A pile of students who had become incapable of fighting was built in the corner of the exercise area.

Rocha, accustomed to her hands as bread, says dissatisfied.

"Mm-hmm... better than Mirdiana's students, but honestly they're both the same thing"

When Rocha, who built the mountain, looked around, those who had not yet fought her slipped away from their gaze and fled the sight and the spot.

On the other hand, which Rocha says is boring, there was a fierce battle just around the corner.

"I can't take this down just to protect you!


Shaura continues to attack Keith.

Keith continued to prevent both fist attacks and foot moves rolling out at unstoppable speeds in his eyes.

But things are weird.

Keith is almost on the defensive side. Sometimes I try to grab it by Shaura, but it's too late to deal with a quick beast man.

He is framed for another blow without difficulty.

"What are you doing, Keith Lermit! Turn to attack for a moment!

Clarice scolds, but the movement of a red-haired young man is not fragrant.

Keith's blow is slower than the Beast Daughters. But his attack, which is a divine angel, also leads to Rocha and Shaura, who are divine angels.

Maybe if he was' serious' Shaura would be getting a heavy blow.

Even though Shaura didn't mean it again, I thought Keith might have a minute if we hit each other with all our might.

The white werewolf daughter can afford it in her mouth too, but I can feel her trying to get it back without being given a decisive blow.

But the time has come for that adhesive state to end.


"... Ha ha!! Ha... Phew... Damn, how bumpy should I be? I don't know what you're going to do with it."

Towards Keith, who finally fell and lay on the ground, Shaura also left the scene for a break, even though she had a facade that did not explain whether there was anything to feel.

There have been several times these two have fought physically in this way, but their grades so far have ended in Shaura's total victory.

At first I thought you couldn't grasp the feeling of a physical match with an unfamiliar beast man, but this doesn't seem like a simple problem like that.

"Theo, what's wrong with you?"

"No, kind of. I just wondered what happened to Keith."

"I'm definitely out of my mind. Honestly, I was expecting a little more from you.

I took a spinning kick with my left hand by Rocha's accidental strike, which casually approached me, and kicked her axial leg off.

Fallen in, Rocha uses her tail to immediately take a passive.

"... you look alarmed and still have no gaps."

"Well, if it wasn't for me, I might get hooked."

"Hmm. I'd love to win with a positive offense... but it's hard stuff. Is this where you're at? Stay close with the colour trick, subtle..."

I said to Clarice, the fox girl who gave up badly.

"What about Clarice? Do you want to fight me?

"... I know you don't have to fight. I'm not your type in physical surgery."

"Is it just physical surgery? No swordsmanship, no witchcraft, I don't feel like losing to you, do I?

"I don't ride cheap provocations.... I don't really have any desire to try, but I have to get into the military for a while from today. It won't leave you unnecessarily injured."

It's funny because Mirdiana's privileged students get hooked up with everyone except Liz for this kind of provocation, but Clarice seems to honestly admit she doesn't have a good minute.

"What happened to the military?

"Yep. Actually, recently in a nearby temple...... no, my mouth slipped. Forget it."

"I wonder if they can't be taught by the average student"

"Well, that's the thing. Don't skip class or anything, just because I'm not around any more than that. The instructor in charge is going to report your actions later."

"I'll tell everyone else. Except for Keith. I don't know if I'm gonna be serious."

Shoulder to shoulder, Clarice said after showing a strayed bare gesture.

"Theodore. That, I mean Keith Lermit..."

Turns out Clarice cares a little about Keith.

I guess I felt uncomfortable trying to fight straight away and watching the game against Shaura now.

"Do you and Keith know each other?

"I know you, it may not be enough to say. Because at an early age, we met face to face several times in the interaction between the aristocrats. I don't remember much talking..."

I guess that means I'm not sure Keith is going to step in on the issues he has.

Then it would be quicker if I spoke directly. [M]

"I'll talk to you. [M] Maybe it's not about coaching."

"... ok. Some aspects are easier for you to talk to if you are also of the same sex. I got it."

Clarice shrugged finely before rewarding everyone in the practice area with a signal to end the class.

At the same time, the closing bell rings.

Keith walked away from the scene amazing with an indescribable look on his face as the other students left the scene like they were dead.

- I guess it's a place where there's no place for anger. It wouldn't be a good idea to leave it like this.

We met when it was evening after all the classes.

I see Keith blurring views of the murderous landscape as he sits on the terrace of the school.

"What's wrong, Keith?"

"Hmm... Theodore? No, I don't mean anything..."

My gaze swims a little.

He doesn't seem like him with his usual fortitude.

I threw a wooden knife at him like that. Keith, who had a distracted look on his face, also takes it to the boulder and turns his gaze on something.

"Wouldn't it be a long time since you were archaic? If you don't want to, I'm not saying you can't."

"... well... just a little, can you hang out with me"

We headed straight to the nearby exercise hall, facing each other, and then we cut it with a wooden sword.

It's a powerful blow. A foolish sword blow like his might be called a boulder.

I immediately shed Keith's sword and cut it into Keith's with my own wooden sword with a blade to return.

As we watched each other for a while, the sound of wooden swords meeting each other stuck to the exercise area.

Until then, the look on Keith's face, who was only a little distracted, tightens. Right on target.

I hope that momentum builds on it.


Take that mighty blow and peek at Keith.

I was not lost in his expression. Not a bad blow.

It was felt that he had grown up in a battle against the celestial demons in Mirdiana.

"Nice blow."

"With a clear face, take it...... well said......!!

It was such a good blow that I accidentally forgot to act.

So I couldn't help but worry more about that.

"Keith, why did you play swordsmanship with Clarice?

"... Huh!? Become..."

"Even in your physical surgery with Shaura, you were obviously adding and subtracting. Even you could handle her quick moves right now."

Feeling Keith's power weaken, I jump his wooden sword and ask with a cut in front of him.

"Keith Lermit, recognised by Holy Flame and questioned by your lineage. Why don't you just take it seriously?

"... cum"

It feels like I don't want to admit it, but that look told the story of his insides.

And the blow I just took. I was undoubtedly a blow by his earnestness. If I did poorly, it wouldn't have been strange if the wooden sword had been broken.

"It may be wild to ask these questions, but I'm really curious. You used to regret putting a deep burden on aristocratic children your age when you were a kid - but that's not all, is it?


"You are 'very afraid of hurting women'. Didn't you?"

Keith nodded small as to whether the word had become a decisive hit.

Is it still true? Besides Rocha and Chaura before - I've seen him train physically with regular female students.

At that time, he ended up just cutting through and judging the offense, and never adding any offense from Keith just because his opponent was tired and unable to move on his own.

Keith's personality is well understood.

Serious, honest, gentleman. I think he really has a character like an aristocratic appraisal.

I also see girls talking to students without any particular problems. I see you chatting with Rocha too... and Shaura rarely talks to a guy because she's sort of that personality, and I know Keith isn't trying to talk to her with care. But it doesn't seem like I don't like women.

"Keith. Are you free today?

"Oh, oh... I was just thinking about doing a sitting preview, especially since I don't have any errands like this."

"Then why don't we change the place a little bit and talk?

That said, I walked in with Keith after I left school to find the right tavern.

Sitting at the table, I immediately asked my waitress's sister for two drinks.

"Hey, I'm not very good at booze..."

"You can drink it if you want. That's all. I'll have a drink first."

Simply whisk the barley that was immediately carried.

Hmmm, yummy...... makes me miss the taste of the wine I'm planting in the basement of Tenebrae.

Keith drank barley as if he had made up his mind, while showing a slightly belated feeling.

Keith gradually rapped after chatting for a while asking for light dishes as well.

Now we're just talking about his lineage.

"- My father's magical arm was awesome. I have to say, Lieutenant General Lambert never pulled anything but an industry-inflammatory ceremony. Seeing those born from generations of Count Lermit's house, it is assumed that no one could handle magic more freely than His father."

"Is it an industrial inflammatory ceremony better than Dean Ludio's? I'd like to see it for once."

"... but what was truly awesome about His Father was the attack by Holy Flame. I've seen that flaming glow before, but I don't know what kind of power it actually has. But the white flames that never go away never stopped the momentum until they ashed the opponent."

Holy flame... I miss it.

I've only seen that user on the battlefield once, too. I don't know if that was from the Count Lermit family, but that flame can penetrate magic resistance and burn out the 'darkness'. Something like a natural enemy to the Demons, so to speak.

When I confronted the user, there was no powerful demon left but ashes.

I killed the user of the sacred flame. [M]

No matter how powerful you use it, the vessel is still a person's thing. Just because I'm an angel of God, it doesn't change anything in particular for me. I was the one who wasn't enough to take it.

Will it be nearly 900 years since Arr......

"He was a strict father who was not ashamed of the name of the user of the Holy Flame. And... for me it was the one thing I admired most, and for my mother it was the only man I could love from the bottom of my heart."

"Speaking of which, your father is famous, but you never heard of your mother. What was he like?

"Good mother. He is proud and noble, but he treats everyone with indivisibility and kindness. There was a tough side to it, but it's also for education. I still don't respect my mother."

A woman not ashamed to be Count Lermit and his wife, who stood extremely close to the five heroes?

Maybe it's only natural that in the meantime, a delicacy like Keith will be produced.

"The couple were also close. When my busy father in the military occasionally returned to the mansion, my mother always greeted it with a smile. - Only then, but my father, who always makes his expression look bad, smiles calmly. And you stroked my head with your warm hands, albeit martial bones... and I was happy for that moment. If I could, as much as I'd like my time to stop... oh... sorry, it's funny that I'm no longer a child"

"Every human being is a child at first. What do you need to be ashamed of to tell memorabilia?

Keith looked up at me just a little bit with the sight of drunkenness coming around.

Like saying I saw something unexpected.

Keith said when I urged him to go ahead.

"It was an ideal family from my point of view. But his father, who had gone to battle with Zenan, which had begun so little, stood at the forefront of the battlefield. Naturally, I didn't have time to go home to the mansion, and my mother and I spent our days worried.... but at one point a few years later, despite the fact that the battle was not yet over, His Holiness Father returned. I still can't forget the look on my father's face..."

I guess I'm at the heart of the story.

I waited for Keith to say nothing. [M]