Tenebrae Demonic Nation, a large hall beneath Lucifer's palace.

Any extra ornaments were removed, and there was a large chunk of water floating in the room just carved with a magic formation with a complex pattern on the floor.

In that water, one girl was circling her body and entering it softly.

Featuring long stretched black hair and a face as adorable as a doll, the girl is not wearing a slice of clothing and falls asleep in a mass of water made of magic.

The girl's expression was so calm and as if she was even having fun dreaming.

She had been sleeping for over a decade now.

No murmur can reach her ears. The chunks of water were meant to fulfill the deep sleep she wanted.

The look on the face of the girl who had been asleep for that eternity moved faintly.

In a deep mellow, the girl was dreaming.

The sight was inadvertently distorted in a dream where all pleasant memories were played back.

Now I was just in the middle of sweetening myself with my head on the shoulder of "The Beloved Man," but I felt the signs of him next door dim.

'... what's wrong?

The girl whines in a dreamy tone.

The man, who entailed so much magic that if he were just a human being, he would just be beside him and kill him, had a girl-friendly face, but gradually the figure diminished.

"What's wrong? Wait, where are you going?

What is the thought of the girl asking? The figure of a man on the back quickly disappeared from the spot.

I couldn't even feel the magic that burned down everything that was constantly being released from him.

The girl screamed knowing that the 'comfortable' magic that scorched her had completely vanished.

"Where? Where are you? Hey, you. Reply...... you!!

Moments later, the girl who wakes up from a deep sleep breaks the balance of her magic and a chunk of water can play on the spot.

The girl looks around for a moment, not even worrying about the feeling of long dark hair sticking to her skin that has fallen on the floor and gotten wet a lot.

Definitely. It's the basement of Lucifer's palace, the Tenebrae Demon Nation where I always sleep.

But it's not like usual. I can't feel that magic. I couldn't feel so much overwhelming magic from anywhere that it made my skin tingle.

"You... where...?

The girl immediately performed magic sensing throughout Tenebrae.

I feel the mighty magic power of the demons and their superiors worthy of royalty.

But what she seeks is far above it. It was a tremendous stream of magic he unleashed, at the apex of all demons.

Wherever I am, I can't feel the magic that should stand out and tell right away.

The girl feels like freezing in the cold while holding both arms.

At that time, the door to the room was inadvertently opened.

"Thank you for waiting, Giselle."

A little girl acting as Lucifer's maid of honor showed up with a black dress in one hand.

Moments, a hot wind wrapped in magic emanates from the body of that maid.

During the time I felt comfortable and warm, I saw that the room was flooded, and my body, which should have been wet, was dry as if nothing had happened.

"What about His Majesty? Your Majesty... where?

"Don't worry. There is nothing in our Lord. Enjoy your meal first."

The girl, called Gisele, gradually awakens her senses as she leaves herself to the maid.

That uneasy look disappears, even though I regret the one page of happy sights that I have ever dreamed of.

The eyes of a long-haired girl who was likely to reach her feet were red.

Wearing a black dress with plenty of frills, even a busty chest is accentuated when it is tightened with a corset.

Put black kachusha on your head and put on black boots.

By the time she was completely dressed, she had the usual serene look on her face.

Fix your long black hair, tap your tongue on the floor with the toes of your boots, and exhale.

"Thank you. Thanks to you, I've settled down."

"That is the Second Lady of my Lord. Take the seat of the First Lady with the neck of a fallen angel that I just don't think contains that brain as soon as possible. Now."

"No more. Don't say that. Because Lumiel is my precious family."

"... Yes, I did. Now, I'm going to tell you about the decade that Gisele was sleeping in... and I'm not going to, because I was just hanging out with Lumiel for over nine and a half years."

"Oh, so much. Your Majesty was never too excited."

"Yep. The last few years have been as if to forget the impulse to destroy. The problem is then. The other day, your husband finally became impatient and went to the Empire. Looks like he was planning on exploring why the brave guys weren't coming."

"So you couldn't feel the magic coming from all of Tenebrae. I'll try to broaden the range."

Gisele's magic sensing crossed Tenebrae's territory, instantly covering roughly half the area of the Elberian Empire.

Even the demon god said it was best to sense the magic of her country's realm, but she did it without bitterness.

And find mundane discomfort in western territory.

"... I feel strange signs of western territory. I can only feel a very weak force, even though I am sure of His Majesty's magic first. You seem like a man without magic. But beside it, I feel Lena's magic."

"It's a boulder, Giselle. As I said, your husband is currently staying in the Western Granden of the Elberian Empire. Be human."

Gisele left the room accompanied by her maid and heard what had happened so far as she ascended the long stairs.

It began at Lucifer's whim, transformed into a human being, infiltrated the Elberian Empire and enrolled in military schools.

Then, coincidences overlapped and he approached himself on a case related to something called the terminal Shizuku, and he said he was committed to resolving it.

Once out on the ground, Gisele looked around again.

I miss the space so much without Lucifer. There have been several times before when he left Tenebrae, but it also lost its frontier about 600 years ago.

Although I have grown up completely since I married the Third Lady, the tremendous magic emanating from that body did not change.

Even if I was seeing another lady, I'd feel very attentive right now saying that I wouldn't have missed her at all if I'd felt that magic beside me.

That said, there must be someone who remembers loneliness more than he does now.

At the moment I thought so, I noticed that beings entangled in magic and divinity at the same time were flying at a tremendous rate.



The angel, who hugged her as she stormed the brunette girl, clashed against the palace wall with momentum intact.

The blackened girl hit her whole body hard against the wall and cracked her skull, making a crisp noise from her neck.

"Giselgiselou! How long have you been asleep, already -! I missed you -!!

"... keho. No more. Lumiel, no more..."

Gisele's body was quickly repaired, even in the shock that even the usual man, a stubborn demon, would have died instantly.

I'm going to hold Lumiel back and stroke her long blonde hair softly as I hold her and cheek her.

"I'm sorry I let you miss me. I'm a little sleepy this time."

"I was really worried about you!"

"It's okay now. I won't miss you because I'm here. All right, all right, good boy, good boy."

As she gently stroked the back of a fallen angel burying her face in the neck muscle, a beautiful woman walked from the one between Lucifer's thrones.

"Giselle, it's been a long time."

"Long time no see, Asmo. Was it okay with Lumiel? Thanks."

"It's been a long time since I've talked to you, and you haven't been able to return me. And now the Lord of this palace is like me."

"Asmo would be sloppy! I'm free to use the art of change, so go to Rin's and do it!

"Even if they say it's sloppy. For me, my power is equal to superb sweet dew. It has always been your wife's monopoly on it."

"Yes. You had that happen. How was Your Majesty?

"I'm fine and well. I was so energetic that I couldn't seem to contain my destructive impulse and lust, I've been sucking off a little bit of power.... maybe this has something to do with that red star brilliance too"

The Queen of Colored Demons muttered as she watched the moonlight pouring down into the palace.

"Also, did you have the brilliance of a red star?

"There was."

Lumiel answers the bluff.

Until then it seemed like he was in a good mood to lie and let Gisele go and stand up and say it with a choker around his neck.

"I'm sure something will happen again soon."

"In my view, something is already happening."

"Lumiel, Asmo. Let me talk to you in detail. What are you talking about, and taking your time drinking tea? Hey."

Soon, with the help of a maid who had refrained beside her, Giselle rose.

I tell the maid as she teases the broken neck earlier and moves it to make sure there is no abnormality.

"Bye, Kara. I was wondering if I could ask you to prepare a little tea party. Wouldn't be a bad idea to enjoy the moonlight."

"Yes, I did. Please wait a moment."

The little maid known as Kara walks away from the spot immediately.

Asmodeus, who was watching it, put his finger on his chin and laughed funny.

"It's strange to see it at all times. I can't believe I miss a woman like you, the true ancestor of a vampire."

"I, Aikira. Absolutely fooling around with me."

"Isn't that a problem with your usual behavior?

"Whatever! Am I the Lord of this palace now that Rin is gone? What's wrong with using one or two of the maids at will!

"It wasn't you she swore allegiance to, my lord, it would be you. This is why you shouldn't be a selfish unconscious woman."

Lumiel frowned when he saw Asmodeus laughing like he had made a fool of himself.

"What the hell! Like I said, I'm the Lord now! You're just a guest now, too!

"... give me the throne because it is troublesome, etc., and who was it that wandered?"

"Huh. No matter how many demon kings you say you are, you can't defy me here! So it's natural to do this, right?

Lumiel approached Asmodeus and buried his face on its chest.

Rub her busty breasts with both hands.

"Oh, well, what an unproductive rub."

"Shut up! If you're looking at boobs like these, you're gonna want to rub them! Let him rub as much as he wants! Now I am the Lord!

"Hehe, my charm may not be impossible because it is valid not only for my lords but also for women... but I feel sorry for both my ex-angels."

The exchange between Lumiel and Asmodeus is by no means calm, but we are not both unfriendly.

Sometimes we get into a fight with Lucifer, but in the end it doesn't make much sense because it's up to him to choose which one. Sometimes two people can love each other at the same time.

After more than 10 years of sleeping, nothing has changed around here.

Gisele grinned invisibly when she saw the sight of Lumiel, who was still messing up Asmodeus' chest, and the demon king of the succubus, who would take it as if he could forgive a rough dog.

Exchanges of information took place in anticipation of the evening tea party.

The terminal Shizuku incident in Mirdiana, the southern part of the Empire, and the ongoing temple raid around the Granden, Western Territory.

Having heard it and guessed the approximate circumstances, Gisele gracefully tilted the teacup, organizing the actions she was currently required to take.

"I would like to analyze the technique of the Tenjin Summoning... but I am concerned about His Majesty now."

"Oh. Was it any omen?

"... I had a bad dream. Your Majesty may be in imminent danger."

Then Lumiel, who was cheeky next to Gisele, says, licking his fingertips.

"For better or worse, Giselle's dreams don't generally come true. It's very different from Belzebub, who stayed prestigious while saying 'Chirii Eye' and didn't help at a critical time"

"You know the character of Belze, don't you? I'm sure he just pretended he didn't know anything because he wanted you to go to the empire and rave. He's a tea-eyed man."

"What's with the tea eye? Really. That's why I don't like him. There's no alarm or gap at all......!

Whether he remembers the old demon god who is not here, Lumiel moans with his face as if he had chewed up a bitter object.

He was fortunate to have turned out to be a help to Lucifer, but he didn't like how the Demon King, who didn't know what he was thinking, was turned over to one of our pillars.

"But thanks to you, I haven't seen His Majesty in a long time, have I? How'd it go?"

"It was awesome! She looks cute, but the contents are solid - she stayed Rin and accidentally attacked her."

"Speaking of which, you're turning into a human figure. What kind of outfit is that?

"Beautiful boy with blue hair! I left the details to Lena, but only because I never gave in there!

Asmodeus sighed against the proud fallen angel.

"If I had been there, I would have done everything in my power to stop. I'm sorry it's too late."

"Whatever. So you don't like blue hair?

"You were so cute, and so beautiful and nice... as much as I would love to love you more. But that's not the problem. Blue hair is synonymous with a special being for the Empire. I know you're going to tweak it inconspicuously, but I don't like it, but it's obvious."

Gisele also reacted to the words.

"In the old literature, when it comes to blue hair, it was common sense to be the recipient of the blessing of the great goddess of Genesis, Orphelia." The Kingdom of Rutgaria "- The great brave man who took the sword and defeated the dragon god king in the myth of the founding of the present Elberian Empire was the one with the blue hair, so that's what they said."

"I don't know the details, but now it's been decided that I didn't have that common sense. He's now called the great hero in the hands of the Divine Sword Revistra, and General Claude Duras was a blonde."

"Really? Though I heard that only the blue-haired have the sword in their hands. This is what I read when I was a kid in the Empire. The blue-haired man is equipped with something very different than magic."

Reminds me of the literature I read at my own young age, Lumiel said.

"That's Kamikaze." Something similar to the divinity that our angels emit. It depends on what kind of power you have because it has to do with your natural talents... but it's like a slice of Orphelia's power. "

"When it comes to divine power, they say that Orphelia and the power of Holy Flame are.... Totally, I suffer from an understanding of why both Demon Kings had to be made to look like human beings with the protection of the Great Goddess. My dear, you are very indifferent around here, so I will have to study a little later."

"That's good. If it's enough to turn into a person that doesn't matter, it's something more interesting to look a little more prominent. I just got into a lot of battle, and I'm not worried because Rin is stronger than the actual blue-haired person."

"... blue hair would be very noticeable."

So he murmured, and Gisele let the magic formation unfold in front of him.

The formation was amazingly depicted with intricate prints and ancient letters, and the magic released from it seemed to even cross the realm of sorcery and forbidden arts.

He showed up without any preliminary motion. In front of it, Lumiel tilts his neck.

"Is that the" Space Art Ceremony "that Gisele was studying?

"Yes, the reason I pray for magic is to reach an area where I can control the manipulation of time and space perfectly. The stairs are still low, but this should be enough for now."

Gisele clapped her fingers.

At that moment, the magic formation activates to transform the surrounding scenery.

There emerged a wide meadow and an old fort. And it was a stream running right in front of it.

"This is along the border between our country and our empire."

"Yeah. I was wondering if I could use this to find out how His Majesty was doing."

"Whew... the boulder is Giselou. I'm so proud of this magic!

"Hehe. It was hard to remember, wasn't it? It drained me so much that I had to sleep for over 10 years."

Even as Gisele said so, the scenery gradually entered the realm of the Empire.

This spatial art ceremony was massive and should have been detected by the High Magic Court as soon as it was supposed to be, but from Tenebrae it was possible to scratch its surveillance network with the effects of constant magic overflowing.

When we crossed one or two fortifications leading up to the fortified city of Granden and up to the wide meadows.

Only for a moment, there was a sound of pissilli.

"? What? Now?"

"... there was a distortion in time and space, like... it felt strange."

But I don't see anything unusual in the view the Giselles peek at.

As the Ladies of the Most Powerful Demon King spoke in wonder, I felt that Asmodeus, the Demon King of Lust who was present, had learned a sense of nostalgia.

Really just for a moment. I shrugged after I put my thoughts on the feeling I remembered at that moment that was less than instant.

"This feeling... no way... No, but"

"Asmo? What's going on?"

"... no, it's nothing... Maybe it's my mistake."

"What, you didn't even get busy like Belzebub, did you? He's quite old."

Not even in the mood to lend an ear to Lumiel's joking provocation, Asmodeus watched Gisele's space magic sights all the time.