"Is that girl again......!?

"Yes......! Military squad yards are in terrible shape!

Clarice turned to me when a military man told me to breathe disturbingly.

"Excuse me, Theodore. We've got an emergency. Competition is another opportunity."

"That's good, but what is it?

"... I have a few problem children. Nevertheless, don't worry, we are not talking about you in Mirdiana. Rest first so you can work tired bodies on long journeys."

That's all I left to say. Clarice ran off on a small run.

I clapped it out a little, but now I wonder what it is.

Looking at the other privileged students, the beast daughters were gleaming their eyes as intrigued.

"I don't know what happened, but I have to go out of my way to call that Clarice. I didn't know it would cause things to happen...... maybe there are other guys in this city who are still strong! Let's go!

"Charlotte, you said something. You must be a pretty girl! Of course I'll follow you, too. Yikes!

Instant Instant. The Beast Daughters ran out with us first.

"Looks like something happened at the squad yard. But if that happens, if it's normal, General Duras should be contacted directly.... I'm a little concerned, so let's just say I'm going."

Keith also runs away quickly.

I stared at Liz.

"Honestly, I've been running for a long time, so damn it. What, but I do care what happened, so let's go"

"That's settled."

Thus we left the military school practice area and took to a nearby military field.

A large number of military personnel have already gathered near the garrison to watch what happens.

There were even those who were frightened as if they had no life once they were in it.

I accidentally took my breath away when I hurried into the garrison grounds by tearing apart the crowd walls.

Many soldiers fell and fell on the ground.

Those with red bruising marks on their foreheads, those who have been struck in the neck, those who are about to suffer with their bellies - it was a hell of a picture.

An obviously out of place presence stood alone in that.

She was a girl with beautiful blue hair.

Is it something like 11 or 2 years old? Having a very luxurious physical appearance, she said after swinging a wooden sword with one hand to gaze around.

"How many. We're all too weak."

The girl, who said in a tone of darkness, looks back here.

Clarice, who was in the lead, held his head after seeing the tragedy of the squad yard.

"... Charlotte! I thought you said you were still early to come to this place!

The girl, known as Charlotte, stares at Clarice as she tilts her little neck.

An adorable trick was backwards, and it felt as if - you were measuring the strength of the enemy in front of you.

"Because I am strong. I'm bored because all the other kids are weak and nobody fights me."

"... Charlotte. Indeed, you are the daughter of His Excellency General Duras. I also admit it's strong. But that's not the same story."

"What's wrong? I don't know if it's a bad story."

"There it is! You don't have enough upbringing yet. No matter how many arms you stand, you will not serve as a military officer unless you are equipped with a fine upbringing. Encourage adults to study now."

"It's just education for all of us to study. That's all. I'm bored every day, every day!

"Don't waste it. Because you are the daughter of one of the prestigious Dukes of Duras. Things have something called order!

As Clarice said head-on to Charlotte, Rocha looked around for a moment before saying:

"Just a mild estimate and 50 people are down - You beat them all down with one little girl."

"... she's cute, but she's horrible... she's a little scary"

"It's too much -... What the hell is that kid?

"That's an incredible sight. And from what I've seen, no one is dead. Did you accomplish this against the soldiers who were trained?"

Though Clarice was preaching, Charlotte was moving her body loosely while holding a wooden knife in a boring manner.

The poor girl is wearing a white and black based dress that the aristocratic lady deserves and is very unlike on this occasion.

She looked in turn at the privileged students as if looking at the stones rolling by the roadside (Robo).

Her eyes, which showed no interest in anyone, when she first reflected me, the girl's expression became brighter and she rushed over.

"Hey, there's your brother!

"... you mean me?

"Yeah! You have the same blue hair as me! Unusual!"

"Oh, yeah, sounds like it... they don't really see it"

Speaking of which, don't feel like Liz said before that blue-haired humans are very rare in the Granden. Is this kid just special?

"What do you say your name is? Oh, I'm Charlotte!

"It's Theodore. Greetings, Charlotte."

"Theodore... Theo, can I have your brother?

"You can call me whatever you want."

she said with her eyes shining.

"Brother Theo, you're so strong!


"It's not like the others at all!... are you from some aristocratic family?

"No, I'm a civilian with nothing in particular."

Don't have a little trouble handling it.

I don't want to get these stories back, especially around Liz... but I feel a strong gaze. Ugh, it's hard to do.

"Huh...? Well, no. Hey, Theo, brother! Compete with me!

"Suddenly...... by the way, are you good at swordsmanship after all?

"Yeah! Even physical surgery is pretty good! The magic... hehe, I don't know, but it's nothing good, is it? You just have to get bummed while you're chanting."

I feel the way I think is totally similar to that of the Beast Man. It applies to about two people just being close to each other.

At that time, Rocha of the day broke in.

"Ho, Charlotte and I did. Sounds like you're buying a lot of Theo, huh?

"Hmm? Yeah, the strongest, right?

"... what do you think of the rest of us?

Even as he was pointed out, Charlotte answered immediately after roaring with her finger against her chin.

"Stick. I know you're stronger than the military... that's all?

"Mmm-hmm? Quite right, this little girl."

"Than that, brother Theo! Fight! Fight!

Charlotte quickly lost interest in her fox daughter and found her clothes on me.

I'm gonna look up at it upwards. Its really the kid himself......

When I looked into the depths of her eyes (Shin-oo), I felt something like a madness hidden between sanity and reason.


This girl will probably kill without hesitation if there are enemies in front of her that she really has to kill. Even if you don't have a sword in your hand at that time, it's a deal to kill without choosing the means.

I don't know what the hell happened to this young girl.

I thought you said Clarice was General Duras' daughter... but she had a very big hero's daughter's unbelievable look.

Very dangerous.

This girl is so pure and innocent that at the same time she hasn't been able to get used to the horrible madness that dwells in her.

If a human who knows nothing sees her two-sided nature, she will react as if she had seen even some kind of monster.

Is this also due to its strength?

No matter how strong you say you are, there are other strong people here, starting with Clarice. Again and again, you must have learned to defeat.

Nonetheless, you don't even look like you're feeling frustrated. I guess there's just enough weight to accept the facts, though.

After staring at those around me, I turned my gaze once again to the girl's blue eyes.

"Fine. Shall we fight me?"

"Honestly!? Yay!!

Clarice panicked.

"Become, Theodore! Take such a thing on your own......!

I say with a stare at Charlotte.

"However, if I win, you will study properly for a while to gain a shameless upbringing as one of the Duke's daughters. Like?"

"Yeah, fine! What if I win?

"I can't think of anything in particular, but if you need me to do something, just tell me."

The girl roared adorably, staring at me for a while.

I asked him for a moment. Is that a secret?

Kneel in to fit her gaze and give her ears as she asks.

"Tell me about the silver-haired maid behind your brother, Theo?

I had goosebumps at the same time and hurried to look behind me.

... None. No, I'm exactly there. I'm here, but I don't see it now.

In horrific retrospect, Charlotte remained smiling. He's just rocking his sword tip because he wants to compete quickly.

- Stupid. How can you see Lena like such a human little girl?

I can't feel any magic from that luxurious body.

If it's the presence of the Demon God class, you can see about Lena who disappeared.

It doesn't make sense where you tried to disappear in front of me that you still are.

It is by sorcery that she is disappearing. For a demon god who has no creation, such as reading magic streams, no amount of good covert formula makes sense.

But this girl in front of me...

"Mmm. Brother Theo, I knew you wouldn't do it?

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I was just thinking. How can I defeat you?"

"Hmm? Honki? Do you want to come? If I win, will you tell me?

"I guess I wasn't sure what the word meant"

"... well, no, you just have to win"

Even that Rocha didn't notice Lena's presence, and even Liz couldn't sense its existence unless Lena dared to expose herself.

Then it's not due to the excellent five senses. Maybe this girl still has some special power. Because, as you can see from the defeat of the soldiers in the practice field by themselves, they are definitely God's angels.

I set up a wooden sword and told Clarice.

"Clarice, can you get a referee?

"Are you serious?

"She's strong. I want to see how strong it is... it's okay, I won't let you get hurt."

"Injury? You can do it. Yikes! It'll heal soon!

"... ok. Then, we will consider the game to be over when one of them surrenders. Because if you decide it's dangerous, I'll stop you right away. Okay, here we go!

Charlotte jumped out at the same time as the signal to start.

I know because I was watching you abandoning all my guard. The first speed is equal to or greater than that of Rocca.

Her spike was aimed at my throat. Bounce back... no.

Her figure disappears on the brink,

Is it still Feint? Take a blow fired at high speed from below with a wooden sword.

Gun! And there's a hard noise, and it's incredibly powerful. Awesome stupid power...... better than Keith.

At the same time as I recieved the wooden sword, Charlotte said as she twirled and stood her sword with both hands.

"Ho... now, you're taking it. Awesome. Everyone gets hooked the first time I do it. My father was the only one who ever took it."

"What an honor to stand alongside a great hero."

"Clarice got hooked twice."

"Wow, I haven't hooked up again since...!

An unintentional blow you can do because you're a little girl less than 140 cm. But it wasn't as light as a mosquito sting, it looked like a blow from a skilled warrior willing to kill.

If it's a direct hit, it's a fatal wound, if not a god angel.

A vigilant girl comes packing a jar and an intermission.

He's not willing to loosen his attacker. But child-specific thoughts can sometimes be unexpected. What to do next.

After staring at each other for a while, she pushed again as she clenched the sword in both hands in the hips position.

It felt as if the dying were going to set me up for at least one final blow.

I jumped back gently as the blow completely supplemented my heart.

But the wooden sword comes after me as if it had been stretched as-is...

You threw it!? I returned to me when I tried to avoid it and took the wooden sword forcefully with my left hand.

The blue-haired girl murmured her nose unhappily as a large number of those around her swallowed solitary spit and watched.

"... my loss."

"Throw the sword. What a suicide. I'm alarmed. The other guy might hook up, but then it won't last."

"Clarice got hooked once."

"Wow, I...!? Ah...... Shit, winner, Theodore......!!

There was no cheer.

I guess I couldn't afford to look at the motion of the unobtrusive girl in front of me and learn to admire her.

Well, that didn't matter. The reason the girl threw her sword at me wasn't that she managed to give me just one blow.

It wasn't me she was really after, it was Lena behind me.

My mouth declares me a loser, but the truth is, you just wanted to see what kind of move I would make. Yes, I must have never been willing to play a decent game from the start.

She speaks well of her strengths. There's no way I can win, so I just wanted to see if I could at least make that move.

My physical abilities would have made it easy to avoid it, and Lena wouldn't have had to know how many things were going on.

But I accidentally took it. I beat the farce in the name of battle, but I don't know if they took a bottle of it.

The sharpness of the pain I felt when I received the wooden sword thrown was considerable. Look, my left hand is painted with blood.

"Wow, Theo, that's a lot! I'll cure you now!

Liz rushed over like she was in a panic and soon applied a healing ritual to me.

I watched Charlotte as I said thank you to her.

The girl looked bored and pointed in the direction of the day after tomorrow, but laughed gladly as she and I gazed at each other. All I'm saying is she sees what I do and says it's what she wants. It's like...

I feel like they're saying, "You're the one who wants to protect yourself until you get up."

Everything the girl's adorable deeds seemed confusing.

Sure, Clarice was very strong. But can I judge this girl in the same dimension again...

"Come on, Charlotte! We lost to Theodore! Encouraging adults to study at the Mansion! Nice!?

"Huh. It's boring."

"What is it, that tone! It's a serious language in ladies!

"Even Clarice screams too much. It's not Shukjo, ya-bun!

"Heh...!?... and anyway! I'll take you to the mansion now!

Clarice held Charlotte aside.

"Mmm! I'm not luggage!

"Here you are just like your luggage!

"I can walk alone -!

Clarice is desperate to let her go with Charlotte.

At that moment the situation in the place where I was remembering the unique tension was only slightly soothed.

"What's all this fuss about?"

Everyone looks back to those who inquired with a bass that echoed at the bottom of their bellies.

Standing there was a blonde man wrapped his long body in black armor.

The statue-like face is faceless and beautifully constructed.

"Oh, it's my father!

A man who was made commander-in-chief of the Western Grand Territory of the Elberian Empire and hailed as a great hero in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King earlier.

With the advent of General Claude Duras, a soldier who was on the spot made me salute him at the same time.