Early the next morning, all of a sudden, Rocha started saying something.

Still asks if the shawla in her sleeping eye is something to yawn at.

"The carriage journey is already a dustpan. The rest of you are going to run and head to the Granden!

"... yeah... I'm serious, Rocha. It's still a long way from here, isn't it?

"Because it is! Can you relax in the carriage for the next 10 days? The rest is on its way! Shaura, where are you going?

Seeing Rocha show off her sudden tyrant, Shaura sighed in a great deal before rising up with a sleigh from the spot.

"If my husband says so, it is my duty to obey."

"Mm-hmm. Now, just carry the bags! Let's go!"

"Yes, sir."

Says Liz, who until then had opened his mouth and scowled at the development that went too brilliantly.

"Hey, wait, wait, wait. If I think of it, I won't stop doing it right away!? Running from here or something!? There's a lot of people down the street, isn't there?

"Don't worry! We can run fine on mountain roads! Running faster than a horse is easy, even in the wasteland!

"I guess I should have done that from the start. Something I can't help but be free."

Shaura is already willing to carry a baggage bag.

Keith, who was beside him, says when Liz presses her face in the wind of "How do we stop these two assholes".

"You forgot what His Excellency the Lieutenant General was saying. If you don't need anything, you need to make a carriage journey."

"I didn't think I'd be this free until I got there, I had no choice."

"That's right. Mostly, it's hard to sleep in a carriage. My body hurts."

Rocha jumped off the carriage. Pure white werewolf daughter goes on.

"Bye. Enjoy your journey in the carriage. We're going to Granden first and we're going to keep the strongest people in the military school spilled."

"Hey, you guys..."

"Okay. Let's go too."

"Keith? Are you out of your mind? I can't keep up."

When Liz held her head as if she had a headache, Keith looked at herself just as hard.

"Think about it, Liz. If we let these guys head to the Granden first, it's not something we know what we're gonna do. It is a matter of great importance to the integrity of our Mildiana Direct Military School. I have to go with you and keep an eye on him."

"What do you think we are?"

"It would be a rabid dog or something. I just want to thank you."

"It's an unwanted treat. I'm not talking about you. I'm just gonna leave you, okay? You don't lick the legs of the Beasts, do you?

"I'll give that word back to you, Rocha. I'm a human being, too. I can run with physical abilities far beyond normal people."

Something happened and Keith jumped off the carriage quickly carrying the bags.

"Fair enough. Okay, I asked for the rest, Theo!

As soon as I said that, Rocha quickly disappeared out of sight with tremendous speed.

Shaura also put aside a little while before running out at an unbeatable rate to her husband, and Keith followed suit.

The unusual events that began at the whim of the fox daughter ended in minutes of things, and Liz, who couldn't keep up with the speed of too many developments, roared "uh" or "hmm" before sitting down.

"Well, what can I do if I'm in a hurry? Well, Theo-kun, let's enjoy the carriage journey alone from now on."

"Hey, fucking elves. Don't forget about me."

"Julian, why don't you keep up with the Roccas? We'll take our time."

That's what Liz said, but I was already ready for the bags.

"Hey, Theo-kun? What's wrong with you?

"No, I thought I'd run, too. The carriage journey was fun, but I wanted to run directly into the wind of the empire."

I jumped off the carriage with Liz on my ass with her mouth open as if I had seen something incredible.

"See you later, Liz, Julian. Thank you so much for coming. Will you two take me to Granden as planned?"

"Oh well... with good health"

"I can't believe I'm running from here to the Granden... but I guess the chosen ones are different among the military schools."

As I was about to go, Liz said, "Wait a minute! shouted."

"What's the matter with you?

"I got it, I got it. I knew Rocha, Shaura and Keith were assholes, but I finally figured out that Theo was an asshole."

"Don't say it in the face... I mean, what about that package?

Liz was carrying a baggage at some point.

With a ribbon removed from her luggage, she says with a frightened face that she could tie her long dark green hair behind her.

"I'm running, too. I don't really like exercising, but I'm not bad at anything. I'm confident that mountain roads and forests can move faster than Theo-kun."

"Say it, Liz. Shall we compete then? Which gets to Granden first."

"I would have done it already if this had happened - not! You're gonna stick it out!

Julian, who was still keeping his back in the carriage in a baggage bag, said Liz, who went into the frontier of giving up somewhere blown out, was doing a light prep exercise on the spot.

"Okay, now you've disappeared 5 people who are loud. Thanks to you, you can enjoy the solo journey."

"Hey, Theo. You don't want to spend 10 days with them, do you? At least I can't."

"I don't like being with a woman like you."

Liz stuck out her tongue and stared at Julian.

The dragon boy looks at it and laughs with his nose.

"So can I leave the carriage to Julian?

"Oh. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get there in the right number of days. That's it. Let's go. It's in the way of reading."

"Yes, sir. Bye, Liz. Shall we go?"

"Theo-kun? This is competition, isn't it? We're not good friends, are we? If you win, let's ask the loser to fulfill one wish for anything."

"Is it like a punishment game? Okay, I'll think about what it would be fun to let you do."

"Hmm... you said that? I don't want to lose! I'll see you later!

When Liz said so, she quickly ran away with the dark green hair that made her look like a horse's tail.

What can I say? Her physical abilities are considerable, too.

I don't know what happens to my body when it comes to fighting in the woods and mountain roads. We have to go soon.

"Then I asked for the rest, Julian!

That's all I said. I followed Liz. [M]

The crowded hours ran through the forest zone and it was night before taking a break or anything at all.

I didn't see the four of them running off first in the end, but will they rest?

If it's the strength of the Divine Angel, you don't have to rest. You should be able to run through it in about two days.

But after all, the health aspect of this area is heavily influenced by the power of the original species.

Rocha or Chaura would arrive in Granden without a day off if they did poorly. I'm going to say that I can eat while I'm running.

Keith and Liz should need a big break at least once. The health of humans and elves is almost the same.

Keith, who is always working out, may be slightly more advantageous, but I knew it wouldn't extend to the Beast Daughters. Must have been quite a distance away already.

Liz had a great first speed, too, but I don't think she can maintain that speed. Wouldn't it be strange if it was snaggy?

By the way, if you use the wind speedo ceremony to wrap up the wind, maybe you can still catch up with the Roccas.

But I won't. I think I can complain about something later. Mostly from that white wolf.

Keith is fine, but I want to beat Liz. On the other hand, I think it would be fun to let you do what you do, because if you lose, you don't know what kind of favor you'll do...

But even today I just don't get enough sleep.

You should just give your body a little rest for once.

After entering the depths of the forest, I gently ascended the largest tree and sat down on a thick branch.

The moon is beautiful. The stars don't shine badly either.

Shall we enjoy this sight for a little while before we go? Well, let's not do this human condition either.

- I gently empty my neighbor and call her by the name of 'She'.

"Lena. Come."

"Yes. I'm home."

Lena came on a tree branch with a leg jump.

"Are you all right? Aren't you tired?

"That's the line here, Lucifer. If you keep running all morning, no matter how much Lucifer you say, you're under a lot of physical strain."

"I still can afford it. But sometimes it wouldn't be a bad idea for the two of us to see these views, would it?

"! So, Lucifer... no way for me?

The moment I nodded, I was embraced by my thoughts and nearly fell off the branch at risk.

"Lena... you're in danger"

"Couples without water is exactly this! Lucifer, I need to make sure you're replenished!

The maid girl snorted and said so, snuggling up on my body and putting her head on my shoulder.

Looking up at the sky holding her body in a mood, I saw something strange.

A number of red brilliances spread across the full starry sky.

And the red glow shall disappear in an instant, and it shall shine again in nearby places, and shall disappear again. I repeated that over and over again.

"Is it" The Brilliant (Kira) Meshing of the Red Star "? That's unusual."

"Really...... Something like once every few decades or not, right? I can't believe I'm seen next to a husband who loves that stuff. I don't care if I die here anymore...... woohoo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Lucifer and I have a mountain of things we want to do and fuck."

I stared at it, stroking Lena's head immersed in joy.

Red Star brilliance. It is an astronomical phenomenon found throughout this continent.

It happens more often than not every few decades, as Lena says, with the strange thing about the red stars glowing beautifully. At least I don't know why such a phenomenon occurs.

Will everyone else be watching that brilliance by now?

"It's beautiful ~... Hey, you know what? There's a story that couples who see the brilliance of red stars together will always be tied!

"We will already be bound. This isn't the first time I've seen you before."

"I don't care about that! Stronger! Stronger! It's only when you're so tied that you can never take it even if you pull it off that you're a real couple! Besides, when men and women interact with each other with that glow on their backs..."

"Okay, okay. Relax, Lena."

I thought, as I tried to forgive her for not being able to hide my excitement.

It would be wild to say this on purpose to her delighted with the beautiful sight. Maybe I should fall in love with the beauty of that red star very much now.

... but, Lena. Red Star's brilliance has a very different saying than your sweet words.

I still remember some inheritance behind that phenomenon as I stared at the disappearing red star in the glow.

"Red stars flash in the heavenly night sky. It's a sign of vice."

This story is familiar with Lumiel.

Lena and I have seen this phenomenon several times before and enjoyed the beautiful sight together, but Lumiel was different.

He, who at first sight would have no eyes for this kind of thing, actually only abhors this phenomenon badly. Just to look at it is enough to make me look upset.

Sounds like a touch by Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Genesis... but I never listened to Lumiel in depth to dislike him so unusually anyway.

But I can't deny those red stars if they tell me they're a vicious sign.

Because even just before Satan disappeared, Red Star was brilliant -.

hundreds of years before that. All of Tenebrae's demonic tribes were attacked by an irrepressible destructive impulse, which began to ravage the western peripheral countries one after the other - when the previous generation of Lucifer was completely insane.

Even just before that, those red stars were still blinking.