When the sun set, Liz and Chaura stopped by various stores and ended up framing themselves walking through the Granden without buying anything.

"Damn, how come all the stores around here have nothing but bad taste?"

"Granden was originally a castle fort city, and the dwelling started to pop inside it, and you can't help but feel uncomfortable decorating it, can you?

"Damn...... the road is like a maze, the sun is bad because of all the contact lines, and I don't know how people feel about living in a city like this.... oh."

The white werewolf girl - Chaura Brannage - found an outdoor shop.

It seemed like a store with no weird ideas, but the items placed on the cloth made me feel nostalgic somewhere.

The shopkeeper is an old man, sitting in a chair and blurry.

"Hey, store owner. I think I got this from Rugal."

"Mmm, yeah..."

What Shaura had in her hands was a sculpture of a strange creature.

of wood carvings. It is engraved with lion tategami on the head of the wolf, tiger reminiscent stripes on the body, hands and feet grappling half way like bears, tails grown from the glutes like foxes.

"Wow, what is this... weird creature sculpture"

"This is Lord Rugal, the Beast of God."

"Oh, I know so much about you... look closely, you're a beast man"

Until then, an old man who had hardly seen this one seemed surprised to see Shaura for the first time.

I stare seriously at my white body and red eyes like the snow of a pretty girl.

Still, Shaura took the sculpture and looked at it with all due respect to that.

"You're doing pretty well. Rocha could be happy with this too......!

"Hmm, this is that god beast king? It kind of feels weird with all kinds of animals mixed up."

Liz swallows sagging and spitting as she learns a sharp sensation in her throat.

If you look, it was stopping Shaura on the verge of sticking one fingertip through Liz's throat. My nails feel so creepy touching my skin that I get cold sweats.

"Liz, I will not allow you to insult the King of the Beast or our people in Rugal."

"Oh, I'm sorry! But it's really like that, Lord God Beast."

"That's right. You don't know because it's a wooden carving, but they say the hair was silver or gold. It must have been very mysterious. Mr. Rugal is leading us to the Beast Man.... You can't say what you just said in front of Rocha. You don't have to be killed. You might as well break your arm's bones."

Shaura said that seriously.

"It's true that... 'interlocutors' is forbidden."

"Yes. Especially since Rocha has a sincere faith in Rugal, I'm sensitive to that part.... hey, can I have this?"

"Oh, oh, I don't mind. People in the Grand Territory don't seem very interested. I don't know what you're talking about, but it's like it's oversold. Let's keep it cheap."


Saying it without hesitation, Shaura tried to pay for it.

The old man of the store owner, who had a serious look at the trick, says as he had decided.

"Ma'am, could you be... from the Brannage family?"

"Brannage is dead. Leaving aside all pride and honor, all that remains is the glory of the day of his presence. I'm just like the rest of us."

When he urged the old shopkeeper, who was not succeeding in two sentences, to ask for the money, Shaura just paid for it and received the sculpture.

"Don't you have to wrap it up or something for a gift?

"I don't need it. Rocca is not interested in that kind of thing. Anyway, even if you struggle with the packaging, you'll tear it apart."

"It's fancy, really"

The old man shrugged, staring at the two of them walking away talking about that.

"The proud royalty of the white wolf... the first Brannage family that neither the lion nor the tiger contributed at all. Will the lord no longer have the glory - poor child. God bless her."

I looked around the city for a while but couldn't find anything else good at all.

That said, Shaura seems very pleased with the wood-carved sculpture.

Seeing her like that makes Liz smile.

"It's kind of surprising."

"What could it be?

"Except when you dictate a girl named Shaura, you always feel cold. And now I'm in a really good mood."

"I got something very good for my Lord's commemorative birthday. Well, all I could find in the end was this sculpture... and speaking of which, we've been dating for a long time. I'm sorry it's none of your business."

"You can apologize for Shaura."

"I'll scratch your neck."

"Haha, even a joke. Daij-boo, daij-boo. I enjoyed going around the store with you."

"Well, let's do something more fun on the bed this evening."

"Hmm, I have an appointment, so I don't know. Say Teo-kun. He said he was going to spend the night with a very cute, Rin and lovely boy -"

"You're having nasty delusions. You crazy bitch. I don't think he's a very intelligent, proud elf."

"I just don't want Shaura to tell me! I mean, there's hardly any such elves right now. That's what kids look like these days, but they're all carnivorous. The person I like is going to drop it."

"You're ruining my image of the elf, aren't you? Especially since that's how you first met her. I feel like I've ruined my fantasy."

"Expect it on your own and don't be disillusioned on your own! I was surprised when I saw Shaura, too. I thought she was so pretty and cute. We talked for, like, three seconds, and I realized," Oh, something different about this one. "

"Well, we're friends."

As the two of us were walking laughing at each other, Shaura panicked and stopped her legs when she was about to run into someone who had walked in from the alley.

"Hey, that's dangerous..."

"Wow, excuse me -! Are you hurt -?

A girl with purple hair apologizes and knocks her down.

It was a chaura that was distracted, but as soon as I found out they were beautiful girls, I loosened my expression.

Hold the girl's hand disappointingly.

"It's okay. Hey, what's your name better than that?

"Toto says toto -!

"Yes, you say toto. Pretty face for a pretty name. It's great."

A girl named Toto didn't move, even as she stroked her cheek with a frizzy look that ruined Shaura's neat face.

Normally, I'd be surprised or rushed away. Liz looks at the two of them with that in mind.

"If you say she's cute, so is the Beast Man. What's your name?

"I'm Shaura."

"Ho ho. Is this Mr. Shaura? I'll remember -... and which one"


As soon as Toto suddenly touches Shaura's ear, a strange voice goes up.

Even then Toto stroked Shaura's body as he raised his impressive voice.

And at the end of the day, Toto's hand grabs the base of Shaura's tail.


"Ooh! Maybe it's a little easy to feel here or something? That, too. Huh."

"Ugh... Ah, you... you're bold, not by what you see..."

"I'm often told - But your skin and hairs are bright white and very clean. I want to take it home."

"Oh, I'd love to take you home... woohoo, but I have some errands I can't take off today."

"What can I get you?

"Yeah. Hey Rocha...... I have my owner's birthday. I was just making a purchase for it."

"I see. But are you the owner... could you possibly be a slave? It doesn't look that way."

"Ugh, 'cause you're getting better. Because they love me. Ugh."

Pumping Shaura's head back into the real world with a pound that is about to enter the demonic world.

"Hey, Shaura. We don't have much time to talk. Okay? It's time for you and Theo to join us."

"Well, so is that..."

Shaura looked at Toto unfortunately before saying.

"Will I see you again soon!?

"Mochi -. Toto and I are going to stay in this Granden for a little while."

"" The "? There are other pretty kids besides you!?

"No, no, I wish I was -... unfortunately he's a heartless, creepy man -"

"Oh, yeah. Then you don't care. So, are you an adventurer or something?

"That's right. I do anything like a store while I'm adventurous -. I used to go to the temple guard before this, and I'm going to let you do it again soon."

"Hmm...... can you make money from that? The temple monks are pretty strong, aren't they? I don't think it's going to make much of a difference if they attack us."

Toto laughs invincibly as Shaura tilts her neck.

"That's right... these things have been a little noisy lately - I'm just blurry in the temple for a day, and I get a good amount of forehead."

"Hey, Toto. You ask the adventurer to guard the temple? Isn't that weird? The military won't do it?

Even looking at Liz, who had pinched her mouth, Toto didn't change her expression.

"Usually the military does it. But it's like something's understaffed or something, and it's like an armed adventurer has been hired -. So, what's the name of Elf's sister?

"I'm Liz. Nice to meet you."

"Oh, it's nice to meet you too, Liz -!

I took Elf's daughter's hand and she was probably shaking her abusive hand, but it makes her look like she's getting angry there.

"Oh, I did. Not if I'm doing this...... sorry, both of you. Didn't you see a long man in the dark?

"Is that what you were talking about? I don't care...... even if I don't like it like that, if I see a guy in my eyes, I don't have to remember him. How's Liz?

"Hmm, am I refreshing? I don't think I've ever seen anyone dressed like that."

"Ahhh... really that bastard, where have you been..."

Toto squirming at things like scratching his head and doing it.

Liz's eyes went to the sheath and fine sword patterned head worn on its hips.

"Well, Toto is still in the middle of a search, so I'll be free in this area -!

"Speaking of which, where were you staying? I hope to disturb you soon!

Toto tells the eagerly approaching Shaura the name of her lodging.

She waved vigorously as she was and just disappeared.

"You were a strange girl. No, but she was a pretty girl. If you let that body wander... hehe"


"... why are you shutting up, I know this place is about to go in"

"No, even if you're so impotent"

"What? Was it also a part of you that cared about that kid?

"Hmm... a little sword that a kid named Toto had."

"Speaking of which, I had a skinny sword... is that it?

"Mm, no, it's nothing after all. Let's go, Shaura."

"Oh, hey, stop talking in weird places!?

Liz remembered the strange feeling she felt from that girl's sword as she laughed at Shaura following her as she said from behind.

- Divine Sword Revistra.

Power by the protection of God felt from the divine sword possessed by the great hero Claude Duras. I felt it coming from that girl's sword.

A divine sword is a sword created directly by God, or given extraordinary power.

The Holy Sword, supposedly given the power of God in fragments, existed there, but I even doubted whether it existed, such as that of the realm called the Divine Sword.

Liz had never seen a real divine sword before, but if the sword that the girl had had was a divine sword, I didn't think it would fall.

Why is a girl just an adventurer carrying such a big deal?

It's full of things you don't know no matter how much you think, and in the end, time goes by without knowing what...

"Theo-kun, is it..."

Toto, who was walking fast, accidentally stopped and whined.

"Those two were military school students, right? And even though it's so impressive that I won't forget to see them all together, this is the first day I've seen them. I heard a rumor recently about a special favor."

Toto stroked the fine sword patterned head placed on the sheath, which was bracketed on his hip.

"I feel like I saw it, that wolf looked pretty strong -... but isn't it even enough to fuck each other directly? Hey, what do you think -" Mair Viper "?

A skinny sword only shook for a moment.

Toto laughs all the time when he sees it.

"Right. Well, I still have to look for 'Theo-kun'. By the time I get out of this city, I want you to fight for me."

Toto shrugged at the end as he imagined the face of a strong man he hadn't seen yet.

"General Duras' daughter didn't seem like a big deal... but I just want to show you the strength of the blue-haired owner."