"Ugh... Kimochi, that's terrible... Rocha, I can't do this anymore"

"Right. Well done so far. Let's live for the rest of you."

"Hey......! That's where you hang on, isn't it? Ugh..."

"Shut up, shut up... your voice hits your head..."

As she teaches a class in the squad yard with a demon gun, Shaura falls and falls to the ground, and Rocha sits permanently up and deposits her full weight on the back wall.

There seems to be a gap between something and I'm actually wary. The usual way they look is not there, just the poor girls suffering from hangovers are in a state of groaning, puking and scattering.

"The rocky Roccas don't seem to beat the hangovers either."

Liz, who came to see what was going on with the Magic Gun with one hand, said funny.

"Sounds like it. By the way, is Liz okay with that? I don't know, you've been drinking quite a bit too."

"Ya actually still have a bit of a headache in this. It's not like that because I've drugged and drugged it to prevent nausea, but the sound of the Magic Gun is a little harsh..."

"Mm, hey, Liz. Can you spare me the pills? I'll pay in words...... make up for what's missing by liking Shaura. You can do whatever you want."

"Rocha... hey now, I can't..."

Shaura soon fell in with a quiet look, also during the time she got up looking much happier when she was scorned as usual.

"Too bad. It doesn't work when you get hungover because it's only a preventive medicine."

"Ugh, right..."

"I could have prepared your share because this is going to happen somehow, because it's so bitter. I thought you might not like it. I'm sorry."

"No, fine... the bitter part is, I don't like it..."

Rocha's ears droop, her long tail doesn't move tightly.

Therefore, Shaura and the Beast Daughters are treated as tours.

Though military disqualification does not seem to rest to this extent, it is useless to force it to move.

Well, there's not much need for the Beast Man to use the Magic Gun, and it won't be a problem. Besides, they don't hide and shoot guns, making them do unfamiliar things because they're best at fighting on the front line doesn't make them anything.

"So long, gentlemen. Attention."

It was Elsa, a maid of the Duke of Duras' family, who said in a modest but firmly resounding voice to the squad yard.

Apparently she was specifically invited as an instructor that she was good at handling demon guided guns.

I could see a girl tying her blonde hair to the right in a bunch of students.

Apparently Clarice is attending classes today not as a teacher, but as a single student.

But he didn't seem to be busy.

I'm probably concerned about the temple raid, and I can't get into class.

"The power of the magic gun handled in the school is roughly to the second floor if converted to witchcraft. Pay close attention to handling it, as it cannot be said that it is not capable of killing to that extent. Depending on the quality of the demon stone loaded, by the way, this power makes it possible to shoot roughly 20 rounds. - Then take a look."

Elsa puts up a demon gun after finishing a full explanation. Besides, it was one on both hands. It's like duplicity.

The target is a people-shaped target roughly more than 40 meters away from her.

Because it has a junctional formula, a weakly powerful formula can withstand quite a few times.

And Elsa fired a one-handed gun all at once.

The sound of a deafening shell continues.

It should be normal for the recoil to cause a rash of hands and the aim to come off gradually, but her successive shots don't have it. Flamebullets hit one after the other.

Twenty shots all hit without the madness of the dimension, hands on the trigger of the Magic Gun that stood with the other hand at the same time as the twirl occurred from the students.

Subsequent shooting also struck him unnecessarily.

Liz shrugged watching it as she cheered.

"Wow, Elsa is. Housekeeping, of course, and combat ability. I wonder if all the maids in the Duke's house are like that."

"No, I think she's just special,"

Elsa's combat ability is extremely high.

I feel like I'm probably getting some kind of protection from God.

And one little shadow watching her like that from a little distance away.

Charlotte, the blue-haired girl, stares at Elsa's shooting. You don't feel very good, I find it boring somewhere.

It was then a break at the end of Elsa's lecture.

Nonetheless, Clarice and his men remained in the squad.

"Well, gentlemen. It's very difficult to use a demon gun like instructor Elsa earlier, but don't neglect to train. Of course, the Magic Gun is not yet out of the prototype stage, so accidents due to accidental malfunctions can well occur. Understanding the structure of the Magic Gun from day to day, so that it can also be disassembled and assembled. Is that good?

"" "Ha!!

Clarice's men seem to be ten platoon-sized men.

Only a few older than her. There is only one woman mixed together. He seemed to have a good control.

They all had demon guided guns in their hands.

The fact that it is also given to end soldiers and students of military schools means that more skilled weapons should likely be used on the frontline, in addition to being able to mass produce more than a certain number.

The Magic Gun in action has a destructive power equivalent to the 7th floor. That's pretty scary because one soldier who hasn't done anything magical training can handle it.

Technological advances in demon guided guns are progressing more than here in the North and East. Even his magical powers must struggle if that great army is to push. No, to speak of polarity, there won't be a single victory in case.

You can think that the Empire is seriously trying to bring down the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna beyond concentrating its power to that point.

I don't know what caused it, but maybe that makes all the deep sense.

Really, I guess this is a time when the history of this continent itself is about to be rewritten.

... Diruna's smile came back to her brain. What would that innocent girl think if she found out about this? Had she known that the end point of the bloodmuscle spinning from among the beloved was the demise of her own country, would she still have chosen the path to be united with King Rugal of the Divine Beast?

Oh, my God.

"Theodore, what are you blurring about?"

"What? What, suddenly"

There was Clarice in front of me.

She has a demon gun in her hand.

Clarice has been pushing the Magic Gun all the way.

"Even though you are a Mirdiana privileged student, you are now equal to the students of this Granden military school. Come on, let's do some exercise."

"But class hours are almost over."

"Military personnel need strength and energy. You didn't expect me to go home after class."

I thought I'd go home when I checked a little on Clarice's shooting skills, yeah.

And the girlfriend leaned in my ear.

"Perhaps there is also a good chance that the impudent who are raiding the temple will attack this city. Try to work out a little bit so you can return the favor."

"I don't have to use this stuff."

"Yi... Ka Ra... do it"

I had an attitude that didn't make me say yes or no.

You have no choice at all. Shall we just hang out for a little while?

Although it was at first that I felt a habit of controlling the recoil, I quickly got used to it.

20 Hit the shooting in a row, and then the inner demon stone smashes and scatters into just a long cylinder and turns it into a demon guide gun on his shoulder.

"I guess it was easier than I thought"

"... you're a boulder. Even I'm a little more in the realm of today..."

"Hmm? What's the realm?

"Hmm, it's nothing! So, how about it? The Magic Gun."

"Sorcery is something I don't need, but if you're just a soldier, there's no harm in mastering it - rather, how you handle this weapon from now on could shape the battlefield."

If you do poorly, there may come a time when swordsmanship and physical surgery are not necessary.

Most importantly, it is dangerous to rely on only one weapon, given the possibility of fighting a permanently separated God protected opponent: the Divine Angel.

"Do you still think so? All the same, I am wondering if this weapon will be passed on to Mirdiana and the way it fights itself will change dramatically. Depends on how advanced the technology is."

"I guess. That said, the gist of this weapon is the Demon Stone. You can mine in the Kingdom of Rugal, but that's not infinite either. If you think that far, not in a way that relies on the magic of sleeping in demonic stones, as you do now."

A female soldier who had been watching this one in silence until then said she was discussing how to fight with Nature and Clarice in the future.

"After all, Ensign Frestier and Theodore are close."

"Become!? Holy crap... who and how close!?

"Since Theodore came, Ensign Frestier has been with something, hasn't he? In the meantime, I saw Ensign Frestier in the alley feeding Theodore's mouth with a crepe ahem!

A twitch ran from the men's men, and Clarice, at the heart, said, his face turned bright red and panicked.

"Oh, there's no way you're, uh, doing that! I had no choice but to shut this man up lol......!

"Once again -. Competent beautiful boy and Ensign Frestier, they look quite good on you. Hey, guys."

"Oh, I'm not convinced! Isn't that the man holding Ensign Frestier!?

"Yes, they do! In the first place, wouldn't you say he's a civilian! There is no way we can match a woman who would also be a courtier of the Duke of Frestier's house!

The story progressed on its own with Clarice in panic, and the situation is in turmoil.

So the only woman's men said.

"Then let's ask the key Theodore! What do you think of Ensign Frestier!?

"Right. I think she's cute."


"Hey, what!?

"I'm kidding!!

Various voices actually flew in.

"Ensign Frestier! After that, it's a good-looking atmosphere just for Ensign to have the courage to confess. This!

"Wait, what do you mean you can!? Wow, wow, I mean this guy..."

"Things like that?

"Things like that... Yu, excellent, and I think it's beautiful... but hey, I haven't admitted it at all!

"You admit it -!!

Clarice yelled at a noisy woman's soldier.

"Private Ilia! Come on, or I'll have you circle the perimeter of the military school 100 times as punishment!?

"I don't think I have time to do that because I'm busy right now!

"Ku... oh and here's what I'd say..."

This is unexpected.

If you wonder exactly if the good Clarice commands the troops perfectly, apparently not either.

I'm not just being insulted by anything else, I also feel familiar. Maybe this is a good relationship.

That's when Private Ilia said.

"Theodore! Ensign Frestier has no eyes for anything really sweet! Be sure to go around those stores when you date!

"Private Ilia!!

"Hiha, I'm pissed! Then come running around the school building as punishment ~ su!

That's how the energetic voice of the female soldier focused on her surroundings.

External corner of the Granden.

The temple, which once maintained a majestic atmosphere, was damaged here and there as if it had also been 'skewered', and is still about to collapse.

He came out of the interior of the temple while the Granden soldiers, who had completed their internal observation of the situation, had some kind of exchange.

"Perspective" passes them and enters the temple.

It seemed even worse inside.

A large amount of blood sticks to the walls and all over the ceiling, and the remains and objects are scattered in pieces.

The soldiers take a large cloth bag outside. There was also a lot of blood creeping up in the bag.

Marks of killing to awesome. The dark-haired girl looked at the sight as if it were a correction.

"You're in terrible shape. I think it's obviously too much to just kill humans."

A girl dressed in a black dress with a frill was gracefully checking the situation on the scene as she tilted a cup of tea.

Regardless, her appearance is not in the place.

Gisele's spatial magic at Lucifer's Palace in Tenebrae mirrors one of the distant temples.

That's the temple that was recently raided. In other words, it was the fourth place to hit and the closest place to this Tenebrae.

"Asmo, you haven't figured out who did this to you either."

"Yeah. It wasn't until some time after the incident that information got to me. I don't know anything about it unless there's something so distinctive about it.... just"

The demon king of lust, who had surrounded the table as well as Gisele, continues.

"You're not the same person who can cause this. As far as that goes, there is no indication that magic was used. I don't see how you could have done this."

"Kusu. But you would be able to recreate this crime scene, wouldn't you?

In an inquiry from the Second Lady of the Most Powerful Demon King, Asmodeus rattles his nose as he moans his peachy hair.

"Naturally. It's just that if I did it, you'd lose a whole temple area. It's so much harder to break it halfway."

"Thinking of it as the work of a man of some mighty power is the most telling story. Kara, can I get you some tea?"

"Yes, sir."

A little maid girl who was holding back beside me pours tea into Gisele's cup. A fragrant smell tickles my nasal cavity.

"Carla. How's Lumiel?

"I'm asleep. In your husband's bed. Shall I stab you right now?"

"No more. No more. If he interrupts his break, he'll get more and more upset."

Giselle turns her attention to the brunette maid, even as she replies somewhere uneven.

Appearances are adorable and tricks are understated, but tones are poisonous tongues themselves and something noisy. She is Lucifer's family and the true ancestor of vampires.

Instead of this palace if you fight Lumiel for real, the area around you will turn into scorched earth.

"Hey, Kara. What do you think? This raid."

"I have no right to pinch your husband's wife, Mr. Gisele, or the royal Asmodeus."

"I don't mind. If you have any opinions, let me ask you in your spare time."

Even the big breasts of Asmodeus, who leans against the chair and arms together, are accentuated.

A maid girl distracted by it for a moment compared herself to her breasts and then had a slightly more complex emotion with no expression, then sighed, "Then go over and over," she prefaced, then said.

"Even considering that all four crime scenes are this way, those who committed the crime should need a strong motive to accompany it"

"Murder, destruction of the temple… these two are the main purposes, to put it in a big mess"

"I think I need to add one more thing there. I was wondering if 'ritual' would apply."

"Rituals? I've heard about Shizukuishi at the end, but you think something similar might be happening to him in this case?

"Master Left. More than in ancient times, humans have performed various rituals to counter our demonic tribes. From the exorcism ritual to the seal of the demon clan to the divine request, there is a wide variety of contents."

"Four temples were raided. There are two later temples in Granden territory. You should definitely think these two will be targeted first, too. For example, destroying all the temples could cause something to happen."

"We're doing massive things so far. I would never do it without the corresponding advantages."

I assure you, the vampire's words were indeed right.

This in some cases amounts to an act of enmity against Tenebrae.

Thinking about it, this mindset still sticks the most.

"Perhaps the killer wants us to fight the demons again."

"Impossible, I can't say enough. The Shizukuishi incident was the work of a human being who lived 500 years of his life. It's no wonder we had the same kind of people."

"Certainly, before, the Demons had experience with ranged attacks from the temple. If that temple continues to be raided, there may also be people out there who consider it the work of the Demons. But that can't be a decision."

Carla goes on.

"500 years. Almost uncontested time is what blunts the human senses. Now the terminal Shizukuishi incident was disappearing from people's memories while the same thing was happening 500 years ago. Despite a massive incident."

"I mean, I wonder if this is the case. Something happens when the temple raids ensue and everything is destroyed. That could be big enough to clarify the antagonistic structure between humans and demons"

"If you think about only the worst, though. By and large, the truth is about the diagonal of the worst expectations."

"Right. Keep your guard up...... alas"

At that time, Gisele shrugged.

"I wonder if this piece of glass... is the crystal of the temple"

"You sure look that way. I don't know why it's so shattered."

At the deepest end of the temple were scattered debris of crumbling and glittering crystals as if they had been subjected to strong shocks many, many times.