Over and over again an explosion sounds like an ear stuck in a castle fortress that only the moonlight illuminates.

It would be an aggressive technique with advanced prohibition. The secret detective's report made him ready for information that he was going to raid the castle after midnight.

The fortress surrounded by woods instantly collapses.

The magicians of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, who were in the land roughly more than 50 metres from the fortress, were convinced of the success of the operation or laughed relaxed at each other in front of the crumbling fortress.

The woman who was peering at the sight from the shade of the forest in the dark night - the Lion Beast Man glanced at the men behind her.

And - the magicians of the magical powers tried to distract themselves from the scene. Exactly then.

The Lion Beast Man, who jumped out of the shade of the tree, and roughly 30 of his subordinates rush towards the sorcerers simultaneously.

The Lion Beast Man, approaching at such a terrible speed that he could not even compare to the Junma (Shinba), was attacked by magicians who finally perceived the anomaly.

"Become!? Where did you...?

"I don't care what happens..."

Instantly the two necks were torn apart and the lion beast man on his ass attacked the sorcerers one after the other with blood blowing up.

Their greatest weakness lies in the melee. If it was just a battle, it could have prevented to some extent an attack by weapons with a junction ceremony, but the Lion Beast Man was a divine angel under the protection of God.

The blow from her nails easily penetrated the junction and so on, causing fatal injuries to the sorcerers.

When the man of the hasty surgeon began chanting to unleash the ban on the spot, the tiger beast man who approached behind it smacked the bone in the man's neck.

"That's not gonna get me involved with even my people!

Another weakness of the sorcerers. It's about getting lost in the decision to use a powerful surgical formula.

Keep your allies out of this, or all your people will be ready to suicide bomb and release a surgical ceremony - few can handle it in an instant when they are forced to make advanced decisions.

Even then, as many as 30 beasts instantly slaughtered the magicians, who were made up of the same size.

Some of them included swordsmen specializing in melee for times of need, but the sudden raids of the beasts quickly scattered their lives.

It would have taken less than a minute for a squadron of magical powers to wipe out.

Seeing as the untouched suffer from lack of acid, the Lion Beast Man - "Empress Rezan Grow" at least pierces her heart and stabs her todome with all her pity.

'Purple light' overflows from the bodies of the desperate, which disappears so that it is sucked into the earth after drifting through the hollow.

In that fantastic sight, a tiger beast man approached Rezan said.

"You've done well, sister (ah). Ma, the fortress blew up beautifully, but there's not even an injured man over here. Operation will be a success."

"Looks like... Unlike the barbarians, Atashi and the other beasts have a good night's eye. I know it was a rush to take it backwards, but thanks to prior information, I'm sure it helped."

Rezan, with reddish brown wavy hair, was a beast man of a woman in her late 20s with a deep carved face.

The ethnic costumes worn by the Beast women were improved for ease of movement, and the exposed arms were muscled and tight.

The waist roll also slits in so as not to disturb the movement of the foot. The same was true of the legs that were being stripped out of it.

"It feels like Chiaro's people are finally getting confused."

"Maybe he's in a hurry knowing the Imperial Army and Atashi have joined hands. But if you're in a hurry to attack, it just seems like you're wasting your strength to death."

In the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, there is also a number there of those who can freely be treated as long as they are of the lowest degree of prohibition.

On the other hand, no one in the Kingdom of Rugal has any resistance to sorcery.

At first glance, it's not overwhelmingly unfavourable, but surprisingly, the Bureau seemed to have a minute in the Kingdom of Rugal.

This time, it was quite a few powerful men who had carried out the raid.

Regardless of the strength and weakness of the flesh, he is good at manipulating magic.

The raid was purposeful - and it was indescribable that the night of the beasts would strike in the middle of the night.

"Besides, I hardly see a demon-guiding creature that's good at barbarians. Not to the extent that a few of them are located in the other fort at best. What do you think, Jex?"

The cheerful tiger beastman's deputy said as Rezan inquired staring at the fort still in flames.

"That's my sister (huh). Isn't it because I'm afraid you're here? If they show such a unilateral slaughter, both humans and demonic creatures will be bullied. I knew you wouldn't be tight."

"Give me a break. This kind of position doesn't suit Atashi. That's it. I'm asking you seriously, this way. If you're kidding me forever, I'll skip that neck too."

"Oops...... yes. Boulder, by being a vessel that only serves as a replacement for His Majesty the Beast God."

Jex smiled at his shoulder and joked and said, then he looked so serious.

"Unless their commander is incompetent, I don't think this situation is possible. Too few victims over here."

"Looks like it. Things are hauling too well. It's not impossible for Atashi and the others to fall into a barbarian community without so much struggle. I don't suppose it would be a glimmer to fall into a boulder as the king's capital."

"... I hear one silly thing, but what do you think the Chiaro guys might put [Death Princess] into it where they didn't want to win from the start and it was a total battle?"

"Dead Princess? A monster in that heirloom. Whoever sees it, whoever hears it - he kills every guy in a flash... Jex, are you serious? Few fools believe in that kind of inheritance right now."

It's an inheritance that I've been told scattered around as a child.

I couldn't help but be horrible at a young age, but now the sight of the battlefield happening in front of me is so much more horrible.

It was surprising that this cheerful, floating yet intelligent deputy would tell the story of a monster that wasn't even there.

"I think you know that, too. I don't know what Chiaro says."

"..." Death Calling Country. "

"I will. There are too many places in that country that are called forbidden or abominable. There are mountains of places where even the locals will never get in. The reason for this is simple. If you go in, you'll never come out alive again. Of all these, the best is called" Death Coast "."

"Sure, the northern end of that country faces the sea, but hey..."

"I have a guy there called the Death Princess, and he wants to kill all the beasts that have attacked all his allies in action. Well, sometimes I think so."

"I know you like it. But hey, there's hardly anyone who believes in that kind of gag right now."

"Something like that happened, didn't it, in the imperial Mirdiana? It's like the Shizukuishi case at the end of the day."

Hearing that, Rezan frowned.

The matter of a series of celestial summonses, allegedly emanating from the disappearance of an elf that allegedly took place in the southern realm of the Empire, had already been passed on to those of the Kingdom of Rugal.

"Our jizzy babes were talking about shutting the kid up. Scary scary gay. It actually happened the other day with a story that everyone thought was and a case that looked exactly like that. One of the five heroes, Lieutenant General Lambert, responded quickly, so the damage was supposedly minimal, but if I had handled it incorrectly, I think Mirdiana would have been destroyed by now without a trace."

"That's the weak spot when they say it... Well, fine. Let's say the Dead Princess is actually there. Let's think of it as the final weapon of the barbarians. Then why use it from the beginning? I'm the kind of guy who kills all the creatures around him indiscriminately. Why are you using it here? Are you willing to fight together from the beginning? That's not funny."

"It sure is weird. Funny... what do you think is the reason the Imperial Army is covering for us Beasts this time?

All of a sudden I felt cheated on talking to her, and Rezan said, looking puzzled.

"The protection of the beasts who are unfairly disparaged - for the apparent reason that they really want to secure a large number of essential demon stones for their demon guided guns that they're seriously considering equipping, right?

"That's all that's weird. If that's really the only purpose, then the Imperial Army should send an army of Orientals led by Marshal Burnett, one of the five heroes. But that's not all. This time, that country is even sending troops from the north led by Marshal Darius Severan, its greatest power. It's obviously excessive."

"Sure, I was surprised when I heard you were sending Marshal Severan, who was supposed to have to keep an eye on Zenan. … so how does that connect with the Dead Princess?"

"The Imperial Army will protect the Beast Man and secure the Demon Stone - and on top of that, it's trying to crush the worst military weapon, the Dead Princess. Before this, I met Marshal Severan and immediately heard and found out. That country seriously believes in the existence of a dead princess."

"Do you believe in the Elberian Empire? Based on what..."

"I'm Lieutenant General Lambert. He said that he had spoken like this immediately before His Majesty the Emperor." The Dead Princess is real, "he said. This is the biggest reason why the Empire leads the Great Army to slap Chiaro… It seems that the Emperor is now delegating full powers to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in a situation where he is also stuck on one foot in a coffin"

"One of the heroes who draws the blood of an intelligent elf makes a fuss...... Well, I don't know how much trouble they sent those kids to him."

He remembered the figure of a girl, only one survivor of a royal family who was not currently in the kingdom, and sighed in a frightened breeze.

"Do you want Rocha's princess to come home soon?"

"... that girl is the last hope that Atashi and the others have left. If I can, I want you to stay in the empire until the end of the war."

"I know how you feel, but that would be an impossible consultation. No matter how many hands you put together with the Empire, it must never be the princess of Rocca who finally boards the capital of Chiaro to name the chief of the royal family. For the first time in his life, he will be recognized as the Beast King. Whether or not you're even called King of the Beast... depends on your post-war achievements."

"... I wonder what Atashi and the others are going to do to push a major role on a child who's only been alive for a little over 15 years. Adults have to do that kind of thing."

"Well, we still have a little time before the Rocha princesses return. In the meantime, I have to ask you to be an empress. Nobody's stronger than you in Rugal right now."

Rezan's name as Empress is only a substitute for being King of the Beast God or King of the Beast.

She was also chosen only because the strongest one in today's Rugal was Rezan, the Lion Beast Man.

The name Empress was also only created rapidly as a compiler of the Beasts in view of the current situation in Rugal, and Rezan himself hates being called that.

"Ha, don't say it like any other HR. When Atashi dies, Jex is next. You are replacing the Empress. Prepare to be called Emperor. If ever."

"Don't tell me it's not even on the edge. I'm the one who suits you for that kind of role, eh... At best, deputy, stop easy."

"When you think about the role of emperor after you die. Whatever the Death Princess is talking about, this battle, it's not funny what happens... whenever and wherever anyone screws up."

That's what I said, and Rezan said it like he remembered.

"Still, I wonder what that 'purple light' overflows from the guy who died in the war"

"I share information with the Empire, but I don't know. I'll strain you. Well, that's not the only thing I don't know what's what in the first place. This battle is going to be too much, and honestly, it's going to be confusing and it's going to blow my head off."

"Can't you rely on Zephte Aria? I'm not talking about old documents being left over there. Maybe you know who that purple light is."

"... I didn't dare put it in your ear. At this point in time, the country is in trouble, too."

"What is it? Everywhere is so refreshing.... What's happening?

"I talk about 'corrosion' starting. Despite the fact that the royal family of elves is alive."

The kingdom of Zephte Aria, inhabited by the elves, was a lush country, among which the king's capital was a place filled with a very peaceful and pleasant atmosphere surrounded by great forests and lakes.

The word corrosion doesn't suit that beautiful big forest.

Rezan closed his lid in nostalgia for the old days.

"- I thought Atashi told you about Aynlana's wife when she was a kid. You must have been quite old at that point, but you did rub your daughter after that."

"Yeah. Zephte Aria's royal blood muscles are uninterrupted. But the corrosion is starting a little bit...... Do you remember? The brilliance of the last red star."

Flip from the sight of the beautiful forest.

That "creepy glow" of red stars came up behind Rezan's brain and said with a blatant look on his face.

"It's obvious. Once you see that creepy phenomenon, don't forget it until you're dead."

"Sounds like a lot of them in the Empire and Chiaro see that red star as an auspicious trillion. I want to watch it all the time, personally. Wasn't it beautiful or that sight?"

Is this what the difference in values is?

The starry sky expanding high above heaven is so beautiful, but the sight of dozens or hundreds of red glows scattered there is something that scared me ran.

Rezan refused to accept that sight so much that it could even cause tremors. It consisted of fear, but she herself desperately holds it back with reason.

"... you really like it"

"I'm not the same. It's also B to drink while watching the brilliance of Red Star. But well - no matter what you think, it's a bad omen. Maybe more things will happen."

Jex speaks with a serious face sometime.

I found myself with a definite look that could happen rather than.

"Atashi has been amazed for the rest of his life over the last few years. Whether the heavens and the earth turn upside down now or the continent sinks into the sea, the Great Volcano erupts, you won't think of anything. Whatever happens, just scratch and scatter on the battlefield until you die. Everything is for the Kingdom of Rugal. For you, King Rugal of the Divine Beast."

"Mr. Tsubaki, don't do that. That line sounds good, but in short, it just seems like you're pushing all your troubles on your men and just saying you want to fuck off."

I meant to make a good decision, but Jex said with a bitter smile all the time.

They can't hide anything before this man.

"It's a good guess. I'm tired, Atashi. - You dream about it every day. In the meantime, it was a pleasant memory from the time of the signing of the peace treaty between Rugal and Chiaro."

"Both Rocha's princess and Shaura were just kids back then, so hey. Especially if the princess was just a mess and she was innocent herself... she's not the kind of kid who has an unhidden intent to kill like she is now."

"Yes, yes. That kid always laughed at the weather, and the royalty and nobility treated him like a civilian or even a slave. Besides, the princess of Chiaro and I were close... totally at peace back then."

Rezan said offensively and put his arms together.

"I'm sorry to be immersed in old stories, but it might be time to bring back the princess."

"I didn't expect this to change the war situation in just a few months after I sent that kid out. If the Imperial Army joins us here, this is a great opportunity to plunge the barbarian king's capital at once."

Rezan and others were already approaching the present day of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

Later it will continue to defend itself until the Imperial Army is ready, in the form of a simultaneous attack from the Orient and Rugal of the Empire when it sees the opportunity.

"... do you think Rocha could have gotten stronger?"

"Are you talking about power? That would be incredibly strong in this short period of time. When I told you to stay in the empire for a while, you went to great lengths to seize the princess who would break out."

"Maybe he's stronger than you already... No, or maybe he's better than Atashi. It even looks like Rugal, the king of gods and beasts, is giving him protection."

"I'm sure you're having a boring day in the Empire. But please don't lose until Rocha's princess is back, at least after the fight with Chiaro."

"I can't guarantee it. He's got a lot of power and a lot of ideas. If you suck, you won't be able to keep them in a bunch... remember when the barbarians stormed the position where she was."

"I wanted to think it was a dream or something, but it's all over again. That night was a nightmare."

"Neither is Atashi. That kid is still immature. But deep down in my heart, I have more monsters than Atashi and others. Otherwise, you wouldn't have messed up the bodies of the barbarians you gave back."

Remembering the sight at the time, the boulder Rezan also couldn't help but nauseate.

At that time Rocca had slaughtered the soldiers of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna and was mourning their bodies.

Without showing any hesitation. without even laughing. Just as if I were to dismantle the meat lightly.

"If the princess loses, the princess will surely become a tyrant. In some cases, there may be adverse effects on the joint front with the Empire."

"... the problem is piling up. Well, now anyway, the war situation in front of you is more important than anything. Jex, I need you to instruct them to do one more enemy around you. It's sleepless for a few days."

"Heh heh. People are rough. Come on."

While Jex said his stupidity, he had nothing more to say because he was used to being unscrupulous, and went to give instructions to the beasts under his command.