Me and Rocha exchanged cups on the terrace of the Duke of Duras' house.

It was my first experience with cups as a friend, but maybe not too bad.

Then we watched the moonlight as we remained silent with each other for a while.

It was Rocha who broke the silence first.

"... Theo. Is the rest strong?

It was a sudden inquiry.

"Of course. I guess I'm strong next among the privileged students. I know it depends on how you fight."

You don't even have to hide the truth.

I can't beat this girl with all my help. [M] And this girl won't lose if she bumps into anyone but me from the front again.

"Right. If that's what you're saying, isn't that what the rest of us can do?"

"What's wrong? Ask me that."

"... I don't know when, but the rest will go back to Rugal. Naming the surviving chiefs of the royal family among the barbarians is a residual role. No, we have to do more."

"Can't we leave it to the people fighting on the battlefield right now?

"I can't. The rest must be eradicated."

Eradicating it. Doesn't sound very good.

"Do not let the people who scorn our Beastman tribe and whisper as they please like any more. At any rate, the rest of us must take the lead, lead us all to a brilliant victory, and then perform our duties as good kings..."

"Speaking of which, I've never been very conscious before, have you ever had a fox beast man become king of beasts?

"No, not once. That is why many in Rugal still do not want the rest to be beast kings. Well, now it's only a big problem because dealing with the enemy in front of you is more important than that... well, after the war, what happens?"

Rocha leaned down and bit her lower lip.

Pressure on the lowest fox beast man to be king of beasts as a sequence.

Maybe that is unconsciously hunting her down.

"There are plenty of people in Rugal who can be counted on. Now I'm a Lion Beast named Rezan. He must be struggling in the name of the Empress. I hope he's not dead yet."

"Is the Empress different from the Beast King?

"All the royalty of Rugal died leaving behind. But we still need a presence to command us all as a substitute for powerlessness. I therefore entrust command to the most powerful, and I only call her Empress because her presence is a woman. It's not like the king of beasts has absolute control."

I see.

Does the Empress mean that she is only in a position to lead everyone without the Beast King? You don't need people, achievements, etc., and if you're strong, that's all you need.

"Rezan also has a deputy you can count on. He's quite a cutter. Interested in witchcraft, studying the history of every country... a soft guy, but treasured for his inexorable existence"

"So there are strangers in every country. Even with those who can rely so much, will I still be worried about my country?

When asked that, Rocha shrugged a little bit.

"... um... both Rezan and Jex sent me laughing when I sent the rest to the Empire... With the same grin, there were many who did not return to the battlefield."

"Right. Is it hard?"

"Honestly. I wonder if there will be no more of those two by the time the rest return to Rugal... the Rugals are desperately fighting while the rest spend time in the Empire like this. Maybe some of them just died. Think of it like that..."

Rocha's words broke. I felt her voice trembling just a little bit.

But I don't cry out. He seemed to be restraining himself at the rink.

Something like her true appearance, usually unattended and casual.

I tend to get it wrong, but she's only 16 today, too. It's too heavy for a girl who only lives to take on the role of Beast King.

"... Theo. I want everyone to know what I'm about to say."


"The rest. I am thankful for Shaura... he has always admitted the rest as beast king vessel owners and admired me innocently, without any doubt. Shaura, who has an excessive fondness for women, also doesn't follow just because they're women. Instead, I think he's underground because he's like relentlessly laying it on his ass. He thinks he recognizes the rest of his power."

Honest thanks.

I said something I would never normally say. I didn't let my mouth slip, I spoken naturally.

I would be most happy to say it to you in person. I wonder if I can do that yet.

"I guess so. I guess she cares very much about you. Even this birthday is what she thought... I think you could have told me a little earlier."

"He can do anything he comes up with. I don't care. Same as the rest. It has been so for a long time...... that's how it often bothered the adults around me. Well, that may still be the same now... but I'm sorry I ruined your time with these trivial things."

Say it in a tone that reminds me of nostalgia somewhere.

It feels like Lu Rhythm hasn't turned a little bit. I definitely drank too much.

It's not like the usual cheerful way she looks. I laugh unexpectedly when I see that.

"I don't mind. Not that anyone said they didn't like celebrating your birthday. I don't know if Julian would be here. But I'm wondering why you're blessing me. He has a bad mouth, but he's not that arrogant."

"Mmm... I can't imagine the dragon tribe celebrating it."

"You should enjoy your birthday just today. Fun times pass quickly, but it's something I can remember all the time. Well... it doesn't seem strange to forget it all tomorrow morning because of how you are now."

"Mm-hmm. What? The rest are stronger than booze."

That said, Rocha swayed her tail pretentiously as she drank the liquor she had left in her cup.

"But I'm feeling better. Well done, Rugal. You've got your wooden carvings."

"I guess I should thank Shaura soon. She said this after she said she wanted to celebrate you. He said he didn't know anything about you."

"Mm... I don't know, do you? Is there something you don't know when you're around?"

The future of the Kingdom of Rugal rests on the shoulders of Rocha. And isn't she herself about to be crushed by that weight? It would be Shaura who cares more about that than anyone else.

But this fox girl doesn't make a weak noise unless there's more to it. You always look magnificent, arrogant, selfish and energetic.

Probably never even brought Shaura a consultation. That's why Shaura leaked anxiety just a little closer to dissatisfaction then. I guess I was also highly frustrated with myself for not being able to fully understand Rocha's position and spiciness.

Thoughts cannot be conveyed unless spoken.

I didn't care about that while I was only spending time with the Demons, but as I spent time with people named Gisele and Lena, who were formerly human, I was also beginning to understand just a little bit of the finesse of human emotion.

And that's not just human, it's the same for beasts and elves and dragons - maybe so for the Demons themselves.

"You should rely on Shaura for a bit in the future. You should ask her for her opinion, too."

"... it's the same thing you think of as the rest of Shaura -? Especially where we believe in the eradication of barbarians."

What's stubborn is similarity or stopping by?

This would also be a good opportunity. That's how I decided to pinch my mouth. [M]

"Roca, I just want you to hang out with the old story for a little while. It's about the strongest man I know, and it's about to connect to you."

"Mmm, that bothers me. Let me hear it."

Rocha stared at me as if she were interested, even as she blushed.

"There were those who had mighty power in a certain country. It was no exaggeration to say that its power lies at the apex of all things."


"The man attacked the surrounding countries one after the other. As a result, we have expanded our territory and areas of domination to the point of creating a great power"

Rocha wouldn't know if she told me this.

But I go on. I want her to know that she must be king of beasts.

"The man's cliché was," Let the enemy eradicate it. "

"Ho ho... there's more to come through"

"You want to eradicate the Chiaro Diruna people because you hate them, don't you?

"In short, it will. We can't leave those barbarians alone any longer."

"Do you want to go around killing people in that country?

"Whatever. I want to mow your neck with this hand. That's what I always think of the rest."

"No. I'm asking if you want to kill anyone who doesn't have the strength to fight. Because that's what eradication means."

"... even old people and women and children must be killed. If we don't, that country is coming to a point where it won't stop."

"Rocha. That's your sense of purpose, not your hobby, is it?

Rocha gives a slightly bewildered look as she tingles the fox's ears.

I tilted my little neck in the wind that I didn't know why.

"What. Isn't that what you're talking about? You know that, too, but the rest is retarded. Don't say that in a far-fetched way."

"I'm going to keep it that way from the start. I was wondering if you'd be happy to kill indiscriminately those who are powerless or unwilling to fight on your own."

…… Well, no one wants to do that!

"Fine then. - Let's get back to it. The man made his country a great nation. Everyone took credit for it. And the man's subordination slaughtered one hostile opponent after another based on that philosophy. There was no one left, young or old, to eradicate -"

"I don't know who you're talking about, but did that person have a reason to have to eradicate the other person?

"There's nothing like that. I did that because I just want to ravage and kill. That's all I'm talking about. Okay, here's the problem. What do you think happened to that guy after that?

I stared into Rocha's eyes.

She roared as if she had been made a mystery that didn't make sense, but groaned pompously.

"I became a champion, didn't I? If you're that strong."

"Too bad it's off. The man was murdered. By your own hands."

Eradicate. That's the strongest word I've ever known - a word Lucifer's predecessors preferred to use.

The enemies are to be eradicated. Stop all its breath roots, young and old. That was the Devil's philosophy set forth by that man, who was trapped by an impulse to destroy.

"What, no matter how strong you are, you took unconsciousness. Then you don't deserve to be a winner."

"Yes. I don't deserve to be named a champion to such a person. I want you to remember that, Rocha."

…… Mmm. "

"You certainly don't have a good academic score, and you're still immature"

"Let's be clear."

"But I already have the power to follow many. Normally you can afford it if you can't afford it, and you have majesty. And, of course, the arrogance the king needs."

"Is that praised -...?

"Yeah. I think you could be a fine king. But that's why we shouldn't make the wrong choice. Don't even try to kill those who are unwilling to fight by mistake. Because that reward will surely drag you down to the bottom of the earth."

"... I'm not going to be stupid enough to fall asleep for the rest... well, let's hear it as advice"

It was Rocha who still didn't feel like she was falling, but that's fine now.

Just when she really became king of beasts. Only then will her true worth be questioned.

The arrogant tyrant is unexpectedly doomed and doomed. As I was for Lucifer, my predecessor, it's quite possible that someone is for her too.

Especially for a girl as immature as she is now, that danger is extremely high.

I know I don't have to do this. [M]

But I don't want her to go the wrong way after spending her birthday with me and exchanging cups as my best friend.

Diruna and Rugal once spent a little time with me. It is now with this eye that I want to ascertain the true reconciliation between man and beast that they aspired to. With all those little expectations.

"Two of you there -. It's a bit of a good vibe. I'm sorry, but I can make some dessert for you."

On a plate held in Liz's hand, he said in a relaxed tone, was placed an apple pie that smelled sweet and fragrant.

"Ooh! At the end of the day it's still good to tighten with sweetness!

"I made it from ingredients from Clarice's shop, so I'm sure it's delicious."

"Okay, I'll eat the rest of you first -!

"Yes, sir. I'm gonna cut it right off for you, so suddenly you're not gonna grab it! How's Keith?

"I don't like sweet things very much, but because of that, I guess I'll take a bite."

"Yeah, yeah, where's Theo?

"Well, I'll be sweet with your words, too."

I walked into the Duke's house with Rocha and enjoyed the rest of my birthday.

Once, Shaura, who was asleep, also woke up and made another fuss, then fell like she had done all she could with Rocha.

And after cleaning up, Liz, who had always been a working stuffer, said, "Whoa, I'm tired!!" or screaming and poking at the table and staying asleep. Explore how everyone else is doing.

Rocha and Shaura leaned against each other and slept easily, and I'm sure Keith was going to be meditating arm in arm, too, but at some point he was sneaking his neck around.

Everyone looks tired. Except Elsa, who is still cleaning up the rest.

Elsa, I can help you with something, too.

"I'll just take your feelings"

"Well, don't let that get you in the way. I don't feel so good if I haven't moved my body."

With that said, she accidentally said, quietly cleaning up with a faceless maid.

"Who are you?"

"If I told you I was a normal person, would you believe me?"

"... if you are a person from a particular aristocracy, you can believe it, but if it is a mutation, its too bright blue hair is just odd. I've never seen anyone like that before."

... I knew blue hair was noticeable.

I don't remember very well, but I think Lumiel would have been in custody if he'd done it.

"I wonder if General Duras will say anything to you."

"Nothing but what you need. Claude... excuse me, because your husband is particularly oligarchy."

"I wonder if you might be General Duras' mistress."

"No. Shall I say that my husband and I are friends of the ancient knowledge? I've known him well since he was a young boy, so I followed him. Actually, I'm still not used to calling you 'sir'."

It was an unexpected fact.

I just thought it was a very submissive maid, but I don't think so.

"But he's losing his wife, and he doesn't often do anything to you. I would have already attacked you."

"You're bold, not by what you see. My husband loved Nastasha so much. I don't see any other women in my eyes. Everywhere."

Losing my beloved wife...? It's something I can't imagine.

If that happens, I'm not sure I can contain my destructive impulses.

Most of all, these three people have only the power to be wiped off with one finger in their body right now.

"Did you fight with General Duras on the battlefield?

"Until I take a deep hand on my feet, in a way that's like an escort. After the war, I was familiar with it for a long time, and I had experience on the battlefield, so I was hired as a maid."

"That's an interesting history. I was wondering if you'd let me tell you a little bit about that time.

That's what I said, but I thought in the corner of my head.

Well, by now, what kind of interaction does Lena have in front of her unexpected adversaries?