Three days after I kept running.

Running through the forest into a small meadow.

Run as you go, further ahead of the meadow, and it's a cliff there. And beneath it you can see the gates of the fortified city of Granden.

Is there about 100 meters from the cliff to the ground?

I can land even if I keep jumping, but I'm right around the corner talking to my elf daughter, thinking I might as well get off quietly, wrapping up a wind speeding ceremony.

"Hey, Liz. What's the matter?"

"... It's white. You've been chasing me all along the way."

"No, I was surprised. It's about you, so I was worried I wouldn't be able to force you to drown wild in the middle of it, but it doesn't seem like it was Dada who made it through Zephte Aria's rigorous security net so easy to come to the Empire, does it?

"Because that's how you got caught off guard when you saw me. You were just a bunch of guys. It was such an easy victory."

with the bags in one hand. She said as she scratched her cheeks.

"How do we get off this cliff?

"You can jump."

"I'm not a suicide candidate. -?

Even a boulder god angel seems hesitant to jump off this height.

I grabbed her with my hand around her right shoulder. [M]

"What... what are you doing, Theo-kun"

"I'll take you downstairs. If you say so already, the battle is my victory."

I lifted Liz up a little and supported her exposed legs from her skirt with my left hand.

"What, could this be... princess cuddly?

"You might say so."

"Uh, oh, yeah, right. Yeah, I get it. I get it. I'm so glad Theo-kun is holding you... unless you're on a cliff like this."

"It's okay, it's okay. We'll figure it out."

"It won't, will it? Theo-kun doesn't seem strange to throw me out on the way because he looks gentle and seems surprisingly thin, does he?!?

"I'll get it right to you. Let's go, Liz."

"Wait, wait, wait, get your mind ready... Oooooh!?

I took a step with Liz in my arms and jumped off a cliff.

"No, no, no, no, no!?

Liz is screaming something.

I don't even have time to advise you to bite your tongue with the impact of a landing if you're screaming with your mouth so wide open.

Liz put her arms around my neck and put her strength into it. [M]

You could have landed as you were, but you activated the Wind Speed Ceremony where you could see the ground.

The wind supported our bodies and momentum stopped completely on the verge of landing.

"- Ahhhh!!

Liz stays screaming in her ear. A little loud.

"It's okay, Liz. Here."

"Huh? Huh?... Ooh, ooh..."

He looks at my body floating about 30 centimeters from the ground and gives me a surprising look.

"Shh, that's so much control... I can't use magic so well."

"You get used to it, you can do it."

I let her body go, knowing that Liz, who was completely out of her mind, was loosening her arm.

Shortly afterwards, Liz creeps around with a strange scream as she falls off her ass more and more onto the ground.

"What do you say, princess? Isn't that pretty thrilling and fun?

"Ooh... if you think she's a princess, escort her right to the end -!?

Liz protests with tears as she rubs her ass.

The princess of the free running elf will have to suffer this much pain.

With that in mind, I had my eye on one girl again when I turned to the Granden Gate.

The girl, with her long golden hair tied to her right, her eyes also glowed golden.

Is he about our age? [M] Cool eyes are beautiful, but they also look a little risky.

She wears a black based military school uniform. The color of the skirt was red. Strangely enough, however, she wore the shoulder tag used by the military.

I'm supposed to be a student at a military school, but I don't know what the hell that means.

The blonde girl approached us with a quick step, ignoring the guard of the gate moving into the gap she thought was, for example.

"Who are you?"

With a fortitude and a noble standing to see, she has asked with a hard and quiet voice that is perfect for the atmosphere.

"I'm Theodore from Mildiana Territorial Military School. So, she did."


The girl in front of me says she doesn't dare turn a blind eye to Liz, who has grudging eyes.

"Do you have anything you can ID?"

"Is this it?

"Ah, then mine too... see this"

When Liz and I handed over the gift certificate that Dean Ludio gave us, she began to test it.

You look rude. It reminds me of Keith, who's always tightening her face, but she's more than that.

And the signs coming from her body... This is the undisputed power of God.

"... certainly a testament to the privileged students of the Mildiana Territorial Military School"

"Rocha first - I think the fox beast man and the wolf beast man with his white body came too"

"Yeah. I'm listening. Please come inside."

The blonde girl prompts me to go through the Granden Gate with Liz.

Then there stood a stone building.

Walking around the city for a while, I felt something killer landscape, although the number of inhabitants was high.

That should be it, there's a long staircase there that leads to a far overhead communication line.

Asahi Yang also has many places blocked by its stairs and communication routes, and the sun is not very good.

It felt that people lived in places where people lived, rather than in things built as castles.

This land is really no different than it used to be.

On several stairs, a communication line intersects the city like a spider's nest was strewn over it. And tall enough walls to cover the city whole make it feel obstructed.

Unlike Mirdiana, where there were many people and the landscape was good, this city called Granden can clearly be seen as being built with defense first.

Until hundreds of years ago, we demons fell on us many times, but it is still the boulders that are rebuilding.

I guess the only reason I see a larger population than before is because I have fewer fights with the Demons. Still, the population is less than a third of Mirdiana's population of 150,000. Apparently the least populated of the capital of the Empire is this city of Granden.

As Liz and I were looking around the city for a moment, the blonde girl walking in front said unexpectedly.

It's not an interesting place to look around like that.

"Really? It's pretty funny that it's not like Mirdiana at all. Hey, Theo."

... I do think Liz was telling me she was from around the Granden.

Liz continued as she nodded unobtrusively.

"Ludio Seisei said, Granden used to be raided a lot by demons, right? There's no trace of it at all."

"Demons...? Naturally, the last record of this Granden land being attacked by demons is over 500 years ago."

I can't even feel the cakera of affection from her answering seriously.

"You know, Theo. Isn't that kind of totally heartless? That kid."

"You sure do. Lovely if you laugh...... no, I still think she's cute"

"I don't want to. I can tell right away that my first impression just makes me uncomfortable..."

He said he was watching what was going on around him, listening to Liz's words as he inquired.

"Oh, it's not Clarice. Good morning."

An old woman walking with a cane greeted me.

Then, in front of her, she turns to the old lady and salutes her residence perfectly correctly.

"Good morning, Mr. Annie. You look good today and above all. I heard you hurt your back the other day, how about after that? Didn't I force you?

"Yeah, yeah. It's okay. I recovered enough to walk like this... it's still tough without a cane, but hey. By the way, who are you adorable friends over there?

An old woman looks at me and Liz curiously.

Then the blonde girl said.

"Ha. These are Lord Theodore and Lord Liz, who came to study in exchange from the military school in the southern capital, Mirdiana. I'm just taking you to our Grand Territorial Military School."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry to interrupt."

"There is no such thing. Please take care of yourself, Annie. Don't hold heavy objects for a while."

"Thanks, Clarice. But I've been thinking about it for a long time, but you don't have to be so beefy to talk about it, okay?

"No, because this is also my role as a soldier. The people of the Imperial Territory - especially if you live in this Granden territory - are all those we respect and need to protect. You can't just be kidding me."

"I like the face Clarice is laughing at the most, hey"

Though Clarice's mouth cage felt slightly overwhelmed by the honest words, she said immediately.

"That's not how it works. This is also a military duty. And as the Duke of Frestier family, you have to be ashamed of yourself. … Now, if you'll excuse me"

Salute him again, and then Clarice walks away with a shitty.

When we continued later, we heard voices from behind.

"Hey again, Clarice. Let's have some tea together next time."

Then came a man of good stature who was now selling vegetables at a nearby dewstore.

"Hey, Clarice. Still looking good today."

"Ha. Good morning, Mr. Bunois. I heard you're not feeling very good about your shoulders lately. How are you?

"You can't beat an annual wave. I can't get my shoulders up."

"Be well at rest when that happens. Watch your posture and don't rub your shoulders more than you should even when they hurt. Because if it gets worse, there are no ex-girlfriends."

"Hehe, thank you. Glad to hear you're worried about a cute kid like Clarice... see, how about that? Take our vegetables."

"But I still have academia and military"

"I'm not saying anything hard. Sora!"

In the form of being forced to press the colorful vegetables placed in the (Zaru), the blonde girl said as she floated slightly bewildered.

"Oh, thank you. We'll take care of the dormitories in the school."

"Ouch! Hmm... I don't see the two behind you here. That's your face...?

Clarice then gave us the same response and introduced us.

"You did! Sorry you're busy, Clarice."

"No. Now, if you'll excuse me. Because we will make the most of our vegetables!

As serious as ever, Clarice walks out again.

Is it because the amount of vegetables is high and I can't see it in front of me?

"Hey, you. Do you remember the names of the people in the city?

"Of course it is. Not everyone, but at least we know the name, gender and age of the person who owns or lives in an outdoor shop in this area."

"Wow, wow..."

Liz says it as if you've seen an organism like you've never seen before.

And as I walked, Liz followed me on my shoulder again for a little while.

"It feels kind of admirable, doesn't it, that kid? Maybe I've changed my mind a little."

"You sure do. Maybe he's surprisingly sweet."

As we followed each other whispering about that, we finally saw the military school building.

Compared to military schools in Mirdiana, it was still something small.

Would the entire school building be less than half the size?

There is a military ministry right next to the school grounds.

This area seems pretty much the same as Mirdiana.

It was the dining room that led him inside the school building and continued straight down the hallway to reach him.

Busy with large numbers of students, there turns to silence at once by the appearance of the girl in front of her.

Fear, fear, respect, jealousy - a gaze with all sorts of emotions is directed at her, but the blonde girl goes to the back without the way she cared about it at all -.

"Hmm? Oh, isn't that Liz to Theo! It was so early... Ngugu"

Rocha, with her golden ears pinned, spoke with her bread upside down.

The werewolf daughter, who was eating bread to her liking next to her fox daughter, glanced at her.

"That was fast, Liz. Come on, sit next to me. Let's eat together."

"I'm here, too."

"I finally lost sight of the man. I think I heard an unpleasant voice from somewhere, but I'm sure it's my fault."

This werewolf girl is the same. I feel like I've twisted it even more.

And I also saw a red-haired young man poking at his desk without his hands on a meal while surrounding the same table.

"Is that it? Keith, you're dead, but what's wrong?

"Thank you very much. We followed the run of the Beast Man. It's brilliant for a human being... but the results are as you can see. Of course, you can't run the rest for real."

"... because of you, how much I... cum..."

Keith covered his cold sweaty seeping face with one hand as he lifted his face loosely.

I guess I'm really tired around not having a bite to eat.

"When did the Roccas get here?

"Mm-hmm. It hasn't been two hours. By the way, what happened to that dragon?"

"I enjoy traveling alone with grace. How are you doing by now?"

"It would be funny if you ran into a bandit and got your head cracked."

That's where I get coughed up.

When everyone on this spot turned to you, the girl who tied her blonde hair on the right said in a changed way.

"I know your names. Lord Rocca, Lord Shawla, Lord Keith, Lord Theodore, Lord Liz. Looks like the other one isn't here yet, no doubt about it, huh?

"Yeah. I don't need another name. Theodore is fine."

"Uh, me too. Make yourself comfortable."

"You don't have to call the rest normal."

"Oh, then would you call me 'Sama'? Tonight, there's a lot to talk about, just the two of us."

Rocha's tail struck Shaura directly in the face.

Shaura is blowing up every chair and stuffing it.

"Oh, what the hell did you do!?

"It's the usual thing between us. Never mind. It's about time you named him after him."

She was upset for a moment, and soon she would have a serious look.

... to see if Chaura was safe on the side properly, but the blown out person at the time opened his mouth to relieve him when he saw him immediately getting up and looking happy.

"Again. My name is Clarice Frestier. As one of the daughters of the Duke of Frestier's family, he is a privileged student and sophomore at the Grand Territorial Military School - a soldier who at the same time gave the title of Ensign. It's tentative."

"Speaking of which, you're wearing Clarice, the one with the flickering shoulder that the military is wearing. What's this all about?

"I meet the graduation conditions. Originally, it is no surprise that I have already taken up my duties as Ensign… At the discretion of His Excellency General Duras and Dean, I was strictly instructed to encourage my schooling and at the same time to get to know my peers very well, so I still have my school books."

Apparently, he's got a lot of strength. I can also see that I have strong confidence in that.

And I also found that I wasn't hiding out that I seem to remember some dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Clarice. Funny girl. She's cute and... and so on, says Rocha, who threw bread into her mouth all at once and made her look like a squirrel.

"Flirting. Huh, ho, ho, ho, ho. Huh? (Clarice and I did. Why don't we play the rest of the game soon?

"... badly behaved! Eat your mouth properly and then talk!

Once drunk, Rocha hurried to swallow what was in her mouth.

"Mm-hmm. A tough guy would mean someone like you. What do you say, Shaura? Don't you want to compete with Clarice, too?

"Right. I want to know how strong you are. That's why I'm here."

Against the gaze of the belligerent beast daughters, she said without the appearance of pressure.

"Fine. I'll deal with you one at a time. Call me."

Until then, the students around them, who were silently watching how things were going, began to make a bother noise.

"Is that what it feels like to be fought for?

"Isn't that right? That's going to be interesting."

A privileged student at a military school in Granden?

How strong is it to fulfill? I raised my mouth naturally.