"Hey, Theo. Seating is really boring..."

"Well, depending on the subject. I don't think it's a bad idea to talk about history."

"I'm not interested in what happened a long time ago, the rest. If there's anything like that in Mirdiana, it's not bad as a leisure time crush."

At the end of all classes, Rocha and I were the only ones left with such chatter as the other students left the room.

Rocha puts her jaw on her desk, and the fox's ears, which are usually pinned up, also move slightly less energetic. I'm making my tail sloppy, and I must have been so bored.

"If you're that free, will you be auditioning with me?

"Hmm... not bad, but that's how I feel today..."

"That's unusual. Normally, he'd wave his tail off like a dog and jump at me."

Try the provocation, but she doesn't make it slight as she sticks her cheeks to her desk perfectly.

At first glance, you just don't seem motivated. But I got the impression that it wasn't here somewhere.

It's as if I can put my thoughts to some distant place.

"After all, do you care about Rugal?

"... mmm. I was wondering if everyone was well... I don't think they were well or anything during the war."

I don't know the details, but they say the Imperial Army cracks into the battle between Rugal and Chiaro Diruna.

You expect me to fully support Rugal by putting in a large army of both northern and eastern marshals?

That's all I'm thankful for Rugal.

But if you return the back, you can say this is impossible.

Because although the Empire is in a state of truce with the Xenan Dragon kingdom in the north, it is not strange when there will be another war.

Nonetheless, he said he would deliberately send troops from the north to Rugal.

It's not a normal choice. Regardless, I would never let that happen if I were in the position of commander-in-chief - now an emperor or a crown prince when I was in a higher position than the Grand Marshal.

The forces of the East are enough. Instead, if you lead us to the great armies of the North, it will take time and cost more to prepare food and supplies.

It can't be that the reason for doing so is simply to support Rugal.

This also makes it seem as if the Empire is trying to destroy the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna itself.

Sure, a rare magician named Guislan did a great deal of damage to the empire, but at least it doesn't reflect the actions of that one when it comes to the present situation. Because it's only been about a month since that incident happened.

Then what is the reason why the Empire puts so much shoulder in Rugal?

I don't know much about what's going on, and I'm curious about that.

... but there are more concerned beings right around the corner.

When I looked at the entrance and exit of the classroom, a white girl and a girl with long ears peeked from it and hid in the shadows.

I don't know what you're doing, those two...... Yeah, no, I've been looking at me and Rocha for a long time now. It's kind of creepy.

The usual chaura seems to be putting up with me today, even though I'm just talking to Rocha alone and she's going to pop up impatiently. And I'm not sure about the elf daughter you're with, but I'm curious.

"Rocha. What do you think those two are doing?...... hmm?

Seeing it, Rocha slept easily as it was.

It really just seemed like he was asleep, not like he was always on guard of his surroundings even when he was asleep in class.

I'll gently touch her golden hair to try. Although it conveys a comfortable feeling of exposure, it doesn't show the bare gesture that Rocha doesn't like it.

Though I wondered what was wrong with her, I also feel like waking her up in this state on a boulder. As I softly took my seat and left the classroom to be unnoticed, I ran out to catch the two girls who had escaped as fast as a desertion.

Three minutes later.

I said Shaura with my right hand and Liz with my left hand.

"How could you have done that?

"Uh, that's..."

"Well, there's nothing to teach you. Let go of me than that. It's gonna get dirty."

"I don't think I can get dirty just touching it. Whatever"

I whispered in Shaura's ear. [M]

"Can I molest you from" Inside You "?

"... Huh!? This! Are you going to insult me!?

"It's a joke, a joke. So what the hell happened?"

Looking at Shaura pointing that way, Liz put out a help boat.

"No, actually... there are circumstances like this."

Liz talked to me and I tilted my neck. [M]

"Something that Rocha might be happy with?

"I don't know. I don't know. Oh, it's not about fighting or anything, it's about stuff! Giveaway! I've been asked a lot by Shaura since this morning, but I can't think of anything."

"That's the longest thing beside Rocca, don't you know?

When asked, Shaura says in a disquieting manner.

"Sure, I'm with Rocha. It looks like this, and I know the sensitive parts of the girl and the sexy bands."

"You just get distracted by something like that and you're not sure about anything else?

"... Shit. Yeah, well, I don't know anything about her anyway. Nah!

It was surprising to say it in a voice like the one Shaura had thrust away.

"I've been confused a lot lately, and I can't even try to cook something that usually seems to please me..."

"Seems like Shaura thinks she'll be fine if she grabs her stomach. I tried suggesting precious metals and costumes, but they didn't seem to work either. I don't feel like decorating Rocca, but I think wearing proper clothing would make her a pretty cute princess ~"

"Does that mean you guys want to cheer up Rocha, who doesn't look well lately?

"Well, that's not all there is to it."

"... it's Rocha's birthday."

"Birthday? Yeah, when?


This is another sudden story.

I mean, I guess this is what I mean. I want to do something about Rocha these days because she's not well. Besides, it's my birthday. He said there was no more day to cheer up.

... I'm oblivious to that habit because I'm a Demon.

It's even vague when we first appeared in the world. I'm not sure of the exact date or time.

Apparently there is a custom other than the Demons to celebrate birthdays like that, and it wasn't until after they married their wives that everyone from royalty to common people found out they were aware of it.

Birthdays seem to be a special occasion.

So for now, I have a little celebration or something for my wives' birthday.

Although the First Lady, Lumiel, is an angel, she seems familiar with the customs of the humans, so for now she may make the appropriate day her birthday and exalt herself with things. It's a little hard because it makes me grumpy when I say my heart isn't caged if it's too appropriate.

Lena is happy anyway. Whatever you do, whatever you give, you're happy, and unlike your usual look of sober and calm, you shudder a lot.

I saw that, and I said to Lumiel, "If it's from Rin, you'd be happy with trash, wouldn't you? 'When did they say that the palace became so big a genka that it was about to be half-destructed......

And it was the Second Lady, Gisele, who stopped such a fight.

She's always modest, unlike Lumiel, who has some innocent and cruel aspects, or Lena, who looks like a lady and is actually emotionally expressive or sturdy on various sides.

He's not very interested in the very celebration of his birthday in the first place. Would it be different from Lumiel or Lena around celebrating but occasionally inadvertently forgetting and not caring at all?

How would Gisele be doing by now? Her exploration of the way to manipulate time and space is immeasurable. Sometimes you are fainting when you even notice by encouraging your workouts until you have emptied the excessive amount of magic in your body.

I tell him to take a good rest after all the experiments and workouts he's done to make sure he doesn't.

Even now, when Lena and I left Tenebrae, she must have slept quietly deep in the basement of the palace. Usually it was around the time I was awake, but this time it's a little long because I've been asleep for over 10 years.

"-O-Kun, Theo-kun"

"Hmm, what?

"Well, haven't you heard what I've been saying? Let's just talk about having Rocha's birthday party tonight."

"You haven't even decided on a gift?

"That's it there. I thought I'd rent the dorm kitchen and make you some delicious food. I can't think of anything at the moment, so I think you'll end up feeling a little better if you eat something tasty or drink a little alcohol, as Shaura says. Of course, it feels like we're all going to accompany you with words of celebration!

Apparently Liz is motivated.

Seems like she's the one who's so caretaker.

"So Teo-kun won't help me buy ingredients or anything? I'm sorry about the sudden talk, but please! You're right! Look, so is Shaura."

"... come on, I get it. Please… can you?"

"It's unusual for you to be so honest. I wonder how much you care about Rocha."

"Oh yeah!? Bad!?"

"It can't be bad. Fine, I'll help you too. I'll even ask Keith."

So after we invited Keith, we rushed out to the city to buy him out.

"It's a gift for a woman... it's a hard story"

"Keith is an imperial nobleman, and there's a lot of interaction between nobles, so I was wondering if I could use any help."

Asking as he walked around the city, Keith shrugged a little troubled.

"Sure, there's not much interaction with women at parties... but I'm not very good at that. I've offended them a few times. Unless you're ashamed of what's causing it."

"I kind of imagined it."

When I say it sounds like Keith, it sounds like Keith.

By the way, we're buying food. [M] Liz and Shaura seem to be looking for props or something for decoration.

"I talked to them, too, but I can't think of anything good. But for now, we talked about just holding a birthday party. I don't know if Rocha's going to be fine, but at least she'll tell you how she feels - Liz said."

"Mm-hmm. I guess it's not a bad story. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need a present. I think it's enough to throw a birthday party. Even without shapes, the thought of blessing them always reaches. Wouldn't it also convey the feelings of nature and chaura? You don't get it with money or goods. It's supposed to be more important than anything."

"... I see. That's what you think."

The emotions of the humans and the beasts are quite strange and intriguing.

Of course there would be differences in individual values, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.

"But I don't know much more about the animal man's food preferences either... is it still meat?

"Well, I guess so without difficulty. It looks like Shaura would eat anything she likes or dislikes..."

Speaking of which, when I used to go out with them all over the city in the land of Mirdiana, Rocha remembered eating pancakes looking delicious.

Maybe he likes sweet things too.

Walking around thinking about that...

"This, Eric! Don't bother Clarice too much!

"Oh, I'm sorry, Grandma! And then stop putting it on! This man holds the title of Ensign...!

"I don't mind. Even though I'm a second lieutenant, I'm still provisional. Most importantly, it is a great pleasure for me to be close to the people of the people."

There was a blonde girl who looked familiar in front of an old house that could be anywhere.

And beside them are young men and old women. From the mouthful, is it my grandmother and grandson?

"I'm sorry, Clarice. Eric's just motivated, but he's not following his body a bit. I need to wake you up every day, every day. How long?

"Grandma! Tell me not to say anything extra!

Seeing that exchange, Clarice chuckled.

"You shouldn't do that, Private Eric. Did I just say my first challenge is to be able to wake up alone from now on?"

"Heh, even Ensign Frestier......! I'm really weak in the morning..."

"Sometimes I'm late for bed, you are. Why don't I come and wake you up straight away? This won't bother your wife."

"Oh, that helps. Wow."

"Come on, now I'll be careful, so give me a break...!

The scene was full of soothing atmosphere.

Eventually, as the old woman returned to the house after the conversation, the young men called Clarice and Eric walked side by side.

"Well, I didn't scold you in front of your grandmother, but I'm pretty sure something's going on around this grandden right now. From now on, keep your mind tight."

"Ha! I'll be careful later."

"Great. Then we'll continue our patrol. Follow me."

If you look closely, he's called Eric. He seems older.

You're a private. You're probably graduating from a military school, and you're probably part of a platoon where Clarice is entrusted to talk?

Clarice comes this way and meets me. [M]

He also turned his gaze to Keith next door and then looked surprised.

"Keith to Theodore? What's the matter, you two wander around at times like this"

"No, we are"

"Clarice. Actually, I could use a little rush. I really need something sweet. If you'd like, I'd like to introduce you to the store you recommend. - Mm-hmm."

Clarice, who's been running out of momentum, keeps her mouth shut as she punches me against the walls of a private house, stood her index finger up and said nothing, if she talked, I'd kill her. Shh, shh, desperately rough my breath.

When I snorted, Clarice turned to me again after returning to her expression as if nothing had happened.

"... Now, so what the hell is it all about?

Clarice nodded when she told her what to do.

"I see. That's a plan."

"If you like, how about Clarice? I think there should be a little more participants."

"No, I have to guard the temple..."

"All over this city, right? I hear there's already been four attacks on the temple."

…… As always, the conversation is quick and helpful. I'm glad you invited me, because unfortunately that's what I'm talking about. I'll make sure Rocha has some blessing words and a brief gift for her later. "

Keith seemed a little rushed when we exchanged. [M]

"Wait, wait, what? Another raid on the temple? I didn't hear about the fourth incident, even though it was rumored to be over in school."

"... well, it's no trouble for you to ask. You're right, there's already been a fourth raid. They say this temple in the west of the Granden has been destroyed."

"If you do poorly, there is a good chance that there will be another raid on the temple. Is security adequate?

"If it's complete, I won't be in this city right now."

In a slightly inclusive way, Clarice started walking.

"That's why I'm here."

"Wouldn't you tell me the recommended store"

"Hey, I don't know what you're talking about..."

Clarice told me about your shop in my ear. [M]

Immediately she let go of her body. She coughs it up and then starts walking refreshingly.

"Come on, Private Eric. I'll be there."


After I dropped them off, Keith said.

"... Theodore. No way, it's a foretaste of something happening again..."

"I don't know. The status quo is indescribable. I'm not even sure what the guy you're raiding is thinking. I guess I should think about this more than just go on so far. Any damage will occur inside the city of Granden."

When I told him that, Keith started thinking with a serious face.

... Shit, I accidentally ran my mouth off, but this shouldn't be it.

Because I need to at least forget about that today and celebrate Rocha's birthday.

I started walking around the city prompting Keith to think. [M]

"Phew, Ensign Frestier. Are those who preceded you a privileged student of Mirdiana?"

"That's right. Where did you purchase the information, and how you already know about the raid on the temple. Confidential doesn't mean anything's going to change where it's known."

"Sure that would be..."

Clarice was still entrusted with the security of the temple.

But now the sun is not completely down yet. Decided it would be night if it were dangerous, and now they are checking the city for suspicions, etc.

and then.

"Ooh, there's Patskin's sister!

"Become... about me, is it?

"That's right!

All of a sudden he spoke in the alley was a girl dressed in light clothes.

The short, cute girl with purple hair knitted asks in a slightly troubled manner.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but didn't you see the weird guy around here -?

"If there's anyone like that, I'll take them with me."

"No, so is that... uh-huh, Hein's bastard. Where have you been? -..."

"Wait a minute. Do you know a weird guy?

"Well, that's the thing - I'm on an adventure with Toto. He was a bastard named Hain. Oh, Toto says Toto. Nice to meet you!

"Oh, yeah, thank you..."

Clarice was shaped to be barometric by a cheerful girl, but she immediately returns to me and asks back.

"That's the name Hain, isn't it? What are the specific characteristics?

"Uh, hey, I'm a long, skinny bastard with a blackout all over me. I always wear a hood, but my hair feels close to gray hair and I brace my back with a big sword -!

"At first glance, you feel like you could tell right away. It just seems suspicious..."

"No, suspicion is suspicious! Even Toto wouldn't come near me if he was someone else!

"Oh, really? Well, I also feel fine if someone like you is beside me...... can you give me your contact details for once I see you too? You said you were an adventurer earlier, didn't you?

"That's right -! Now the Owl's Stopping Tree Pavilion is in Affordable Accommodation. Can you tell me if anything happens?

"Okay. We are currently touring the city, so I was wondering if we could discover it in time."

"Seriously -! See you later!

Toto just ran away, approaching Clarice, who was distracted.