"I wonder what that means?

His sharp gaze remains unchanged and he stares at me, although I try to inquire as if I were a stranger.

"I hear who the woman is."

"... what kind of woman do I look like?

I dare ask. He said silver hair, but that's all.

"Long hair, made-up...... but not?

"Oh, no. Come out, Lena."

As expected, Lena immediately showed up.

Long silver-haired hair, made-up clothing based on black. Whatever grand aristocratic mansion she is, she does not deserve it.

All Lena deserves is next to me.

Though I think so, I peek into General Duras' expression.

He just broke his expression a little bit. There was a stunning colour on that face, like the one he and I showed that day when we first met.

But for a while, too. Lena says.

"I'll see you first. My name is Lena. My Lord... Theodore, I am a maid of service to you. See you later."

"... Are you sure it's Lena?"

Hearing that name, General Duras comes to mind the name of a certain person.

Well, she's famous.

"Yes, as General Duras thinks, she's the brave one who invaded Tenebrae 500 years ago. Now he's my maid and my beloved wife."

"Right. So you're still a demon, huh?

"I don't know. Should I even name my real name? Perhaps I should know the name of the person who will kill you at the end of the day."

Moments condense the magic in my body to exert strong pressure on the spot.

Same thing I once showed you at Mirdiana's entrance ceremony.

There are fewer magicians here than Mirdiana, but it's not like they're not here. It's a hassle to be perceived by someone in the city, so be modest.

Of course, the great hero is standing as if nothing had happened to him after doing that.

Or this isn't working. No matter how well trained a warrior is, it's supposed to feel a little bitter.

However, I am alert because I am lightly touching the sheath on which the divine sword is laid with its left hand. Is it possible that that divine sword is alleviating or deactivating the effects of magic?

And if he's been slaughtered without question, it's doubtful if my body can spot that blow right now.

But you don't have to worry.

It's more obvious than seeing fire what happens if you deal with a divine sword in such a narrow place, and most importantly, he has a situation where it's hard to get his hands on such a provocation. That's her presence, too.

"Monsieur Lena. I'd like to ask you. Why are you putting your shoulders in such a Satanic tribe?"

"Because I lost the war. That's all the starting point is. But not now. I truly admire you more than anyone else."

"He who is also called a brave man, says he has succumbed to the devil clan."

"Even so, the brave ones are normal people. Even if I don't tell you, you must know it well enough, hero."

The gaze of a great old brave man meets that of a great hero today.

The difference in strength...... I don't know. It's just that General Duras has that sword in his hand.

Once supposedly slaughtered the Dragon God King, the only absolute sword.

It's a situation where Lena can't be considered advantageous even if she actually fights.

Besides, that sword once didn't pick Lena. That sword even rejected the hand of existence with absolute power, also known as the brave.

Even if you created a sword with magic, you probably won't even be able to stop the blow of the Divine Sword.

We Demons - if it's the 'artifact' used by the highest royalty among them, it could be a different story.

But from me, it's hard to gauge the difference in power. [M]

From General Duras, we wouldn't even bother to start fighting in places like this to make the whole city a sea of fire.

"That's about it for the joke. I am a demon. [M] 'You' are not like humans. I'm not going to imitate the harm done to this city unless I do something extra from you. At least not now."

"... let's be frank. I believe that the crime of the late Shizukuishi incident in Mildiana and this temple raid was committed by like-minded people."

"What are the grounds for that?

"I won't reveal that. The only thing I can say is that his case and this one started almost simultaneously. A certain (though) succeeded in summoning the celestial demons in Mirdiana, and the empire was close to experiencing an immeasurable crisis if it struck hard on the Southern territories and the kingdom of Zephte Aria. And it would be sensible to think that by launching the same raid that is taking place around this Grand Territory, it would have caused even more chaos to the Empire."

"If you know what will happen if you raid the temple, that assumption will work. What do you think?

"Unfortunately, I don't know anything. We conducted a joint investigation with the High Magic Court in Granden territory, but they didn't see it coming."

"Is it just speculation? I just want to say that I don't deserve to argue... but I guess my thoughts are roughly the same as what you think they are at present. - On top of that, let me ask you again, hero."

That's all I have to ask.

"Do you have any idea what a 'goddess' is?

"For the people of our empire, when it comes to the goddess, it is synonymous with the great goddess of Genesis, Orphelia. You can't possibly have any idea. From what I can tell, it is more realistic to assume that your country has deceived the name of the goddess and caused the Shizuku case at its end."

I can't feel a lie or falsehood from Claude Duras' sharp gaze.

"What would our demons be doing that for?

"Exhausting the Elberian Empire from within, we wage large-scale battles in anticipation of the times when military power weakened. Extremely reasonable thinking."


When I lay him down with a smile, Claude Duras' eyesight increased sharply.

It doesn't matter.

"Even if we don't do that, our demons can prune you humans with ease. It's where we move around and we don't have to prepare ourselves carefully. If we raid head-on and take control of this Grand Territory in half a day, that's it."

"... it's a lot of work, the Demon Clan."

"For us, power is everything. Think of it that way, it's just a few things like the raid of the Heavenly Devil earlier. Because if I release my powers, I can be involved in destruction and killing that surpasses all of us in minutes of things. In front of absolute power. You have only two choices: you die without the art of exchange, or you beg for your life. For the Demons, man is equal to dust."

Well, can you tell me this far? What the devils think.

Put aside a lot of silence, says the blonde general.

"We can destroy the empire without having to bother with petty labor, just by repeating the killing. Are you trying to tell me that the Demons would do that?"

"I don't even have to figure out how to crush ants crawling on the ground. If it disturbs you, we'll just have to crush it."

"That's a licked one. I don't know the real name of 'Your Lordship', but aren't you a little too insulting to human beings?

Will you give it back?

"Sounds like it. Apparently, some of us demons are much longer than you in the empire."

"Does your lord think it's only human work?"

"... I consider myself a human or a nanica very similar to it"

That's what I've been thinking ever since I came to this empire.

Some kind of presence, called 'goddess', is aimed at weakening the empire.

Simply thinking about it would make it so.

But can you say that the person who did the big trick so far only has that desire to fulfill it?

The nanica must be immeasurably planned. It is my view that it would be only the beginning of that process, such as the weakening of the empire.

What I fear most is its impact on the Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

If the Elberian Empire perishes, the next rise will necessarily be that Xenan dragon kingdom.

The Dragon Clan is powerful. There is also wisdom to use the legacy of prehistoric civilization, not just power, but the Fortress of Air Movement.

When King Dragon God was once still alive - 1500 years ago.

It was in the Xenan Dragon Divine Zone that "Lucifer of the Earliest Generation" was treading to be most vigilant and most enjoyable in battle.

Even that Mad King, who starved for the slaughter and tried to ravage everything, did not cheaply attack. The Dragons are so powerful.

Zenan dragon kingdom now has no former power......

By the hand of this great hero now in front of us, the war became a truce.

However, it is still considered to have so much power that it is almost no different from the Empire in terms of its power.

When might that dragon kingdom come to war in Tenebrae? No, I can tell you that as long as we get rid of the biggest obstacle: the Empire, we'll definitely be attacking.

Regardless, we consider ourselves to be the one who is not enough to take if we are hit with everything we can, but on the contrary, that is what worries us.

Doesn't "Goddess" crave the Great War, which will be the worst in history, turning the whole continent into a crucible of war?

But then there will be Tenebrae at the end. There can be no one to benefit other than the devil clan. Then why?

If you don't know who you are, you don't know what you're after. The woman I glimpsed from that Gislan brain only looked like a normal person. Why does man say that only the devil race chooses the path to remain?

Thoughts always stop there.

And that would be the same for the great hero in front of you.

Even from this man's point of view, the ultimate purpose of 'Goddess' should be to think of it as the prosperity of Tenebrae. That is why it is natural to doubt the Demons.

In the end, no matter how much you think, you don't know anything at this stage.

That's why I told him.

"Claude Duras. Give me as much information as you can to shed light on this temple raid."

"... are you going to tell me you're going to run for a solution, like you did when you were in Mirdiana"

"You can do that in some cases. Again, we Demons are not involved in any way in this case. If you still can't believe it, keep your mouth shut. I'll only wait 10 seconds."

Okay, how do I get out? A great hero.

"... ok. Fine. I didn't believe in the Demons, but your lord is said to be a useful actor who saved Mirdiana from that Lt. Gen. Lambert. I want you to see this first."

Claude Duras has taken some parchment out of the desk drawer and handed it to him.

And I glance at it.

"'Dancing Mad Nuns'... this again"

"You know what?

"Clarice said. Most likely, we only know fragmentary information."

As I said, I read everything in the report.

The nun, who was dancing crazy in the temple where the tragedy occurred, was detained and interrogated in the military.

But it doesn't bring any useful information...

"'The nun who became the most important reference, starved to death'? Doesn't seem to say exactly?

Claude Duras has often remained silent since he put his arms together.

Then tell him as if he chooses words.

"- The nun had repeated bizarres even after being discovered by those in the military, but that was also true after his detention. This is what they told the people they investigated without the shock of the tragedy."

"Your father and mother are coming home."

"I made a really good soup today. Why don't you take a sip?

"Meals...? I don't need that. 'Cause dinner was done earlier, wasn't it? Something that's already hungry.'

"I'm happy. I wish time would stop like this. '

As far as the words were concerned, I felt this way.

"... you're acting like you're in the middle of a happy dream or something"

"Ruri. It also says in that report that the nun's parents are still leaving the world because of her battle with Zenan at an early age. There's no way he's coming back."

"You said you didn't need a meal."

"That's right. Shortly thereafter, the nun starved to death from malnutrition. I haven't eaten anything in over 10 days, so I can't help it."

"Am I confusing dreams with reality, is it through to think? You think this nun could be the culprit in the case?


The great hero immediately denied it.

"The magic that nuns can use is up to the second floor of the sacramental ceremony. At best, it was to the point of healing the scratches, and he said no other technique could be used at all. There was nothing different about swordsmanship or body surgery than a normal woman."

"Is there no way that such a woman could kill the keepers of a trained temple? The Temple humans seemed to be eaten to death, but what about it?"

"I was even raw with the word 'eaten to death'. Most of the remains were damaged to an indeterminate extent, so finely that it was even difficult to examine the wounds"

"Were there no signs of destruction by sorcery?"

"As I said earlier, after a joint investigation with the High Magic Court, it is assumed that the magic reaction could not be detected. And about the nuns, there were no signs of hallucinations or brainwashing."

That one human being cannot be exchanged to the extent of frenzied and rampant?

Besides, there's no trace of magic being used. There is no way to assume that the nun is the killer.

I looked through all the other materials, but I hear there was no survivor except one nun. No witnesses, either.

"That's already happened in the three temples, isn't it?

"That's what's happening as far as I've done the investigation. but..."

When the great hero clouded his mouth, there was a banging sound with Don.

From the front door?


"I don't mind if you leave."

"Excuse me."

I just lost sight of the great hero who immediately popped out of the room, turning my face to Lena, who had been a silent escort for so long.

Advice, seeps bitter tannins into her adorable face, and she sees a girl biting her lower lip.

"I would have told you beforehand that this would happen"

"Yes... I understand, I do"

This is the second time a human has seen through a covert technique.

Is it also impossible for Lena, who had absolute confidence, to regret it?

... It's even more frustrating to think of those who taught Lena that technique. Lena has a lot of respect for 'her'. Unlike Lumiel, the First Lady, she admired her from the bottom of her heart.

Sometimes I guess I'm not sorry for those who taught me how to do it.

In fact, I was overconfident about the covert ceremony until then, too. We may need to be a little careful from now on.

With that in mind, Claude Duras ran into the room.

"I'm sorry, but I want you to stop this conversation."

"What's wrong with you? I wonder if something happened."

When I went back to the human tone and told him, he nodded.

"There was also an incident in the fourth temple"

The fourth one at last. I'm just wondering how long I'll keep the two of them.

When I saw the hero leaving the room, I said,

"Hey, big hero."

"... what? If anything, I'll ask again soon."

"Then just the gist. You told me to come alone, 'You weren't alone, were you?' I don't think it's a bit fair."

General Duras' faceless expression swayed slightly.

"I don't mind. Naturally, if you're a great hero, I think there are many opportunities to have conversations with various great people, starting with His Majesty the Emperor, so I'll just give you some advice. You're a lousy liar, so train me, but you better do something. Otherwise, someone might snap your feet. Well, I don't hate being stupid and honest like that, either, but I..."

I left the room. [M]

I didn't have to see the look on General Duras's face. Maybe there's a big crack in that faceless look.

After a mild interview with a soldier who was in front of his mansion - probably here to reward the anomaly - he said he had just walked around the city for a while and reached a spot that was invisible.


"... oh, the... Lucifer, what did you say earlier?"

Before leaving the mansion, Lena, who had disappeared, asks me in a bewildered manner.

"Lena. How did you feel about Claude Duras?

"Eh...... I have never lived before and seen a human being unleash a stronger sense of intimidation than that of an array. I couldn't help but be frightened by those sharp eyes."

"That's what you've been thinking ever since you walked into the mansion?


I turn to Lena, who says I don't know why.

"Claude Duras didn't see you."

"What...? So, but surely you clearly mentioned that you have me......!

"His gaze, didn't you care? Until you showed up, he said, 'All you've ever seen is me'. It didn't look as simple as you wandered around or followed me behind me and didn't even see it, you know."

There's no reason for Lena to be confused.

I didn't even notice the first time I saw him.

"Well, Charlotte told me in advance, didn't she?"

"He said this when he invited me to the mansion." Charlotte doesn't need to worry about anything because she wants me to go to the grave. "It's too unnatural for my daughter to have told me you existed. Because if you do, you don't have to bother kicking Charlotte out."

"But... Charlotte, you could see me..."

"That's for sure. That girl's wooden sword throw was definitely after you."

"So you looked like a daughter and not like a father? And Charlotte, didn't you tell your father about me? Then why did General Duras ask about my presence?"

"It was a stunning color that floated when he saw you. It's as if they suddenly showed a half-hearted existence. So here's what I thought." There are others in Charlotte who can see you, "he said."

"... So that leads to the story that General Duras was not alone. Was there really someone else there?

"I didn't see you. It must be something I can't even see right now. But I was there. Remember when he was squealing like this?" Are you sure it's Lena? ". I mean, that existence just sees you from the beginning, and you'll have even known who you are."

Totally funny story.

Now my eyes were bare, even Lena's eyes deceived, and there was someone who had served beside Claude Duras all along.

If it is a secret technique, it will be a very advanced technique. Who the hell are you? I just found out that I have no hostility at all, but other than that, I have no idea.

Before the unexpected harvest and the prospect of further turbulence in the future, I was feeling naturally uplifted.

Late at night.

Grand Territorial Army, in the Office of the Supreme Commander.

Claude Duras muttered just as he entered his resting time in the meantime.

"... what is that man? I thought that Ludio was a man of excellence because he praised him for letting go... but I never thought he was even the one who noticed 'your presence'"

At that time, a gentle breeze blew indoors.

I can hear voices from the wind blowing into the Chamber where the windows aren't even open.

"Isn't it just a demon tribe? Then you're the high demon god."

The wind speaks quietly.

"... demon king... possibilities. Can't you just say it's impossible?"

The gentle breeze keeps the word interesting and often listens to it.

"I haven't even noticed Schal in your presence. There's no such thing as a person who can see you other than me... and it's not something I'm used to playing."

The wind laughs delightfully.

"Oh, I know. There was no animosity towards that man. You just wanted to see how I reacted to the pressure exerted by magic."

One breath down, Claude said, looking up at the starry sky from the window.

"Demons, huh? I didn't get a real feeling just listening to you... but it seems like a horrible existence. I don't want to turn it around on the enemy."

The wind made a whirling noise as if to agree with the word.