before picking up Keith and Julian.

A carriage leaves the city of Mirdiana, about an hour.

The sun has risen completely and is now traveling overlooking forest areas along the streets.

The plan is to travel to the vicinity of Imperial Capital after this, then head from there to Western territory.

That was the shortest route of all.

It takes extra time because you have to go through many mountains and streams before heading north towards the west side of Mirdiana.

Each carriage is provided with two connected horses, divided into men and women.

Occasionally, Rocha and Liz had an appropriate chat when they peeked at their faces because they were running right next door.

"I'd like to go to Imperial City anyway. It's gorgeous and nice over there."

Says Liz, who made a peek into his face from inside the front of the carrier.

"Has Liz been there before?

"Yeah, yeah. After coming out of Zephte Aria, we went around quite a few different places. Imperial capital is special among them. You can enjoy a lot of delicious food, and the theatre is full of happy theatre, lively and fun. Mirdiana has been like that lately, but I wonder if it still feels like she's no match for the Empire."

Is it the Empire Agrea?

That city would be the most populous.

They don't have as many military schools in Mirdiana, but they have the same massive schools and I'd love to go there once.

Thereafter, the journey by carriage lasted for about three days.

Just when it was lunchtime, Liz and your wife cooked for us using the ingredients we had bought in the village we stopped by the day before.

I'll see how the other privileged students are doing while I help them with the details, too.

Julian leans against the bags and reads the Magic Book with no expression. He's been like that since the day he left.

There will be no one in this who can beat him if only an exploration of the Magic Guide.

Keith said, sometimes he pretends to be bareback at breaks, or spends time reading magic books like Julian.

It's both a matter of having to work out for him the Devil Swordsman.

Now he's got his hands on all sorts of books with a tough look on his face. It ranged from magic books and swordsmanship guidebooks to history books.

Rocha and Shaura have nothing to say in particular.

They were both lying down in the carriage, just shaking their tails loosely with half dead eyes.

I guess I'm too free to be apathetic.

I wish I could relax while watching even the outside landscape flowing from the carriage, but they are originally from the lush Kingdom of Rugal.

It may not be any kind of leisure time crushing in such small forests or grasslands as it is in the Empire.

"Yes, yes, I got it."

When your lady said, Julian and Keith stopped reading and went outside.

The Beast Daughters don't keep moving.

"Rocha, Chaura, come out quick."

"Nothing, I'm hungry..."

"Just like Rocha..."

Saw a shaking tail without force, Liz said.

"Oh, you guys really can't help it. Why don't you enjoy your carriage trip for a little while?

"... boring"

"Just like Rocha..."

Keith, who was watching how it went, also makes a grumpy voice.

"Are you guys going to be doing that until you get to the Granden? If you don't have something to do, you can encourage your studies. If you haven't brought anything, you can borrow my book."

"Not interested..."

"Just like Rocha..."

"Leave me alone. All those beasts can do is fight, so it's a loss to deal with them. Instead, it's convenient just not to make a weird noise. You can do that all the time."

"... Chaura. Do you want to be that dragon for dinner tonight?

"... that would be nice too. Dragon meat doesn't seem to be very nourishing. Maybe if I ate it, I could get stronger."

"Yes, yes, you don't say anything noisy there -! Come on, get out of the carriage."

"Stop it, Lizzie... the rest is apathetic..."

"Because I made delicious dishes for you and me, I need you to taste them properly and eat them. I'm in trouble! Look, there goes Shaura, too."

"Ahhh, don't pull over..."

Rocha and Shaura were thrown out of the carriage by Liz's hand.

Seeing how it goes, the couple of your men laugh.

"You're close."

"Yep. Jealous things"

"That's right! We're the same privileged students. Hey, Rocha, Shaura?

Liz handed Rocha and Shaura a spoon.

"Are we really close?

"Come on...... I don't talk much with men. I don't care."

"I don't really talk to these guys either. I don't think we're gonna get along."

"Yes, yes, a meal first! Because eating together like this is also a means of getting along!

As far as I can tell, we're certainly not close.

But it doesn't feel particularly bad.

Julian, who is likely to cause problems among them, is a disdain for the Beasts - "The Interpersonal" will never speak, and it will be like playing with a single unforgiving word that Rocha and Chaura turn to him from time to time.

It's not a bad relationship. That was how I felt right now.

And occasionally, as Liz was eating on each topic, her long ears moved tingly, and Rocha and Shaura reacted in the same way before looking up at the sky in unison.

As I looked up at the sky, there was a giant 'castle' floating about a few hundred meters above it, not so far away.