"I'm Zenan's" Fortress of Air Movement. "

"Yeah, but you've never seen it in an empire before, have you?"

As Rocha and Shaura say, Keith says as he sets aside his drinked-up soup bowl.

"Alle is said to have seven aerial moving fortresses in Zenan - probably 'Lindvlm' due to its shape and shade"

"Speaking of which, does the Xenan Dragon King have such a noisy thing? I totally forgot because I rarely see you in Zephte Aria."

Lindvlm was a large castle itself built on a green tone.

Its entire gigantic building is stretched with a green membrane as if to prevent any attack. Probably an advanced juxtaposition ceremony.

Far bigger than any great nobleman in the empire owns, it floats across the universe from its foundations and slowly moves towards the West.

"Oh well, I don't like it... why is that noisy thing flying through imperial territory"

And the lady of thy lord said with her face up.

My husband follows suit.

"Sure. In the battle with Zenan earlier, there was a lot of damage because of the Fortress of Air Movement... he said he never wanted to see anything like it again."

Yes. That airborne moving fortress was said to be a difficult downfall that could turn into an attack as well as protection.

A blow from a magic cannon (well) emitted from super altitude does a lot of damage around the area.

Keith also stares at the fortress with a slightly bitter face.

"I have heard that Arre revived the legacy of the prehistoric civilization (Seibumi), supposedly in the further east of the Kingdom of Rugal, by the hands of the Xenan Dragon King. It is only in attack and defense that there is no escape, but it does not reach the point of fully controlling automatic movement - hence it is the claim of the Xenan Dragon King that it is unavoidable to travel over other countries. This is ridiculous."

"Oh well, really... It's not a very good day for me to be nearby, but I can't go to bed. We've seen the damage in the north, too."

It won't even be possible. Array is not the kind of thing a person can face from the start.

It's an amazing substitute for keeping moving through the air and uprooting and destroying what's around you. I'm not sure how it works either, but I'm pretty sure magic is relevant.

"Such a big fat ass moves around the air or something. It's absurd. And no matter how much you attack, you're not scared, are you?"

"I have also heard that the Erberian Imperial Army was quite tormented in dealing with that airborne moving fortress. Each of the seven other fortresses possessed different characteristics, but one of the most remarkable was the red fortress' Draig '".

To boulders. Only the most familiar of these is the battle of empires. Keith went on further.

"Whatever the hallmark of his Aerial Moving Fortress, he said, 'It's a super long-range intensive bombardment (just a cuckoo) magic cannon. It's been supposedly 300 rounds of artillery equivalent to a banned upper staircase in a minute. You may not believe it, but the Northern Territories have actually suffered."

"300... how did the Imperial Army overdo such a ridiculous substitute?

"Led by the most made-up Mirdiana army in terms of demonic guidance, a vast quantity and quality of anti-proscriptive junctions were gathered from all the armies, east, west and north, and south, who excelled in the handling of magic control. It was His Excellency the 'Marshal Audran', supposedly a mentor of His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert, who was in command of that formation."

"But on the other hand, it won't be a battle, will it?

"Mm-hmm. In fact, it seems that Draig has made a similar attack again after finishing 300 rounds of artillery fire with a certain amount of time on his magic fill. It was His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert who took it all and used numerous magic to destroy the drag directly... but his defensive defense weakened the maintenance of the junction and his Marshal was scattered."

I see. Did Dean Ludio have such a past?

Destruction of the Fortress of Air Movement of the Xenan Dragon King...... With all that track record, it's no stranger to take the seat of Commander-in-Chief no matter how many half-elves you are.

That said.

"His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert was bought the track record and was awarded the rank of Lieutenant General by His Majesty the Emperor. But it is also true that Marshal Audran was killed in battle under the influence of his escape from the defensive battle. That history and the racial problem of half an elf took the form of His Excellency the Lieutenant General standing on the arrow of reproaches from the military"

"That's where some assholes in the Imperial Army got their hands on the Shizuku case, isn't it? It must have been a half-elf. It must have been a tread or a kick."

"Exactly. But if His Excellency the Lieutenant General does not move at that point, the damage has allegedly further increased. And the credit for destroying that supposedly intractable Zenan airborne moving fortress was also praised by the people of Shirai (Shirai). His Excellency the Marshal's death in battle is uninspiring, but it was unavoidable. It's just personal, but that's what I think."

"You really feel like the five heroes, don't you? They were about the same size as those Lindvlms, weren't they? Incredibly out of standard, that lieutenant general."

"But is it just one of those heroes with even five of those Lt. Gen. Lambert? What exactly did General Duras do to deserve to be called a great hero?"

Rocha's question was of concern to me, too.

Keith continues.

"It was eight years ago that the first battle against the Xenan Dragon King began. General Duras' rank at the time was Major. Besides, speaking of the Duras family, it's so famous that there's hardly anyone lined up in the empire. That's why he's been very supportive in the rear for a while."

"Because a famous soldier would be in trouble if he died first?

Keith nodded vaguely at Liz's question.

"There's that too... do you know that everyone admits that General Duras is the best sword user in the Empire? It may be strange to say otherwise, but there's only so little magic left in her that she's less than normal people."

"I see. Our Beasts are not compatible with the Dragons either. For those of us who use our own bodies as weapons, the skin harder than our rocks is extremely troublesome. That would be the same even with sword moves. I mean, you weren't expected to be a force of war, were you?

"Exactly. No matter how much they call you Kensei or Takegami, your minutes are too bad for the Dragon Nation and the Dragon People against you. Everybody thought so - but"

The red-haired young man tells him to stay emotional.

"I'm not sure what happened, but General Duras went to the front of the battlefield with the" Divine Sword Revistra "created by the great goddess Orphelia of Genesis."

"Revistra is an array... a phantom sword that could not be pulled out by anyone who had stuck it on a pedestal inside the Great Temple established in the Volkas mountains of the northern realm of the Empire"

"That's right. It is a divine sword that has long been whispered of its rumors among some. With it in his hands, General Duras gained the power of God to destroy Zenan's elusive airborne moving fortress, Beluda, single-ridden. This was the decision, and King Zenan demanded a truce, and His Majesty the Emperor responded accordingly."

I recall the characteristics of the Fortress of Air Movement, Beluda.

Sure, that fortress was offensive in nature, too, but the essence should have been in its defense.

Keith made it up to me.

"When it comes to beluda, it is a fortress characterized by an advanced junctional formula that supposedly does not strike hundreds of rounds in the degree of prohibition. Supposedly it was Zenan's defensive necessity and at the same time a powerful substitute for Draig to burn down without leaving any surroundings with a powerful magic cannon of inferior"

"It's amazing that you destroyed the airborne moving fortress, but would that be the same for Lieutenant General Lambert?

"His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert certainly accomplished his feat as well. But that boulder couldn't be intact either. He was quite badly injured in the war.... is now fully recovered, but at one time it is assumed that it was in a dangerous state. But."

Keith said in a tone as if he was feeling something a little scary.

"General Duras challenged not only the defense-specific Beluda, but also the thousands of dragon clans and dragon men who were guarding his fortress, and even the dragon cavalry (Ryuuhae) who used the Fei dragon, to fight single-handedly, destroying Beluda after destroying all of them. Unharmed."

"... Ha. It's like coming out to the hero Tan. It's similar to the work of the great brave man who inspired the founding of the Empire of Elberia."

"It's what had a horrible man. It would be comforting if such a person could serve as a reinforcement to our Rugal..."

"It's stupid, but it's true, isn't it? It's always the general who gets held up with the great hero."

"Either way, they destroyed two of the seven supposedly airborne moving fortresses. I guess Zenan the boulder didn't enjoy it either. I don't know what the hell would have happened if General Duras had proceeded... even if he was from the same empire, a little tremor would run"

"For Zenan, he couldn't have broken the remaining five. But if you see such a sight up close, you will doubt your head at all costs."

"It's more like a monster than a hero, isn't it? I don't mean to sound bad... but I'm not talking about dimensions like awesome or anything."

As everyone nodded, I was struck by circumstances I didn't know existed.

General Claude Duras...

He retreated those dragons intact and also fell a strong airborne moving fortress. He's a real hero. You've been looking forward to seeing me more and more.

But Rocha's words, which just blurted and grumbled, weren't exactly the same.

The Aerial Moving Fortress left in Zenan is not 'five', but 'four' more.

Because a long time ago, my countrymen were destroying another airborne fortress, Fafnir.

- I looked up at the sky, remembering that nostalgic event.

Hey, Satan. Where the hell are you now?

How did you disappear from before us then? Is there a reason? If you do, let me know - my friend.

As the privileged students continued to talk afterwards, I often remembered my old allies.