After noon I went to General Duras' mansion. [M]

That mansion near the square was certainly not, as he himself put it, very large.

It's more splendid than a normal house on a boulder, but it's hard to believe when people say this is the Duke's house.

When I stood in front of the gateway to the mansion, someone came running over with great momentum.

"Theo brother!!

"Charlotte......! Don't surprise me."

I'm amazed at the way the girl showed up in such a way that Gashan and I would barge into the door.

"Help! I, the demons will kill me!!



I accidentally looked around but there was no sign of it.

The moment I thought so.

Charlotte, my lady.


An innocent girl screamed in cold gaze.

Soon it was the maid of honor who appeared behind the blue-haired girl and grabbed her shoulders disappointingly.

The woman, with three braids of dark hair and dripping from her shoulders, looks like a girl or an adult woman.

"I'm not a demon, though."


"It's human."

Is that due to the unique atmosphere emanating from her?

I can't feel anger or fright in the quiet tone. It was as if it were flat itself.

From the looks of it, I simply can't feel something like a young maid swinging by a selfish lady.

"Miss Charlotte. It's time to visit your wife's grave."

"Yikes! Theo, your brother's here! I need you to arch for swordsmanship!

"I won't."

I don't have emotions on my words.

And such a maid sees me only for a moment.

... woohoo. This is amazing. I somehow figured out who the atmosphere she wrapped up in was.

The only boulders are the maids of General Duras' mansion.

To such a woman, I said.

"I've been invited to General Duras' mansion since after noon... can I come in?

"Of course it is. Your husband is in the back, please."

"Mmmm! Uhh!!"

The maid's woman was just suppressing her, even as the willing girl to kill roared as she let her body twitch.

A normal woman wouldn't be surprised if she was quickly blown away by that girl's powers.

"First, I wonder if you could do something about that little mad dog"

"I'm sorry I showed you something ugly. Come on, Charlotte, lady."

"Theo, you and your brother are archaic!"

"Then I'll do it again for you. You're visiting your mother's grave today, aren't you? I think we should give you priority."

Until then, the atmosphere of the girl, which felt like innocence itself, changed a lot.

The look I was changing stops perfectly.

"... where is my mother?"

"I guess I don't get that."

"I'm already dead. Nowhere. What would it be like to visit a grave? The bones are just buried. No matter how much I talk to you, you don't reply, you don't laugh. That's just a shell out."

I heard and knew from his mouth that General Duras' wife was dead, but this might have some deep roots.

"Miss Charlotte. The flesh is said to remain even if it decays. The fact that a dead person may now become a dead person (undead) is also due to what appears to be in the heart of that soul. Those who died in battle carelessly, those who died with resentment. Those untrained turn the dead into the undead."

"So your mother didn't have any thoughts or resentments? They killed you so badly."

"I can't fully guess how your wife felt at the time. But I never kept wandering the moment of eternal robbery in pain of becoming undead. That's probably the only salvation I've ever had."

In the wake of that emotionless word, Charlotte unraveled her maid's arms with her own shoulders under pressure, turning to the maid and shouting.

"So my mother didn't have anything? Didn't you think I was going to die because of you? That sweet mother can't be like that!" Elsa "always does! Don't just preach to me because you don't know how people feel anyway!

Anger exploded, and the girl ran away as she opened the door by snapping a bunch of keys from the maid.

The maid left stares at the girl. But there was a faceless look on his face.

General Duras is a man who doesn't break his expression either, but he's not like him again. Who the hell is this woman?

Excuse me, Theodore.

"I don't mind. Looks like a lot of things happened. Are you sure you don't want to go after him?"

"Charlotte, you always tell me about your wife. If you go outside and calm your wrath, you will surely head to the grave."

... looks sensitive to the finesse of a person's mind.

Or is this just a rule of thumb, too? There was not so much emotion caged in her words.

"I apologize for the delay in introducing myself. My name is Elsa, and I serve this Duke of Duras house."

"Well, nice to meet you. By the way, Elsa is a former soldier."

"You know very well"

Words and deeds without emotions and frozen gazes in their eyes.

Actually, I had this impression of a person. [M]

"Somehow I thought it might be something like that. I'll let you in."

"Yes, I did. I have to go out as your escort, Charlotte, so please note that I can't be very welcoming."

"I didn't expect anything like that, so I don't care. Regards Charlotte, Elsa."

When I told her that, she walked to the direction Charlotte ran after bowing deeply.

After staring at it for a while, I spoke to her behind me.

"That woman named Elsa looked a lot like you back in the day, Lena"

When I said that in a pleasant mood, I heard a bewildered voice coming from a space of nothing.

'Oh, was it...? I don't know much about that time.'

"Well, in your case, I feel like my emotions were just a little more on the table. Those eyes of hers were also those of those who lost 'something important' again. I try to forget that by dawning into battle. Just like you used to be."

'Ugh... would I have been so heartless'

"Not when we first met. But now she's my pretty wife. Don't worry."

"Ru, Lucifer! Him, this kind of conversation in public... '

He forgets that this is how he talks because no one sees or hears him.

Laughing all the time, I said - back to my usual human condition.

"Well, we'll talk about that later. Now I need to meet the great hero."

"Ho, is it really okay for you to accompany Lucifer to me?"

"No problem. Follow me."

There's no reason for Lena to be confused.

Let us reassure ourselves this way now. Maybe by the time I finish my conversation with General Duras, her pride will be made to look like a borough rag.

... I wonder how I'll comfort you later. In the end, I entered the grounds of the Duke of Duras, having my head around how to treat my beloved wife better than this.

"Well done, I'm here."

"Thanks for inviting me. It's an honor, hero."

The young general, who was standing on the doorstep of the mansion, says his expression intact.

"I am not a vessel called a great hero"

"Zenan, can't a trump card bring the battle against the Dragon King to a truce say that?"

"Those who participated in that war and those who were caught up in it. All those involved in the war, whether military or civilian, died for those whom they should defend. Those who survived safely, those who died carelessly...... ended up varied, but those who truly deserve to be honored are not me or others, but them. All of them are equally heroes, and I am nothing but an old man helped by strength and some luck"

"You shouldn't despise yourself too much, big hero. Without you, the war could have gotten even muddy."

"It is only natural that the powerful fight. Nothing more or less."

The worried blonde general said after shaking his head as if to pull himself back from consciousness that was about to be drawn in the past.

"Excuse me. That wasn't the kind of stand-up you'd do on the front porch. I have a tea treat that was prepared by our maid. Let's talk in the guest room first."

"Roger.... Still, I don't feel like I see any other servants?

"Now Elsa, the maid you would have seen, is the only servant of this mansion."

"It's rude, but you don't look very Duke family. It feels suspicious to see if there's a title."

"I can't deny it. Our financial situation is not fragrant either. As you can see from a glance at the interior of this mansion."

Indeed, as General Duras says, it is also simple in your mansion.

There are carpets on the floor, and although the ceiling is decorated with chandeliers, it is far from luxurious.

Wouldn't the merchant's mansion there still be more luxurious?

With that in mind, I was put through to the guest room.

Pinch the table, sit on the couch with each other and talk about tea and just a few tea treats with no other love.

In the meantime, General Duras did not look particularly distracted by anything.

Just stare at me while I'm talking and drink tea to the point of getting my lips wet.

I said it in the middle of the conversation.

"By the way, why are you living such a qualitative life when you're a Duke's house?

"For generations, our Duke of Duras family has made massive donations. To churches and orphanages all over the empire, to help you live a little. The training of the Duke of Duras houses includes," The rich give charity to the poor, "and I inherit it it."

"That said, isn't this too much?

"It's often said. But my wife agreed with me. Minimum storage is left, but donations continue to be made later. He also continues to provide support to those who have recently lost their lives in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King. I don't know how many Dukes I can do, but I can't be any happier if it helps at all."

I'm in every country in every era called a nobleman painted on private personal greed, but he seemed completely unrelated to that sort of thing.

I even feel like I give priority to others over myself.

"Very well, General Duras. I don't think there's anyone else like you with enough vessels to be called a great hero. From my point of view."

"... I'm sure there's a lot of trust from the people. But I'm the kind of guy who can barely even take care of one family member. What makes you say you're a big hero?"

You mean Charlotte?

"Oh. I couldn't do anything to that child as my father. It was and still is when the battle began."

"The madness hidden inside her is out of the ordinary. Array is no longer like being pointed out by others to improve. From what I can tell, it seems completely 'too late'."

A monster lurks in an innocent mind.

I guess the cause is still closely related to her mother's death.

"Too late, huh? Maybe so. Any words of mine already don't make sense to that kid. I can't do anything."

"Not only Charlotte, but you've been dealing with Clarice like that lately."

"That's right. Though I am called a great hero, I cannot even support the hearts of those close to me. I'm just ashamed of what I can't do."

Trust from the people as great heroes will be great.

Maybe everyone is in love with his hero Tan and giving courage to kids who aren't even old enough.

But I hold my hand in the treatment of beings closer than those.

Ever since I came to this city, I have seen the anguish and grief of various people.

Among other things, the problems he has are not manageable by power.

I don't really feel for me as a demon king who obeys all his family members only with "power," but it seems that a creature called man is not so simple.

Eventually, when I finished my tea and tea treats, General Duras changed his expression.

"- Well, I'm listening more than that Lieutenant General Lambert when it comes to your actions and activities. Brilliant light on past and present cases, that arm that led us safely to a solution. Very brilliant."

"Dean Ludio is a big deal, too. I'm not going to do anything that big."

"Without you, I can't even imagine what the Empire would have been like by now. Where did that strength come from?

"Nothing. I just did what I thought was fun. I was bored and bored and I couldn't help it back then, but that's where I literally saw that story. When I realized it, I was unwittingly obsessed, and once I realized this again, it helped me solve it. As General Duras put it," I was only helped by strength and some luck. "

"Fun, huh? I don't understand it roughly, but I guess that's the way to think about it. So, listen... what's your pleasure now?

General Duras' sharp gaze shot me through.

"Is that what you're talking about with the great hero right now?

"I can't do anything funny."

"Right. It's funny, but it's not like indulging. I don't really care about other people's problems or anything like that. I'm asking a lot of people because it's important to know who they are."

"So what are you most interested in right now?

"I wonder how I can get General Duras' neck."

Even if I said it without putting my hair in it, the look on the face of the great hero never changed.

"Terrible man."

"About me? I wonder what the joke is. I think General Duras is stronger than I am."

I looked at the sword he was standing on the couch. [M]

I can't really feel the divinity. But I guess that's because it fits in the sheath, too.

If that sword was really created by the Great Goddess of Genesis, it would overflow a tremendous amount of divinity just pulled out of the sheath.

I wanted to see that moment.

"Well, I don't have to be vigilant because I'm a do-it-yourself. You can't even scratch your sleeping neck."

"... So what else are you interested in?

"Recent temple raids in the vicinity of this fortified city and... later on," The Goddess "or something"

Squeeze as you peek at his reaction.

He's really a man who doesn't change his expression. It is difficult to measure its sincerity.

"Then the story is quick. Especially with regard to the former case, it is now the most alarming one. It is also the recommendation of that Lieutenant General Lambert. I want you to listen to me."

"I guess I wish or fulfill it. Tell me quickly."

"Let's change places. Come to my office upstairs."

Follow him as General Duras says.

And I opened the office and went inside.

He had steward's desk in front of him and asked only one word without sitting down.

"Theodore, I told you to come and visit me alone."

"Yeah, do you remember?

When I dared to show him with a glance over his shoulder, General Duras said, staring at me with a sharp eye.

"So who is the silver-haired woman who serves behind you?"

Have you finally come to the point of the story?

Let me now measure how much true this man has.

I raised my mouth naturally.