A lot since the busy privileged students disappeared.

The dragon boy - Julian - was reading a magic book in the carriage.

The sunset is already about to disappear to the western ridge.

"We've arrived."

And when he had told them, the carriage was parked in front of a small church.

"Ooh, I'm staying here today. You can come in, too."

As Julian walks with the bags on his back, the couple of your men tend to shy away.

Upon entering the church grounds, a group of three boys and girls, who were playing properly, turned this one around simultaneously.

"Ah! It's my brother Julian -!

"Really! Welcome back!"


Julian laughs all the time, hooked up with three little kids who have been running screaming.

"I'm not... right now. It's the only day I'm staying."

"Er!? Are you going somewhere again?

"Only Brother Julian can travel cheats! Take me with you!

"Idiot, if someone like you goes on a journey, he's gonna die of wild drowning in less than a day."

"What the heck!?

One woman appeared from inside the church as she walked ramblingly stroking the boy's head as he slapped him dissatisfied.

"What's wrong with you? Noisy...... oh?

When the woman wearing the monastic clothes noticed the presence of a brunette boy, she let her face shine.

"Fair enough, Julian! Long time no see! How have you been?

"As you can see. You and the three idiots in the back look fine, above all else."

"I'm not stupid! I'm dumber than that, brother Juli's bucker!

Girl turns up on her ass, Julian said.

"I have to go to Western territory because I can use it for a bit of wildness. I came here on the road. Just take care of yourself tonight with the couple of your men behind you."

"No more...... don't give me one of your newsletters after you go to Mirdiana all of a sudden. Can't you just go a little slower?

"I can't. That's it."

Julian peeks inside the church.

"Is that jizzy still doing well?

"Ah... uh, Father..."

"What? Fuck you at last."

"No! It just made it harder for you to walk alone. I also eat proper meals. Rather, Julian. I'm more worried about you. Still that small, lean."

"Let it go. I'm not human, so don't measure it on the same scale. Eat this properly."

Saying that without hesitation, Julian just walked inside the church.

"Julian, wait a minute. Pray first."

"Interested. Do it instead."

"That's how you again......! You'll be punished by heaven!

"Heck, you're not a disbeliever. That's it, you see... this"

Julian took the wipe bag out of his nose and then threw it at Sister.

I received it in a hurry and she gives me a suspicious look.

"What's this?

"Well, it's like today's inn bill. And the cost of eating with the chicks and all that."

When Sister opened the wipes bag, which weighed heavily in addition to her thoughts, there were many gold coins inside.

"This... how did you get all this money?

"Oh, there's so much going on in Mirdiana. Something like that gratuity."

"But that's what I said... Oh, wait here"

Ignoring the voice to be called, Julian proceeded inside a narrow but well-cleaned chapel, knocking on the door in the back.

What can I do for you?

Don't bluff. I got a response in tone.

It's me. It's me.

"I don't know who I am. Go home."

"Still got your mouth shut, let's go in."

Open the door without looking out for the person in the back.

The room reserved for the priest's life is small and lined with bookshelves and looks like a study.

An old grey-haired man sleeping in a bed in the back sighed a loud sigh when he saw Julian.

"You're the same, Julian."

"You've changed so quickly. It's only been a little over a year since I've traveled here."

"Hmm, right. Did you get into military school safely?"

"Fuck you. I was wondering if I'd take a fall for the clutterfish there. [M] Safely placed in the privileged student frame."

Julian looks indoors.

Unlike a chapel that was well cleaned, this room is dusty. The ceiling is strewn with a spider's nest.

"Jizzy, clean up a little bit. Marite's not in trouble, either."

"Wow, I can't bear to be messed around with by the rest of them."

Marite was the name of a nun earlier. Julian has been familiar with her face since she was young.

Speaking of which, I was wondering if I was 20 or there this year.

"How was military school? I knew there wasn't much of a delicacy like yours."

"Sort of. I'm the best... I wish I could, but the world doesn't seem to turn around so well"

"What's wrong, I'm not like you. I guess I shouldn't be saying it compared to that Ludio Lambert. I'm a substandard monster."

"I don't know. Lieutenant General Lambert is indeed a monster... I can clearly tell because I saw him with this eye. There was just one weird guy."

I shrugged as I watched the fly on the spider's nest just get found by the spider and wrapped around with thread.

"You're saying there's a weirder guy in this world than you, huh? Well, what kind of guy is that?"

"... Hi, I'm a normal person."

"You think a normal human being can beat you with magic? I don't know if you're a trained soldier."

"He's a good guy about one or two years older than me, chief in all three exams of swordsmanship, physical arts, and witchcraft. Lieutenant General Lambert. I thought he was more of a monster."

When I remembered and said the magic entrance exams of the time, the old man whined as he slept in bed.

"... I didn't know there was going to be a guy who would set such a record in a human being while I lived. A nobleman with a name? What's your last name?

"Was there any interest in boulders that I used to just do a lot of research on? It's not my last name, I'm just a civilian."

"Oh my..."

The old priest was silent as if stunned.

Julian continues.

"Besides, that's not all.... Hey Jijii, can you read ancient letters?

"I don't want to get old. I used to be able to read a little, but now it's refreshing. If I had literature written in that letter, I could buy all my money."

"This church will crumble, old man,"

"Did you find out? Just satisfy your intellectual curiosity. I don't know anything else."

This old man, who very much doesn't seem to be a church priest, was like a raised parent by making Julian the benefactor who took over who was an orphan.

As a dragon tribe, Julian, who was originally highly affinity with magic, instantly learned various sorceries by blossoming his previous talents, but also thanks to loading a book of magic that was originally gathered by this strange priest.

Julian stares at the old man.

I narrowed my eyes just a little when I saw an old man talking cheerfully in a clear way on the bed.

- About a year later.

I realized that something like the Dragon people's intuition left little time for the old man.

No man can beat an old man. As long as you don't get your hands on the law.

"Hey, Julian. Shut up and tell me about that man who's stronger than you."

"Just curiosity is as good as ever for a jizzy cunt like you stuck your legs in a coffin. Teaching

Ru and nothing. There's no one in Mirdiana who can beat him when it comes to fighting. "

"Are you saying that so much delicacy has suddenly appeared? It's horrible. Anything else?

"It's only been a month since I met you. I don't know that deep. It's just, you know, there was something a little different."

"Why don't you say that soon, you fucking kid"

"I'll tell you about the foreshadow, you dying piece of shit"

Julian didn't show that it was evil that made him feel particularly bad about spitting.

Because this is nature's interaction with this old priest. I was wondering if this old man's influence was also due to his poor attitude and language.

"He seemed to care about the Demons."

"Demon tribe... ho, young man of the day"

"I don't know what I used to be, but how was your day? Was there someone like you who knew so much about the Demons?

"That was awesome. I was interested, too, but I can barely find any books about them.... I think they probably burned the book."

"If you're about to talk about a brave man going on a crusade 500 years ago and getting paid back, you know if he's chewing on history somewhat, right? The result was the loss of the Empire... but what does that have to do with it?

"I want to hide a history that's not convenient. We can hide it from the boulders until the end of the last battle, but we want to forget everything else."

Julian, who had just experienced the terminal Shizuku case, could not refute that opinion.

I was also another case buried in the darkness of history. I can't go into details because other words are supposedly strictly forbidden from Lyudio, but there are probably a number of other things like that.

"So, you were interested in the Demons?

"No, I also feel like I cared more about a brave man crusading it than a demon tribe... that guy, I honestly don't know because I've never seen him before"

"Hmm. Brave, huh? Speaking of brave men 500 years ago... Literature is the only thing left, but it's a story that it was a beautiful woman. I don't know if you've ever been in love with a brave man."

"Maybe. He seemed kind of like a woman and... oh, no, I guess there was something else unusual about him. He's got blue hair."

As soon as I told him that, an old priest who slept heavily in bed jumped.

"What!? Ogu...... ugh"

"Hey!? Damn, you're getting up all of a sudden even though you're hipster... what are you so excited about?"

Julian gave a hand to the old man, who was frightened but hurt his back, and let him lie down for good.

"Say... uh, I don't like it, it's not perfect to live with a body like this anymore. I want to die early in the world."

"You're not even on edge. I'm not talking about it. So, how excited did you get up?

"... it's Julian. Do you know how rare people with blue hair are in the Empire?"

"I don't know the details, but I've seen other things... hey... oh, there shouldn't be. I know it's pretty rare, huh?

"So do you remember the story of" Divine Sword Revistra and the Blue-haired Dauntless "

"Hmm, is that what you used to tell me...? Surely, the legendary brave man who committed himself to the founding of the Elberian Empire and defeated the rampant Dragon God King (Ryujinyu) in the northern" Zenan Dragon Divine Area "was blue haired?

Currently, Zenan is known as the Dragon King's Kingdom, but the original name seems to have been 'Dragon Divine Realm'.

It is now a country where humans and dragons coexist, but there used to be only dragons.

"I don't know. His brave man took over the Dragon God King with his sword Revistra, created by the great goddess Orphelia."

"That's what I was talking about. So?"

"... Since then, he says, those who wave the Divine Sword Revistra have been determined and blue-haired. And it is only an old literature, but it is assumed that those born as blue hair always had some divine power."

"Are you saying that a blue-haired person was always an angel of God?

"Many advocate that. But the blue-haired became less with each passing of time. Except for a certain Duke now, they say no one with blue hair is born unless it's a mutation."

"Phew...? No, but General Duras was a great hero in the war against Zenan."


"Oh, what is it?"

All of a sudden Julian was just a little frightened because he was forced to speak.

The sleeping old priest pointed his finger in a certain direction as he struggled with the pain in his back. When I looked at you, I saw a bunch of material spelled out in a simple way.

"I was going to burn everything. Even today."


Julian noticed that there were many bundles of that material overlaid.

Different fields of research are noted for each of them.

Each cover was given a variety of headings.

"On odd diseases occurring in the Kingdom of Rugal"

"About the Divine Sword Revistra and the Great Brave"

"On the Corrosion of the Blood Muscles and Great Forests of the Kingdom of Zephte Aria"

"On the Great Famine of the Xenan Dragon King (Daikin), which occurred in 798 years of Empire history"

From what I've seen, it looks like a bunch of four research findings.

None of the titles seemed like much I had ever seen before, but from the current course of the story, would the most important be the research results of the Divine Sword?

"Read it if you want to continue your journey. And if you can remember all of its contents... I'm not saying anything bad. Burn it right away."

"What's the matter all of a sudden, Jizzy? I can't believe you're giving away your research results to people."

"I'm not the kind of body that I can study anymore. However, each of these areas of research shows an important role. I want someone I can trust."

"Oh, so you trust me? Well, I'd appreciate it if you could. I've already read your magic book, and it's just fine."

When I got a bunch of material that weighed quite a bit, the sound of knocking on the door sounded.

"Both of them. It's dinner time."

It was the voice of Sister Marite.

"Okay, I'm coming."

That's what I told him, and when I tried to take the materials, the old priest said.


"It's you."

"... 'killed a man', you too"


Julian looks at the old man silently.

It was faceless.

"If Marite or the children find out, they will grieve"

"You know, magic or something that shows signs like that? I'm sure you can tell me."

"You idiot. Even if I look like this, I've been dealing with people with all kinds of professional patterns... which is why I know. There are signs of those who have crossed the line."

"Don't worry. I only killed a guy who could kill me. Later, well, I've been attacked by bandits, so much so that I got back at it... and"

Julian flaunts his shoulder.

"That's what military people do, isn't it?

"... you are no longer a young man who hated to fight."

"It's not like I remember being too busy. At best, it's your body's concern."

Answering softly, Julian left the room.