It also fits back when I got a lot used to the atmosphere of military schools in Granden.

As usual, classes feel just like Mirdiana and boring, but this city isn't bad in this city.

When I left the school building thinking I would remember even the structures within the current fortified city for now, I heard a familiar girl.

"I'm not convinced!

Is it from the back of the school building?

The girl is stuffed by someone even while she's circling that way.

And sneaking a peek from the shadows, it was still the girl with her blonde hair tied to her right - Clarice.

Opposite is a long-time general standing unaltered as if he were a statue. It's General Duras.

I will no longer show the momentum of a girl who just bites, nor how she moved at all.

The blonde general answered quietly.

"The answer is the same no matter how many times you say it. I can't allow platoons, including you, to leave this city."

"Why!? Without just cause, I cannot accept the words of His Excellency General Duras!

"... because you're off track and strong"

"Ha ha...!?

Clarice was frightened by words she had never thought of.

General Duras keeps looking down at her quietly like that.

"I am therefore entrusting the defense of the temple inside this Granden"

"Oh, that's..."

"I'll leave the protection of the outside temple to the other troops. You should continue to interact with those in your platoon and encourage their guidance. Though you are still a lieutenant, the future will always be a masterpiece of standing behind the Elberian Empire."

"Mm, isn't that contradictory! If you admit so much, why should I still go to military school!? Whatever you are as a temporary instructor, why should you bother taking classes as a student......!

When Clarice introduced herself, was that what caused the slightest frustration?

Sure, she's strong. Swordsmanship and martial arts were impeccable, and will probably have a pretty high strength when it comes to witchcraft.

"You're still young. There's always something to learn as a student in a military school."

"As I may say, I have been immediately granted a military school graduation by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor, who is now lying (f) on the hospital bed, and has been given the assignment of Second Lieutenant! We pride ourselves on being admired by the men and the people of the squad, without comparing our strength to ordinary military personnel. And yet...... and yet you are the only one who still doesn't recognize me as one person, General Duras!!

Clarice, who became emotional, shouted, but quickly decided he was reckless in his actions and shut up. But the grievance didn't seem to be hidden out.

Proud and noble. Perhaps I've never experienced anything called a setback before.

Staring at her like that, General Duras told her to let go.

"Is that all you want to say?


"It doesn't change my mind. Aim for further heights as a soldier while encouraging schooling as before. Need to rush."

"I already know what General Duras thinks......!! Excuse me!!

Clarice came running this way.

I almost bumped into her by accident, and she stopped on her feet.

"And, Theodo..."

"What's the matter, Clarice? You don't look like you."

"And I don't know......!!

Clarice tried to slip past me and ran away.

"Theodore. You've shown me something ugly."

General Duras approaches and talks.

Even if you get pummeled with dissatisfaction by being like a godchild, that look doesn't seem to change.

"It just happened, and I don't care. Sounds like General Duras is having a lot more trouble than that, doesn't he?

"... embarrassed, but you're right"

"She's strong. Literary martial arts. Excellent no matter what you make them do. Full of confidence and high morale. I have the power and charisma to inspire my men."

I went on after acknowledging her strength.

"The sooner he dies in battle, the sooner he dies."

"Mouthfeel as if you've seen it, but is it also some experience for you?

"... sort of"

I've seen countless of them.

Being only brilliant, proud and 'half-strong', both human and demonic, most of the time does.

That kind of talent is important if you don't even get it wrong where you use it. Conversely, I can assure you that there is no possibility of being at the apex - standing in the rank of grand marshal as Keith is aiming for.

"Then we talk fast. Theodore, I want you to get in touch with Clarice."

"If you're such a pretty girl, I'd literally like to touch you."

Though I joke and say, General Duras does not change his expression.

"Without a position as a soldier, Clarice is also old enough to have a rolling story about his friendship with an already powerful nobleman. But she is very neglected only in that respect. I want you to be careful what you say and do."

"You're tough. Even though I can think of a way to play because that's the age. I don't mind. I wanted to talk to her a little bit, too."

"Nice to meet you.... and I'd like to invite you to my mansion tomorrow, if you don't mind?

"Copy that. But what do I have to tell you? I can talk about life in Mirdiana or something, but it's very exciting about the incident there. Especially if it makes a child like General Duras' daughter hesitate."

"Charlotte is asked to visit her late wife's grave. I was going to come with her the other day on her life day... unfortunately there was an important military and it didn't come true either. Instead of that." You don't have to worry about anything ""

... I see.

"Okay, fine. Can I invite everyone else?

"No, come alone. My mansion is narrow, to say the Duke's house. I have trouble getting stuffed by Mildiana's shapebreaking privileged students."

Well, that's for sure.

I'm sure there are two of them who are going to come in front of General Duras and become unbearable because they are motivated to fight.

"Okay, fine. Let me finally hear the hero Tan of a man called the Great Hero. I've been worried about a lot of things."

"Fine. Not that it's funny."

Then I followed the military school with a detailed time commitment. [M]

Walking around the city of Granden for a while, there was a familiar hindsight in front of me.

She's a girl wearing a military school uniform but with a shoulder tag and long blonde hair tied to her right. I have a black cloth in my hand.

She walked into the alley and stared at the people who went to her attentively.

Is something wrong?

When she thought so, she accidentally weaved black cloth softly.

Cover your mouth and make it a suspicious black outfit to see.

And she walked there somewhat early and said to the middle-aged woman, standing between one store.

"Ku, give me a crepe... three"

"Oh, it's not Clarice."

"Hey!? Hey, why... Oh, shh, shh! Shh!"

Clarice does the trick of putting his finger on his mouth and shutting up as he panics.

"What's wrong, Clarice? You look so scared."

The voice of a woman who does not go through with it at all is loud. I know you're unconscious, but that seemed like an important issue to Clarice today. I was vigilant around.

"Yes, go ahead, Clarice. I still love sweets."

"Oh, you know, the fact that I'm here is confidential...!

"Why not? I wish I liked something sweet. When I told Clarice that you were making me pay, our sales were going to go up."

"Well, if you do that, I won't come again......!

Clarice quickly put the money aside and received three crepes, which instantly ran off the spot.

As she seemed interesting, she walked into the alley once again, finding unpopular (one-sided) stairs before alerting herself to the surroundings again. You thought no one was there. Sit down that staircase.

I check my surroundings again and then finally take off my hood and throw one of the three crepes I was having a hard time holding into my mouth and start eating with the shampoo while holding the other two with both hands.

As soon as I've included the crepe in my mouth, I'll have a loose face.

Where do you go with your usual rugged face? With a fuzzy look on his face, he threw crepes all over his mouth and moved his squirrel-like cheeks satisfactorily.

Eventually after finishing his first crepe, Clarice tried to sigh a fuzzy, satisfying exhale before mouthing the second crepe again.

"Hey, Clarice."

"Ugh, wow, wow!?

She jumped up and down with a voice that I didn't think a very girl would raise, and she fades away at once the expression that had been relaxed until then when she saw me.

"So, I was there, Theodore? Oh, uh, this is different, it's different!

"I haven't heard anything yet, but what's the difference?

"Well, it's... well, yes, it's the taste of the common people. Let's just say it's my job to find out what people in the Grand Territory are eating every day."

"The aunt at the store said, 'I'm having it made for you,' right?

She squirted and then rushed to wipe her mouth.

And you managed to think of an excuse, I'm sure, staring at me...... silently.

After about a dozen seconds.

"Come on, I'll kill you if I tell you what I saw today in front of someone else."

"I can't grow up with anyone who might even be a second lieutenant."

"Ugh, shut up! If you need anything, please leave already! I want to be alone!

"I just want to talk to you for a second. Then I won't tell anyone else."

"Ugh!?... uhhh..."

I sat next to her in the gap Clarice was talking about.

When prompted, she stood up and sat as if she had noticed too.

"You like sweets."

"Beh, nothing like that"

"Otherwise, I'll eat three crêpes by myself..."

Suddenly he stuck the crepe in his mouth.

"Him, it's a normal range if you're up to two by yourself"

How forceful is your interpretation, this kid?

That said, the crepe doesn't taste bad either. I felt a little less sweet than Mirdiana's. Did you eat with Lena then?

The two of us stand side by side for a while and enjoy the taste of the crepe.

Looking at her gaze, she has seen this one at the same time.

Turn away in a hurry. Those cheeks are just a little red.

"Why are you trying to hide what you like about sweets?"

"... character is questioned when people like to stand on top of people seem to like and say something like this. When I was at the Frestier house, it was tough, and I never ate sweetness."

"I wonder if someone even taught me how to taste something sweet"

"Bu, to my men... try it because it's delicious, and half-force it. So when I realized that... this is the kind of thing."

"Yeah? You're not hiding it from people?

"I'm hiding it. I pierced the unresponsiveness then. I thought there was something so delicious at the bottom of my heart...... And then, once in a while, he comes in hiding and buys them and eats them."

He was a solid impression kid, but some things seem interesting.

She said after finishing her meal in a big hurry as if to hide her embarrassment.

"Well, then I'll go home in this corner."

"Well, wait. Let's talk about it just fine."

"... since it's about you anyway, you must have been eavesdropping on me to cram into His Excellency General Duras, right?

"Well, if you were so loud, you wouldn't have to ask to hear it."

"Eh! And anyway, as I heard. To me, I still don't seem to have enough strength. They only think I'm a busy kid because I'm still inexperienced and immature. If you understand, leave me alone already."

I know exactly what Clarice said, there's something wrong with this country of total meritocracy.

She has talent, and none of that should be a dream to be a general.

And it's not echoing her mind, even though it should be heard scattered by General Duras. That would also be due to the immaturity of the late youth.

"I think you have power. He's smart, and from what I've seen, he's got a lot of trust from the people. If you keep learning under General Duras, I think you'll be promoted in no time. Why are you in such a hurry?

"... you used to ask me something about the Temple case. How far do you know?

"All I know is that there's been a series of murders of everyone in the temple."

According to what Asmo said, there were already such incidents in the three temples? Don't tell me because I have trouble getting to know you too well.

"That's enough. There are a total of six temples around this Granden, combined with those inside the city. In three of those temples, there was such an incident."

"Just half? So?"

"I led my own platoon and appealed directly to His Excellency Admiral Duras that I wanted to be the guardian of an external temple. But it was the guard of the temple inside the Granden that was entrusted to us like that. No matter how much you sue, he doesn't want me out of the Grandden."

Clarice continued ahead, leaning down and staring to the ground.

"My strength is something everyone acknowledges. An active general - other than His Excellency General Duras - can't beat those people either. That's why you should go to security even if I'm not the other general. I can minimize the damage even if I think of it as someone who has committed various crimes."

Very confident.

Well, isn't that impossible? There's always that big hero beside us. Besides, he says he won't lose to anyone else.

Charlotte, I've been unconscious with my opponent a few times, but it also seems like he was able to beat me properly after that.

Most importantly, in action, the human being dies in one unconsciousness, but he won't be able to think that far. Because we've probably never had a real killing.

"I think General Duras is putting my family first. The Duke of Frestier family is said to be a famous house, so I guess that's not a good idea for me, one of the daughters there. So I guess you're trying to satisfy me by keeping it properly guarded inside the safest Granden."


The two opinions are not fatally engaged.

General Duras has no idea about your family. [M] What I fear is a different part of it.

He looks cold-blooded and very thoughtful. This is how powerful men follow up.

This difference between the two will also lead to the worst possible outcome in some cases.

That said, Clarice can't be convinced where I pointed that out.

This is a problem she has to realize herself. There is nothing I can say. [M] I can't encourage you, I can't scold you, I can't even be in tune.

It's pointless to keep this story going any longer.

"Is there a sight on the case of that temple, the killer?

"... I can't say anything. However, I didn't see the scene, but from what I've heard, sometimes I want to suspect it's really 'human work' in the first place."

"Why not?

"Most of the remains of those who were on the spot are so badly damaged that it is... even difficult to ascertain their gender and age. It was like being eaten and killed by a big carnivore."

"... I see"

I remember all the monsters in the basement of the High Magic Court in Mirdiana.

I'm pretty sure I'm a demonic creature. Dean Ludio will still be looking into the details, but Arre was a creature specializing only in eating elves and making terminal Shizuku.

A fragile being who doesn't get out of the magic formation, and who easily starves to death without being able to move the spot if someone doesn't give him an elf that is food.

"Any information that there was something like a magic formation in the temple?

"That wasn't in the report. However, some parts of the temple seem to have been severely damaged. Hard cobblestones were shattered, and some places were even difficult to verify the scene."

Good quality demonstrable creatures can move of their own free will, and they are intelligent enough to solve the orders of superior beings.

But is it possible to do that and never find one before?

Most demonic organisms are distinctly different in appearance from normal organisms anyway. If such a monster is wandering around this Granden territory, one or two witnesses should come out.

When it does, is it still human?

Information so far does not tell us that a human being other than a temple has been killed.

The purpose of the person who committed the crime should undoubtedly be in the temple.

"Is there anything special about the temple?

"... I don't know. There should have been nothing in particular even in the damaged temple. I don't think there was anything special about this temple inside the Granden where I now hit the guard either. Statues of goddesses, abstract paintings, crystals, etc. are everywhere."

Do you not understand the aim of the person who is committing the crime?

This is the opposite of the Mirdiana case.

There was speculation that someone - ultimately turned out to be a gislan - would make a terminal Shizuku and ultimately summon the Heavenly Demon, but that's hard this time.

What's the point of raiding a normal temple?

Or is there something serious hidden in the temple that doesn't even lean on the Demons, aside from General Duras, who is in the Granden?

"I believe that it is only humans who are committing the crime. Is it like you have a grudge against God, or a heretic? I can't judge you that far..."

"Do you have any other information?

"Nothing conclusive information...... However, there were reports of something slightly strange happening in one of the damaged temples."

While Clarice puts his hand on his jaw, he goes on with some puzzling face.

"There was a dancing nun in a miserable temple."

"I don't know, it"

"I don't know the details. The woman was of the damaged temple, but oddly enough... she stroked the remains of the victims in her hands or painted her face with meat pieces and organs that remained slightly... Ugh..."

Clarice moaned as if she had learned a little nausea.

Normally, it seems like a nun's oddity that went nuts when she saw the damage to the temple, but it does concern me.

"... Phew, excuse me. The nun is detained by the military as the most important reference person. But I still don't hear that there has been progress in the investigation."

"Okay, thanks. Shall we stop talking about this now? It could ruin my dessert."

After that we had a chat without other love to change Clarice's mood before breaking up with her.

Well. It's this kind of investigation that makes Lena's presence indispensable, but this time she can't use it... No, she won't.

Instead, we must now prepare for a conversation with General Duras.

If nothing happens, that's fine, but it probably won't.