Grand Territorial Direct Military School's Exercise Grounds.

There we stand the Southern privileged students and Clarice, the Western privileged students.

And a little further away, there were so many students gathered that they could not hide a glimpse of curiosity.

"Well, who do you try from? Swordsmanship, physical arts, and witchcraft, whatever. If you can defeat me, do it."

Clarice, who already has a position as a soldier, is full of confidence.

But I can't feel anything like I'm alarmed from her.

It conveys that you are trying to carefully measure the power of your opponent.

"Hmm, right. Let's start with the chaura."

"Rocha? What's going on? I just thought you were the first one to fight."

So the fox daughter with golden ears and tails laughed huffy.

"I mean, the rest of us don't work with people like you. Come on, let's go, let's go."

"Finally demoted from being a slave to treating things!? Woohoo, but I'm glad! I'll do anything for you, Rocha!

"Uhm, I'll stand up to you majestically and scatter you gorgeously, but it's good -"

I felt a little uncomfortable.

Shaura's opinion that Rocha is going to fight first shouldn't be wrong. That's what I was thinking right now.

Yet this statement after trying to get Shaura to fight first... maybe the eyes on Rocha's people are real. I know how it turned out before I fought. [M]

"Come on, let's fight (ya) Clarice! I'll be very cute to you after I suppress you!

…… Come on, do something creepy...... Well, that's fine. If you're an animal man, then it's physical. Call me anytime. "

Clarice, who remembered the chills and glanced at her face, quickly calmed down and stared at Shaura.

If you're just a human being with that stabbing gaze, you might lose your hips.

Well, I wouldn't be a privileged student in the first place if that's about the kind of person who gets away with it.

"You won't regret it!

Shaura kicked the ground on the spot and the 10 meters narrowed the distance in an instant with Clarice, who was away.

Cheers from all around at once.


Chaura's arm cuts empty as she tries to grab Clarice's clothes.

Clarice, who instantly cut off his opponent's movements, circled to Shaura's left and grabbed that arm before she regained her posture. Moments.

A cockroach sounded, and Shaura made a bitter noise.


"Fast indeed. But that's it. Lots of gaps!

In an instant, he pushes Shaura, who has been removed from the joints of his left arm, straight down to the ground, with his arm on its back to contain it.

I recall a similar situation when I disabled Rocha on my entrance exam.

When I'm taken to this situation, there's nothing I can do where there was a slight difference in arm strength.

"It's my win. You don't have any objections, do you?

"Ku......!! I'm alarmed..."


Around here, school instructors and adults began to gather inside the practice hall to see what was going on.

Nor did he seem to care about it, and Clarice shouted in a sincere stand-up.

"All right, next!

Who will leave next?

He seems totally concerned about that, except for Liz, who obviously looks disgusted.

"Hmm. Then it's Keith. You should go next."

"... I don't know why I have to be ordered by you, but I definitely don't. That said, my specialty is swordsmanship."

"I don't mind! Somebody get me a wooden knife."

Two wooden knives will be available as soon as there is only an exercise area.

Clarice took it and threw one at Keith.

Keith takes a deep breath and then walks out to Clarice.

"Don't hesitate. Come on, come!

"... then. Let's go."

Keith sets up a wooden sword and packs his time at once.

But he doesn't attack right away, and he seems to be concentrating his entire nerve on one of Clarice's hands.

- Shaura, who was quickly hit earlier, is much faster than Keith. I guess you decided you couldn't beat her for being quick enough to cut that off without difficulty.

Clarice circled behind Keith, waving a wooden knife, just like she did when Shaura.

The red-haired young man takes the wooden sword as if he had expected it.

"Shh, wow! I've taken Ensign Frestier's blow. He...!

"Clarice, did you attack? I couldn't see at all."

Keith and Clarice stare at each other as the students around them tint.

"The boulders are only the men of the Count Lermit family, aren't they, Keith Lermit?"

"... here it is. Clarice Frestier."

Oh? Do you know him?

When he thought so, Clarice struck Keith one wooden sword after another with a flowing sword.

Every time I took one strong blow after another that hit me in a row, the excitement around me also went up.

When Clarice's hand in the attack loosened slightly, Keith struck a blow into the girl's time at once without missing it.

I have a subtle discomfort with the sight.

And Keith's blow was handed off without difficulty, followed by a blow that hit Keith in the arm.


"It's a good sword. It conveys being faithful to the mould and loaded with drills. But it's warm! Did you think you could defeat me with that kind of blow?"

"Come... surrender"

I glanced over Keith's side as the air in the arena became even overheated.

I know perfectly well from his character that he's teething about losing remorse.

But it was even possible that the blow at that time would have played Clarice's wooden sword if it had been successfully decided. But how did you end up there?

"Okay. Okay, Liz next. You're gone."

"It won't pass! I don't like it, I don't want to fight that! Surrender! Surrender!

Seeing Liz fight thoroughly, Clarice frowned.

"Were you cowered by a privileged student at the Mildiana Direct Military Academy?"

"I'm not very good at that. Because the specialty is only junction and healing ceremonies. So I'll fix Keith's injury, so Rocha says hello later."

"Damn, you're a fluke. You...... Sort of good. Clarice and I did. I know exactly how strong you are. I'll deal with you soon enough."

"Fine. You don't need a wooden sword for physical surgery."

When Clarice tried to let go of the wooden sword, Rocha took control of it.

"It's Clarice. What's your best way to fight? As far as I can tell, it's swordsmanship."

"... well. You can do anything, but if you insist, you will."

"Mm-hmm. Then use the wooden sword to fight but good!

"Are you insane...?

"Absolutely. The rest of this is still for a short period of time, but I am going through something called battle. I have clasped the neck of a man with a sword many times."

A surrounding student bothered with the noisy words. The instructors also begin to show impatience.

"I see. You're going through a battle between the Kingdom of Rugal and the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna"

"I couldn't get out on the full battlefield. It's what I experienced when I fought with the barbarians who ambushed the rest of the land."

"But then it's not yet!

Clarice threw the wooden sword away.

"I fight in my opponent's area of expertise and my constant goal is to defeat it. If you want to fight with your body surgery, let me do the same!

"Are you insane?... you really think you can cross with the rest of this with physical surgery?

I always got a little kill in my cheerful Rocha gaze.

"You don't look too sweet at humans. You won't survive on the battlefield."

"Okay. That's fine if you say so. But... you don't even know if you're crying about a broken bone or two?

"I will not expose such unwillingness to death. Now show your strength with that blow, not with your mouth."

Rocha's figure scratched out in an instant.

Chasing her first speed with your eyes is tough unless you're too conscious.

But Clarice deflected the axis as if she had detected any signs of Rocha, sending her beating away.

Avoid a blow from Rocha's long tail that follows.

I heard the sound of my tail cutting off the sky and said it as if I was sure.

"I see your tail sounds like a fine weapon too."

"Say you saw me slap Shaura earlier, well done. You made it through. Many of the barbarians have broken their necks because of licking this and traveled to the afterlife."

Clarice also approaches Rocha at the first speed as if she disappeared from the spot again.

As Clarice's fist tried to approach Rocha's face, she gave in and dodged for a long time. but.



Clarice's beating is feint. Apparently the real aim was Rocha's long tail.

Grab it, carry it, and slap Rocha on the floor with that momentum.

But Rocha, who instantly took the passive, kicked Clarice's abdomen and bounced backwards into the gap she was frightened of and took the distance.

"Not quite, Clarice"

"... there you are"

Everyone was in love with the battle between the two, who were both too light and powerful.

Liz is shrugging her yawn to death about "Phew, wow". Looks so sleepy. She seems to be really mypaced by the complete lack of other HR and warlike kakera.

"Hmm. I see your power. Can't this place be a draw?"

That's what Rocha says when it's supposed to be a creed not to stop until you bump the other guy out.

When I saw it, I could see that the right arm part of her clothes was torn and her blood seeped.

And Clarice also answers while suppressing her abdomen again.

"... ok. Sooner or later, I'll fight you."

"If you don't hold it down here, Dawn's going to be unable to stop. You can't get into a death fight on a boulder."


Apparently everyone didn't anticipate the consequences, and I was silent for a while, but eventually...

"Whoa whoa!! Wow, I can't believe there's a guy to draw from that Clarice guy...!

"Oh, is that beast man a privileged student? Mirdiana has an awesome guy too......!!

Soon they were cheered and applauded.

Clarice must stare at me when I'm at it too. [M]

"Well, you're the one at the end. Theodore."

"Will that happen? What do we do? Body surgery, swordsmanship, sorcery. What do you want me to wrap it all up for?

The people around you start to bother.

Clarice gave a slightly surprised look, but tightened her face to see if she had quickly regained her mind.

"Are you serious?

"Of course."

"Okay. Let's take it on."

I cheered again. It's no longer a complete spectacle.

"But you can't handle magic here. There could be damage to the perimeter, and move toward the magic arena."

Before Clarice ran out, there was a noise of someone rushing over to the exercise area.

Turning to you, a breathless soldier lifts his voice in recognition of Clarice's appearance.

"Huh, Ensign Frestier!

"What? This is an important time. Later if you have any questions."

"Shh, shh...!!


After breathing, the military shouted as if they had visited even at the end of the world.

"Charlotte, you're upset. Ahhh!