"What does it mean to run away in front of all the intersections! You shameless bastard!

Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

An anger clings to the interior of the front-line base of the kingdom, also known as the Magic Power.

"Also, I'm sorry......! But I was hoping to report the current situation...!

"Hmm, I would have just cowered at a savage beast! If you had taken the sword without regard for its life, it would have been possible for one or two of our countrymen to live forever by now... I can't believe there's only one lowlife crumb who can't even handle magic coming back!

The army of the Kingdom of Rugal is gradually continuing north.

This time again, the fort was taken back by the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna in the early days.

Most of the soldiers who were packing in the fort were killed, and the only one who could escape with the other body was himself.

The threat of the Beasts is more than you can imagine.

Maybe the day this fort falls is near.

It was this as soon as I managed to return to reward the war, also to break this status quo.

"There is no need for vigilance for all interlocutors. We're just gonna keep this fort alive."

"So, but..."

"If I don't answer yet, I'll dust my body."


It was the Marshal of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, Fester Braham, who is taking a dignified stance in front of a frightened soldier on his knees.

He has a red robe wrapped around his body with a good width.

The man with a bald head and a sharp eye was already old enough to reach the age of 80. But its mighty power doesn't know where to stay.

He was hailed as a famous general of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna since his youth, and was the commander-in-chief of the de facto magic powers that he is cordial with the royal family.

Marshal Braham asks the soldiers standing around.

"I didn't expect you to run away with your tails wrapped around your mates who only know how to fight with fangs and nails. Now I don't know which one is the beast. Wouldn't it?

"Ha! We will never abandon our compatriots, and if there is an imminent danger of life for our compatriots, we will be shielded and scattered through them, but destiny (no)!

"Kuk...... it will be, it will be. You guys don't look pathetic like this guy!

"I'll take care of it! I would never expose myself to anything that would make me fall behind with all my interlocutors!! Not to mention words such as abandoning your compatriots and surviving on your own!

Some of his compatriots do not include their own people who cannot handle witchcraft.

A man born into a magical power who could not handle witchcraft could only bite his lips even if he was alone in their mockery.

and then.

"What are you mocking?

Though soft voice, Rin's words echoed indoors.

Every one who was on the spot sees the Lord of his voice.

Standing there were still young girls, like 16 or 7?

She was a beautiful girl with dark hair tied behind her back.

It is wrapped in clothing worn by a noble lady who does not resemble a front-line base. But on the right side of the long skirt was a deep slit and her white thighs were exposed.

This is a costume for a girl when she runs' Flying Dragon '.

"... Is this the Princess Dragon General? What can I do for you in this fort?"

"I just returned from the wounded in the forts and villages nearby."

The girl looked as innocent as if she didn't even know the fight, but she must have turned her willow brow upside down.

"Those who fought the Beast Man will not come home most of them alive. Nonetheless, what makes you mock a soldier who returns with information desperately for his own country, even though he knows that he will be scorned if he returns alone"

Quiet angry pregnant voice.

Not expecting to be sheltered by someone also known as the Princess Dragon General, the wounded man secretly saw her.

"Hmm. What does your lord know about us, who is not out of our magical power? I'm only a general. It's not a curtain for women and children who have nothing but a few healing powers."

"Surely there are all sorcery talented people in your country. But it is also certain that there are other talented combatants. If we keep doing this, sooner or later the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna-"

"Good thing it bears the name of General Zenan's Four Dragons, do you mock our magical powers all the time here!?

"I'm not talking about that. Don't just rely on witchcraft. That arrogance will eventually destroy the country..."

"Don't shut up, little girl!! There's a lot of interference in internal affairs! If you can only speak such nonsense, leave this country immediately!

The girl, called the Princess Dragon General, made a clenching fist all the time, but she was just leaning down and shivering.

The bald old man who saw it had a nasty grin on him.

"- If you're a general, why don't you give us a little hands-on? The wounded are untouched. The health guards are enough, so" Major General Raffielle Balhaus "?

From the look on the old man's face, the earlier outrage draws as if it were a lie, but the expression of contempt remains unchanged.

Knowing it or not, the princess dragon general turned his back on the old general and looked back here.

"To me, I will do what I can.... Now let's head to treatment. It's okay, if it's about that level of injury, I'll heal it and show it to you."

A girl called Lafielle who speaks gently to a seriously wounded man.

In this space filled with intimidation and contempt, only she seemed as if she were different.

Looking at the soft smile on my adorable face, I felt my heart lighten.

The girl takes my hand and my heart just bounces a little.

The man was led straight into a certain room by a girl.

The moonlight was illuminating the stained glass.

It has been turned into a prayer room and is now appreciated as the private room of Princess Dragon General Lafielle.

It was thought that it would be too qualitative for the treatment of the general, but still the appearance of the girl illuminated by the moonlight was beautiful.

She had a sacred ceremony.

A fairly advanced level of sorcery healed a man's wounds. A gentle, warm light creeps through my heart.

A man has no talent for witchcraft. I learned desperately how to handle it, so the magic formations have their models and principles on my mind, but I can't use them at all.

Those who cannot handle witchcraft in this country, called the Magic Powers, are slaves in the same capacity. Occasionally, however, even the birth of royalty or nobility is rarely blessed with its talent.

Tradition and blood muscles - more important than that is talent about magic and magic.

Royalty and nobility are no exception, and if they cannot handle witchcraft, they may be expelled or executed in terrible cases.

That was the ancient norm in this country.

The man was born in this country.

Fortunately, I managed to survive until I was close to thirty.

Before he became a wartime soldier - like a abandoned pawn - he used to cut off bandits and rogues as mercenaries and outsmart the paste.... even those bandits can't bear the end of it because they can actually be fallen former nobles.

"Please don't take His Excellency Marshal Braham badly. That one is arrogant, but he has a very good power. The current strategy of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna will bring victory to the magical powers, if His Excellency the Marshal, who is an excellent Wizard, which I cannot comprehend enough to be foolish."

"Ha. I feel bad, etc.... because we are like that other dog. It's like everyday things like that."

The girl leaned over with the fluffy air and held the man's body.

A girl says in a gentle voice that she is confused by too many events.

"You're not a dog or anything. I'm one fine person. Please don't despise yourself, Private Frederick."

"Oh, my name... why"

"I have confidence in my memory. I will never forget the face, name, or background of the person I saw or heard."

"But even the names of the less than a miscellaneous soldier like me..."

"I know the names and background of everyone in this fortress. While not extending, I'm hoping to be more useful than being in this land as a general… it's difficult."

The embrace of a girl who is shorter than herself is so comfortable that the tiredness and hard work she has accumulated is about to fall out at once and inadvertently entrust herself to her.

I tried to indulge myself.

"It's okay, stay like this."

Frederick couldn't resist the soft feel and the sweet smell, which took the form of being held up by her.

"- In front of you, you saw where your allies would be killed, didn't you?

"… yes… we cannot help those who fight the beasts…"

"It's good. Because this is how you survived and brought back valuable information. Good day, Private Frederick."

I didn't think I could stroke my head on a younger girl, but I no longer have the power to resist. to be but remained.

Unlike all the women I've ever held in a whorehouse. I never dreamed of the day coming when I would come into contact with a girl with a clear and noble atmosphere in this way.

If you noticed, Frederick was holding Rafieu. It did not come from lust, and a warm feeling from my mother, who was no longer sure when but had felt it at an early age, clearly resurrected in her brain, hugging the girl as she spilled a large grain of tears.

"The land is full of electorate ideas and discriminatory sentiments. People like you have continued to have hard feelings standing on that arrow. I've seen so many other people like you."

Frederick remembered various things as he whimpered.

Mages to be mutilated in the battlefield. Those without witchcraft who were scratched off their necks in an instant with no teeth at all trying to fight them with their swords.

Maybe I should have stood up to myself earlier, like Marshal Braham said.

And if I had been pure on the spot, I might have said that it would have helped the country a little, now after reuniting in heaven with my late parents.

But the girl says.

"Don't hunt yourself down. It makes sense that you survived."

"Meaning... what does it mean for me to survive like me?"

"It's a heavenly guide. See, you remember that, don't you? Recently, I covered the heavenly night sky with" The Brilliance of the Red Star "."

A phenomenon brilliant with hundreds or thousands of red stars in the sky.

Many people in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna think that astronomical phenomenon is an auspicious omen.

Frederick also nodded remembering the sight of that time.

"Yes. It was so... beautiful"

"That brilliance inevitably leads us to victory. No matter how bad the war is right now, when that red star shines that we will not stop believing in, we will always be blessed by God."

"But His Excellency the Princess Dragon General..."

"Lafielle's fine, right? Frederick."

I was told with a gentle stroke on my back and decided to obey the girl's words with adultery.

"So, Lafielle..."


"As far as I can tell, the war situation is not fragrant. Are you sure you can get rid of the Rugals..."

The passenger general invited by the kingdom of the Xenan dragon took a small box that was on the table beside him when he gently released himself from Frederick.

The white flowers, which are lived in vases at the same table, reinforce Lafielle's clear and soft impression even more.

No one is more suited to the battlefield than you. But isn't it sacred beings like this one who are needed on the battlefield?

Rafeille chuckled as Frederick thought so.

"After all, do you also think a woman like me is unlikely to be on the battlefield?

"Ah, yes, no, such...!

"It's good. This is because he is said to be a princess dragon general and so on, but in fact he is only a replacement for the white dragon general (Kuriyu) who was killed in the war against the previous empire. And even if I were a general, I don't feel very good about the designation" princess ", which seems weak, but it feels decorative."

That said, the look on Raffielle's face swelling her cheeks made her laugh unexpectedly, looking like the girl herself of her age.

The impression of motherhood earlier and the lingering impression of childhood today. I saw an unexpected two-sided nature and Frederick was more and more concerned about this girl.

But Frederick remembers. The Xenan Dragon King is a great power where the strong spreads. Positively demonic that not only those with mixed dragon blood, but also the true dragon tribe, will dwell.

Surely it would be undeniable that the name Princess Dragon General makes the claim that she is just as decorative. But still, it's not hard to imagine what it means to name a general in that country.

Major General Lafielle Balhaus, Princess Dragon General, supposedly equals no combat capability.

It had already been over a year since she came to this country's support.

In the meantime, she was allegedly engaged in various intelligence activities while working in the care of the injured and the sick.

But no one has ever seen her fight in person.

From an earlier conversation with Marshal Braham, I couldn't help but wonder if even the upper ranks of the army knew or underestimated Rafeille's combat ability.

Why such a person was called to the land as a passenger general - when he was thinking so.

"There are insiders in the Kingdom of Rugal"

Lafielle said it was pompous.

"Oh my...! Are you sure..."

"Yes, the Beasts, on the other hand, have strong ties, and the loss of a lion royalty with absolute power has disrupted their power of control. Therefore, it is never a single rock. But combat ability is extremely high and wiser than you can imagine. I think it's hard for us to win like this."

Lafielle leans sadly, staring at the little box she had in her hand.

The small box with red and black patterning seemed a little odd.

"Lafielle, sir. I've been wondering about that little box since earlier...?

"- If I don't talk to anyone about what I'm saying here, can you swear?

"Yes. Absolutely."

Lafielle said after she did the trick of putting her index finger against her lips.

"Then...... Inside this little box, you'll find something essential to unlock the war station."

"Ooh, that's... but how?"

"Somehow, we have to deliver this box to 'Fort Rieslin', one of the major fortifications that the Royal Rugal Army is holding back. Someone there holds the key to breaking down the battlefield."

Speaking of Castle Fort Rieslin, it was originally a castle fort owned by the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

But about a month ago, they were made to fall by the hands of the Kingdom of Rugal.

"I also have a subordinate who specializes in those tasks, but unfortunately I'm on other assignments now. So..."

Raffielle caged her mouth like she couldn't say.

But I knew immediately what she wanted to tell me. Frederick nods.

"Lafielle, sir. Why don't you leave that assignment to me, if you don't mind?

"But this is dangerous. If you fail, of course, even if you succeed, you are likely to suffer the worst."

"It's such a mission, isn't there someone else you can entrust to? I'll be fine. For Lafielle's sake, even with this life, I will complete my mission and let you see it!

Frederick clenched his fist hard and slapped his own chest more and more.

Girl who is high, but has no one else to rely on. Frederick, who was filled with feelings of being saved by her healthy side, was a face that didn't even hate death.

Lafielle looked distressed as she bit her lower lip. After staring at the little box and Frederick many times, he muttered in an unreliable voice.

"Are you sure? It's a dangerous mission. This time it could really be dead..."

"There are no two words for a man!

Life that was supposed to be scattered in the battle ahead.

If you throw it away for this girl, it's no waste.

With such a strong and thoughtful eye, the Princess Dragon General tells her to be ready.

"... then, Private Frederick. Are you sure you want to leave this assignment to me?

"Ha! Princess Dragon General Major General Lafielle Balhaus for his will!

And Frederick is asked the details of the mission.

That's easy in words, but a truly life-threatening task. Failure awaits a certain death.

But if you succeed and a box passes to an insider, something will happen that will suffice to be able to overturn this unfavourable war situation at once.

With such an important task entrusted to him, Frederick was in such an exhilarating mood that there had never been more in his previous life.

Nature and the power in the hand that holds the small box.

"Really, thank you. Without you, no one would have been able to carry out this task."

"I know it's the ultimate honor!

"In the meantime, please go home alive. If you decide you can't make it along the way, then return without ever getting ahead and see how it goes."

"No problem. Even if it looks like this, I'm good at hiding so much that I can avoid the pursuit of the Beasts and get back to this fort. This is definitely the time to succeed in your mission and return safely to see it!

In the wake of the powerful words, Lafielle softened her expression all the time.

She was turned with a grin as if she were a charitable Virgin, and Frederick couldn't help but admire her oops.

- Let's purify it.

"Are you purifying…"

"That's right. It cleanses that filthy land and restores the dignity of men."

Lafielle gently strokes Frederick's cheek with a soft grin.

I felt something different, something like divinity, than I've ever been under. The moonlight shooting from the stained glass illuminates her and makes her look more mysterious.

Frederick knelt and drowned his head on nature and on the spot. For some reason, I was driven by the feeling that I had to.

"Fine. Do as I say and everything will work out"

"Ha! Leave it to me"

"Beautiful flowers scattered in filthy land."

Princess Dragon General Lafielle Balhaus muttered so with a gazing look somewhere far away, not here.