It fits around the time the night book falls.

The western gate of the fortified city of Granden was about to be closed.

I hear like I panicked there.

"Hey, wait a minute -! I'm coming in, I'm coming in!

When the guards saw it, it was one little girl who rushed over.

He wears a fine sword that fits into his sheath on his hips.

Taking off the hood she was wearing, the wind that blew her face more than it did exposed her hair.

The girl, with her braided purple hair stretched to her shoulders, also had crisp eyes purple.

The luxurious body is wrapped in adventurer-specific light attire.

The guard laughs when he sees her poor looking like 14 or 5 years old.

"Oh, Toto. You were late today, weren't you? I almost closed it."

"I'm sorry -! There was a lot going on today..."

Another guard said to her as she took a deep breath to catch her breath.

"Oh, hey, what happened to him? Sure, his name is ha -"



When, and everyone who was there would have thought.

There stood a blackened man. He wore a hood and seemed like a young man, although I don't even know that look because he covered it with cloth until his mouth licence.

A girl called Toto puts her hand on her hips and says while no one seems to know when the man showed up there.

"Hey Heiny! You're just creepy, so be more loving!

"... crap"

"It's not 'crap' -! Because you even make Toto's reputation worse!? Oh, hey, I'm listening -!? Let's go first!

A big black man - Hein - slowly went inside the fortified city, approaching the girl who fluttered vigorously.

Its back is bracketed with a large sword covered with a white cloth.

"No, I'm really sorry -! Hein is dark and heartless... his arm stands, but that's all he is."

"Ha ha, well, it does surprise me, but it's because Toto is a solid one. I don't care anymore."

"Different. Different. Sa, Toto, go inside and have some dinner. I recommend" Owl's Stop Wooden Pavilion ". You can eat, you can stay."

"Sora, it's your relative's shop!

More and more laughter happened.

Toto also answers with a bright smile.

"I thought I'd take a look around the inn while I was in Granden - just fine. Am I interrupting there tonight? Oh, if I said I knew Mr. Guardian, I could get a little substitute service for you -?

"Whoa. It's his relative's shop. You can take it all by this guy's name!

"Hey, give me a break. In the meantime, I got flashy in the casino, so I'm tight until I get paid!

Even though it makes me laugh again, Toto was annoyed when he remembered the company he had gone to earlier.

"Uh, excuse me -! Hein's bastard's gone, and Toto's about to go."

"Oh, see you later."

"Good day, Mr. Tired. Take your time off."

As one of the guards stroked Toto's head, she grinned innocently like a young girl.

That too for a while. I rush to say goodbye to the guard and catch up to Hain, who was inside the Granden.

"Don't go ahead for a second. Yo! It's a lot of trouble when you're alone! I don't even remember getting tangled up in a liquor store before this!?


"Hein, you bastard, you're not ignoring me!

As I roamed around Hain, who wouldn't stop walking, I eventually saw an outdoor shop.

Sometimes just at dinner, I get the smell of an appetite.

"Ooh, I want that meat skewer today -! Let's have some Hein, too.

"… not required for a (if)"

"Well, don't say that! Please wait here for a moment. Please don't go alone -!

Toto ran to the dewstore and immediately bought two skewers of meat and came back.

Offer one skewer toward the blackened man who was not left to be slight from the spot.

"Here! Appetite, no sledding -? I'll start by eating from Toto...... Mogu, Ngu...... Ooh, yum!!

Hain stared expressionlessly at the delightfully shaky toto.

Toto says when he looks into his eyes like he has no hegemony and doesn't know what he's thinking.

"Mmmm!? That gaze, now I feel like I finally want to eat skewers!? Fine, I'll give you one -! Enough to devour!

"... is it delicious?"

"How can you be so handsome? It's not like the geeky stuff you always eat - it's great!

"... then you eat everything"

That's all Hain leaves to say and just starts walking.

The girl, who enjoyed the taste of skewered grilled meat, sighed in the usual unfolding.

I didn't even intend to say this now because I had a long relationship with a biased young man, so I tasted two bottles of meat for myself for the most part.

Then he went to the inn, taught by the guard, and paid upfront for a few days' stay before heading to the room. I always use one room for two people to save money.

When he gets to the room, Hain sits on the floor and begins to take out and take care of the great sword wrapped in a white cloth that was bracketed around his back.

"... hey Heiny? Dinner is served here. That skewer wasn't enough, so I'm going to eat the toto."

Without answering it, the young man strokes a big black sword that does not even allow the light to reflect.

As if you are no longer completely immersed in your world.

"Huh, it's Tsumanee. I'm just going to eat a full stomach of toto, and at best you have to be a twitch!

"... if you have time to slap your mouth in vain, go quickly"

Toto sighed not knowing how many times it would be today "this again," flipping his purple hair and silently leaving the room behind.

And when I was enjoying the taste of dinner at the bar counter downstairs, the conversation between the two men sitting at the table near Fuji came to my ear.

"- Nevertheless, Charlotte has grown stronger again."

"I don't care how much General Duras' daughter you are... I was challenged to battle three years ago to get bogged down too"

"The power of the angel of God is the one, or I envy him... to say that we are not related to ordinary people, but to say that we are not jealous would be a lie. God's whim broke the hearts of hundreds of people."

Slightly older, bearded men and men who would have survived numerous battlefields while remaining young wear black military uniforms.

A conversation ensued between men apparently military in Granden territory. Says the young man.

"But I feel that your swordsmanship is no longer legitimate. If someone is right now..."

"I've been doing swordsmanship for over 20 years now too. I feel it because I have some heart, but now Charlotte's swordsmanship is just depressing... there's no longer a shadow I was encouraging to train with an innocent smile only for young children"

An elderly man howled his barley there and groaned as if he would miss it.

"After all, Nastasha was murdered by someone, which must have changed that innocent girl from the ground up..."

"I hear it was miserable, but I didn't know the details because I wasn't in the Grandden yet at that time. What happened?

"... you won't be able to eat meat for a while either"

"Was it that far?"

"Oh. Besides, the first discoverer is Charlotte. What a cruel thing."

"General Duras and Charlotte both say they are God's angels... and God does what's so cruel."

An elderly man shrugged as the man still slightly younger shook his head.

"God... no, I am..."

"What. Hey, what's up?

"Mm-hmm. I checked the scene, too. Well, the... the whole room was miserable, but I saw something strange in it."

"Weird stuff?

An elderly military man roars in arms against a man who looks surprised.

"'Bless God'"

"What the hell?

"... it was written on the windowsill, which was not a bloody splash, possibly in the blood of Nastasha. Oh, don't let this get out there for once."

"How creepy. Which tochi crazy god rejoices when he sees such atrocities incomparable? You don't know who did this?

"If I knew, they would have caught me and beheaded me, and my head would have been left in the wild. That's what I mean."

"It hurts...... If you were to leave something like that on the scene, you'd look like some kind of fanatic, but you'd have to kill a powerless lady and say," What a blessing. "

Toto roamed the boned meat as the two military men stole a deep sigh forgetting to eat as well.

"Bless God..."

As I pondered the meaning of the word, I waved another topic about whether the younger military men had tried to change the air.

"Oh... speaking of which, I hear the privileged students from Mirdiana were awesome"

"Oops. I heard from the students I teach about the battle with Ensign Frestier, but they were awesome. Besides, you think there was a man in the Count Lermit family? I wanted to see that fight, too."

"Count Lermit's house... I guess the man from" Losing Holy Flames and Family Lineage "grew up too"

"I'm not familiar with that story, did you lose the power of the Holy Flame during your battle with Zenan?

"That's right. His Excellency Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert, one of those five unsurpassed heroes when it comes to witchcraft, supposedly did not extend to Count Lermit during the ritual of business flames. Regardless, it goes without saying when it comes to the Holy Flame, which also far outweighs it. He deserved to be called the Flaming Emperor... but suddenly lost the power of the Holy Flame without any foretaste."

The younger soldier, who chickened out his barley liquor with emotion, continues.

"Then that man, who bore the deep hand, was removed from the front and returned to the Count's house. I don't want to say anything bad because I was fighting right next to that other guy too... but that flaming emperor who was tough on himself and others and was always prestigious drowned in booze and that seemed awful already. I don't know what the hell you're doing now that you've been told to leave the army."

"I hear that the Holy Flame is also a power and a gift from the gods. No, you think I'm 'God Himself' in the first place? As you said earlier, how many human beings teared up at the whim of the gods?"

Toto also knew about the Holy Flame.

It is also a gift and a power from the gods, and God himself is also a holy flame. And it is said that Holy Flame is a being that draws a line with other gods.

I have heard that in this empire, Orphelia, the great goddess of creation, is worshipped as the Lord God, but called his sacred flame and that things are also so much as to stand alongside Orphelias.

But we do not know why a God with such mighty power is empowering only the aristocrats of the Empire - and yet those of the Count family.

"Oh, that's not good. It turned out to be a damp story by accident. Let's talk about something bright. It makes the rice taste bad."

"So is that. So how's it going with you? You saw it up close, too. Charlotte, that blue-haired boy who was flat in response to your attack - did you say Theodore?

"Ooh. I saw it. I saw it. You totally missed Charlotte's attack, which I couldn't even determine the first step in. No, there was a horrible boy. And what a coincidence, I had beautiful blue hair, just like Charlotte. I just thought it was noble because it had a beautiful appearance and sophisticated tricks, but apparently it was civilian -"

"Blue hair, is it -?

In response to an unexpected query, the two soldiers caught sight of something and how it was going, and met each other face-to-face.

"Oh, I'm sorry -! I was just wondering."

"... oops. No, I'm sorry about this one. I never thought I'd be able to speak to a young lady like you in a tavern like this."

"No eh! So, what are the qualities of the blue-haired boy?

"Oh. He's one of those privileged students from Mildiana's military school. Charlotte, who was good at seeing out the strength of others, was the first boy to talk to without going blind."

"Hey, that's too much talk"

"Oops...... sorry. That outfit, your daughter's not from this city, is she? How did you get here?

"He's a little earner adventurer. Recently I heard about some impudent people rounding up the temple in this area, so I went to guard the west temple from morning until it was near evening... it didn't even happen to Nah in the end, so it was boring. Well, I hope the escort alone gets some money."

"Ho, wow. Are you an adventurer that year? Are you on your own?

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I wouldn't dine with you for a bit if you'd like -?

"I don't mind if that's the case. See?"

"Well, that would be nice. All right, this is on the edge of something, too. I'll buy you a plate."

"I'm grateful -! So, what are you gonna do?"

Toto blended naturally into the two military men and tasted a full meal.

Later, he leaks a laugh including after seeing the military men who are sober and totally in a good mood go home.

"I see. Beautiful boy with blue hair, hey. Instead of the Granden, he's hardly within the Empire. He's a feel-good kid, isn't he? And he's so strong...... I didn't know he had such an awesome guy besides one daughter in the Duras family! Hmm, I can't stop being excited -! Can't you compete with Toto?"

Toto said so, stroking the pattern of the sword of love that lay on his own sheath of hips.