The General, with his golden hair and a neat face like an artifact, looks so perfect that it is not strange to be courted one after the other by the women of the world if only then.

But the sharpness of the eye he emitted gave the beholder a strong sense of intimidation.

Watch what happens to the powerful people around you.

Keith and Clarice saluted each other with upright immobility, Rocha had a tense look that she didn't always show, and Shaura looked worried and restless to see how her husband was doing like that.

Liz is completely swallowed by that intimidation. He was sweating cold with a hard look on his face.

Charlotte is not the only one frightened by such a thing that has finally been brought down to the ground.

I hurried closer to General Duras and hugged him to his body.

"Welcome back, Father -!

"... oh"

General Duras checked on the squad yard and said as he stroked his daughter's head.

"Shull. You did it again"

"Yeah, we were all weak... oh, but yeah, but"

The blue-haired girl pointed to me and said.

"Only that Theo brother was amazing! I thought you couldn't win, but you did. I lost quickly, though."

"I see. You (Kikun) are Theodore..."

When the eyes of the great hero captured me, my sharp eyes shaken slightly until then.

Hard to describe, but it gave me the look of seeing something puzzling. But that's also for a moment.

General Duras, who soon returned to a sharp glance, says again.

"Excuse me. Lieutenant General Lambert is listening. Well done. I've come to this Granden land. Let's welcome it. And so are the other privileged students."

"Ha. I have immediately received such words from His Excellency General Duras and I know with the utmost pleasure! It is a short period of one month, but I was looking forward to being able to encourage you to study and work in archaeology beside your Excellency!

Following Keith's serious greeting, Rocha said.

"Uhm. Let's be greeted, General Duras. I am delighted that I went to this land again with a great hero in front of me. This good fortune and all is the guide of our God, King of the Divine Beast, Rugal.... will I be thanking you later? Look, Shaura. Say something, too."

"Ro, just like Rocha. My lord's joy is also my joy...... I'll take care of you for a while, hero."

My attitude looks the same, but I'm far more nervous than I was before Dean Ludio.

... I don't know if I can do it. He is a good man to say that he has praised his magical guidance. The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, the magical power that fully wields its magical guidance technology, is the enemy of the Kingdom of Rugal, and besides, the beast man cannot handle magic either.

So I guess I really couldn't honestly honor you.

"Um, I'm a little bad at these tough greetings, but I changed them. I'm Liz from Zefte Aria. I'll take care of the other privileged students. I worked at General Duras' reigned school to study, and even more - uh, what is it? Well, no, thank you."

When Clarice stumbled on me when I heard that, she coughed really hard, and Liz said, 'I'm sorry, I'm not good at this!' I apologized.

Of course, it oils the fire, and General Duras' eyes have always captured me as Clarice drooped some sermon toward Liz.

"I'm Theodore. I wanted to see the face of a man called a great hero for once. Nice to meet you, General Duras."

"And, Theodore! What a disrespectful thing to do even to someone named you...!!

"Theodore, you! Who do you think you are...!

General Duras said as he was blamed for Clarice and Keith's two serious pairs.

"You're not scared at all, as Lieutenant General Lambert said. Clarice, that's enough. Back off."

"What, ah... Ha, yes!

"A lot of people are loud about discipline. But in this country, strength speaks of things. Theodore, if you're going to penetrate that attitude, stay strong. Be prepared to make many enemies."

"It was pretty much like that in Mirdiana, so I'm fine."

General Duras nodded as the soldiers around him made a deliberate noise.

"Then that's fine.... than that, my daughter seems to have bothered me. But Charlotte will have to take care of herself for a while if she loses to someone as powerful as you. [M] I am deeply grateful to you for accompanying my daughter in her depression. Do you mind if we set up a forum for discussion later, including thanks again?

"Sure. Anytime."

General Duras, who confirmed my comfort, turned to Clarice.

"Mildiana privileged students, your room was ready, wasn't it?

"Ha. We had a few vacancies in our school dorm, so there you go. Only one of them hasn't made it to the Granden yet."

"... there is certainly something to keep an eye on the speed with which we get from Mirdiana to this land. We should have been about 10 days ahead of schedule."

That's when Rocha put her chest up so well.

"Bored with journeys in carriages, etc. That's why we came running!

"That was a scattered journey...... though, it might not have been a bad idea to think of it as a forcible army exercise on the battlefield"

"Honestly pamper your feet already -... I want to get some rest soon. But I guess I'm hungry too. I barely drank or ate here."

Hearing everyone say it flat, Clarice has turned her eyes like she sees strange creatures.

"I was surprised when the three of them came first and said something unintelligible like 'I've been running', but I didn't even imagine two more of the same guys would be added right after that"

"Though there's a little dragon chick that only one of us couldn't follow."

"If it were that dragon, it would reach the Granden on the day it was planned. Well, I heard that the land is educated specifically in swordsmanship and physical arts, so it might not make much sense for you to come."

Then, Clarice often turns out to be a figment face.

"No, there's something you can't experience in Mirdiana about magic. You, the people of Rugal, may find it hard to guess."

"... hmm? Oh, you're talking about a magic guide (well, what) with a magic stone?

"Yeah, magic is the most exciting thing in Mirdiana, and all of this is going to be necessary."

"Ho. Sounds interesting. I'll give you a tour later."

Magic gear.

Speaking of what I know, Zenan's Fortress of Air Movement will be the best. I mean, you're different.

Others can say to Grand Guignol, which Lumiel uses as a weapon, that a holy sword like Keith's also goes into the magic guide in a broad sense.

I've never seen anything like it at a military school in Mirdiana, so I might have been a little interested in what it is.

"Hey, Father. Where have you been?

"You saw Lindvlm wandering around a few days ago. He was also visiting the temple."

"Mm-hmm. I wish my father had slashed me."

"The war with that country is over. I also know the anxiety of the people, but I can't do this. All the more so in view of the situation with the countries....... Schal. You have to remember something about it. I hope you get plenty of moisture."


Charlotte the boulder also seemed irresistible to her great father.

I just roared without saying I didn't like it, although I obviously would seem dissatisfied. The figure is the girl herself, who is truly old enough, and the soldiers around her look at her smiling.

"Kohon. Whatever it is, the first thing you need is rest and… Is Liz or Theodore eating too? I'll arrange it so we can follow each other."

When Clarice hit her hand with the bread, everyone else followed.

When I try to learn from it, I get a voice from behind.

"We'll compete again, won't we, brother Theo!

"Ugh, yeah...... another time"

I had the first thing I needed more than a meal rather than a break.

Night. In the private room assigned to the dormitory of the Granden Territorial Military School.

I stretched out multiple junctional formulas for soundproofing.

... All right. This will not make any noise leak outside.

"Lena. We need to talk."

"Yes.... Um, well done, Lucifer? I've been thinking about it all day and it looks like you're here..."

I said with disappointment grabbing both shoulders of my loving wife peeking into my face anxiously.

"Lena, we need to talk about something important. Listen to me seriously."

At first, she was a maid of honor with her eyes gleaming with joy, as usual, but she looked at my eyes to see the seriousness of the matter.

"Lena. Has anyone ever seen through your covert ritual?

"Yes, no... except for the royals who rule Tenebrae, starting with Lucifer, and some of Lucifer's men."

"I guess so. You were an inside detective in Mirdiana, and that Guislan never even sensed you existed. Maybe even Lieutenant General Lambert won't notice easily."

Think as you comb a girl's long silver hair and whisk a white kachusha.

Just in case something sticks in my brain. For example, yes. I was wondering if a man, also known as General Duras, would be able to look directly at Lena by some divine power.

However, the amount of magic felt by General Duras was less than ordinary people. That's for sure. The tremendous tension emanating from that man. Everything can be said about that of a warrior who has been through a fierce war.

It's not like you just kill the people around you just like me who kept you looking like a demon god.

You can say you have no qualities about magic.

But that was exactly the same for that 'daughter'.

I could only sense the same amount of magic from that girl who slaughtered the soldiers one after the other in the squad yard as General Duras.

... Why was Charlotte seeing Lena?

"Lena. What did you feel when I was fighting that girl named Charlotte? Tell me what it is."

"... right. That girl's power is real. It's just like I'm more distracted by something else than fighting Lucifer...... I learned a strange feeling. And what should I say?"

"I don't mind. Say it."

"I felt like I only had eyes on that kid for a moment. I thought it was my fault that they lost sight of me so quickly."

"Where were you when I took that girl's sword with my bare hands?

"I watched right behind you, Lucifer..."

I couldn't say enough that that girl had been told beforehand about Lena by someone and could not possibly have found out about her existence, but that was also denied in Lena's words. I guess that girl definitely attacked for Lena.

... what a monster. If it grows, Arre will show unbroken power. I don't know if that's good or bad at the moment.

"Let's put it briefly. You were the one who saw Charlotte."

"... Huh? Well, let's see... what that means."

"Keep it up. The last time I threw a wooden sword that looked like a blow to my body, it was after you, not me."

Lena has a badly puzzled look on her face.

I can't help it. Whatever your superior demon opponent is, he's just a human being - and if your little girl detects signs, it'll be enough to snap Lena's pride.

"Yay, I did think I only got my eye on you for a moment... but..."

"Besides. Before the battle, she said," Tell me who the silver-haired maid behind you is when you win. "

…… Ru, Lucifer was in such a hurry, is that what caused it... "

"That's right. I'm sure that girl is special, but she's off track nonetheless. I don't know how many hero daughters."

"Duh, why didn't you avoid it? Lucifer, if it's that kind of blow, it's easy."

I whispered with my jaw on Lena's head.

"In case I hit you directly, I decided it was dangerous. Your body, of course, would be in big trouble if people around you knew there was someone you didn't know how to hide."

"No matter how much Lucifer is in love with you, you are a former brave man with me! Such bullshit attacks were easy to engage!

"Oh, I know. I know, but I accidentally took it. Forgive me for not being impudent, Lena."

Hold my dear wife's body.

"Yu, Yu Yu forgive me and so on...! I'm so glad you cared about me, Lucifer! I even remember how touched my chest was just ripping open! It's just..."

Took away the lips of the girl who solicited it.

I enjoyed the glossy feel of its silver thread-like hair as I gently mouthed it, rubbing my back and then pounding it.

After a long mouthfeel, Lena dyed her cheeks and put her hands on her lips for a lukewarm look.

I said, hugging her hard again like that.

"It feels good. I've always wanted to be like this."

"Wow, me... too"

Lena shrugged in a totally shaky tone.

I just want to have an intense time, as usual, but I can't even say that all night.

"Lena. I wanted you to encourage me to gather information in this city quickly, but unfortunately, it's not working anymore."

"... I'm sorry. Because of my lack of strength..."

"Never mind. You have enough power. I will gather information directly in this city. You are often in this room. [M] Just a little longer rest."

Lena, moisturizing her dark purple eyes, tried to say something and hesitated many times.

Though I thought he was a perfectly worried guy, I dared ask.

"What's up? If you have something to say, just say it."

"... oh, is it okay for one of you,?

"Don't worry. You can't cross a sword with that great hero on a boulder."

I intuited just by looking at it.

You won't beat that man as I am now.

I felt the same way when I saw Lieutenant General Lambert, but at that time he was sealed by a high magic court crystal for the majority of his power. Therefore, there was not much of a sense of crisis at the time, but I cannot say that just this time either.

There won't be anything like fighting that great hero all over this city, but it looks like you need to pay close attention.

"More than that, Lena. It's about you, but just in case you run into Charlotte, act normal."

"Yes. I understand. I see her strength. Very strong indeed, but still immature. I won't lose, assuming any kind of murder is directed at me."

"Uhm... as promised to me for a while, I know it's a useless worry because I would be making a big deal out of you in the Duke's house"

I thought about the future as I held Lena's body.

Let's start by saying that I also encourage studying as a regular international student. It will probably be a boring time, but I am greatly concerned about the Imperial Magic Instrument.

You should deepen your interaction with this Granden privileged student, Clarice, including around there.

If she's a privileged student, but she's already a soldier, she's likely to know something about the temple's anomaly.

... I remember the glow of those red stars.

You should think something is bound to happen soon.

A flock of frenzied wings has descended in the land of Mirdiana, but what happens in this land of Granden after all? Is that in any way related to the abnormal state of the temple?

Whatever happened, I thought it was just a leisure time, but I wouldn't have gone over caution all this time -.