By the time me and Keith bought in the ingredients, the day was completely tilted.

The lights gradually light up from the surrounding houses.

"When I say ingredients for five, can I have something like this?

"You don't mind. The Beast Man has eaten a lot, but this is a lot of stuff... More worrying than that is how you can eat this amount of ingredients. Obviously not enough time."

"Sure. Maybe it's tough to say Liz is good at cooking. If we help, we might get in the way..."

Talking about that, I felt uncomfortable and did my gaze in the shadows of nearby objects.

Then the blue-haired girl was squatting her little body.

"... what are you doing, Charlotte"

"Oh, Theo, it's your brother"

The moment you found me and Charlotte popped up happy.

"I found it, Charlotte, my lady."

"Huh!? Elsa!? I thought I'd been properly in the alley over there. No!

"Wherever you hide, I will always be with you."

A maid with three braids of hair grabs Charlotte disappointingly.

The girl said, stifling, but pointing her lips boringly as if she had noticed.

"By the way, Theo, what are your brothers doing?

"Uh, yeah. It's a little long for me to talk."

When me and Keith briefly described Rocha's birthday, Charlotte's expression became much brighter.

"Then you can have a birthday party at our house! Aren't you, Elsa?

"... I need permission from my husband."

"Fine. I won't be back today anyway. Besides, it's hard to cook, right? Elsa can do anything for chores, so I can help you!

Me and Keith look at each other unexpectedly.

Then Keith whispered in a whisper.

"Hey, what are you gonna do? It would be rude to enter that mansion without General Duras' permission."

"But, well, I'm saying your daughter's good, so why don't you? I don't think we have enough men."

"Theodore, think about it. There are other beasts out there. I don't know what I'm gonna do."

"It's okay, maybe. Rocha doesn't look well, and I think he's gonna make a big deal out of it today because he was caught by it and Shaura didn't feel right."

"I hope so... if I get drunk with this inexpensive drink I bought and get busted, I can't even hit my eyes"

That's where we're discussing it, Charlotte said.

"Then it's a decision, brother Theo. Come to us?

"No, shall we wait a minute? I'm in the middle of discussing that right now."

"Huh... let's just say that"

... Shit.

This is not good.

Looking at how things are going with you, Keith doesn't seem to know anything, and Elsa's... I don't know because she remains faceless, but I think maybe she's the same.

I don't think anyone would believe anything but General Duras, even if he had spoken about Lena.

I just don't want her presence to be public, given the future.

On behalf of General Duras, who couldn't see about Lena, I don't know who even spotted her appearance, but is she in the mansion tonight?

Charlotte is arguing in her mouth funny as she tilts her neck to the left and right as if she were a jerk.

You must grow up to be a woman in the future.

"Duh, what's up, Theodore? Charlotte, are you gripped by any weakness?"

"Yes, no, that's not what I'm saying... let's hear what I'm gonna say today"

"What makes it so!?

"Yay!! Hey, Elsa. Fine. Fine, Father. I'll explain later.

"... you have no choice. Charlotte, I can't ignore your generosity."

Surprisingly, Elsa agreed to use the Duke of Duras lightly.

It feels as though, on the face of it, we have to get General Duras' consent, but in fact we give priority to Charlotte's opinion.

"Hey, Theo, brother"


"'Bring me'"

"... if you feel like it, I guess"

"Yeah. I hope so."

Thus, we were invited half-heartedly to the Duke of Duras' house.

After rendezvous with Liz on the way, he hurried to the Duke of Duras' house.

Liz's cooking skills were certain, but Elsa is just amazing at being a boulder master. I know the maid has some things she's not good at, but her good arm is real.

There is no worse color than Lena. It was enough compared to Carla, my family's vampire in Tenebrae and the head of the maid.

Me and Keith worked on getting ready to welcome our guest today, Rocha.

Shaura has already gone to get Rocha.

Speaking of Charlotte...

I snuck up beside Liz, who was desperately cooking, and gently reached for the thinly chopped and roasted chicken.

Charlotte, my lady.

"Hey, I didn't do anything!

"Really? Now, please stay out of the kitchen because I'm disturbing you."

Charlotte, who was grabbed by the collar and dumped outside the kitchen, looked much- grumpy.

By the way, during her previous interactions, Elsa didn't have any eyes on her.

It simply looks like it was doing a series of operations as part of the cooking process. This is awesome.

"You look like a fully trained maid of honor move. There was no such thing as perfect in my Lermit family on the day of his arrival."

"I know you'll be a great maid of arms, but Elsa is amazing."

Charlotte, who was dying in her spare time, entered the conversation when we had so much work to do.

"Elsa is amazing. He said he was a soldier and a grader."

"I did quit because of my injury, and now I'm a maid of honor at the Duke of Duras"

"Yeah, yeah! When I was a soldier, I fought with a demon gun. I saw you use it in the military, but it was amazing. Perhaps no one else in the military can get to Elsa."

Side by side Charlotte, who speaks proudly somewhere, Elsa with a large plate approached and said:

"At the time of the war with Zenan, few were yet able to handle their demon-guided guns properly. I was just a little quicker to learn to handle than the others."

"Nobody's better than Elsa right now."

"Ensign Frestier has an eye out for the way he handles his demon-guided gun. That's not all you have. You have a gift for swordsmanship, physics, and witchcraft. I'm not even supposed to be here now."

"Clarice is instrumentally poor. I can do anything, but it's all halfway there."

Charlotte said without incident.

Overwhelmed Shaura, and even Clarice, who couldn't do all he could. Give me that Keith, and Rocha and I crossed over more than each other. Apparently, even Clarice appreciates that.

"Miss Charlotte. Not everyone who excels in the art is strong in battle."

"You can't have people who don't have one thing they can do perfectly."

I just get cut off.

Clarice would be angry if she asked......

When the air on the field somehow got heavy, I heard knocking on the front door. Elsa responds immediately.

"... Chaura forced me to bring you here, but I can't believe it's the Duke of Duras anymore..."

It was Rocha and Shaura holding back beside her, who looked somewhat unexpected, although she was a little uncomfortable there.

Liz glimpses a glimpse of Liz noticing the visit of her fox daughter who doesn't know how she was brought to a place like this.

Liz looks around everyone else.

We're all set.

When Liz, satisfied with it, nodded toward Shaura, she tried to pull Rocha together and invited her inside.

"Oh, hey, Shaura? What the hell is that?

Rocha, who was brought to the small dining room, looks unusual and dazed.

To her, we said it in unison.

"" "Happy Birthday!

"Congratulations Rocker!!

It was me, Liz and Charlotte who gave the momentum, and Shaura, who hugged her at the same time as she uttered her words.

Keith groaned a little shy and Elsa just said "Congratulations" in a small voice.

The fox daughter finally looks confused and mundane.

"Hey, what is it? Whose birthday is it?

"It's up to you, Rocha!

"The rest... um, oh well... is that already the time"

Rocha says it as if it were some other HR in a fuzzy way.

I saw it. Shaura lays her eyes down just a little sad.

"The last time we celebrated, it was a long time ago."

"Hmm... since the war with the barbarians, I didn't have time to do that."

The atmosphere of the venue became even more damp.

Liz brought the plate with both hands, as if to change it.

The meat, vegetables and sauces served on the plate are colorful and give off a fragrant smell.

"Yes, yes, it's a happy day, so I wouldn't think about that. I wouldn't think about it! Look, Liz, it's a special sauté! Actually, I also make stews, but I'm a little short of time... well, suddenly eating from the main dish isn't bad either!

"Hmm...... it does look delicious. Looks pretty good meat."

Rocha's tail rocks just a little to the left and right. Apparently, he showed interest.

And Rocha, who watched Elsa pour alcohol into a cup arranged on the table, noticed what was on her desk.

"Is this... Rugal, huh?

"Yes, it is! I bought it because I saw it in the city earlier. Looks like they were selling what they bought in the Kingdom of Rugal. Well, Rugal, your sculpture doesn't seem to be very popular except for the Beast Man, so it seemed like it was surplus."

Rocha, with that as big as her palm, had a serious look.

It is also impossible that the sculpture of Rugal, king of the Divine Beast, that Shaura has found, does seem creepy from the ordinary humans.

"You won't pass it on because it's a wooden sculpture, but they say Rugal's body was shining in silver or golden, right? Well, Rocha. It's not bad, is it?

"Uhm... Uhm, right... the shades are definitely plain, but I think they're well made. That's quite an accomplishment for you. Well done, Shaura."


Keith said as he watched his two beast daughters watch woodcarved sculptures in their dreams.

"Am I the king of gods and beasts, Rugal? God beast who was in divine shades...... I don't know how to say this, but it doesn't look very real."

"There he is."


Keith looked surprised at me for responding instantly.

"It really looks just like that. It is well made as if carved in front of the actual object. After that, if it was as golden as his body, I would have had nothing to say."

- Has it been nearly 1600 years since I was there?

I remember meeting his Divine Beast King when I hadn't taken Lucifer's seat yet.

The divinity overflowing from its successful body was off track.

And I remember there was a girl always leaning next to that divine beast.

'Diruna', the girl who came under the name of his magical power, the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

A delicacy that freely manipulates the tremendous magic beyond the demon gods, while still being human. The only 'Great Wizard' who will never be born again in the world in the future.

"Diruna had such beautiful silver hair... that it was like a contrast of Rugal's golden body, two people that would be picturesque just to be leaning in together"

Diruna was a naive and dreamy girl, with enormous power.

The King of the Divine Beast, on the other hand, was a proud beast worthy of the beauty of his body, yet dedicated to supporting Diruna.

They were bound by a very deep bond. It was still to that extent by the time I met him, but probably soon afterwards he was tied.

The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna came from two affections. And the Kingdom of Rugal was born as a testament to the separation of the two.

I do not know how those between the two countries today think and wage war, but do they really understand?

Do you really realize that time passes and the blood fades and that you are discussing one another with a compatriot who was originally nothing more than a crystal of love between two great people?

Or does no one remember that anymore, and you're fighting without knowing?

"... Theodore. What are you saying...?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just remembered that in a book I used to read. Never mind."

With that said, I stared at Rocha and Shaura.

These two body colors also remind me of those two figures somewhere.

Is it the same that we are always leaning in together? But in the case of these two, things will be different.

When Rocha, who had lost her temper, also regained her cheerful look and began to get her hands on the dish.

It was supposed to be her birthday party at first, but if we noticed, we were all supposed to surround the table.

Liz says as a delegate.

"Now we're hosting Rocha's birthday party! Eat, everybody. Eat!

"" "Ooh!!

Rocha, Shaura and Charlotte screamed.

Then the whispering but only a little lively birthday opened the curtain.

Rocha, flattening the dishes brought in one after the other, looks to be getting back to normal.

I have been drinking alcohol poured into the cup since just now, but is it okay?

"Hey Rocha, you drink too much of anything!

"Shut up! It's the rest of my birthday party, so drink as much as you like and what's wrong! See, Chaura, you drink too. Drink!

"I'm not very good at alcohol though!?

"Look, both of you. Don't drink all the alcohol. Eat the food properly, too. I made it in a hurry, but it's delicious, right?

"Um, it's been a long time since I've had such a fancy dish! Well done, Liz!

"Not only me, but my maid over here... Elsa did her best. I mean, honestly, I think Elsa worked a few times harder than me..."

"Oh, that's amazing! The boulder is that General Duras' acknowledged maid! Not only!

"I'll be awed."

"Hey, I want to eat meat too -! Alcohol!

"Lady Charlotte, alcohol is strictly forbidden."

"Mmm! Then cook!

"Yes, yes, I'll bring it now, so there's no noise. Is Charlotte really a lady?

"Liz, your sister says something like Clarice too -..."

"You can't be a fine lady for that. Okay? Uh, it's okay if I don't say so!

I decided to drink quietly watching such a lively exchange.

Looking next door, Keith didn't get his hands on alcohol by taking all the snacks from earlier.

"What's the matter, don't you drink?

"No... well, booze is good for a while"

"Really? It's my birthday, so I hope you're excited."

"It would be a more energizing event for Rocha originally. If this clears his mind a little, that's enough for me."

"Huh, you're serious. You are."

- Two hours later.

"Not enough booze! Prepare the booze!

A drunken fox is making a scene.

Whatever Shaura is likely to take a ride in such a noise...

"Kukah... Supi..."

I was already completely asleep when I got drunk.

"Not at all - I wonder how much Rocha would care to drink. If you drink too much, it'll ring tomorrow. Okay?

"It's okay -! The rest don't get drunk about this much!

That said, her cheeks are already dyed red.

I also feel a little vain in my eyes.

Liz and Elsa don't have any hands on alcohol.

Charlotte said, he seemed to have managed to get rid of his drowsiness by rubbing his eyes off something that was depressing from earlier.

"But I kind of miss Julian here."

"Right. I know we'll be together soon enough to reach the Granden... but... oh, I'll clean it up too."

"Fine, fine. I told you to leave that to us. Teo-kun's pretty drunk, isn't he? I've been drinking for a long time."

"I'm not that drunk, either."

"Ho, Theo isn't drunk yet, is he?!?

It was Rocha who suddenly screamed.

After she had the cup in her hand, she forced me to hold my shoulder and said.

Pretty alcoholic smell.

Then let's have a drink with the rest.

"Fine, but is it some sort of ritual thing?

"Right...... um, the rest is the same as Theo and his compatriots already. I think we're good best friends, but how about you?

"Yeah, well, that's what I think, too."

"Okay, then it's a cup of contract!

"Best friend contract? It doesn't feel like I've heard much of it."

"Uh-huh!... but you don't taste indoors... Let's go outside a little bit."

Liz, who was listening to that, throws advice at me.

"Hey, hey, if you're in the wind at night, you might catch a cold. Okay?

"Fools don't have to worry because they don't suffer from that."

"No, I kinda hate being put together that much."

"Come on, let's go!

Rocha grabbed my arm disappointingly and I headed to the terrace of the Duke of Duras.

Watching the moonlight shoot in, I felt a little like an emotion in this city with a killer landscape as well.

So me and Rocha go across the street and exchange cups.

"So, dear friend... hmm? What should I do in this case?"

"Could it have been that you never asked me out and did it?

"Hmmm... Hmmm, what's going on?"

I laughed when I saw Rocha tilt her little neck as she turned red.

"Well, 'let's be friends forever'... that's it. Above all, it's easy and easy to understand."

"Uhm! So is that!

Where the moonlight shoots in, Rocha and I made such a small deal.