It was the instructor - Clarice, who did the imitation of

She sets her posture right and speaks with a whip in her hand more than a teacher watching next door.

"- So there is a Tenebrae demonic kingdom inhabited by demons more than here in the West. His country and our Elberian Empire have been at war for a long time. And in the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae, a man called the brave went to battle. Those who received the protection of God with unusual power - the strongest of the angels of God - were elected and entrusted with the command of the great army to crusade against the demons."

I miss it......

It was also more than 500 years ago that the brave man was sent. Lena will be the last.

Besides the thoughts, however, the interest of the students around them appears strong.

Even the privileged students were not very interested in Mirdiana, but I felt many students were desperate to listen to the story so as not to overhear it at all in this Granden land.

After all, there hasn't been a big battle in about 500 years, and the skirmishes are going to be the last few decades ago. Does that mean I'm curious about the information on the country right next door?

... or I guess I'm just scared of His Highness Teacher Clarice.

It is amazing because she is sometimes in the field of education as a teacher in subjects she is good at, not just as a student.

The original history instructor was no longer just standing at the edge of the classroom and looking around the room worryingly.

"Unfortunately, the brave men never returned to the empire as one. Testimony from a handful of surviving servicemen suggests that the army suffered crushing (poor) worries as the brave men lost their battle against the demon gods. I don't know how powerful the brave men were at the time, and I don't even know how much damage they did to the Tenebrae demonic kingdom, but whatever it is, it's a de facto defeat of the empire that the strongest divine angels in the empire and the armies under their command have been defeated."

Back then, I was in a hurry to fight the brave. It made my chest jump.

I don't know what kind of strong man will be sent next, even though the result was such an overwhelming victory that I can't even talk about it. Did you remember to be frustrated that after a year or 10 years it was still there or not?

It also ended up disappearing after I married Lena as my wife. As long as you're lonely.

"Now, the relationship between the Elberian Empire and the Tenebrae Demonic Nation will be just as we've talked about it. The Tenebrae Demonic Nation is ruling the entire western lands of the continent in its hands, but among them is the Holy King of Lestaflora, just north of his country, a country that could not be allowed to fall.

How many trained magicians and monks are there in the Holy Kingdom of Lestaflora, a small country but supposedly able to retreat from many demonic raids, headed by the Virgin, the user of the sacramental ceremony?

Unfortunately, the national traffic between our empire and his country has been interrupted for a long time, and we will not remain detailing the situation there, but we have some fragmentary information.

Ugh, the Virgin can use the magic of the sacramental ceremony, there are close guards who boast tremendous strength, and advanced junctional ceremonies are always activated that do not allow the devil to penetrate... not all of them are good stories to pepper, but for your information.

In any case, the strength of each and every one of the monks of the Holy Kingdom of Lestaflora seems to be tremendous. Let's encourage our Imperial Army to lose and even train!

When Clarice says as he slaps one hand with his teaching whip, the students rise and salute one another.

Looks like a real army. No, I guess that's what we all do when we go.

Does it look far more morale than Mildiana's military school because the dean here is that great hero, after all? Dean Ludio is also a hero with tremendous powers... but maybe it's not strange to have a student who has resistance when it comes to targeting half an elf after all.

"It was a brilliant class, Ensign Frestier"

"This much is natural. Instructor Purge more than that. He said there are many people in your class who sleep, but now - the fox there!

As Clarice threw the white ink, Rocha, who slapped it off with a long tail, said yawning crosswise.

"Throw things at people."

"Let me tell you something, 'Don't sleep in class, fool!' Then the wolf next door! You haven't seen Rocha's face all this time either. Listen to your class!

"Shut up. Hey, I'm listening... I'm listening. I'm listening. A brave man attacked the holy kingdom. What if the demon god did this?"

"Instead of asking, don't make up history! If you're unwilling, get out of the classroom!

"Uh, okay? Then let's go, Rocha! This cramped city may also have hidden famous shops and stunning views!

Clarice's got a desk with both hands, Dan! I slapped him.

The other students are frightened and the teacher in charge of the feeble woman is trembling.

"Of course, in that case, I will report to His Excellency General Duras and His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert. Unmotivated students need to be expelled immediately!

"Shit, you're a lousy woman. I wonder if the only thing cute is your face."

"Extra help!

That's when the closing bell rang.

"Look, the bell rang, tentative instructor. Finish your class now."

"... Instructor Purge!

"Yes no!? Hey, what is it!?

"In the future, if you have a student with that ridiculous attitude, pick it out of the classroom immediately! Nice!?

"Yes, no, but for once I'm a student at a military school, and I don't know how to get sleepy with boring history classes if I'm tired of my usual workouts..."

"The class is boring!? I don't see it as a word uttered by someone in a position of being a teacher! Retreat now!!

"Hih, no, sorry!!

... which is the instructor and which is the student. This is

In the end, while Clarice was preaching against a feeble female instructor, the students around him were just gone.

That said, Clarice is also the tentative instructor for the next class.

in the magic arena.

"This is the magic gun."

That's what Clarice has been pushing on me for so long, it was like a cylinder to support me with both hands.

I have a cylindrical tip. I don't really know how to use that. However, trace amounts of magic reactions could be sensed from inside.

"It's a way to use it first, but it would be quicker for you to see it than to say it with your mouth. Explain later."

Clarice, with the same object in his hand, pointed the tip toward the mannequin and fixed his posture.

And say as you set your aim.

"You're going to shoot this in at enemy soldiers. In this way, grab the gun handle and pull the trigger."

Clarice's fingers pulled the trigger, while at the same time the magic gun and the trace of magic that had been put into it painted a surgical ceremony at once.

In an instant, the finished technique becomes a flamebullet, hitting the bong in a human form.

I don't mind the power, but the surgery is quick to complete. It's equivalent to or more than the unchanging chants of a skilled magician.

"And when I convert it to a surgical ceremony, like now, there's a flaming bullet on the second floor. Why that is possible depends on the magic stone loaded in the magazine releasing the magic by pulling the trigger, mediating a magic formation drawn in advance inside the barrel to activate the procedure."

Hard and Clarice explained, Rocha said, looking bored until then.

"Certainly the surgery is going fast. If you have the skill to target, you might be able to use it for 'unintentional strikes', but it's not enough killing power, is it?

"That's just placing restrictions because this is on military school grounds. Was the Magic Gun used by the armies of the North and the East in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King capable of exerting up to and including the seventh floor?"

Magic on the seventh floor?

It reminded me of my magic exams in Mirdiana.

At that time, Julian, who is not here now, collapsed every test site. The procedure was more than the ninth floor.

It was stretched inside the test site, where advanced junctions could only be prevented up to the eighth floor, so that's how it turned out, but you might be able to expect it as a force of war to be able to handle a magical attack so easily.

Keith, who had been silent until now, admired Rocca on her ass looking bored at the magic gun she had been loaned.

"Was it roughly 20 years ago that the practical application of demon-guided guns began to be fully considered? It's interesting to note that we created it in just under 12 years and used it in the war against Zenan."

"Yeah. It's just that nothing in this demon gun was made from scratch. It is only one of the" original (Range) weapons ", excavated as a legacy of prehistoric civilization, that has managed to be recreated by the hands of man and Dwarf. It's still powerful enough in action, but given the power of the underlying attack weapon, it's still a substitute for improvement."

"The original weapon… I remember that one from the north was used in the battle against Zenan"

"Yes, one of the five heroes, His Excellency Marshal Darius Severan, used it."

"I have heard that he was not less than excellent than His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert. But speaking of the original original weapon, before that, the Oriental-"

As the two studying enthusiasts spoke seriously, their magic suddenly grew nearby.

When I saw what was going on, Rocha had a demon-guided gun in her hand and was shooting indiscriminately at her mannequin.

"Become, what are you doing!?

"You can't inflict fatal injuries if you don't do this with so much power - And it's hard to guess."

From what I can see, Rocha's shooting hit a wall where everything came off and the rear junction was stretched, except that one shot blurred the target.

"You bet! The handling of demon guided guns is very delicate. It is not very usable for those who only think of things as powerful as yours!

"Sure. If it's enough to hit something like a spark, it's quicker for the rest of us to run and slap the enemy in the neck. See, Shaura, you can shoot."

Shaura became indescribable when she received the magic gun that Rocha threw at her.

"... okay. If you want to fire in a row, it looks good. Then hurry up."

"Wait! Yes, after many shots, the demon stone inside..."

Fireballs released three times in a row blur the target of the human form.

The white wolf daughter sighed when she saw it.

"I knew it was boring. Make it as powerful as it was in action."

"I can't. It is strictly forbidden for instructors to treat magic guided guns properly. Instead of appropriately targeting them with a more powerful shooting, we need the skill to shoot them more accurately with a less powerful shooting."


Shooting two shots in a row, Shaura hit the trigger of the demon gun in the heel in a row. But nothing happens.

"Hey. It broke?

"No! You would also know if you were a people of Rugal, but it is the Demon Stone that is responsible for the driving force behind this Demon Guided Gun. Yeah, it's only natural that the magic in the Demon Stone is depleted and the Demon Stone itself is broken."

"If there's such a constraint, say it quickly, you can't use it."

"Which beast man did you start playing with when you were about to explain that?

"I just tried to see if I could use the rest in action. In the end, those barbarians who are most familiar with magic will not make sense."

"I'm not just curious, either. I just tried to see if I could stand it properly for combat. You can't kill one human being with a game of fire like this. What's the point of practicing?"

"... there is. This demon-guided gun was originally created with the goal of making it easy for anyone who can't handle witchcraft to attack from a distance. But when I actually deal with it, it's hard to think about. Daily workouts are therefore essential. And suppressing the power also means making the demonic stones loaded inside last a little longer.

It is no exaggeration to say that the presence of this demonic stone has forged a relationship between the Kingdom of Rugal and our Empire of Elberia, to which you belong today. Importing demon stones has also become easier since national traffic flourished, but bear in mind that such wasteful shooting will ruin the demon stone. "

Clarice, who was calmly squeezing his face, but floating blue muscles on his forehead and letting his mouth snap, was on the verge of explosion and such.

- That said, a demon gun? The Empire made something interesting, too.

If this becomes more convenient and spread throughout the Imperial Army in the future, could it be used in our battle against Tenebrae?

Regardless of who has magic tolerance, those who do not at all may struggle unexpectedly because there are many in the Demon Nation.

"- Oh, I can do it. I can do it. Is this what it looks like?

And Clarice quickly shouted to Liz if she felt any signs of disgust when she heard her elf daughter relaxing until then, who was silently wearing a demon gun.

"Don't wait."

"Eh! Maximum output -!!

The moment the trigger was pulled, a huge chunk of magic was fired from the muzzle, making an awesome noise.

The red flame quickly burned down the man-shaped target, striking directly at the junction that was stretched throughout the room without just that.

The moment the junction made a sound with Paki, the other students who were in the room confused and fled the scene at first sight.

Only one Southern privileged student + one Western privileged student was left around.

Yeah...... okay. Nothing is going to happen because the bonds are maintained at critical intervals.

The next moment I eat the same thing another shot, I think it's going to be outrageous to fly and the whole exercise area.

"Yay, great success! Did you see it? My shooting technique - I wanted to!?

"Li-Z ~? Were you listening to people!? The demon stone inside has already been smashed with just one blow! Besides, the junction is on the verge of collapsing with it somehow holding up! How are you going to take responsibility if anything happens to you!?

As Clarice screamed as she pulled Liz's long ear, the elf girl managed to make her argue.

"That's right, that's all right ~! I did a proper amount of shooting of power, and I also checked the strength of the junction strewn all over the room, and then I shot it ~... I mean, it hurts so much, let me go!

"That's not the problem! I'm talking about thinking about the inconvenience around you! Sounds like you need a sermon too, doesn't it?

"Wow, give me a break! The sermon has already been heard from Obaba!"

"Then I'll let you hear it until you're in a state of provisional death! Sit right there!

In the end, Clarice's sermon continued until the end of the class.

And her one-day instructor exercise is not over yet.

Physical surgery is next...