Lena watched as Rocha's birthday party was busy inside the Duke of Duras' house.

Charlotte, who was busy, looked unexpectedly calm, and after yawning and rubbing her lid - she had stared at Lena.

Feeling that her eyes clearly reflected herself, Lena nodded slightly at the same time realizing the girl's sincerity.

Charlotte then slowly came out of the hustle and bustle to the Duke's courtyard.

The girl opens her mouth when she can no longer hear much of the Roccas.

"You've never talked like this before."


Lena hasn't solved the covert formula.

Nonetheless, Charlotte stared at Lena as a matter of course and listened to a voice that would otherwise only be heard by Lucifer.

"What's your sister's name?

'I'm not going to get into any chatter'

"Er... I was wondering if I'd tear everyone apart"

"It seems that General Duras is the only one who believes in such a yotai tale."

"Mmm. Boring"

Charlotte stares at me.

Lena pretended to be faceless as if she were Elsa, but honestly she was a pretty hard person to do.

Not that I've figured out how every single one of the responses to her will affect Lucifer. You can't have a cheap conversation.

"Well, you can have your sister. Your sister is stronger than your brother, Theo."

'If that's what you think, maybe it is'

"It's enough to be with you all the time while making sure no one else sees you. You know, Theo, it's about your brother."

Of course I can enjoy wanting to theorize.

There is no other being as important to me as he is.

I want to hold you all the time if I can. No, I want to be hugged. I want them to keep whispering sweet and sweet words in my ears.

My body almost shivers as much as I can imagine, but I couldn't say that to this girl in front of me, so I didn't want to keep my silence.

"Your sister... could be as strong as your father"

"It would be an honor if I were to stand alongside that great hero, but I'm afraid I'm overrated."

In fact, the first thing Lena thought about when she first met Claude was how to get Lucifer off that spot.

Although that didn't turn out to be the case, if that man meant to fight, he couldn't fight while protecting the fragile Lucifer now.

On the contrary, I also thought that if we fought one-on-one, we wouldn't win.

So much power I felt from that man was mighty.

It's also huge that you have a divine sword in your hand. It would mean an uninterrupted monster if the anecdotes of Claude that Mildiana's privileged students were talking about were true until they reached this Grand Land.

He's an extra person in his own hands at all costs.

And most importantly, there was a presence in the Duke of Duras whose appearance even Lucifer could not capture.

No matter how many times I remembered that time, I couldn't feel the presence of it around that great hero. Despite the fact that he was also maximized nervous concentration and vigilance.

It's not just strong.

The bottomless power was also felt by Ludio Lambert, commander-in-chief of Mirdiana, but he couldn't help but think he was a more dangerous opponent than that.

"Theo, you're not human, are you?"


"Somehow, I know. Because there's something else hidden besides that appearance. Then I wondered what it was. It's not an elf. It's not even a dwarf. I'm not even a dragon clan. Then I wonder if it's the Demon Clan. What do you say, hit?

I felt like my heart jumped the moment I heard about the Demons.

Based on her condition, it doesn't look like General Duras told me the story. If you arrived at that answer on your own, the only thing you could do is be a horrible girl.

Lena decided to remain silent, but that can also be regarded as a silent affirmation. Now Charlotte seems to have decided so.

"Demons, huh. I wonder if all the Demons are like that. Looks like your sister's different."

Lena answers nothing.

I wish I could keep listening until the girl gets tired of this, that's what I was thinking.

"Does the Demons resent humans?

'... Yes?

I accidentally spoke out.

Seeing how Lena is doing, Charlotte doesn't feel anything in particular and asks again.

"The Demons don't like humans? You resent me?"

'... well. I don't know if there are people like that, but I don't know the details.'

"Bye. What would you think if I told you that whoever killed my mother was a demon?


After Lucifer now had full control of Tenebrae, he laid down a code according to which humans should not be killed.

Regardless, it doesn't apply in wartime, but I wonder what the hell it would be to kill one human woman on purpose.

Even today, Asmodeus' men, for example, occasionally leave Tenebrae for the 'taste' of humans. Most importantly, there is also an absolute constraint that must not be killed. There is absolutely no one who advances on his own and breaks it.

"Me, I've been thinking. I wonder why my mother had to be killed. I wonder if there's a reason. Even though my mother's husband was an amazing man called a great hero, I had a good reason to kill him until I turned him into an enemy. Ever."

The blue-haired girl continues with her staring eyes.

"But I don't know. I think there are a lot of people who hate your father. But then I wonder why my mother was the only one killed. Why was I with my mother when I wasn't killed... no matter how much I thought, I don't know."

"What are you going to do if you find the answer ahead of that thought"

If I'd noticed, Lena would have spoken out.

Is it because the madness that dwells in the eyes of a girl resembled herself on the day she was born?

"It's easy. If I find out who killed your mother, I'll kill you the same way. Rip your stomach, scratch your guts, screw it up and kill it. Absolutely. Kill any opponent."

It was a word I wouldn't let you say whether or not.

This girl is already standing over the line of hatred.

If we really find out who did this, this girl will execute it without hesitation. No matter how close they were, they must always accomplish it.

Earlier thoughts, hunted down to the extreme, had something in mind for Lena herself.

Remembering who she was once when she headed to crusade Lucifer, Lena asks quietly.

'I feel like a killer, incomprehensible from you, just like a sense of purpose. Instead of others, the words of those close to you will not stop you.'

"Yeah, I am. I wish the time had come soon, but I can't come. That's why I wanted you to tell me. I don't know if the Demons have anyone who killed your mother."

'... all I can say is that if I make myself clear, I don't know. On the contrary, we are not in the Demons, such as those who profit from doing it'

The Demons are governed by the absolute power of Lucifer.

There has been no dispute for 500 years, but the Demons are never one rock.

The belligerents have wanted to fight in the meetings held by the chief demon kings of the Demon Nation, which have been held several times now - the royal council.

However, however strong the opinion may be, it is now that Lucifer will eventually be revealed in one word.

Lucifer also has a demon-specific destructive impulse. But while he felt scorched by it, he continued to maintain the prosperity and tranquillity of the Devil Nation.

The truth is that many people are negative about that opinion, but Lucifer suppresses it by force alone.

I don't like that status quo. Has anyone broken the ban?

But when it comes to demons who sometimes leave Tenebrae, it's only about the family of Asmodeus.

Families of lust think of humans as bait. Of course, we don't eat and kill them as they are, but to the extent that we enjoy the flavour as well. There is no way to kill a human being.

Charlotte shrugged pompously as Lena tried to tell it again.

"My mother knew all about it. He taught me all sorts of things. The great brave man who defeated the dragon king, the divine sword, the history of all kinds of countries... They were all funny, but I just wanted to tell you one thing that bothered me."

"What the hell is that?

"There are seven kings of Tenebrae... you say seven pillars. You're so there, aren't you? Only one of them came back missing. Satan, the demon god of destruction and killing."

Certainly Lucifer had heard stories about a demon god named Satan gone missing.

He was also his best friend and he seemed to be like a right-hand man.

He didn't tell me much, but he said he was a very reliable opponent.

But it's been over a thousand years since the demon god disappeared.

You say it was before that Lumiel invaded Tenebrae yet, so I'm not even sure how much time the hell has passed.

There was just one thing Lena could tell.

"... do you think Satan might be the killer?

"I don't know. I don't think so."

'It can't be.' Cause there's no way you can get a demon king or a little existence that would satisfy you by killing one woman with no power whatsoever. '

".................. Phew"

Charlotte gave a blurred look, but shrugged as if she was convinced.

"Forget it. Your sister doesn't know anything, Theo, and you can go back to your brother."

Charlotte, just one piece of advice. Prisoned by anger, there awaits a certain death before you forget me. Please don't be short tempered. '

"Fine, even if you die. If I can get rid of the guy who killed my mother, that's all I need."

There was no sign of Lena already in the girl's sight.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

With a groan that seemed painful, the blackened man walked loosely to the front of the temple.

With the recent successive raids on the temple in Granden territory, it didn't take long for anyone to realize there was that different man, as there were also a number of people sent by the military to provide protection.

"Whoa, what's up!?

"Ugh... Ha, ha...!!

The long-bodied man exhales roughly and is about to fall on the spot.

Those in the approaching army rush to support them.

"Are you all right? Is something wrong?

"But this man, I can't see where he's injured anywhere..."

We didn't know what was causing the man to suffer, and the military looked at each other like they were in trouble.

That's when the nun who came running over said, crushing observation of the man.

"If you are there. Aren't you hungry?

"... gooooooooooo..."

Indeed, the man is groaning as he drools from the edge of his lips and strokes his abdomen firmly with one hand.

The absence of any trauma made the nun's opinion seem correct.

"We still have plenty of room for food. Let's invite him in."

"But are you all right... you're a man of uncharacteristic qualities, even though you're weak"

"Sometimes that's what you visit more in the temple. It is also the teachings of our Great Goddess of Genesis, Orphelia, who helps those in need. Wouldn't it be cruel to push them back down?"

While the soldiers looked troubled, they rushed to the officer packing inside the temple, saying they would turn to the judgment above them.

"It looks like you can no longer talk. First we need a place to rest and some water."

"But at times like this..."

"Soldier, don't say that. Must have almost gone hungry and collapsed on the journey."

Eventually an officer comes on the spot to check on the man's condition.

Skinny long body with black exhaustion. I have a big sword bracketed around my back.

That's all I could see. I couldn't let him inside the temple in a time of crisis like this, but the debilitation seemed severe.

I can't even try to do anything with this. I can't even walk.

Deciding so, I eventually invited him through a man into the temple.

Take him behind a temple with a harsh atmosphere. The man was forced to lie in a bench.

A glass of water is immediately offered to a man suffering while breathing rough.

But he didn't try to take it.

"It's okay. It's just water."

As the nun spoke gently, the man paid off her hand when she offered it again.

A glass dances through the air, falls to the floor and makes a noise with Paris and smashes it.


"Hey, what do you do!? Are you going to leave the temple unspoiled!?

"It's okay. Maybe there's some confusion in the spirit. Let's do the sacrament."

A nun who performs a sacred ceremonial chant that purifies evil things, curses, etc.

Although the rank is low, this can be purified as long as it is not excessive.

That's what I thought.

A light is emitted from the nun's hand and a soft light is cast on the man.

But nothing happened.

The man groans with his blood-running eyes, eating and tying his teeth, but continues to drool.

"I don't even seem to be subjected to some sort of procedure...?

"Yeah...... Then you may still be extremely hungry and confused. Set aside some time to drink from the water first."

"Then let's keep an eye on us as long as we can in the meantime. You won't be able to fight like this, just in case."

"Right, right. I know you don't need to worry..."

This is already the fourth recent raid on the Temple.

There are two remaining temples in Granden territory. One of them was this temple in the north of the Granden.

The intentions of those who raid the temple have not yet been grasped, but they never went beyond to be vigilant.

It happened four times. Everyone thought there was no guarantee that it would not happen again, rather it could not happen.

While the nun was out of her seat, one of the military men said while alerting him to the man who was falling and laying on his bench.

"But who the hell are the raiders..."

"At first I thought it was the work of someone called the Devil Swordsman, who excelled in swordsmanship and witchcraft. Humans are now devastated on such a large scale that the temple itself is halved. Some kind of powerful technique just made me do that."

"But hey, no magic was detected for the High Magic Court to say, was it?

"Um, sounds like it. If witchcraft were not used, would it mean the work of someone with masterclass power...?

"I'm curious about that too, did you hear that? The example dance, the story of a crazy nun."

"Oh, is that it? After all, he couldn't talk about anything, and he would have died in prison? Starving to death, I hear it was..."

So he shrugged, and the military saw the man lying there again.

It doesn't seem strange to starve to death now. If you can't even drink water, it should be pretty serious.

But it's premature to associate it with the story of an example nun.

"If it was starvation, you would have learned unimaginable suffering. But according to the book, the nun never stopped laughing. Besides, I didn't show you any bareback or anything until I almost starved to death."

"You were talking about watching your parents hallucinate when they were supposed to have died in the war with Zenan. Even though I felt completely distracted by seeing so much misery at the scene... is it something that goes that far?"

"I've also been through battles with Zenan, and I've seen some heartbroken people. Some of them were confused. When the dragon ate me, I was scared..."

"If you are confused, you should normally be eroded by fear. But, hey, he would have repeated his words and actions as if he were going to say he was the happiest man in the world. I don't know what that means... don't be scared."

"I can't even theorize that the nun is the killer. Whatever the hallucination or hallucination ceremony, you're lucky to be told it didn't look like that. He didn't seem to have the ability to fight."

"... would it be good for us to just keep guarding the temple like this?

"There won't be anything else to do. Now there's more to follow... and how about the man? Isn't it time you wanted to say something?

The nun planned to hand over the water, but one of the military men dared to ignore it and try to hand over the bread he was carrying as food.

But I can pay for that, too.

The man had an impatient look in agony, as if the dying beast were eating up raw to the end.

"... you really don't know if you're starving to death, do you?

As the military told him to throw up and just get back to discussing with his contemporaries, the man groaned even more stuffy and agonizing.

"- abundant, God - in the hands of a certain (it does), bless…"

of a plundering voice. That never reached anyone's ear but myself.